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Is your business 
suffering financial problems?

Don’t lay off your employees, and don’t reduce their salaries!

Our brilliant government officials have perfected a solution to financial problems, and 21_states are using it as of July 2009!

Work Furloughs!

The amount of money you can save your business is incredible. For example:

• Give employees one day off every week: save 20% of your payroll.
• Four days off each week: save 80% of your payroll.
• Give employees every day off without pay: save 100% of your payroll.

Warning: If any of your employees actually do useful work, then there will be an impact on your customers. Here are two examples on how to deal with it:

1) For a dentist 

Tell your patients to reschedule for a day when the staff is working.

Reassure them that their dental work will be completed, but that there will be numerous delays.

 2) For a restaurant 

The quality of your food and service will decrease, so put a sign in your window that asks for pity:
The current economic problems require everybody to share the pain.

Thank you for not complaining about our substandard food and service.

The brilliant Work Furlough policy has been developed by super-smart and super-educated government officials with advanced college degrees in business and economics.†

Another reason to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college education!

† The Furlough policy has also been approved by the staff of the Concord Monitor newspaper. Since the media approves, we can be sure it's a wonderful policy!

“Work Furloughs!
It really is this simple!”