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The criminals are 
becoming frustrated and frightened.

Now Alex Jones is attacking Angelina Jolie!

15 March 2012

The criminals provide us with unexpected entertainment!
I was expecting the disintegration of the Jewish crime network to be somewhat unpleasant, but it is turning out to be a like a comedy show!

As I pointed out in the previous file (here), Angelina Jolie is being attacked over and over for mysterious reasons, and now, in March 2012, Alex Jones is insulting her,  asking for her arrest, and claiming that she is "at the heart of all these wars"! Here are two brief excerpts:

Who, a few months ago, would have predicted that Alex Jones would be accusing Angelina Jolie of being among the evil elite, along with the Rockefellers, the Bush family, the Nazis, and the mysterious Illuminati? Who will Jones attack in the upcoming months?
Perhaps my sense of humor has become distorted as a result of being pestered by these criminals for years, but after listening to Alex Jones, I couldn't resist making two excerpts and offering them as "ring tones". Imagine the fun you can have at the office when somebody calls your cell phone and they hear one of these messages:

  "Angelina Jolie... I found she's at the heart of all these wars." Jones-Jolie-ringtone-12March2012.mp3
  "That's why I said arrest Angelina Jolie" Jones-arrest-Jolie-ringtone-13March2012.mp3

Fulford presents non-negotiable message

Benjamin Fulford, who lives in Japan, and who has been claiming for years to be in contact with a large group of Ninjas who will save us from the forces of evil (I wrote about that here), created a brief but profound video message on 13 March 2012 to the "leaders of the planet". He has some stunning revelations, such as, "We are the meek. We've come to claim our inheritance." His brilliant decision to dress and look like a tired, medieval peasant created an incredible realism.

He points out to the mysterious and secretive "leaders" that these demands are non-negotiable. Wow! If his video message doesn't change the course of the human race and eliminate evil, I don't know what will. Thanks, Benjamin!

Incidentally, he did not specifically mention Angelina Jolie, but his remark "We asked you to stop war. You refused." may have been a reference to Angelina Jolie, who, as you know, is at the heart of all wars.

If his video is deleted, or if you just want the audio, here it is:
Benjamin-Fulford-msg-13March2012.mp3  only 200kb   


Truth seekers everywhere are fighting

Henry Makow and Jeff Rense used to be friends, but now they are attacking each other. Makow posted some amusing accusations about Rense, his ex-wives, and his supposedly high income. I have not bothered to read all of his articles (listed at this page), but this article from one of his latest ex-wives is amusing (she is in the photo with him).

Henry Makow is also attacking David Icke, and somebody else is accusing Alex Jones of secretly working with Stratfor. And these are just some of the fights that are occurring between the so-called "truth seekers".


Why is Alex Jones so angry with Angelina Jolie? Who would want to marry Jeff Rense, and what are their true intentions? Why are Jeff Rense and Henry Makow fighting with each another?

As their network is exposed and destroyed, these criminals turn on one another, but why? Are they fighting because they are frightened, frustrated, and don't know what to do? Are they trying to confuse us about who we can trust? Or are they attacking one another in an attempt to create the illusion that they are the honest truth seekers? Or are some of them attacking one another because they have secretly turned on their network and are helping to destroy it in return for better treatment?

Some of the fights may be staged events in an attempt to manipulate us, but I suspect that many of them are the result of the disintegration of their network. The criminals are becoming frightened, frustrated, and confused. And some of them are starting to wonder,

"Which of us are going to be blamed for our crimes? Why should I continue to fight for a lost cause? Why should I suffer in poverty while others are living in luxury?"
My advice is: Don't expect to figure out all of the world events. Instead, help find the humans among the horde of savages, criminals, and sheeple, and enjoy the unexpected comedy that these criminals are providing us.