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Benjamin Fulford

A Zionist agent in Japan
exposes himself and other Zionist rats

6 July 2007
Updated 24 July with a link to Fulford's July 23 interview.
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Most of us never knew of Benjamin Fulford until Henry Makow wrote this article about his involvement with a Chinese secret society who are fighting the Illuminati:

Jeff Rense interviewed Fulford on his radio show for 5 July 2007 to provide more details. Fulford explained that the Illuminati are responsible for the 9/11 attack, and that they are suppressing the media coverage:
Illuminati-responsible-for-911.mp3   340 k bytes

Fulford says the Illuminati families have been controlling Japan through murder and blackmail; they created SARS to kill the Chinese; they want to start a war between China and Taiwan; and after China is weakened they want to fool Japan and America into attacking and dividing China into six pieces:
Chinese-want-to-stop-Illuminati.mp3    370 k bytes

Fulford says the Chinese and Japanese want to stop the Illuminati, and that a giant Chinese secret society (6 million members) contacted him for help because Fulford is a nice, honest man who wants to identify the top members of the Illuminati. Fulford was invited to a meeting in Taiwan to talk with the secret society. Notice that he says the Rothschilds are a "much mellower bunch" than the Rockefellers:
Rothschilds-are-mellow.mp3   140 k bytes

Fulford says the Russians, Japanese, and Chinese are cooperating to fight the Rockefellers and the Illuminati:
cooperating-to-fight-Rockefellers.mp3   280  bytes

Fulford says that he is now the spokesman for the Chinese secret society. He says the secret society will offer the Illuminati a deal to surrender, but if they don't surrender, the Chinese will start killing top Illuminati members, such as David Rockefeller:
Illuminati-given-ultimatum.mp3    860 k bytes

He says there are 3000 Ninja assassins, but they are not your typical Asian Ninjas. Instead, these are white (Caucasian) Ninjas, and they will turn David Rockefeller into dead meat in a matter of hours:
white-ninjas.mp3     240 k bytes

Fulford says the Illuminati are desperate, and that they have such crazy plans to save themselves that they are divided over it. What crazy plan could it be? A nuclear war?
Illuminati-are-desperate.mp3     140 k bytes

Who is the Illuminati?

Fulford claims that there are 10,000 Illuminati members, and that the Rockefellers are the primary Illuminati family.

If you are a regular visitor to the website, you know that Zionist agents can be identified by their attempt to shift blame away from Israel and Zionism and onto people that they are willing to sacrifice, such as the Bush family, the Nazis, the Muslims, the Vatican, and Tony Blair.

Some people have trouble understanding why the Zionists are willing to sacrifice the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Is it really that difficult to understand? The Zionists must blame somebody for 9/11, the world wars, the sex slave trade, and other problems. Furthermore, they must blame somebody who is actually involved in these crimes or people will realize that they are being tricked. They must sacrifice some of the people in their group.

Furthermore, by sacrificing the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, that Zionists might be able to take control of those empires, thereby giving them even more control over us.

Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley, and virtually all of the 9/11 "truth seekers" are trying to fool us into believing that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds control the Freemasons, the CIA, and the Mossad. Fulford also says that the Rockefellers control the USA and Japan, and the Rothschilds control Europe:
Rockefellers-control-USA.mp3    230 k bytes

Look at who they promote and who they ignore

Another way to identify Zionist agents is that they promote other Zionist agents, and they try to ignore Hufschmid and Bollyn.  For example, in October 2006, Japan had a 9/11 conference:
More photos here:

Some of the people who spoke at this conference were Jimmy Walter, William Rodriguez, Leuren Moret, Dave Shaw (a producer of the video 911 Eyewitness), and Benjamin Fulford

Professor Steven Jones and David Ray Griffin did not travel to Japan, but they provided a video to present to the audience.

They never asked Hufschmid or Bollyn if they were interested in speaking or providing a video, even though David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Andreas von Bulow, and many other people reference the research of Hufschmid and Bollyn.

Look behind the puppet

Who organized the 9/11 conference in Japan? Who selected the speakers?

It was a group in Japan called the Global Peace Campaign. The website promotes lots liars and anti-Goy, Zionist Deniers, such as Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project and Jim Hoffman.

The group appears to be primarily one woman named Yumi Kikuchi. She was the Master of Ceremonies for the conference. Your first reaction might be to assume that she is responsible for the deception, but the Zionists prefer to find a gullible fool who believes their nonsense because a fool will speak with sincerity and honesty.

Yumi Kikuchi may be the gullible Japanese woman who was tricked by Benjamin Fulford, Dave Shaw, and others to promote the Zionist agents and ignore those of us that they have no control over.

Somehow the Japanese are being manipulated by the Zionists, and it may be these mysterious people within Japan who are pretending to be reporters and truth seekers. The Japanese should investigate everybody in Japan who is not Japanese, and the Chinese should do the same.

Are the Chinese and Japanese starting to realize that Zionists are our problem?

Benjamin Fulford blew his cover, and he would not have done this unless he was told that the situation is desperate. It is possible that his remark about the Chinese organizing a large force to fight the Illuminati is true.

However, the Chinese may not be completely certain as to who the Illuminati are, so Benjamin Fulford is coming forward so that he can pretend to be helping the Chinese by identifying who is in this mysterious Illuminati. However, he is identifying a only small number of people that Israel is willing to sacrifice, such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bush family.

If the Chinese, Japanese, and other people fall for this trick, they will leave Israel with even more control over the media, the banks, the governments, and the schools.

Help us fight Zionism!

If you know any Chinese or Japanese, please warn them about the deception.

The Zionists are setting up enormous gambling operations in Macau, and undoubtedly lots of prostitution, sex slaves, money laundering, and other activities that they can use to lure Chinese citizens into doing something that they can blackmailed over:

Playboy is opening a mansion in Macau also:

The Zionists have already set up groups in China:
Tell your Chinese and Japanese friends to send the Ninjas to help us fight Zionism!

Bring out the Ninjas!


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