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Am I un-patriotic?
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Which sites do I trust? 
Which people do I trust?

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"What do you think of the videos September Clues or Zeitgeist, or the sites Prothink, or JCN, or etc, etc...?

People are always asking me for my opinion on one person or another, or a website or video. Most of the people who ask this question are Zionist Jews who think they're sneaky and probing me for my opinions about their friends.

If you are sincerely looking for my advice, here it is.

In 2002, almost all of us - including me! - trusted a lot of the so-called "truth seekers", such as Alex Jones and Dave vonKleist. During the past few years, most of those truth seekers have been exposed as Zionist agents whose true goal is to shift attention away from Zionism and Israel and onto the mysterious New World Order, or George Bush, or the US military.

Unfortunately, whenever we expose a truth seeker as a Zionist agent, the Zionist network reacts by replacing him with a person that we never heard of. So today there are lots of new truth seekers, Holocaust revisionists, and anti-war activists, and they have new websites and new videos.

Which of these new truth seekers do I trust? I have come to the conclusion that this Zionist network is too large for any of us to identify all of their agents. The only solution to this particular problem is to be suspicious of everybody. Make sure you understand the concept of a "wolf in sheep's clothing".

Your best protection is to learn how to identify the criminals rather than depend on me. You can identify a lot of the criminals simply by looking at who they promote, and who they avoid. They promote one another and either ignore me completely, or make only a few insignificant references to me and my website.

Look through my articles and videos. I point out a lot of their methods of deception, and this should help you identify people within the Zionist crime network.

Keep in mind that it is now 2009, and the Zionist Jews are becoming increasingly desperate because they realize they have been exposed all around the world. They are now struggling to attract your attention by making lots of critical remarks about Israel and Zionism. The site wakeupfromyourslumber is a good example of desperate Jews.

Sometimes a Zionist agent will say something nice about me, especially when they first appear on the scene and are trying to build up credibility. Your only protection is to be suspicious of everybody. As I wrote several years ago, when the military and police finally start arresting these criminals, everybody must be investigated. No exceptions!

If you don't understand that concept, you may end up like Christopher Bollyn and his family.

"Are you secretly working for some group, such as the military, the Zionists, or the bankers?"

There is no point in asking me such questions because the answer will be the same regardless of whether I am honest or dishonest.

If you have trouble understanding this concept, think of it in terms of President Bush. If you asked President Bush if he was involved in the September 11 attack, would you expect him to be honest with you?

Would you ask Larry Silverstein if he was involved in September 11 attack?

When people don't like my answers, some people complain that I am lying. For example, this remark was posted by Suzette:

"Eric was evasive in answering certain pointed questions I asked him repeatedly.  The questions I posed to Eric were, is he Jewish, is he a Scientologist, is he a homosexual, and does he run or have anything to do with the website  I started putting two and two together, so I no longer support them.";wap2
So, how do you know if I'm telling the truth? How do you know if I'm working alone or with some secret group?

If you are truly interested in knowing what is going on, then encourage people to bring all of these issues out into the open and investigate everybody, as I explained in this document:


"Are you working with Rupert Murdoch?"

A few years ago I discovered that I may have a relative who married one of Rupert Murdoch's children. I posted this on my website here, but I still get such questions as:
"I hear you have a relative in the Murdoch family. Is it true? Are you working with the Murdochs?"
I'm the person who discovered this and announced it to the world!!! Look through my website. I have a search function on the site now, and although it uses the Google engine, which is biasing results in favor of Zionism, it works good enough.

"You accuse everybody up being a Zionist!!!"

For years people have been worrying that I'm accusing an innocent person of being dishonest. However, I cannot figure out with 100% certainty who in this "truth movement" is lying to us, and who is merely naive or stupid.

I may have already accused an innocent person of being a Zionist agent, but so what? It doesn't hurt that person because I'm not a judge in a court case to determine that person's fate. I am simply speculating, and my speculations are as harmless as when ordinary people discuss whether OJ Simpson was guilty of murdering his ex-wife, or whether he was set up by Zionist Jews.

Furthermore, anybody who gets involved in this "truth movement" ought to realize that everybody is confused about who to trust. Any "truth seeker" who cries about people speculating about his honesty should get out of the "truth movement". There's an expression for this: if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

When our military and police get around to arresting people in the Jewish crime network, they can hold some real trials to determine who was involved in the crime network and who is innocent.

However, it will be the police and military who run those trials, not any of us ordinary people. People like me will just watch and speculate on who we think is guilty.

Until the military starts arresting the criminals, all we can do is continue to speculate. So enjoy the speculations! Don't worry about them. Speculations don't harm anybody. 

Do you know the difference between evidence and insults?

The people who accuse me of lying or having some diabolical connection to  mysterious criminal groups never have any evidence. All they have are insults.
Insults are a sign of desperation, not intelligence
Anybody who has something intelligent to say would bring out their intelligent arguments.

When somebody resorts to name-calling, such as un-American, un-patriotic, anti-Semite, fascist, or do-do head, it is a sign that they have nothing intelligent to say, so they are resorting to attempts to manipulate emotions.

Can a Jew be "anti-Semitic"?
The people who refer to me as anti-Semitic should take a look at what some Jews are writing about other Jews. Many of the articles that were written by Jews would be considered "anti-Semitic" if a Goy had written them. A few examples:
How about Barry Chamish's article in which he accuses Israelis of practicing the 9-11 attack?

Chamish wrote that article in October of 2001. He has a list of his articles by date on this page:

October 7 - Practicing for the WTC/Pentagon Blasts in Israel

Why not accuse Barry Chamish of being an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating, Nazi?

Some Jews have a list of "Self-Hating, Israel Threatening" Jews, and this could be described as a list of anti-Semitic Jews.

Noam Chomsky is one person on the list whose name you might recognize. Here is his entry:

Professor of Linguistics at M.I.T whose sorry life has been filled with dissent, anarchism, Marxism, anti-Americanism and a visceral hatred for the Land of Israel. He's also had a prolonged and varied collaboration with the neo-Nazi movement. He once wrote,

"I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust."

In other words, Chomsky is a thoroughly despicable human being. For more on this pathetic Jew, click Here.

If I were to refer to Chomsky is a pathetic Jew, I'm sure I would be insulted as an anti-Semite, so why are Jews allowed to do it?

A Jew is allowed to insult other Jews, and African-Americans are allowed to call themselves "niggers", and women are allowed to call themselves "girls", but if a white, male Goy were to make any of the same remarks, we would be referred to as anti-Semitic, racist, and sexist.

I am not saying whether Chomsky is or is not a "pathetic Jew". (For all I know, the Zionists are correct about him!) Rather, I am pointing out that these labels of anti-semite, anti-American, sexist, and racist are childish insults, not intelligent descriptions.

I have better things to do than respond to insults
Every minute I spend responding to the accusations of "Bush-Bashing" or "lack of patriotism" or "anti-Semitism" is a minute of my life I just wasted.

In order to reduce the time I waste, I created this reply for all the people who provide these insults.

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