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5 May 2009
updated 6 May 2009 about Bollyn and Schaefer 

“Hey Eric,
do you trust
John Martinson?”

FAQ #1: Why don't you promote _____ ?
FAQ #2: Why do you make speculations you can't prove?
FAQ #3: Do you trust ____?
FAQ #4: Why should we deny the Apollo moon landing?

FAQ #1: Why don't you promote _____ ?
For example: 

Why don't you promote the recent research about the thermite in the World Trade Center towers? Why don't you promote the work of Professor Steven Jones?

Why don't you provide links to Christopher Bollyn's website or some of his articles?

Why don't you promote

Why don't any of those people promote me? Why should I promote people who pretend I don't exist? Why don't you ask them to promote me?

This is one of the tricks that Jews are using to give themselves publicity. They try to pressure us into promoting them and their propaganda, but if we ask them to promote us, they give us excuses, or they promise to help us but never do.

It's a one-way deal with criminals. We help them, but they won't do anything for us. They're parasites. Don't fall for their tricks.

The question of why I don't promote Christopher Bollyn is especially interesting now, in May 2009. In case you don't know much about the relationship between me and Bollyn, from the summer of 2002 until June 2007 I was in frequent contact with Bollyn by telephone and e-mail. Twice he and his family stayed at my house when they were passing through California. 

Bollyn used a laptop computer, and it was getting old and broken, so I gave him my laptop computer, which was a 2005 model Toshiba that was in much better shape and much more advanced than his. And when his children spilled liquid on the keyboard, I paid to have the keyboard replaced. And I mentioned in my audio file for 22 March 2009 that I sent him $1000 when he needed money in June 2007. 

Several years ago I started posting some of Bollyn's articles at both Smith's website and at my website because Bollyn didn't have his own website. He didn't know how to make HTML pages, either.

I have done a lot for Christopher Bollyn, and we used to get along fine. But ever since June 2007, he has been avoiding me and begging for money and pity. This doesn't make any sense to me... unless he has been kidnapped.

Take a look at his website. As of May 2009, he posted a PDF file on his site, The Israeli Connection to 9/11. Below is a screen image of his description of this article and a link to the PDF file:

Notice that under the graphic is:

Graphic and article layout by Brandon Schaefer of

Update: The day after I posted this article on 5 May 2009, Brandon Schaefer sent me an e-mail message to explain that he is a 19-year old college student, and that he created that PDF file from one of Bollyn's articles as a project for his college Typography and Layout class. He then sent an e-mail message to Bollyn to tell him about his project. Bollyn responded that he wanted to post the PDF file on his website, and he asked if he could include Schaefer's name, also.

So, this explains why he created the PDF file, but it leaves lots of other questions. For example:

• Why is Bollyn willing to communicate with Schaefer, a teenager he doesn't know, but he ignores me and other people he was friends with for years?

• Why is Bollyn willing to promote Schaefer's school project, but he won't promote my work? Is Schaefer's project really better than everything I've done?

• Why is Schaefer not concerned about the possibility that Bollyn is a kidnap victim? Why does Schaefer assume Bollyn is free and independent? Does Schaefer consider my speculations about Bollyn to be absurd?

Who is Schaefer? I can't keep track of all these new people to the "truth movement", but look at his website and you can see he's promoting many of the sites and people that I consider to be wolves in sheep's clothing! For example, on his site as of 6 May 2009:
• Schaefer has a link to a news article about the "Holocaust denier" Fredrick Toben (different people spell his name differently), but as I wrote years ago in several articles, such as this, I think Toben is another wolf in sheep's clothing, as are the other Holocaust deniers who get publicity by the Jewish media.

• Schaefer is promoting the website, which is another mysterious site that I consider to be run by Zionist Jews in an attempt to control and dominate information about the Holocaust.

• Schaefer is promoting Andrew Hitchcock, who I complain about in several articles, such as this.

In Schaefer's e-mail message to me, he denies that he's promoting anybody or any site:
And I don't promote "people" on my site - I promote the message. The message being anything that I think is evidence or that I agree with.
What does that mean? He's only promoting "the message"? How can somebody promote "the message" without promoting certain people, websites, books, etc., and without ignoring certain other people and websites? I have lots of messages on my website; why doesn't he promote any of my messages? Are the messages from those other people really better than my messages?

His remark reminds me of the first bombing of Iraq in 1991 in which the Jews in the media were promoting variations of, "I don't support the war, I only support the troops." The Jews fooled a lot of people with that remark.

By the way, if the American military gets fed up with these criminal Jews and decides to kill and torture the Jews, I will not support any of the killings or tortures. However, I will support the troops in any manner they need, whether it be weapons, torture devices, money, food, or computer software.

“I don't support the killing of Jews;
I only support the troops!

Go, troops, go!” 

Don't let criminals control your information!
It is very important that you understand that one of the techniques that the Jews have been using to control us is that they dominate the information we are exposed to. They dominate the so-called truth movement, the news media, the radio shows, the newspapers, etc. They want to tell us what to think about the world.

We have to suspect everybody who is promoted as a truth seeker, news reporter, whistleblower, ex-CIA agent, anti-war activist, etc. The Jews are promoting themselves and their puppets as leaders, and they are trying to trick us into following them.

If you understand this trick, then you should be able to understand why I suspect that Bollyn's kidappers are promoting Schaefer but not me. Specifically, Schaefer is working with the Jewish crime network, and these Jews are trying to promote Schaefer as a "truth seeker". This would also explain why Schaefer ignores the possibility that Bollyn may be kidnapped; ie, Schaefer is trying to create the impression that Bollyn is safe and free.

The criminal Jews are trying to dominate the information you are exposed to. They don't want you listening to me. They want you to follow their agents. Don't let them fool you with this trick!

Where are the missing people?
It's also very important to understand that the criminal Jews are trying to suppress, kidnap, and kill people like me. They have already gotten rid of Bollyn. Don't let them get away with any more of these crimes. Help us expose them!

Have you noticed that Carol Valentine's site has not had much activity since 2002? Where is she? And where is Ahmed Rami, who started Where is Peter Kawaja, who I mention here?

At the bottom of Ahmed Rami's website is a strange message:
This Site is owned by a group of freedom fighters from different countries in supportof Ahmed Rami 's struggle.
In  2007, when I wondered if Rami is dead or kidnapped, a man in Sweden named Kristar, who became Daryl Smith's webmaster after I stopped working with Smith, told me that he recently spoke with Ahmed Rami. This is more evidence to me that Rami is indeed in serious trouble.
After I stopped working with Daryl Smith, the Swedish man who replaced me as his webmaster told me that he had recently met with Ahmed Rami, and that he is fine, not kidnapped or dead. And Jim Condit, Jr claims that he has personal contact with Carol Valentine. This is evidence to me that Valentine is also in serious trouble.
“Carol Valentine is alive and safe. I talk to her on the telephone on a regular basis, but she doesn't want to talk to you or anybody else. You can trust me. I tell the truth.”
It should be easy to figure out what's happening. All you have to do is look at the websites of the people who claim to have contact with Bollyn, Valentine, and Rami. Notice that they promote Jewish propaganda. This is evidence that they are wolves in sheep clothing, and they are part of the network that is slowly kidnapping and killing those of us who expose them.

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens, police, and military are either incapable of realizing what this crime network is doing, or they don't care, or they are assisting with these crimes.

A lot of people have vanished or died mysteriously. What would you think if suddenly nobody could get in contact with me, and if I started promoting Brandon Schaefer or Jim Condit, Jr?

Why should I promote Christopher Bollyn when it appears as if the criminal Jews are trying to fool the world into thinking that he is alive and safe? Why should I participate in this deception?

You ought to wonder about the people who show no concern about Bollyn or any of the other mysterious disappearances, suicides, and accidents.

Be careful of the sites that expose the HoloHoax!
For years people have been trying to convince me to promote one third of the Holocaust, and other sites that expose the Holocaust. But I think these sites are run by Zionist Jews.
Many of these are promoting Hitler, and I'm sure it's because they want to create the impression that there are genocidal, murderous, dangerous Nazis all over the world. I suppose they also hope that we join their pro-Hitler movement so that we can be arrested for "hate crimes".
“So I said to the stupid goy,
'The dirty Jews gave Hitler a bad image. He was actually an wonderful man.' 
And now he promotes Hitler for us! What a sucker!”

Don't try hiding from Zionism!
The mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family might frighten you, and you may think that you will be safe by ignoring the criminal Jews. This theory is false.

Most victims of crime were not fighting the criminals. For example, the millions of victims of the world wars, the Vietnam War, 9/11, and the Iraqi war, were not fighting the criminal Jews. Rather, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can become a victim of the criminal Jews even if you ignore their crimes.

We don't protect ourselves from crime by hiding like a frightened child. We must expose and destroy all crime networks.

And we don't fix our banking system or our economy by doing nothing about the criminals in our financial markets and businesses. We must face and deal with the people who refuse to contribute to society or behave properly.

By the way, most of the victims of our current economic problems were not fighting criminal Jews who are manipulating our banking and financial markets. We can become victims of these criminals even when we hide from them!

It is especially interesting to look at the pictures of the Germans in this magazine article who were put into a camp by Eisenhower after the war was over, and ask yourself, how did they benefit by doing nothing?

FAQ #2: Why do you make speculations you can't prove?
Many people complain to me that I can't prove that Christopher Bollyn has been kidnapped, so I shouldn't make such ridiculous speculations.

And they point out that I accuse almost everybody of being a Zionist agent even though I don't have any proof.

They tell me to stop speculating and discuss only the theories that have supporting evidence.

And my remarks about Brandon Schaefer in FAQ #1 will cause people to complain that I should stop speculating that Schaefer is part of the criminal network since I can't prove it.

This is just a trick to intimidate me into silence about certain issues.

a) Of course my speculations are inaccurate!

None of us have the answers to life, and so the only thing we can be 100% certain about is that each of us has lots of mistakes in our assumptions about what is going on in the world.

Even the criminals within the Jewish crime network can't be certain of the details of all of the crimes that they've been committing over the centuries. They might have some inside information about some of the crimes, but they don't know the details for all of them.

b) I'm discussing issues, not determining your fate

It makes no difference if my speculations are incorrect because I'm not determining the fate of you or anybody else. I'm not a judge in a court.

The Jews try to convince us that our speculations are dangerous, but who is harmed by our speculations? Nobody, that's who.

People have been speculating about a lot of issues for thousands of years. It's possible that more than a billion people have already speculated about death of Princess Diana and President Kennedy (the photo shows Kennedy being hit by a bullet). But who has been harmed by all of those billions of speculations? Nobody, that's who.

Speculations are not dangerous. Rather, they are valuable. We each have different bits of information and different viewpoints. Therefore, by discussing our opinions in a serious manner, we can put our bits of information together and develop improved theories.

The Jews don't want us to speculate because they don't want us to get together and discuss what we think about 9/11, or Israel, or the Holocaust. They don't want us to put our pieces of information together and figure out what is going on. They want us to remain silent and listen to them tell us what to think. They want to control us.

“You shouldn't discuss theories that you don't have proof for. You should listen more and talk less. 

And remember, Jesus loves us, and He will take care of us. We don't have to deal with or even discuss our problems.”

Don't let the Jews outsmart you! It's okay for us to discuss our opinions. We don't need 100% "proof" for our opinions.

Actually, we could say that it is a requirement for citizens to face and discuss the problems of society. We could even go further and classify people who hide from problems as second-class citizens, or as talking monkeys.

c) The police and military will do their own investigations

The third reason why I don't think it makes any difference what I say about Christopher Bollyn, Brandon Schaefer, Alex Jones, and Michael Hoffman is that I think that the police and/or military will be forced to get involved and start arresting the criminals, and they're not going to look at my website to figure out who is guilty and who is innocent. They will do their own investigations.

At the moment, most of our police and military don't seem to care about anything except retirement, television, sex, and beer. Furthermore, our legal system and FBI are so corrupt that the Israelis who were arrested around the time of the 9/11 attack were quietly sent back to Israel. As of May 2009, it doesn't do any good to arrest Israeli criminals!

By the way, did you see any of the news articles about Roland Carnaby being killed by the police?

Details about the shooting were promoted by a lot of people who promote Zionist propaganda, such as Wayne Madsen here. Why are so many Jews so interested in Carnaby's death?
It's possible that Carnaby was a Zionist agent, and that the police are starting to realize that it's absurd to arrest these criminals, but it's also possible that those particular police officers are working with the Jewish criminals, and they killed an honest man who was trying to expose their network.

Eventually we should learn the truth about Carnaby, Bollyn, and lots of other issues. If you look at the changes that have been occurring since 2001, it should be easy to see that tens of millions of people now know about Zionism, and anger is building towards these criminal Jews and the freaks who work with them. Eventually there will be so many angry people that the police and/or military will be forced to get involved.

Once the police or military begin picking up the criminals, we can be sure that some of those criminals will say what they know about their crime network, and that will provide us with a lot of details. Therefore, the police won't need to waste their time looking at my website in order to determine whether Michael Hoffman or Brandon Schaefer are Zionist agents, or whether Christopher Bollyn has been kidnapped. They will rapidly learn all sorts of details about the network. So, what difference does it make what I say about these issues?


FAQ #3: Do you trust ____?
Years ago people would ask me what I think about Alex Jones, Dave vonKleist, Mike Piper, David Icke, and other people who have since lost credibility.

During the past year or so I've been getting this question about some of the new members of the "truth movement", such as Mike Delaney, John Martinson, and this person who claims to be exposing John Martinson. And Martinson has a lot of evidence that somebody named Quest is a Jew who is lying to us:


Most of the people who ask me this question are Jews who are trying to figure out who I trust and what I know, but there are some ordinary citizens who are simply confused about who they can trust and want my opinion.

Many years ago I felt it was very important for me to expose vonKleist, Jones, Piper, and others because those people had a tremendous number of supporters, and people were funding their propaganda operation by purchasing their products and sending them donations.

I trusted and promoted those people in the beginning, also. When I realized that they were wolves in sheep's clothing, I felt that it was important to expose the concept that most of the truth seekers are actually criminal Jews and their puppets.

And so I spent a lot of time trying to expose the wolves in sheep's clothing. That's why I have entire articles devoted to exposing some of them, such as Alex Jones, the American Free Press, and the Loose Change video.

However, the situation today is very different from 2002. Today there must be millions of people who are now aware of the wolf in sheep's clothing trick. I no longer think that it's important for me to spend enormous amounts of my time trying to investigate and expose every Jewish wolf.

Besides, there are too many wolves, and the Jews can bring more of them out whenever they want. Our best protection against this trick is to be suspicious of everybody!

Furthermore, the economy is deteriorating, so I have to put more of my time into making a living. I don't want to end up broke and begging for donations like they do.

Have you noticed how many of the Jewish wolves beg for donations? As I've mentioned in other audio files and documents, I don't think this is a coincidence. After getting to know many of the people in this "truth movement", I've come to the conclusion that the Zionist crime network is like all other crime networks. Specifically, it attracts the anti-social misfits; the unemployable weirdos; the pedophiles; the scientists who can't perform as a scientist; the alcoholics; the drug addicts; and the arrogant jerks who have college degrees but no useful skills, and who think they're too special to do "nigger work".
The people in this crime network are not respectable people. Therefore, you can avoid most of them simply by avoiding weirdos.

Don't follow children, either!

Many of the new truth seekers are young. For example, Brandon Schaefer is 19 years old. Why should we follow a teenager?! It's possible that the criminal Jews are having trouble finding adults who are willing to put themselves into this very risky position of "truth seeker". Anybody who comes forward today as a truth seeker should realize that we are going to suspect him of being a criminal.

Watch out for women, also!

I've also been amazed at how many Jewish women are willing to use their body to attract men. Be careful of the Zionist whores, also.


FAQ #4: Why should we deny the Apollo moon landing?
Most of the time people send me complaints via e-mail, but the Apollo moon landing issue is so sensitive to the Jews that I sometimes get phone calls about it.

Dave vonKleist, for example, called me in 2005 to give me a lecture on how I should stop claiming that the Apollo moon landing is a hoax, and he also gave me a lecture in person later that year when we were both speaking at one of Jimmy Walter's 9/11 events. I wrote this article in response to him and the others.

Just a few days ago I received a phone call from one of the suspicious white supremacists who supports He complained about my accusation that people who defend the Apollo moon landing are Zionist agents. He was especially upset that I specifically mentioned that the white supremacists who support the Apollo moon landing are giving themselves away as Zionist agents.
(I have a lot of those accusations scattered around my website, such as this article.)

The reason I accuse people of being Zionist agents when they defend the Apollo moon landing is because I've noticed that this is a very significant pattern among the "truth seekers".

There is something about NASA that the Jews seem to be trying to hide from us. I suspect that NASA and the Star Wars program were wasting an enormous amount of our money on attempts to create realistic alien spacecraft so that the Jews could fake an alien invasion or a friendly contact by aliens.

NASA may also be wasting a lot of our money on mind control experiments and pedophilia. Did you know that Cathy O'Brien claims that she was taken to one of the NASA locations for such experiments? She has the most bizarre life story I've ever heard, and there's a lot of people who think her husband is trying to control the information that she provides. Here is one video of her.

Have you noticed that during the past few decades other nations have been developing their own rockets and putting satellites into orbit? NASA used to be able to do this as a service for the world, and it brought money to America. But NASA is deteriorating. Why?

The answer may be that NASA has degraded into a nest of criminal Jews, pedophiles, and useless eaters with college degrees who can't do anything except pretend to be intelligent.

Did you know that one of the NASA scientists, James Hansen, is one of the primary liars about the global warming issue? I wrote about him in my articles about global warming.

Hansen also works at Columbia University. Our universities are also full of parasites, freaks, and criminals, except that they have college diplomas.
(If you didn't know, I complain about our educational system, also.)

Don't ignore the sensitivity to the Apollo moon landing issue. There is something about NASA that the Jews are trying to hide from us. Don't fall for their tricks. Help expose the Apollo moon landing! I have a page with links about it.