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Lesson # 10
Blame the Goys!

28 Dec 2008

Jews are caught lying about the Holocaust

Herman Rosenblat (having his bar mitzvah in the photo), and his wife Roma, wrote the book "Angel at the Fence" about their lives in a Nazi concentration camp, but it has been exposed as a lie.

What can the criminal Jews do when members of the tribe are exposed?

One technique is to make the criminal Jews appear innocent and shift the attention to a Goy who can't defend himself.

In an interview on the television show Good Morning America, he justified his lie as:

"It wasn't a lie. It was my imagination. And in my imagination, in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it, <...> In my imagination, it was true."
 (video at ABC News here)

Focus on a helpless Goy

An honest news report about the Rosenblats would discuss their lies and the publisher who was promoting their fraudulent book. The police ought to be wondering if the Rosenblats and their publisher should be arrested as con artists.

An even more detailed news report would point out that many other Jews have also lied about the Holocaust, 9/11, and Anne Frank's diary. (Have you seen what Professor Faurisson says about Anne Frank's diary?)

However, many of the news reports in America are focusing on Oprah Winfrey. Below is a screen image from the New York Post. The most prominent aspect of this news article is Oprah:

Examples of news articles that focus attention on Oprah Winfrey

The image above is from the New York Post:

The New York Magazine also focuses on Oprah:
  Did Oprah Endorse a Made-Up Holocaust Memoir?

And Gawker Media has an even more deceptive title:
  Holocaust Memoir Cancelled to Save Oprah's Heart

The TNR boasts that they exposed this hoax:
  How TNR Exposed A New Oprah-Endorsed Memoir As A Hoax

Make the Jews appear innocent

To make this trick work, the Jews have to do more than focus attention on a Goy. They also have to make the criminal Jews appear innocent. In the case of the Rosenblats, the Jews make it appear as if the Rosenblats were simply a bit overzealous in trying to help us understand the Holocaust.

Here is one news article in which the Rosenblats are described as "most gentle, loving, beautiful people", and in the box below is an audio excerpt of what I heard on a radio news report today:



16 seconds,
30 Kbytes

"The Rosenblats were interviewed twice over the years by Oprah Winfrey, who has called their romance the single greatest love story ever told on her show.

In a statement issued thought his agent, Herman Rosenblat says he wanted to bring happiness and hope to people. His motivation was to make good in this world."

So, instead of explaining that the Rosenblats were caught lying to us about the Holocaust, the criminal news reporters try to fool us into thinking that the Rosenblats were trying to bring us happiness and hope!
"My husband and I are wonderful people, not criminal Jews.

We love Goyim, and we want to bring you happiness! We assumed you would enjoy our Holocaust story."
(This is not an actual quote.)

Can you see the deception?
It doesn't take much intelligence to figure this trick out, but I'm sure that most of the population (including most of my own relatives!) will fall for it.
"Oprah Winfrey promoted a fictional book as factual. She's a bad woman!

The sweet, adorable, innocent, and loving Rosenblats were just trying to make us happy.

It's a good thing that the book was exposed as a fraud, or Oprah would have deceived millions of people!"

Oprah will not defend herself
Like all Zionist puppets, Oprah will allow the Jews to give her a bad image. When you sleep with the Jewish dogs, you get bit by their fleas.
Do puppets enjoy their lives?
Have you ever wondered what life is like for a person who has to follow orders from a crime network?

Their masters reward them with money, sex, or drugs after they perform a trick, but are they happy?

How can a puppet get out of his predicament?

Once a policeman, Hollywood entertainer, or politician starts accepting the bribes of a crime network, how can they quit? It would be dangerous for them to complain to the FBI because the FBI has been protecting Zionist crimes for decades. The FBI is best described as the Federal Bureau of Israel. So what can a puppet do?

You might think that because Oprah has a television show and millions of fans around the world, all she has to do is complain about the Jewish crime network on television. However, if she were to rebel, the Jews could do to her what they did to the musician, Jim Morrison, or to the chess player, Bobby Fischer.

In the case of Bobby Fischer, they fooled millions of people into thinking that he had gone crazy. 

The majority of people believe whatever "they" say.

"They say that Bobby Fischer went crazy! Let's hope it's not contagious."
In the case of Jim Morrison, the Jews fooled people into thinking that he was a heroin user (a man who visits my site has an article about Morrison here).

This technique of using the media to ruin a person's image, especially of people who can't defend themselves, works extremely well because most people refuse to think for themselves, and they trust the news media.

After Christopher Bollyn disappeared mysteriously, people such as Daryl Smith and Mike Piper used the same technique with Bollyn; ie, they began telling us stories about how dishonest and deceptive Bollyn was.

If Oprah rebels against her masters, the Jews could arrange for her to commit suicide or die of a drug overdose, and then the criminal Jews in the media would provide thousands of "news" reports and "eyewitness" testimony about how Oprah had been going crazy during the past few years, and that she was abusing drugs, and that she had become paranoid of Jews and Caucasians. 

Arrest Holocaust liars, not Holocaust deniers

The Jews have intimidated and tricked the Europeans into passing laws against "Holocaust denial". However, as I described in some of my articles and audio files, there is no such thing as Holocaust denial. There are only people who have investigated the Holocaust. 

Unless you're new to my site, you know that everybody who investigates the Holocaust will eventually be shocked and appalled to discover that we have been lied to by an international network of disgusting, diabolical, murderous, and parasitic Jews. (See my Holocaust page.) Unfortunately, the ordinary people don't think very well, so they misinterpret our critical remarks about the Holocaust as a sign that we are anti-Semitic, Holocaust deniers.

Sam Danner is another example

If you have been visiting my site since 2006, then you may remember the Sam Danner incident. It eventually turned out that Sam Danner was yet another of the thousands of people who are trying to deceive us about the 9/11 attack. However, rather than complain that Sam Danner is a liar, and rather than wonder if he was lying on his own or if he is working for the Jewish crime network, many of the so-called "truth seekers" were trying to blame me and Christopher Bollyn for promoting Sam Danner.
Sam Danner and other liars should be investigated. If Danner is working with the Jewish crime network, then he can lead us to other members of that network.

Information about the Sam Danner incident is here.

Don't let the Jews outsmart you!

When somebody is caught lying, don't blame the person who trusted the liar. Instead, we should deal with the liars

I mentioned this concept in my audio file for July 2, 2008 in which I point out that the "Buyer Beware" attitude is a destructive philosophy to follow.

Help us find people who have the intelligence to see through the Zionist tricks, and who have the courage to stand up to crime networks of all race, nationality, and religion. The Earth will become a paradise as soon as we deal with the parasites, criminals, and freaks. 

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