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Christopher Bollyn
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What can we learn from this incident?

20 August 2009

Our final e-mail messages are at the bottom of this page. He became so upset that he posted his final message. Two of his remarks:
You can forget about doing an interview with me, now or ever.

Don't bother me again by email and note that I will pursue legal action against you if you don't remove the abusive and edited images of me and my family from your website by August 24, 2009.


Perhaps this "Obama-Joker" version of his image will put him into a better mood!

Update: On 28 August 2009 sent this email to me and a couple other people.

Learn from these incidents!
My "discussions" with Christopher Bollyn, Hogarl, Mishko, and many other people in the so-called "truth movement" are frustrating and pointless. As I talk with these people, one of the images that appears in my mind is of the cats my family had when I was a child.. The cats spent most of their time outdoors. One image that remained in my mind to this day is of one of the cats sitting for hours in front of a gopher hole waiting for the gopher to appear.

I was confused as to why a cat, who had plenty of food to eat, would spend hours a day sitting in front of a gopher hole when the gopher rarely appeared. The cat was wasting its time.

Today I can understand that the cats were simply following their emotional cravings to hunt. Animals can't contemplate life. An animal spends its entire life trying to satisfy its emotions. They don't think about where they've been during the past, and they don't think about where they're going in the future. They simply exist from one moment to the next. Nothing has to "make sense" to an animal. They simply pursue emotional stimulation.


Another image that would sometimes appear in my mind when talking with Bollyn, Hogarl, etc, is of the men who were pursuing Anna Nicole Smith for years. (I mentioned her in my article here about Michael Jackson's mysterious death).

 Bollyn's behavior changed dramatically 

Prior to June 11, 2007, I would talk to Christopher Bollyn on the telephone on a regular basis, and the conversations were intelligent and pleasant. Other people could have conversations with him, also. But after that date he has refused to talk to me and other people on the telephone, and our e-mail conversations have been as idiotic and repetitive as the stupid conversation I had with Hogarl, in which I felt as if I was repeating the same simple concepts over and over

The criminal Jews remind me of animals. They have already wasted centuries of their time pursuing their goal of conquering us. However, they don't seem to care that they fail over and over. They are like a cat that will wait many hours for a gopher, and when the gopher doesn't appear, they wait for hours more the next day, and the day after that, and then the following day.

Jews have been trying to take over the world at least since the Crusades, and possibly centuries before that. They have failed time after time, but they don't seem to care! They never seem to think about what they're doing with their lives, or where they're going in the future.

If the Jews were to contemplate life, they would realize that it is better for everybody - including Jews! - to cooperate with us. By working together we could improve the world at a much faster pace. But they don't want to work with us. They don't see us as humans to enjoy life with. Instead, they see us as an enemy; a competitor; an inferior creature. They want to dominate us; kill us; steal from us.

They are like a cat, and we are like a gopher. They spend hours a day hunting us. And the next day they spend hours more. They are like a pack of hyenas that wait for us to develop new technology or new businesses, and then they get together and try to take it from us. And when they die, their children continue the hunting and stealing and cheating. They behave like stupid animals who can't think, not modern humans who work together for the good of society. All they seem to do is pursue their idiotic emotional cravings to hunt, have sex, and fight with their competitors.

 I am relentlessly pursued by a Russian Jew 

I mentioned in my audio file for 22 March 2009 that since 2004 I have been getting phone calls from Fred; a man whose ancestors are Russian Jews. He was living in an apartment with his wife in 2004, but now he's divorced and living in his van in Los Angeles because he doesn't have a job. He calls me almost every day, and sometimes twice or three times a day.

I'm sure I could stop him from calling me simply by telling them to quit calling, but I have been letting it go on for years because I am astounded by his behavior. Is he ever going to stop? I rarely participate in the conversations. I behave like a husband in a television comedy show who is reading a newspaper but who pretends to be listening to his wife by occasionally making a remark such as: "Yes, dear."

During the past few days it seems that Fred is once again trying to set me up to get into a fight with somebody. He has done this several times during the past few years. Last night I recorded a bit of the conversation so that you can hear it for yourself. I also recorded it because - like those five "dancing" Israelis - my purpose is to "document the event".

To help you understand what Fred is talking about, Fred travels to synagogues every day to ask for donations. Usually there are other people asking for money at the same time. Fred has been trying to get me angry at one of the men who also begs for money. Fred says that this man is going to the same synagogues on the same days and at the same times as Fred, and that he is deliberately interfering with Fred's ability to get donations simply because he likes to cause trouble. Here is an excerpt in which Fred tells me how this man causes trouble (Fred was very tired when he called me, so his speech was a bit slurred):
Hufschmid-Fred-19Aug2009.mp3   240 kbytes

Notice that Fred prods me into criticizing the man with the remark:

“What type of person would you call this? An instigator? A troublemaker? Or how would you term this person, you know, that would remember things, and then, you know, more than likely would use it against you?”
That section of the conversation is more amusing when it is speeded up; it sounds like a South Park cartoon:
Hufschmid-Fred-19Aug2009-south-park-version.mp3   80 kbytes

I think Fred wants me to say something terrible about this man so that he can set up a fight between us. Several times during the past few years Fred tried to prod me into criticizing his ex-wife's boyfriend. Fred warned me that he was a dangerous, violent man. Fred said that he was concerned that this man may have seen Fred's cell phone and noticed my phone number, and Fred asked me if I received any strange phone calls. I actually did get a phone call from a strange, angry man who made some threatening remarks, but I played dumb, and he gave up. I suppose that was the crazy man. But when Fred asked me if I got any threatening phone calls, I pretended that I didn't.

I think Fred is trying to get me to say something terrible about the man who is interfering with his collection of donations, and then Fred will tell me that the crazy man heard about my remarks and wants revenge, but I don't have to worry because Fred knows a man who will take care of him for me. And if I foolishly agree to hire the man, then the Jews can tell their criminal friends in the Los Angeles police department to arrest me. Or they could have me killed and it would appear as if I was involved with some type of crime gang.

 Lessons to learn

Ever since June 11, 2007 Christopher Bollyn has been behaving like Hogarl and other criminal Jews; namely, he has been sending me the same stupid remarks over and over in response to my concern that he has been kidnapped or killed. He is trying to convince me and other people that:
1) he is free
2) I am ruining his image, thereby making it difficult for him to receive donations.
Bollyn is likely to repeat the same stupid remarks forever because the messages are not coming from Bollyn. They are coming from his Jewish kidnappers, and those Jews can't change their story. They must continue promoting the lies they started when they kidnapped him.
“I have not been kidnapped! Hufschmid is ruining my image with his ridiculous accusations. I can't get enough donations to feed my family because of Hufschmid's lies. My family is suffering! We are at the mercy of that madman, Eric Hufschmid. Please feel sorry for us, and send us money.” 

"Real" people change through time; liars remain the same

Years ago I noticed that some of the "truth seekers", such as Mike Rivero of, were exposing certain aspects of the 9/11 attack, but they were oblivious to the rather obvious fact that the official story for Flight 77 is a lie, and that the Apollo moon landing is a scam.

Since these people were exposing some crimes, my first assumption was that they may be ignorant about the other crimes. However, I noticed that even after somebody provides them with evidence that the Apollo moon landing was a scam, they continue to repeat the same stupid remarks over and over, year after year. This is evidence that they are either suffering from a very serious mental disorder, or, more likely, they are part of the crime network that is trying to support their lies.

There's no point arguing with criminals
Criminals can't react in a normal manner to intelligent arguments or newly uncovered evidence. Instead, they must mindlessly struggle to maintain their lies. They appear to be idiots, imbeciles, and morons, but in reality their inability to respond to intelligent remarks is because they are trying to maintain their lies. We are wasting our time talking with them.

There is no sense in discussing issues with these liars on the Internet message boards, or in person, or by e-mail, unless of course, you want to observe their behavior.

Did you see my document in which I show that Daryl Smith accidentally exposed one of his lies? I updated it on 28 July 2009 with yet another audio excerpt of Smith. Even after we catch these people lying, they continue to lie. There is no point in discussing issues with them.

Proof of Smith lying!

•  “I very nearly died”
•  “I was ready for a casket”

The Internet, newspapers, and television are full of criminal Jews who are struggling to maintain thousands of lies. They are not having discussions, so there is no point in watching their television talk shows or joining them on the message boards.
Be suspicious of idiots; they may be criminals
The reverse situation is also important to understand. In other words, when you discover that a person cannot react in a normal manner to intelligent arguments, you should not assume that they are stupid or mentally ill. You should wonder if they are criminals who are trying to maintain a lie.

For example, if you ask a politician about the collapse of Building 7 of the World Trade Center, they will pretend they don't know much about the issue, and they might ask you to send them some information. They pretend to be ignorant or stupid. But the politician is very likely to be fully aware of 9/11 and lots of other crimes. We shouldn't allow people to fake stupidity or incompetence, especially not people in leadership positions. If they truly are stupid or incompetent, they shouldn't be leaders. We should raise standards for people, especially our leaders.

Most people truly don't care
Most of the people who seem to know nothing about the 9/11 attack, the Apollo moon landing scam, and the HoloHoax are "ordinary" people who truly don't care about society. It's a waste of time talking to these people about improving society because they don't care about society. Their only concern is titillating their emotions. They're not interested in learning about or dealing with the world's problems.

Most people are more like animals than advanced humans. They don't care about society. All they want to do is pursue their emotional cravings, just like a stupid animal.

We are fools to allow these people to vote because they're not interested in finding a leader for society or solutions to the world's problems. They don't think in terms of "society". Their only concern is titillating their emotions. As a result, their decision on who to vote for is based upon who they think is most likely to bring them emotional satisfaction. They don't analyze the candidates from the point of view of which of them will be best for society.

Help us find people with a concern for society!

Even though the majority of people are hopeless, the world is improving right now because technology is allowing a small number of us to expose and stop crime networks.

Learn the techniques these criminals use so that you don't become one of their victims, remain cheerful, and inspire other people into joining those of us who want to improve the world!

The final messages
between me and Bollyn

After posting my article about Bollyn's request for $500, I sent him this brief e-mail message:

My email on 18 August 2009: 

I will see what sort of advice I get.

Leon is saying I should send the money.

I'll ask for some opinions about what to do and then decide. I put the information on my main page:

Bollyn agrees to an interview!
He asked me if I'd like to interview him and post the interview on my website. However, there is one requirement.
Click here
Plus, where is Peter Kawaja?


Bollyn's response: 

In a message dated 8/19/2009 10:25:48 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Eric,

I offered you to do an interview hoping that you would want to clarify my status and get your facts straight.  You have written a great deal of malicious nonsense about me since 2007 and have complained many times that I was unwilling to talk with you although I have done interviews with others.  I thought it would be a good time to do an interview since we have made great progress on the questions of 9-11.  My book about 9-11 is finished with the exception of the final chapter revealing WHO made the super-thermite that demolished the Twin Towers on 9-11.  I will be posting the entire book on this coming week.

At this point, we have a very good idea who was behind the creation of the extremely powerful super-thermite that was used to pulverize the World Trade Center.  I have discovered the top-secret and super-secure laboratory where it was designed.  We know the people who are behind its production.  This is the subject of my next article and will become the final chapter of my book -- when it is completed.

Maurice R. Greenberg of A.I.G. was just fined $115 dollars in a case from Ohio for financial fraud at A.I.G. between 2000 and 2005.  A.I.G. is the company that received hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars last fall and winter.  It is now quite clear that Bush and Obama used U.S. taxpayer funds to bail-out a flagrantly criminal operation and those who it "protected" such as Goldman Sachs and other big Zionist "investment" banks...  Because Bush and Obama did not want to be seen as directly bailing out private Jewish investment houses they paid the money to A.I.G. who then distributed it to Goldman Sachs and others.  This was a massive theft of money from the American people.  This crime is tied to 9-11, as I have discussed in my articles from last winter.  (None of these appeared on you website, which seems to now focus on Neanderthals, eugenics, and the fake moon landings.)

One of Greenberg's companies, MMC, was involved in the "crash" of the first plane on 9-11 and Greenberg is involved in 9-11 up to his eyeballs as I have written about.  The S.E..C. case against Greenberg passed through the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein -- the 9-11 judge whose son lives on an orthodox settlement on the West Bank. 

Lastly, I wanted to give you this chance to show your good faith and correct the disinformation and malicious lies on your website.  I hoped you would want to get your information straight.  I am sorry that you don't see the importance of doing so.


 My response: 

Christopher, your offer makes no sense. I could summarize your offer like this:

"Eric, your accusations about me are false. Send me $500 and I may or may not call you on the phone and explain your mistakes. And if I do call you, then post the audio on your website and expose yourself to the world as a slanderous idiot."

It would make more sense for you to say something like this:

"Eric, your accusations about me being kidnapped are false. Would you please interview me via telephone and post the interview on your website so that the people who visit your site can hear my side of this situation?"

As I said in a previous e-mail, it is you who has to prove to the world that you are safe. I don't have to do anything. It is your responsibility to defend yourself, not my responsibility.

So, are you going to show evidence that you are free and independent? Or are you going to continue reinforcing my accusation that your family are prisoners?

By the way, the Jews are losing the battle. So maybe eventually they'll let you go free.

 Bollyn's (apparently final) response, which he also posted at his website: 

In a message dated 8/20/2009 3:06:21 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


You can forget about doing an interview with me, now or ever.  The offer is now withdrawn.  My offer was a final test to determine whether you were wheat or chaff.  You failed the test.

You never asked me if you could post my emails, which were sent to you to see if you were interested in talking with me.  This, and the misuse of my image on your website has convinced me that you are nothing but a peddler of lies whose real mission it is to sow suspicion about honest researchers.  You must be working for Rupert Murdoch, whose grandchildren are your nieces and nephews.

There is no longer any doubt in my mind about your agenda.  I am convinced that you are doing this as a job -- you have become a disinformation agent.  You are being paid to do this to me and other 9-11 researchers like Dr. Steven E. Jones.  As far as I am concerned, you are in the same boat with Mike Piper, Darrel Bradford Smith, and Scott Makufka, a.k.a. Victor Thorn.

Consider the following as legal notice:  Don't bother me again by email and note that I will pursue legal action against you if you don't remove the abusive and edited images of me and my family from your website by August 24, 2009.

Christopher Bollyn
August 20, 2009