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The death of 
Michael Jackson

An accident?
Or an inside job?

2 July 2009

I suppose I should start with this:
“Why should I care 
if Jackson was murdered?”

Or if orphans are raped? 
Or if Northrop cheated the US military?
Or if Natalie Holloway was sold as a sex slave?

1) Ignoring crime allows it to thrive
Ignoring crime is like ignoring a tick in your hair, or ignoring a fire at your neighbor's house. If Jackson was murdered, then ignoring this crime is allowing the criminals to continue their operation. As the children would say, "Duuhhh!"
2) We can learn important lessons from crimes
By analyzing crimes and people's reaction to crimes, we can learn about how the criminals operate, and we can learn about human behavior. This in turn can give us ideas on how to make improvements to society.

For example, did you know that there are thousands of victims of the 9/11 attack who are still alive but who are suffering health problems because they breathed some of the microscopic metal particles that were created when the buildings were demolished?

During 2005, Jimmy Walter paid for a series of 9/11 events in Europe, and when me and Christopher Bollyn were walking out of the lobby of our hotel in Spain we encountered two Americans, one of whom became covered with dust on the day of the 9/11 attack. He told us that when he tried to wash the dust off, it felt as if it was cutting into him, like pieces of glass, and he said he suffered from terrible skin problems for many months afterwards.

I told him that the reason it felt like broken glass is because the dust was full of pieces of pulverized glass windows, computers, and concrete, and the dust also contained hundreds of pulverized firemen and thousands of other people. And I told him that the dust may have harmed his overall health.
Bollyn and I explained a lot about the 9/11 attack to him, and we invited him to our free 9/11 meeting that evening. But he never showed up, and he never showed any interest in what we were telling him. His reaction to learning that the buildings were demolished with explosives was essentially:
"Oh, OK. That explains it."

One of the important lessons to learn from the 9/11 victims is that most of them don't care why they are suffering health problems, and they don't have any desire to expose or destroy the crime network. All they want is some money to help cover their medical bills! This is exactly how animals behave! A dog can be beaten over and over, but it continues to love its owner.

Likewise, the US military is abused over and over by businesses, Israel, and government officials, but most of the men in the military ignore the abuse. Most people around the world are also ignoring the abuse that is occurring with our banking and financial systems, and most people are ignoring the corruption in police departments and school systems. And the German people have been abused to an incredible extent by Jews, but so far most of them show no concern that they have been lied to about the Holocaust and the world wars.

Most people don't care about society, and most don't even care about themselves! Their primary concern is satisfying their emotional cravings for food, sex, status, and babies. They don't think much about the future, and they don't try to learn from past mistakes. Instead, they exist from one day to the next, just like a stupid animal.
The one million Germans that Eisenhower put into a vacant field and let slowly die did nothing to help themselves.

What if Jackson died a "natural" death?
If you spend your time reading this article, and months later we discover that Michael Jackson died a natural death, will you have wasted your time? No, because the issues I bring up are important regardless of whether he died naturally or was murdered. There are a lot of lessons to learn by looking at Michael Jackson's life and death, and a lot of issues that we ought to be discussing. For some examples:
Why allow Kings and Queens?
The world has a lot of incredibly wealthy people, but how does any society benefit by treating some people like kings and queens? How does a society benefit by providing a few individuals with phenomenal mansions, private jets, and giant yachts?

Furthermore, how do the rich people benefit? Was Michael Jackson's life happier because of his giant "Neverland" mansion and ranch? It seems to me that he had a very sad and lonely life. As with other famous and wealthy people, he was constantly surrounded by criminals and parasites, constantly dealing with lawsuits and lawyers, and too famous to mingle with the rest of us. I have the feeling that he was actually sad and lonely.

The justification for allowing people to become phenomenally wealthy is that it provides us with an incentive to work, but as I described in other documents and audio files, this philosophy is false... at least for some of us. It is true that many people won't do much of anything unless they are under some type of pressure, or unless there is some type of reward held out in front of them, but why should we design society for those crude people? Why not classify those people as circus animals or as primitive savages?

The people who won't contribute to society unless they can become phenomenally rich should be classified as dogs who belong on a racetrack chasing after a mechanical bone. We should not design society for such crude people.

I think the people who are struggling to become extremely wealthy and famous are unhappy people, and they're hoping that the extreme levels of money and fame will bring them relief from their misery.

As I describe in other documents and audio files, I think we should design society for the more advanced humans who don't need policemen standing over them in order to make them behave in a respectable manner, and who contribute to society because they want to, not because society is offering them a gigantic cash award.

Why allow economic monarchies?
When wealthy people pass on money, businesses, or land to their children, their children become instantly promoted to leadership positions. For example, if they inherit a business that has employees, the children become the leaders of those employees. Furthermore, every business has customers and an influence over society, so when children inherit businesses, they instantly acquire more influence over society. If they are incompetent, they can ruin the business, and irritate a lot of their customers.

Americans criticize the monarchies of Europe, but when we allow rich people to pass on their wealth, we are allowing "economic monarchies". Americans can sense that political monarchies are a terrible method of providing leadership to a society, but most people don't understand that economic monarchies are just as disgusting.

Our current attitude is that wealthy people have a "right" to pass on their businesses, land, and money, but we could say that society has a right to competent leadership. We could say that every child has to earn his position.

Furthermore, we could say that the super rich people are not truly earning their money, and therefore they have no right to pass that wealth to their children. We could say that these super rich people are becoming rich simply because of the crude, primitive qualities of our society.

For example, Oprah Winfrey made $260 million during a one-year period, and Simon Cowell is being offered a salary of $144 million a year. However, the people in the media businesses are not becoming wealthy because they work harder, longer, or better than the rest of us. Rather, there is an enormous market for entertainment products, and the majority of people simply don't care if they are abused.

Furthermore, some of the extremely rich people have become rich because they're immoral or dishonest. Certainly you are aware that people in our financial and banking system are making phenomenal amounts of money, even when their businesses are failing. Many of these people should be classified as criminals.

When super rich people pass on their phenomenal wealth to their children, they are allowing their children to inherit money that was never truly earned. How does society benefit from this policy? 

Why allow a spouse to become a leader of society?
When wealthy people get married, their spouse gets access to the money, which allows the spouse to become an instant leader of society. This could be described as a form of inheritance, or another form of monarchy. And when wealthy people get divorced, that spouse can keep about half of the wealth, which allows that spouse to retain his or her influential position. That spouse can then get remarried to somebody else, and if they have children, then those children can inherit money that was never earned by anybody in their immediate family. How does society benefit from this type of policy? Why not tell everybody to earn their position?

And consider how bizarre it is to allow the wives of presidents to become world leaders. President Obama's wife is now an influential leader of the world, but what has she done to earn that position? What would you think if the wives of IBM executives were allowed to show up at meetings and get involved with engineering and management decisions? What would you think if the wife of a dentist, pilot, or car mechanic was allowed to work on your teeth, fly your airplane, and fix your car simply because she married a man with that career?

If IBM allowed the wives of the electrical engineers to show up at technical meetings, it would be immediately obvious to everybody that those women have no idea how to design electronic circuits. By comparison, the wives of President Obama and George Bush can easily mingle among world leaders without anybody noticing that they are incompetent. The reason is because all of the other world leaders are equally incompetent. None of the people in leadership positions have anything intelligent to say. Therefore, it's possible for their spouses, and even their young children, to mingle with world leaders and discuss their stupid opinions on world affairs. This situation is ridiculous!

Incidentally, have you noticed how Michelle Obama attracts a lot of attention when she's around world leaders? I think it is because when somebody who is even "ordinary" is mixed among world leaders, they will stand out because they will have a more pleasant personality, be easier to talk to, and seem more honest. (I find it amusing that Michelle Obama seems to be a transgender because she seems more like a "normal" woman than the other female world leaders!)

The world leaders are disgusting people, but we don't normally notice because they are surrounded by other disgusting people, and because we see them only in controlled situations in which they recite a speech written by somebody else, or they pose for photographs. We normally see only the image they are creating for us.

 Why allow children to be treated as financial objects?
When extremely wealthy people get divorced or die, there are often legal fights over the possession of their children, businesses, land, and money. In the case of Michael Jackson, the fight over his children could become incredibly bizarre.

Jackson's youngest child comes from a surrogate mother who is still unknown to the public, and now there are reports that Debbie Rowe, Jackson's ex-wife and the mother of the two oldest children, is also a surrogate mother. Other reports are claiming that Jackson is not the biological father of any of his three children. And some reports are claiming that Jackson and Rowe never filed the legal papers for adoption, and so they never had legal custody of those two children, and therefore, the biological parents of those children may be able to get involved in the legal battle for custody. However, other reports insist that Debbie Rowe is indeed the biological mother!

If we did not allow inheritances, then Jackson's children would be worth nothing. Debbie Rowe is currently preparing to fight for custody of Jackson's children, but would she fight for custody if we didn't allow those children to inherit Jackson's wealth? Would there have been a battle over Anna Nicole Smith's baby if we didn't allow inheritances? Would five men have claimed to be the father of that baby?

No society yet shows much of a concern for why people are having children, or how they treat them. Some parents treat their children as toys to play with, and some parents have children accidentally and then dump them in orphanages, and the children of rich people are often treated as if they are nothing more than financial objects.

In the case of Michael Jackson, many adults and lawyers may treat his three children as financial opportunities, and we may see a fight over those children that resembles a group of sharks attacking a seal. These type of fights could be described as disgusting or sickening. Who benefits from a legal system that allows lawyers and parents to treat children in this manner?

The media businesses are full of crazy people
These businesses (i.e., television, movies, music, magazines, etc.) are extremely significant to society because they are providing us with news reports, historical analyses, school textbooks, scientific publications, and children's television shows. They are influencing our attitudes and our view of the world. However, I think these businesses have been taken over by Jewish criminals and people with very serious mental disorders. We are fools to allow such an important group of businesses to be dominated by lunatics and criminals.

One reason that these businesses are full of crazy people is because people who are unhappy with life are attracted to the extreme levels of wealth and fame that is obtainable through these businesses. Unfortunately, no amount of wealth and fame can fix a person's mental problems or improve his life. Quite the contrary! Extreme levels of money and fame cause a person to become an outcast of society, and it attracts parasitic people and criminals rather than true friends. The end result is that the mentally ill people who become rich and famous end up having a lonely life, and they are constantly surrounded by people who try to deceive and abuse them.

Some of the accusations about the people in the media businesses are so wild that it shows another very serious flaw with our society. For example, a mysterious woman who calls herself Brice Taylor wrote a book, "Thanks for the memories". Her brief chapter about Michael Jackson starts with:

Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming up-and-coming talent for television. Bob told me he supported and sponsored the Jacksons, getting them a professional foot in the door. Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on. They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup.
Her book is available on the Internet and as paper copies. The chapter on Michael Jackson has been posted here at the deceptive website, Rumor Mill News, along with a link to the entire book. By the way, I mention Rayelan Allan, the woman who runs Rumor Mill News, in my article about Zionist whores.

If Taylor's accusations are even partially accurate, then the Americans ought to be ashamed of themselves for allowing such disgusting people to get control of our media businesses, especially considering that books have been exposing the disgusting details for years. However, if she is lying, then the Americans ought to be ashamed for allowing con artists like her to freely operate.

Unfortunately, just as most people don't care that they have been lied to about the Holocaust, the 9/11 attack, and the Apollo moon landing, most people don't care whether the information in Brice Taylor's book is accurate.

A society should have high standards for information

Most people can understand that it's detrimental to society to allow a restaurant to sell contaminated food, but they don't fully grasp the concept that it's even more detrimental to allow people to provide us with false information, especially to children. Most people don't understand that we are fools to allow criminal Jews to provide children with lies about the Holocaust, the 9/11 attack, and other crimes. And we are fools to allow people to promote lies about crop circles, alien abductions, and supernatural entities.

Most people demand high standards for their food, airplanes, and automobiles, but they don't demand high standards for information. Most people cannot cope with modern life. The issues we face are too complex for them.

We allow media businesses to abuse children

As I mentioned in my audio file for March 26, 2008, we no longer allow factories or coal mines to use children as employees, but we allow media businesses to abuse children. We assume that the children are having wonderful lives because of the high levels of money and fame, but where's the evidence that Michael Jackson, JonBenet Ramsey, Judy Garland, or Shirley Temple had a better childhood than the rest of us?

Most of these children seem to have very sad, lonely childhoods. Michael Jackson is an example. He was forced to spend his childhood practicing and performing because his father had an insane craving for money and fame. He was also beaten by his father because his father believed that physical violence was the proper technique for training children.

If the accusations by Brice Taylor are correct, or if the suspicions that Jackson was castrated are correct, then it would be better to describe Michael Jackson as a victim of serious child abuse rather than as a celebrity having a wonderful life.

As an adult, Michael was constantly pursued by criminals and parasites. He couldn't live a normal life. He couldn't walk around in public. He was constantly dealing with lawsuits. A lot of his life must have been spent with a lawyer. I'm not surprised that he felt more comfortable around children and animals. His money and fame did nothing to make his life better than your life or my life. Even his two marriages were no better than those of the poor people.

Some celebrities have lives that seem even worse than that of Michael Jackson. Some of them have extreme problems with drugs, violence, gambling, alcohol, and relationships. Some of their lives seem so sad and lonely that it reminds me of that philosophical question:

If a tree falls down in a forest and kills a celebrity, would it be a tragic death, or a mercy killing?


Michael Jackson’s strange death

An accident?

Since wealthy people are surrounded by parasites and criminals, it's entirely possible that Michael Jackson had allowed himself to be surrounded by incompetent and dishonest people who simply reacted to his medical problems in an inappropriate manner. Furthermore, it's possible that his health problems were so serious that even competent doctors would have had trouble keeping him alive.
Or a murder?
Even though only a few days have passed since he died, we can already see that his death is following the pattern of the 9/11 attack and the Oklahoma City bombing. For examples:

1) News reports made extreme mistakes

Witnesses to an event never agree with each other, but there is a point at which witnesses are disagreeing to such an extreme that their disagreements become evidence that somebody is lying. Three examples with prior crimes:

1) The Oklahoma City bombing
The initial television reports showed bomb squads removing several unexploded bombs that were found inside the building, but later reports insisted that there was only one bomb in total, and that was the bomb that exploded in the truck that was parked outside the building.

2) The attack on the Pentagon on 9/11
On the morning of September 11 attack, some early reports about the attack on the Pentagon said that there was no sign of an airplane, but all of the later reports claimed that a passenger airplane, Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon, and that all the passengers had been identified through DNA analysis.

3) The collapse of building 7 on 9/11
On the evening of the September 11 attack, there was a BBC news report that Building 7 had collapsed, but the report was broadcast about 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. You can watch the BBC video here at John Dvorak's website.

Incidentally, I mentioned Dvorak in my video about 9/11 as an example of how journalists cover up crimes. Notice that if you click the link Dvorak provides for more information (the link under the video that says "BBC Reported Building 7 Had Collapsed 20 Minutes Before It Fell") , it takes you to the website of Alex Jones. It's important to notice that all of the so-called "truth seekers" are promoting one another. This is evidence that they are members of a gigantic, international crime network.

Also, notice the pattern of how they all try to divert attention away from Zionism, Israel, and Jews in general. This is a sign that their crime network is dominated by Jews, not Chinese, Mexicans, or the Bush family.

By the way, Dvorak is another Neanderthal. What a coincidence!

In regards to Michael Jackson's death, the extreme mistakes and contradictions in the news reports, as I show further down in this article, should be considered evidence that the journalists were covering up a crime.

2) We were immediately told what happened
It takes months to analyze complex crimes, but on the day of the September 11 attack, there were people explaining why the World Trade Center towers crumbled into dust, and why we were attacked, and how the Arabs defeated our air defense systems. About 3 days later the FBI provided names of the Arabs who attacked us, and about two weeks later they provided photos of them!

People are arrogant, especially men, so some of the men who are quick to explain world events may simply have abnormal cravings to feel important. However, we should consider the possibility that some of these people are part of a large team whose goal is to tell us what happened in order to satisfy our curiosity, which dampens our desire to investigate and discuss the issue.

In regards to Michael Jackson's death, as I mention further down, the initial news reports told us exactly what happened; namely, that he died from an injection of Demerol. Since nobody had confessed to giving such an injection, and there hadn't yet been any investigation, this is evidence that the journalists were involved in covering up a crime.

3) We were encouraged to hate
On the day of the September 11 attack, the media began a nonstop campaign to stimulate anger towards Muslims. The media did not encourage any discussions about our relationships with Arab nations or Israel, and they did not want us to discuss the issue of why the Arabs would want to attack us.

Instead, they tried to provoke hatred. They provided horrible stories about how Muslims hate Americans because we love freedom, and that Muslims abuse women, and that Muslims are suicidal maniacs.

In regards to Michael Jackson's death, most journalists mixed something unpleasant about Jackson in their reports about his death, such as mentioning the accusations of pedophilia, his cosmetic surgery, his "reckless dangling" of his baby over a balcony in Germany, and the accusations that he was addicted to a variety of prescription drugs.

Learn from Anna Nicole Smith
To refresh your memory, she was a stripper who married a very old and wealthy man who was a customer at the strip club she worked at. When he died, she inherited his money. She needed a lawyer, and she hired Howard K. Stern, and he fell in love with her, along with other men.

Her son died mysteriously and Stern denied any involvement, and then she died mysteriously. Then the "clown video" was released to the public. It showed her on drugs and wearing clown makeup. The video was made by Stern, and you can hear Stern say, "This footage is worth money." More importantly, when her right breast pops out of her clothing, Stern tells her to cover it up, and he says to a man that we don't see in the video: "You can’t show that, Mark." That remark is evidence that he and Mark were planning to show the video to the public. This article claims that the man is Mark Schey, the president and CEO of 22Digital.
We should consider the possibility that Howard K. Stern was interested only in her money, and that he was encouraging drug use, even though he denied it. And we should consider that he and Mark Schey were conspiring to set her up to die from drugs, and that they wanted the "clown video" to prove that she had a drug problem.

The photo shows Stern with Smith and her newborn baby. Stern and several other men claimed to be the father.

Do you think it's possible that a man would spend many years trying to convince a woman that he loves her when in reality all he wants to do is arrange for the murder of her and her son so that he can get her money? If so, don't you think it's possible that some of the people who loved and worked with Michael Jackson were secretly struggling to set him up for death?

Learn from Daryl Smith's attack on Bollyn
I think it is very important that you look at Daryl Smith's treatment of Christopher Bollyn. I have several pages about Smith here. Smith was trying to ruin Bollyn's image. After I stopped working with Smith, he did the same with me. However, I eventually caught Smith in one of his lies. Specifically, Smith was accusing me of spreading false rumors that Smith was on the verge of death, and I eventually caught him admitting that during the time I was working with him, he was "ready for a casket".

Smith's attempt to ruin my image - and especially Bollyn's image - is identical to what the Jews are doing with Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, and other people they don't like. They want to ruin our images so that you lose interest in us. If the Jews succeed in giving you an unpleasant image of us, then instead of listening to us or investigating our mysterious disappearances or deaths, you will ignore us.

Learn from my personal experiences
I have been pestered by Jews constantly since 2002. And they're still pestering me. They are constantly probing me to figure out what my weakness might be, and they're always trying to convince me to believe in something stupid, such as crop circles.

Ever since January 2002, when I got involved with exposing the 9/11 attack, I have had people respect, admire, and love me. However, they don't really love me. They are Jews and blackmailed puppets. In their "friendly" conversations they bring up such issues as sex, money, and drugs. They appear to be ordinary people having ordinary conversations, but what they are often doing, besides looking for my weakness, is trying to influence me to do something that would be illegal or embarrassing.

For example, as I described in my audio file for April 19, 2008, a man in Norway, Trond Halvorsen, contacted me by e-mail. He seemed like a normal, ordinary person, but eventually he told me that he was going to take a trip to Thailand to have sex. The photo is one of the girls in Thailand he had sex with. When I showed no interest in joining him, he began posting videos on the Internet to "expose" me as a liar and a Zionist Jew.

Since some Jews are trying to trick me into doing something illegal or embarrassing, and they seem to have been encouraging Anna Nicole Smith to do embarrassing things, we ought to consider that some Jews might have been trying to trick Michael Jackson into doing illegal or embarrassing things.

They are parasites and con artists, not the chosen people.
I was appalled to discover that most people refuse to look at the evidence that we were lied to about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, and the Holocaust. Several years ago I started wondering if the Jews were correct that they are a more intelligent race, and that the Goyim really are just stupid animals.

I still think the majority of people are little more than talking monkeys, but I've come to the conclusion that the Jews have been successful in dominating our world because of blackmail, bribery, murder, kidnapping, and intimidation. Their success is not coming from intelligence or talent. They are not the chosen people. They are not a superior race. They are a crude, disgusting, parasitic group that exploits our weaknesses.

4) We were told to “get over it”
Those of us who were investigating 9/11 would occasionally encounter people on the Internet who would tell us that the attack happened years ago, and that we should quit dwelling on it and "get over it". I've also seen people posting messages to quit dwelling on the past in regards to the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the death of Jim Morrison.

There is nothing wrong with analyzing historical events. The remark that we should "get over it" is simply a trick that the Jews are using to dampen investigations into their crimes. The Jews want us to remember 9/11, the Holocaust, etc, but they don't want us to investigate it. When we investigate one of their crimes, the Jews make idiotic remarks that we are bringing emotional trauma to the victims, or that we are dwelling on the past.

In regards to Michael Jackson's death, Alex Jones and Jason Bermas reacted with such hysteria so quickly that I wonder if the Jews were panicking because something went wrong with the murder. Consider the reaction of Alex Jones. Jackson was reported dead on the afternoon of June 25, 2009, a couple hours after Alex Jones finished his daily radio show. The next morning, June 26, you might expect Jones to mention the death of Jackson, but instead Jones complained that people wanted to discuss Michael Jackson's death rather than more important issues! Jackson had been dead for only about 20 hours, but already Jones was complaining that people were obsessed with Jackson and wanted to talk about him too much.

Here are three excerpts of Jones from his radio show on the morning of June 26, and they are followed by a fourth excerpt of him from when he appeared later that evening on the radio show of Jason Bermas, at which time Jones became so upset that he slammed down something, perhaps his headset, and walked off:
Jones-Jackson-4excerpts-26June2009.mp3  500 kb

“Jackson died yesterday, you obsessed fools. Stop talking about his death! It's over with! It's not news any longer.

“It was yesterday's news!

“If you want to remember the past, remember the Holocaust, not Jackson's death, you idiots!”

The image comes from a video made by a man named Troy. Some excerpts are at my Alex Jones page here
Jason Bermas also complained about the obsession people had with Michael Jackson on his evening radio show of June 26:
Bermas-Jackson-excerpt-26June2009.mp3  240 kb

I think it's interesting that Bermas complained about Jackson's cosmetic surgery:

"Like Alex said, this is a guy that was so self obsessed with his appearance that he had probably dozens, if not hundreds, of surgeries on his face. Talk about somebody who's not happy on the inside."
It's easy to accuse millions of people of getting carried away with cosmetic surgery, breast implants, teeth whitening, and hair transplants. However, we could accuse Bermas of being "self obsessed with his appearance"!

Bermas recently got braces in order to close the gap between his front teeth. “Talk about somebody who's not happy on the inside.”
The hysteria and insults from Jones and Bermas the day after Jackson had died shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant. How could the two of them become so upset so quickly by the people who were saddened by Jackson's death?

I think their hysteria is evidence that Jews murdered Michael Jackson, and that the Jews panicked because something went wrong, and they were concerned that people were going to figure out that he was murdered.

Jones apologizes for his insults

Some of the people who heard Alex Jones insult Jackson sent him e-mail messages to complain about his disgusting behavior. In response, during his next radio show, which was on Sunday, June 28, Jones made more insulting remarks about Jackson, and then "apologized":
Jones-Jackson-2excerpts-28Sep2009.mp3  350 kb

The bitter attitude that Jones and Bermas shows towards Jackson could be partly due to envy. During the past few years I've come to the conclusion that Jews are more envious than the rest of us.

When I encounter people who have talents or qualities I don't have, I often wish that I had their talent, but I don't hate them or try to hurt them. I can accept my limitations, and I can appreciate the talents of other people. But many Jews, instead of enjoying other people's talents, become envious, and sometimes they try to hurt or kill them. It reminds me of an animal that reacts with anger when it encounters a competitor.

5) Truth seekers appeared immediately to do damage control
On the day of the September 11 attack, the Jews had people ready to take the role of "investigator", "whistleblower", and "truth seeker". Alex Jones, Michael Ruppert, Jeff Rense, and Michael Rivero already had websites and were ready to become the leaders of what would become known as the "9/11 truth movement".

If you are aware of the wolf in sheep's clothing trick (if not, I wrote this introduction to it in 2005), it should not surprise you that as soon as Michael Jackson died, mysterious people were investigating his death and announcing that he was murdered. And it should not surprise you that these people were blaming somebody other than Jews.

For example, the day after Michael Jackson died, the mysterious website, whatdoesitmean, posted this idiotic propaganda that Michael Jackson was killed by the CIA using an electromagnetic pulse from an EMR weapon. Two days after Jackson died, a mysterious person posted this idiotic message at the IMDB message board to tell us such nonsense as:

The powers that be, the global elite, leaders in government, etc., saw that Michael possessed more power than they could ever hope to have, and felt threatened by it. 
Governments feared Michael Jackson's influence. That, in reality, is why they have tried for the past 15 years or more to bring him down

Hopefully those of you who read my website are aware that whenever the Jews commit a crime, large numbers of Jews are ready to pose as investigators, truth seekers, and whistleblowers. This is one of their most important tricks, and you must understand it to avoid becoming one of the victims, and to help us expose it and bring down their network.

Help people understand that the "truth seekers" who are investigating Jackson's death are exactly like the truth seekers for 9/11, the Holocaust, and other Jewish crimes. Specifically, they are trying to shift our attention away from Jews and onto the CIA, corporations, painkillers, or the mysterious "global elite".

6) The phony truth seekers are international
One aspect of the Apollo moon landing that I initially thought was bizarre was that a lot of people in Britain, Finland, and other nations were defending the official story for the Apollo moon landing. Why would so many people in foreign nations be interested in protecting a crime by Americans? Do you have any desire to spend your time writing articles and posting messages to protect the crimes of foreign nations?

July 2009 is the 40th anniversary since Americans supposedly landed on the moon, and today, July 2, I noticed another article in a British newspaper trying to prove to us that Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon. Year after year, decade after decade, the people in Britain try to convince us that Apollo astronauts really landed on the moon. What is their problem? The British are also trying to convince us that the official story for 9/11 is correct, and that Oswald killed President Kennedy all by himself.

I was even more baffled by why people in Finland were defending the Apollo moon landing, and they also created the idiotic theory about 9/11 that miniature hydrogen bombs destroyed the towers. And some of the people who defended the official story for 9/11 were professors in Australia and engineers in New Zealand. Why would they want to ruin their reputation in order to defend the official American story for 9/11?

Furthermore, I was constantly getting e-mail messages from people in foreign nations, and they were trying to convince me of stupid theories!

The best way to explain why people from around the world are trying to defend these crimes is that these crimes are not coming from Americans, or British, or Danish. Rather, these are crimes by Jews, and these Jews are not Americans, British, or Danish. They are part of an international network of criminal Jews.

You can see the same pattern with the death of Michael Jackson. People from around the world are trying to defend the official story, even though the official story hasn't yet completely stabilized. And you can see people from around the world are pumping out nonsensical propaganda. For example, The Hindustan Times, which is a newspaper in India, is reporting:

Michael Jackson still alive?
Just days after Michael Jackson died, rumours are flooding the internet that he faked his own death.
Why would journalists in India promote such nonsense? Here is another of those Jackson-is-alive reports. The most likely explanation for these stupid articles is that Jews are creating the propaganda that Michael Jackson is alive simply to confuse the issue, and other Jews are spreading these rumors, and other Jews in the Indian media, British media, etc., are also assisting in the promotion of this nonsense.

 Would anybody want to kill Michael Jackson?

Yes! Possibly millions of people! For example, even though one of his wives was Jewish, a lot of Jews were upset with his "anti-Semitic" remarks. Also, he wanted to end his relationship with Sony and become independent. The people who control the entertainment business do not want entertainers to be independent. Rather, they want to use them as a source of money.
“They suck - they're like leeches. I'm so tired of it.
It is a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.”
— Michael Jackson

“It is sad that Jackson is infected with classically stereotypical ideas of Jews as all-powerful, money-grabbing and manipulative”
— Abe Foxmam

Jackson told this London audience that he is becoming independent of Sony, and that Tommy Mattolo, a top executive of Sony Music Entertainment, was a devil, (a Neanderthal would be more accurate). Jackson also said that Mariah Carey, who was married to Mattolo, was also disgusted with him (the photo is from their wedding).


So, why do I think Jackson's death was an inside job?

Consider how strange, contradictory, and inaccurate the news reports have been. How is it possible for so many news reporters to make so many mistakes about one man?
There are lots of strange aspects to the 911 call
The best audio quality of the 911 phone call that I know of is at TMZ. A transcript is here.

The initial news reports about Jackson's death did not identify the person making the 911 call, or the doctor who was in the room with Jackson. Furthermore, the mystery man who made the 911 call was rather secretive. If he had said Michael Jackson needed medical help at his home, then the ambulance would know exactly where they were going and who they needed to treat. But the mystery man made such remarks as:

“...I need an ambulance as soon as possible...
100 North Carolwood Drive., Los Angeles, California. 90077...
We have a gentleman here that needs help, and he's not breathing.”

Several days later, Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was in the room with Jackson, explained what happened. He said that he discovered Jackson lying on his bed, but he didn't call 911 because he didn't know the exact address of the house. He had been hired only 10 days earlier. So, instead of calling 911 and asking if they knew Michael Jackson's address, he began looking in the house for somebody who knew the address. He soon encountered Jackson's chef, but the chef did not call 911, either. Instead, the chef contacted Jackson's security department.

The man in Jackson's security department, Tippy, did not call 911, either. Instead, he and Dr. Murray decided to check on Jackson. He was still unconscious and lying on the bed, and so the doctor began administering CPR. Tippy called Jackson's father, who screamed at him to call 911, which he eventually did. A total of about 50 minutes had passed between the time Dr. Murray discovered Jackson and the time Tippy called 911.

Did Dr. Murray have training in CPR?
When the 911 operator was told that Jackson was on a bed, he told the caller to put Jackson on the floor and he would help with CPR. He didn't realize that a doctor was already performing CPR! This brings up the question of how a doctor who has a Heart And Vascular Institute didn't know that he should put Jackson on a hard surface for CPR.
Dr. Murray said that he assumed it was acceptable to leave Jackson on the bed because it was a firm bed. Is that a sensible explanation? Or is this doctor incompetent?
The behavior of Jackson's employees reminds me of the Three Stooges. Those initial news reports make it appear as if Jackson died simply because he was surrounded by incompetent people.
Who gave Jackson the lethal injection of Demerol?
Many news reports, such as this and this, suggested that Jackson died because a doctor gave him an excessively large injection of Demerol:
It is believed the doctor gave the star a dose of Demerol — a painkiller similar to morphine — before he suffered a cardiac arrest.
According to that article, the information came from a "Jacko source":
A Jacko source said: "Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing.”
So, who is that mysterious "Jacko source"? To add to the confusion this news report claimed:
A senior law enforcement official told ABC News that Jackson was heavily addicted to OxyContin and Demerol, and received both in daily doses. Officials said Jackson received an injection of Demerol an hour before a 911 call was placed after he lost consciousness. 
So, how did this mysterious, senior law enforcement official know this injection was given an hour before the call was placed? Who provided the police with such detailed information?

Other news reports deny evidence of drugs!

The day after Michael Jackson died, the police officer in charge of the investigation, Lt. Gregg Strenk, said that there was no evidence yet of any drug use, and that the accusations that Jackson was injected with Demerol or other prescription drugs "are coming from outside this investigation". So, who is this outside source of information, and where did he acquire the information?
Is Marc Schaffel a valid source of information? 
This news article claims that Jackson's friend and former video producer, Marc Schaffel, released the information that Jackson was addicted to Demerol. Schaffel has also appeared on television news reports as an honest source of information about Jackson.

Considering that he was Jackson's friend, it is certainly possible that he knows some of Jackson's embarrassing secrets, such as his addiction to painkillers.

However, this report from 2006 doesn't show Schaffel as a "friend" of Jackson. Rather, it shows him as a producer of gay pornography who deceived Jackson about who he was, and ended up in legal fights with Jackson. A couple years earlier, in 2004, the television show Court TV (now called truTV) looked into the fight between Jackson and Schaffel, and their brief description of Schaffel was:
...Schaffel, a gay-porn producer whom dozens of former friends, business associates, and lawsuits have claimed is a swindler.
If you were a journalist, would you refer to this man as a "friend" of Jackson? Would you put him on television and promote him as a source of accurate and honest information about Jackson?

The news reporters certainly know that this man has a very suspicious background. Their decision to use Schaffel as a primary source of information should be considered evidence that the media is not trying to provide us with honest reports about Jackson. Rather, they are selecting people who will provide us with the information that they want us to be exposed to. Since Schaffel is telling us that Jackson died from a drug overdose, this is evidence that the media is involved with the crime network that murdered Jackson, and they are trying to convince us that Jackson died from drugs.

When you watch TV, try to imagine that the newscasters, witnesses, ex-CIA agents, and "experts" are actually prisoners.


Dr. Murray denies giving injections of Demerol

Several days after Jackson's death, Dr. Murray insisted that he never gave Jackson an injection of Demerol, ever. (new link!) Murray claims that he discovered Michael Jackson lying on the bed, and nearly dead.

If Murray is telling the truth, and if it's true that Jackson died from a Demerol injection, that means somebody else gave him the injection. But if Jackson did not die from Demerol, then what did he die from?

Was Jackson about to die?
It's interesting to note that reports have been circulating for years that Michael Jackson is in very bad health. For example, about six months before Jackson's death, Dr. Tohme was denying accusations by investigative journalist Ian Halperin that Jackson needed a lung transplant. Halperin also said that Jackson could barely speak, and is 95% blind in his left eye. Halperin also wrote a book about Jackson that claimed Jackson is suffering from numerous other ailments.
Ian Halperin:
“He needs a lung transplant but may be too weak to go through with it … [But] it's the [gastrointestinal] bleeding that is the most problematic part. It could kill him.”
Halperin's website.

Some news reports show photos of Jackson in a wheelchair, and in this amazing report we find:
“Harrowing leaked autopsy details show the singer was a virtual skeleton — barely eating and with only pills in his stomach at the time he died.
But other reports claim that the "leaked autopsy" is a "total fake", and other reports claim it "May or May Not Be Fake".

How can so many different journalists investigate one man and end up with such wildly different conclusions? The people who purchase these magazines and newspapers ought to be ashamed of themselves for supporting journalism that is - at best - incredibly incompetent and sloppy, but most likely, dishonest and criminal.

 If Jackson was about to die, how could he perform at 50 concerts?

Ian Halperin explained how a man on the verge of death is capable of doing 50 concerts; Halperin said Jackson thought he was agreeing to only 10 concerts. So, in addition to having serious physical problems, Michael Jackson's mind was failing also!
If Jackson was about to die, how did he pass the physical exam?
Jackson's 50 concerts was a very big and very expensive business venture. At the time Jackson died, the company arranging the concerts, AEG Live, had already spent more than $30 million, and they had already sold more than $85 million worth of tickets.

AEG Live wanted a very large insurance policy on Jackson to cover themselves in case Jackson couldn't complete the concerts. In order to qualify for such a large insurance policy, Lloyd's of London wanted Jackson to take a physical exam to prove that he was capable of performing at 50 concerts.

Jackson passed the 5-hour exam in February 2009. How did he do this if he was on the verge of death? One possibility is that he was actually in good health a few months earlier, and another possibility is that the doctors lied in order to allow a nearly dead man to qualify for the insurance.

The autopsy report will be worthless
The news reports are reassuring us that when the final, detailed autopsy is completed, we will learn the true cause of Michael Jackson's death. However, you probably already know that our DNA labs, police departments, FBI, school teachers, and lots of other people that we trust, have lied to us so often about the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, the world wars, the Apollo moon landing, and every other Jewish crime, that we would be fools to trust an autopsy report about Michael Jackson when there is evidence that Jews were involved with his death.

The Jews had no trouble finding coroners and DNA labs to lie about identifying the passengers of Flights 11 and 93, so they shouldn't have any trouble finding coroners and laboratories to lie about the death of Michael Jackson.

The Jews can easily produce an autopsy report without analyzing Jackson's body.

All they have to do is have a meeting, agree on the cause of death, and send the "autopsy results" to their criminal friends in the police department and media.

Why was Dr. Murray offered a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity?

On June 15, 2009, 10 days before Michael Jackson died, Dr. Murray wrote this letter to his patients and friends to announce that he was leaving his medical practice, but he reassured his patients that "My absence is not permanent". His first sentence was:
"Because of a once in a lifetime opportunity, I had to make a most difficult decision to cease practice of medicine indefinitely."
His once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was to become Jackson's doctor for his world tour. AEG Live hired the doctor because Michael Jackson insisted on this doctor. But why did Michael Jackson want this particular doctor? This doctor has been having serious financial and legal problems for decades. It would be difficult to describe him as a "successful" doctor. It would be more accurate to describe him as a man who was chasing after goals he didn't have the talent to achieve. As with many people, this doctor couldn't accept what he was. Instead of switching to a more realistic goal, he continued to pursue his craving for wealth and fame. The end result was failure after failure.
Jackson was treated like Fischer and Bollyn
The treatment that Jackson has received from the media fits the pattern of what Jews do to people that they are setting up for murder, kidnapping, or some other type of destruction. I previously mentioned how Smith tried to ruin Bollyn's image. If you need another example, consider Bobby Fischer, the chess champion. When the Jews decided to eliminate Fischer, they started with a media campaign that he was going crazy.
This Time magazine article wonders if chess made Bobby Fischer go crazy.

The majority of people believe whatever "they" say.

"They say that Bobby Fischer went crazy! Let's hope it's not contagious."
There are some people who have developed mental problems as they aged, but I don't see any evidence that Fischer went crazy. I suspect that the Jews were lying about his insanity. Unfortunately, most people believe the propaganda. The Jews stopped giving him publicity, and eventually most people forgot about him or became disgusted with him. In 2008, he died mysteriously.

Considering that Bobby Fischer was partly Jewish, you might wonder why the Jews would want to hurt or kill him. Part of the answer is that only his father was Jewish, so many Jews didn't consider him Jewish at all. However, I think the main reason the Jews wanted to kill him is because he wasn't interested in the Zionist movement. Actually, he was so disgusted by the criminal Jews that he didn't want anybody to even refer to him as a Jew.

Was Jackson being set up for a "natural" death?
The years of accusations that Michael Jackson was in bad physical and mental health would make sense if the Jews have been trying for years to set him up for a natural death.

Furthermore, some of the people that Jackson trusted were Jews, and based upon my own experiences with the people in the "truth movement", I am certain that the Jews were trying to ruin Jackson's image by encouraging cosmetic surgery, crazy behavior, and painkillers. And they may have been arranging for slow acting or mild poisons to be slipped into his food.

Before the Jews could kill Jackson, they had to first convince the public that Jackson was having health problems, and that his health was deteriorating every year. Then, when he dies, everybody will assume that it was because of his deteriorating health. This would explain why Harry Underwood wrote this amazing article about Jackson suffering from liver problems, lung problems, cancer, lupus, anorexia, mental illness, and an addiction to painkillers!

In addition to all of those ailments, remember that Abe Foxman said that Jackson was also infected with a bad case of anti-Semitism.

Actually, now that I think about it, infections of anti-Semitism do not hurt our health. Quite the contrary! This type of infection helps maintain good health by keeping us away from dangerous, Jewish criminals. So I suppose Jackson didn't have enough of an infection.

Don't be a sucker!

Don't take the anti-Semitism vaccine!

Why did news reports claim that the doctor was missing?

The first news reports of Jackson's death said that Jackson's doctor was missing, and that the police were looking for him. Reports also said that the police impounded the doctor's car, which implied that the doctor was either hiding somewhere in the area, or he had escaped without his car.

Eventually the news reports corrected this error by pointing out that the newly hired Dr. Murray was never missing, and Jackson's other doctor, Dr. Tohme, was never missing, either. How could news reporters make such stupid mistakes?

Was Dr. Murray supposed to commit suicide?
The initial reports said that Jackson's doctor accidentally killed Jackson with an injection of Demerol, and that the doctor was missing when the police arrived. Those initial reports would have made sense if the Jews had kidnapped Dr. Murray, and then hours later, after Jackson was pronounced dead, the Jews kill Murray and make it look like a suicide.

This would have been an excellent trick to fool the public into thinking that Michael Jackson died accidentally as a result of this newly hired and incompetent doctor. Almost everybody would believe that the doctor committed suicide due to the incredible guilt he felt for accidentally killing Jackson. Furthermore, since many of Jackson's fans were becoming angry over the reports that a doctor had given Jackson a fatal dose of Demerol, many of his fans would be happy to hear that Murray committed suicide. Not many people would be interested in investigating Jackson's death or Murray's suicide.

However, the doctor lived, and he is insisting that he never gave Jackson any injections. The anger towards the doctor is disappearing, and it is being replaced with confusion over what actually happened and how the news reporters could make such incredible mistakes. I wonder if the reason Dr. Murray is still alive is because something went wrong with their operation.

Will Jackson's bodyguard be blamed for the death?
Since it's now difficult to blame Dr. Murray for Jackson's death, the Jews may be looking for somebody else to blame. One of the latest news reports is announcing:
The mystery over Michael Jackson's death took a dramatic new turn last night after police began tracing the trail of drugs believed to have killed him.
This report says the police are focusing their attention on a bodyguard who seems to have been at the center of an illegal operation to supply Jackson with prescription drugs. So, perhaps the Jews are now trying to set up the bodyguard to take the blame.

Cherilyn Lee

In this AP "exclusive" report, and in this exclusive video, Cherilyn Lee, a nurse, claims that she worked for Jackson for a few months, and that Jackson had asked for Propofol (Diprivan), a very dangerous sedative, in order to help him sleep. Wow! Exclusive news reports!

This particular sedative can kill a person in the same manner that Jackson died. Therefore, we should consider that the Jews are going to use this nurse as a source of information to explain how Jackson died. Now all the Jews have to do is "figure out" who gave Jackson an injection of this dangerous drug, and then they can blame Jackson's death on that person.

Once you realize that the media is under the control of Jewish criminals, you ought to wonder, “Why would criminal Jews select this particular woman to provide information about Jackson's personal life?”

Most news reports treat this woman as a reputable nurse, but this article from the French news agency Agence France-Presse, considers her to be a bit suspicious:

CNN said it could not independently verify whether Lee had worked for Jackson. Lee was also unable to explain why she was contacted by Jackson's staff last week more than three months after she had ceased to work for him.
You should get into the habit of being suspicious of witnesses, whistleblowers, ex-CIA agents, and other sources of information that you find on television or in newspapers because the criminal Jews are routinely selecting criminals to serve as sources of information so that they can control the information that we are exposed to.

Matt Fiddes, one of Jackson's bodyguards

Matt Fiddes, who has this martial arts school in Britain, was a bodyguard for Jackson when Jackson was in Britain. He recently appeared in the news to announce that Jackson had a secret girlfriend during the last months of his life, and that Jackson had serious problems with prescription drugs. He blames Jackson's death on the doctors who supplied the prescription drugs.

Fiddes boasts on his website that he has been a close friend of Uri Geller for over eight years. In this amazing and "exclusive" news report and video, Fiddes says that both he and Geller were aware of Jackson's drug problem, and that they both tried to help Jackson. For example, Fiddes tells us:

• "Uri confiscated injection equipment ...
• “Uri was so concerned that we were going to lose Michael that he would sleep on the suite floor in my part of the hotel suite if we had a public event the next day to make sure that he would be coherent and able to fulfill his commitments”
Wow! Uri Geller certainly had an incredible concern for the safety of Michael Jackson! Would you sleep on a hotel floor in order to make sure that a drug addicted Hollywood star can meet his commitments?
Uri Geller
If you follow my advice, instead of believing what Matt Fiddes or Uri Geller says, you will instead ask yourself, "Why would Jews promote these men as sources of information about Jackson's personal secrets?"

Geller is a Jew who was on television and in the news quite often many years ago because he claimed to have psychic abilities and special powers, such as the ability to bend a spoon with the power of his mind. Everybody who could think properly considered him to be a con artist, but the Jewish media would promote him year after year anyway.

My advice is to assume that the reason Matt Fiddes is a close friend of Uri Geller, and the reason both of these men get so much publicity by the Jewish media, is because both of them are con artists. I also advise people to be suspicious of everything they say about Michael Jackson.

Sleep with con artists, get bitten by fleas
Michael Jackson's trust of Matt Fiddes and Uri Geller brings up two, very important issues:
1) Jackson was a poor judge of character
Since he trusted Uri Geller, who most people would describe as an obvious con artist, we should assume that Jackson trusted other con artists, also. We should not assume that Uri Geller is the only con artist in the world who had an interest in becoming a friend of Jackson. In other words, Jackson may have been constantly surrounded by con artists who were trying to use him for money, or worse. Which brings me to my second very important point.

2) Jackson's "friends" may have been sabotaging him

What was Uri Geller's interest in Michael Jackson? Did he simply want to be seen around Jackson in order to improve his image? Or was he trying to cheat Jackson out of his money? Or was he helping criminal Jews encourage drug use, or slip poisons into his food in order to create health problems, or encourage the use of prescription drugs?

Jackson's death is helping us!

Decades ago the Jews would benefit by killing those of us who stood up to them, but today this technique is backfiring because people around the world can use the Internet to analyze world events. Today when they kill one of us, they bring attention to their crime network, and they allow us to learn their techniques. For example, the kidnapping of Christopher Bollyn helped a lot of people realize that the American Free Press is a Zionist organization, and that we must be very careful about who we trust. 
The mysterious death of Michael Jackson is already backfiring. His death is so suspicious that some of the ordinary people, who have been ridiculing our "conspiracy theories", can see that his death appears to be a murder. This is causing these people to ask, "Who is responsible for the murder?"

Some of Jackson's fans are also appalled with the wildly conflicting news reports about his death, and some of them are also noticing that many journalists are focusing on unpleasant aspects of Jackson rather than providing serious news reports. This is causing some of Jackson's fans to re-examine our accusations that the media is a network of criminal Jews who are trying to cover up Jackson's murder.

Everybody who investigates the 9/11 attack eventually discovers the evidence that Jews are the primary group responsible for the attack. If they continue to research the issue they will eventually discover that Jews have routinely committed lots of other false flag operations, such as the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946.

Likewise, if people look into Michael Jackson's life and mysterious death long enough, they will discover that the Jews are the only group of people who were envious of him and who hated him to the extent that they would want to kill him. And if people continue looking into the issue, they will discover that Jews have a history of killing and kidnapping people.

The majority of Michael Jackson's fans will ignore the accusations that Jackson was murdered, just as the majority of people ignore 9/11 and the HoloHoax. However, some of his fans will switch from being a supporter of Israel to joining us in trying to stop this disgusting crime network. Jackson's death will add a few more nails to the coffin of the Jewish crime network. The Jews are slowly destroying themselves with their attempts to get control of us.

Don't be concerned that the majority of people don't care about anything. We don't need the majority on our side. We only need a large enough minority to destroy their crime network. So take advantage of this new opportunity! If you encounter somebody who considers Jackson's death to be suspicious, encourage him to look at my page about Jackson, and encourage him to look at some of the other "conspiracy theories". Many of Jackson's fans might now be willing to consider actor Dirk Benedict's remark about the “hundreds of murders” in Hollywood.

Incidentally, since the video of Benedict has been removed from the Internet, you won't realize that Jermaine Jackson, the brother of Michael Jackson, is the first person you hear in the audio.

Jermaine tells the people in the room that Dirk Benedict probably has some crazy stories about Hollywood, and then Benedict responds:

Dirk-Benedict-Hollywood-murders.mp3  240 kb 

"hundreds of murders"

Some of Jackson's fans might even be willing to look at some of the even "crazier" conspiracy theories, such as: 1) Paul McCartney died or was killed in 1966 and was replaced by somebody else, and 2) that Jim Morrison appears to have been murdered by Jews.

Notice who is trying to confuse or distract us

Who is trying to stop investigations of the Holocaust? It's not the Germans. It's the Jews. Who is trying to stop us from investigating the 9/11 attack? It's not the Muslims or the Arabs. It's the Jews. Who is trying to stop us from investigating the Apollo moon landing, the missing POWs in Korea and Vietnam, the world wars, and the attack on the USS Liberty? Once again, it's the Jews. Who is promoting the theory that the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers were holograms rather than airplanes? The Jews, of course. Who is promoting crop circles, aliens from outer space, and other stupid theories? You'll find Jews dominating those issues, also.

Now take a look at who is trying to confuse or distract us in regards to Michael Jackson. His death is extremely suspicious, but a lot of people are trying to turn the conversation away from his suspicious death and onto his health problems, mental disorders, drug addictions, cosmetic surgery, and especially, the accusations that he's a pedophile.

Those of us who want to discuss his mysterious death are not "obsessed" with Michael Jackson. Rather, it is the Jews who are obsessed with Jackson. They have been obsessed with trying to ruin his image for years. And now they are obsessed with trying to make us forget about his death.

Consider the issue of pedophilia. There are lots of accusations and lots of evidence that thousands of officials in our government, churches, day care centers, and orphanages are routinely involved with pedophilia. Did you know that I recently posted this article about a European union leader, Daniel Cohn Bendit, who admitted to what most people would describe as pedophilia? By comparison, the accusations against Michael Jackson are trivial, and there is no substantial evidence to support those accusations.

Paul Bonacci stated in court that Congressman Barney Frank and other government officials would transport him and other orphans from the Boystown orphanage in Nebraska to Washington DC and other states so that the government officials could use them as sex toys at their parties.
There are possibly tens of thousands of officials around the world who should be classified as mentally ill, or retarded, or at least disgusting, but the Jews are trying to divert our attention away from our disgusting leaders and focus our attention on Michael Jackson. This is a trick to divert us away from the criminal Jewish network and onto somebody who is not under their control.

Michael Jackson is now dead, but how many children are safer because of his death? By comparison, imagine if the tens of thousands of disgusting people in our media, government, schools, and businesses were to die. Their deaths could bring a true improvement in this world, assuming they weren't replaced by people equally as disgusting.

 Elected officials should be considered as criminals

Anybody that the Jewish media promotes should be considered as a member of their crime network, or one of their puppets. Keep in mind that this concept applies regardless of whether the publicity is good or bad. They give David Duke "bad" publicity, but this is a trick. They won't give me any bad publicity. They give bad publicity only to people that they have control over.

It is very important to understand this concept because many of our police officials, such as sheriffs and district attorneys, have to be elected. In order to get elected, a candidate must have publicity. If I were to run for office, do you think the Jews would give me publicity? They give publicity only to the candidates that they have control over. This is why our sheriffs and district attorneys are so suspicious. The sheriff in Los Angeles, for example, seems to have a strange relationship with the Church of Scientology.

The corruption within the Los Angeles police department would explain this crazy article in which the police detectives were searching for Dr. Murray - who was never missing - and why they were claiming that Jackson died from a Demerol injection. This is evidence that many people in the Los Angeles police department are working with the criminal Jews.

You should get into the habit of asking, "Why are the Jews giving certain candidates for sheriff a lot of publicity while ignoring other candidates?" The Jews are getting criminals elected as police officials!

As I mentioned in my audio file for December 14, 2008, Tom Sneddon, the district attorney who was elected six times in a row in my city of Santa Barbara, had an obsession with trying to find evidence to convict Michael Jackson of pedophilia.

Is there a connection between Scientology and Zionism?

By the way, the Sheriff of Los Angeles is not the only person who seems to have a relationship to Scientology. Michael Jackson's ex-wife, Lisa Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley, is also involved with Scientology. And a television news reporter who spends an enormous amount of time covering Michael Jackson's death, the disappearance of Natalie Holloway, the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and the trial of Scott Peterson is Greta Van Susteren, who is also involved with Scientology.
In the update to my audio file for February 11, 2008, I pointed out that when Joran van der Sloot decided to confess that he sold Natalie Holloway, he chose to give his confession to Van Susteren. Considering that he lives in Holland, why would he give his confession to an American television show rather than to the police? And why would he select Van Susteren?

If you were going to confess to a crime, would you confess to a television show in another nation? Joran van der Sloot's strange behavior is evidence that his confession was propaganda for the Americans, and that he was told to make this confession, and that Van Susteren is working with the crime network responsible for the sex slave trade. And we should wonder if Scientology is also somehow involved with the sex slave trade or Zionism.

How did Michael Jackson select his wives?
Jackson was married to two women, Elvis Presley's daughter, and Debbie Rowe. Did he pick these two women because he was truly attracted to them and felt compatible with them? I'm not so sure.

Elvis Presley's daughter seems to be another example of how the children of rich and famous people are actually more miserable than the rest of us. Her money and fame didn't do anything to improve her childhood, and as an adult, she's involved with Scientology, which seems to be under the control of Zionist Jews. She seems to be another miserable, lonely celebrity, which could be one of the reasons that Jackson felt comfortable with her.

Debbie Rowe is Jewish. Some news reports claim that she is the biological mother of Jackson's children, while other reports are claiming that she was a surrogate mother, and that she admitted that she never had sex with Jackson, and that the sperm that fertilized the eggs were not even from Jackson!

In Michael Jackson's will, he requested that his mother, Katherine Jackson, have custody of his three children, and he requested that if his mother died or couldn't take care of the children, that Diana Ross be given custody. Why didn't he want Debbie Rowe to have custody? Was he angry with her? Or was it because Debbie Rowe truly was just a surrogate mother?

It seems to me as if Jackson married these two women for some reason other than companionship or love. It's not worth discussing the thousands of possible reasons that Michael Jackson would marry these two women, and the thousands of possible reasons that other people would be pushing for these particular marriages, but I can't resist mentioning the possibility that Jackson was pushed into marriage in order to suppress the accusations that he was castrated.

Trust the wrong people, and it could be your last mistake

• The Bollyn family was kidnapped because of people they trusted.

• I think Dan Wallace was killed by people he trusted.

• I think a lot of other people also became victims of people they trusted, as I described in my 2-part article about Zionist helpers and whores.

Michael Jackson trusted people that most of us would describe as con artists.

If you make a mistake in who to trust, it could be the last mistake you ever make. But how can you figure out who to trust? I can't truly answer that question, but I will now give you the guidelines I follow. To begin with, consider my current view of Zionism.

Zionism is a crime network

When the Zionist movement became officially established in 1897, it transformed a small network of criminal Jews into a gigantic, international network. Today there seem to be millions of Jews helping this network to some extent. Some of these criminal Jews have only a slight involvement in the network, such as promoting Israel or walking by my house and sending reports on what I do and who is visiting me, but others are arranging for murders, kidnappings, false flag operations, and wars.

The Zionist network and the Protocols of Zion come from the area of Russia that is the homeland of the Ashkenazi Jews. The Jews who joined the Zionist movement don't want to live with their own people. They prefer our societies, but they're not interested in becoming our friends or contributing to our societies. Rather, they are like criminals everywhere. They want to take what we have. They want us to do the work while they benefit from our efforts. They are parasites. They are criminals. They are disgusting creatures.

Ever since 1896, Zionist Jews have been emigrating from their Ashkenazi homeland to Europe, America, Japan, and other nations, and they have been infiltrating our school systems, police departments, militaries, and government systems in an attempt to get control of our societies.

Their network has grown to an immense size. Virtually everybody that I've met in the so-called truth movement, antiwar movement, Holocaust revisionist movement, etc., seems to be a Zionist agent. If you dismiss what I say as paranoia, anti-Semitism, or mistakes in logic, you could end up just like Michael Jackson or Christopher Bollyn.

How can you identify criminals?

It's impossible to identify criminals with 100% accuracy, of course, but I've noticed a pattern among the people in the Zionist crime network, and once you understand this pattern, you can avoid a lot of Zionist agents.

First of all, you have to realize that my philosophy towards crime is extremely different from that of the majority of people. The attitude towards crime that is most common in the world today is that crime is due to the devil, ignorance, poverty, or some environmental cause. And most people believe that criminals can be cured of their problems by punishing them or providing them with some type of psychological treatment. However, I think the three main causes of bad behavior are:

1) Defective brains. The defects might come from genetic mistakes, or from chemicals that interfere with the development of the brain, or from accidents which damage the brain, such as automobile accidents.

2) Defective bodies that interfere with blood chemistry. Our brain will function properly only when our body provides it with a proper level of chemicals. Therefore, people who are suffering from certain types of physical problems, such as a defective liver or pancreas, may experience strange behavior or mood changes simply because their body cannot properly control their blood chemistry.

3) People who have a more crude, animal-like mind. As I've explained in other audio files and documents, I think humans evolved from monkeys, and as a result, we are a mixture of human and animal qualities, which in turn means that some people end up more like an animal than others.

If you follow the common philosophy towards crime, then your explanation of people who join crime networks is that they are people just like the rest of us who, by some twist of fate, became a victim of the devil, or ignorance, or poverty. This philosophy will not help you protect yourself from criminals because this philosophy claims that criminals are just ordinary people.

By comparison, if you follow my philosophy, then you can identify a lot of potential criminals. According to my philosophy, the type of people who tend to become criminals are the people with defective brains or bodies, or people who just happen to inherit a more crude mind.

Raise your standards for people
If you follow my philosophy, then you can identify and avoid a lot of the potential criminals. Simply look at humans as if you were a quality-control inspector on an assembly line. Ask yourself, is this a high-quality human? Or does his mind or body appear to be defective? And does he appear to have modern, human qualities? Or does he appear to be more like an animal?

Everybody can be described as imperfect and defective, so you can't look for perfection. But you can watch out for people who are "below average".

Avoid people with problems. Avoid everybody who shows signs of drug problems, or abnormal cravings for money, fame, children, gambling, or anything else. Watch out for people with abnormal levels of jealousy or envy, or people with bizarre sexual tendencies, or people who are so antisocial that they can only form a relationship with a dog. Avoid grown men who depend upon women for either financial or emotional support. Also, watch out for people who inherited their money, or who don't seem to have any sensible way to explain how they are surviving financially.

Look at what a person is attracted to. As I described in other documents, life is like a smorgasbord, and each of us is attracted to certain people, philosophies, lifestyles, and activities. For example, some people are attracted to the violent, vengeful god of the Old Testament, and others are attracted to Scientology, and others have no interest in any organized religion. Some people are attracted to gambling casinos or strip clubs or alcohol. Some people are attracted to Michael Jackson or Borat or Madonna, and others are attracted to football or boxing or other sports, and others are attracted to money or fame or sex. We don't know enough about the human mind to explain why we are attracted to certain activities and philosophies, but if we start thinking about this issue, we might start noticing patterns. For example, perhaps criminals have a greater interest in "toilet humor" than the rest of us.

Smith's favorite humor was fart jokes, which is why he asked me to create this Bovine Gas Theory for him. It's too bad that I was embarrassed to put in the level of toilet humor that he wanted. I should have written it exactly as Smith requested so that the world could see what he wanted. Incidentally, Smith rarely watched television, but he would end a phone conversation with me in order to watch boxing. Does this mean something?
Why did I help Smith?
Since I criticize Smith as a criminal, and I warn you to watch out for criminals, you might wonder, why was I working with him?

We were on different continents, and I wasn't inviting Smith into my house. I wasn't trusting him with my life. I was simply helping him with his website in order to expose Zionism. And I would say that it was actually beneficial. At the time I started helping Smith, in January 2005, I was losing hope for America. Smith got me doing something to stop Zionism, such as making audio files and writing more documents. I would say that I benefited from helping him, and that we did a lot of damage to the Jewish crime network. I would say it was Smith and the Jews who suffered from our relationship, and the reason was that I never completely trusted him. He never outsmarted me, and he never manipulated me, at least not that I'm aware of.

 Look at who a person promotes or associates with!

Keep in mind that the Zionist movement gave themselves the image that they are an honest, wonderful group of Jews who are simply trying to help Jews return to their homeland. A lot of respectable people, both Jews and non-Jews, were fooled into helping them. Now that the Internet is allowing us to expose Zionism as a criminal, deceptive organization, those suckers are going to decrease in number. However, even in 2009 it is theoretically possible to encounter a respectable person who is still so naive that he is associating with Zionist criminals. This is one reason why it's very important to look at who a person associates with or promotes.

For example, Dennis Peyton, a professional engineer, appears to be a very pleasant and honest 9/11 truth seeker. In a phone conversation that I had with him a few months ago, he offered to let me stay at his house, even for extended periods of time, if I was ever near Fresno, California. He appears to be honest and respectable, but he arranges 9/11 events, during which he promotes only Zionist agents, such as the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Is he simply naive? Or is he part of the Zionist network? It doesn't matter! Anybody who associates with criminals should be avoided.

After somebody explained to Peyton that the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are Zionist agents, Peyton continued to promote them. So I don't think he's naive. The number of naive people is decreasing every day, so it's best to assume that everybody who promotes Zionism today is truly a Zionist agent.

Many of the 9/11 truth seekers have offered to let me stay at their homes. They appear to be my best friend, but Jews actually hate me. So, why do they want me at their house?

Somebody who was paying close attention to my interview with The Patriot Dames pointed out that a few days after Edward Abboud visited those women, he committed suicide!

I've met Carol Brouillet, and she also appears to be very honest and respectable, but she associates with Zionists and promotes their propaganda, such as the Deception Dollar. If you did not look at her friends, you might be fooled into trusting her.

Apply this concept to websites, also
To get an idea of the honesty of a website, take a look at which people and websites they promote. Don't be fooled into trusting a site simply because they have one or two links to my site or some other honest site. This is a common trick. Specifically, they promote a few honest sites in order to appear fair and unbiased. You have to judge them according to their primary emphasis.
Avoid "low-quality" people; don't feel sorry for the "Underdog"
Avoid people that you would toss into the recycling bin if you were a quality control inspector on the assembly line that was producing humans. Following this philosophy will not guarantee that you will avoid criminals because there are a lot of criminals who appear to be respectable people. However, I've met and talked with a lot of people in the so-called truth movement, and I would describe the majority of Zionist agents as the losers or freaks or "Underdogs" of society. This would make sense; after all, who else would join a crime network?

Michael Jackson should have avoided Dr. Murray

If Michael Jackson had followed my philosophy, he might still be alive today. For example, take a look at the doctor that he was allowing to live in his house. This doctor has had financial and other problems for decades. If you were to follow my philosophy, you would come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with this doctor.

When we fail to achieve our goals, we try to find a way to blame our failures on somebody else, or on some mysterious force, but our failures are our own fault.

Michael Jackson's doctor had set a goal for himself to become a wealthy and famous doctor, and there's nothing wrong with him setting that goal. However, it should have become clear to him after a few failures that he didn't have the talent. He should have changed his goal.

In other words, he should have taken a realistic look at his talents and abilities and accepted what he was. But he didn't want to look critically at himself and change his goal. He wanted to become a wealthy and famous doctor. So he continued to pursue his goal, even though he was failing over and over.

People who cannot accept what they are are dangerous to themselves and society. For example, since they can't legally acquire the level of money that they want, they may cheat. Avoid people who are not happy with what they are. Don't surround yourself with "low-quality" people. And you should especially not let these people live with you in your house, as Michael Jackson did with his doctor.

The Bollyns should have avoided Linda Shelton

If Christopher Bollyn had followed my philosophy, he might be free today. He trusted people such as Linda Shelton. She was some type of doctor for children. If I remember correctly, the Bollyns would take their children to her.

As with the doctor for Michael Jackson, Shelton had serious troubles for many years, and she has been in jail a few times. She claims to be a victim of the corrupt Chicago police, and this is possible because the Chicago police and government truly are corrupt. However, when I took a brief look at her troubles, my impression was that her problems were her own fault. I mentioned this to Christopher Bollyn, and many months before the Bollyn family disappeared, he gave me her phone number and told me to call her so that I could see for myself that she truly is a wonderful person.

So I called her, and during the first few minutes of the conversation she appeared to be a friendly, adorable woman. But when I brought up such issues as the Apollo moon landing and the Jewish involvement in the Holocaust, we started arguing. It quickly became obvious that she was trying to protect Israel and Zionism. After arguing for a while, I told her that I'm going to remember her name, and I hung up on her.

If the Bollyns had followed my philosophy, they would have avoided that woman. Unfortunately, the day before the Bollyns disappeared, Christopher called me on the telephone. He didn't want to provide any details on what he was about to do, but he said he needed some money, and it was easy to guess that he was going to hide from the Chicago police, either by hiding somewhere in Chicago, or by leaving Chicago, or by leaving America. And he mentioned that Linda Shelton would be helping with whatever he was doing. I was shocked to hear that he would trust that woman, and I exclaimed something like, "Linda Shelton?! She promotes the Holocaust!" But he didn't want me criticizing his friend.

Jimmy Walter was too trusting, also
Jimmy Walter inherited millions of dollars from his father, and is a very generous man who had a tendency to forgive people over and over and over. This allowed lots of criminal Jews to take advantage of him. He was constantly pursued by Jews who wanted to "help" him.

When Walter saw my book about 9/11, he wanted to promote it, and he foolishly allowed lots of Jews to help him. When he decided to arrange for 9/11 events in Europe, he foolishly allowed the Jews to help him with that tour. The end result is that Jimmy wasted a lot of his money promoting Jewish propaganda.

Stan Tipton, who was organizing his 9/11 tour in Europe, was actually sabotaging the trip (I mentioned Tipton here). Walter didn't think it was strange that Tipton would fly from his home in Florida to Las Vegas nearly every weekend. And he didn't think it was strange that Tipton was friends with Penn and Teller. However, if you follow my advice, you would wonder why a person would spend such an enormous amount of time and money traveling back and forth to Las Vegas.

Furthermore, Jimmy Walter was upset with the way Penn and Teller treated both him and me, but he didn't think it was strange (or didn't notice?) that Stan Tipton defended Penn and Teller as honest people! Did you know that Penn and Teller produced a movie The Aristocrats? I have some information about it here, and you should take a look. You might also want to see this photo of them from their television program in which they made fun of me and Jimmy Walter.

My advice is to be suspicious of anybody who promotes Penn and Teller. Richard Dawkins, the so-called "scientist", seems to approve of Penn and Teller, as I mentioned here.

Walter didn't like it when I told him that the Jews were lying about the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing. I bought him copy of Professor Finkelstein's book, The Holocaust Industry, and I gave it to him in person so that I knew for sure that he got the book, but I don't know if he looked at it. The book doesn't explain much about the Holocaust, but I thought it would be a good way to introduce him to the concept that Jews were lying about the Holocaust. However, Jimmy Walter didn't listen to me.

Where is Jimmy Walter today? Early in 2005 he moved from America to Austria, and one or two years ago he sent an email notice that he was going into some type of seclusion, and ever since then he has rarely been seen, but he sends propaganda messages to people on his e-mail list.

I think Walter is a "voluntary" kidnap victim. Walter suffers from Tourette's syndrome and pain in his leg. He had problems with cocaine when he was younger, and he still has problems resisting alcohol. I think the Jews are taking advantage of his problems by keeping him on drugs and alcohol. I think they are living on his money, and they are using him to send propaganda e-mail. Perhaps this is what they did with Howard Hughes, also.

Who's next to die?

Most people do nothing about crime, thereby allowing it to thrive. Did David Carradine die a "natural" death? Did he really tie himself up (as seen in the photo) or pay a prostitute to tie him up, and then die accidentally while trying to perform some strange sexual act? Sure, it is possible! Do you remember that a Canadian math professor almost died accidentally in February 2008 at an S&M business in New York City?

People die every day from old age, disease, and accidents, but since a Jewish crime network is operating in the world, we ought to wonder how many of the deaths are actually murders. And it makes me wonder, who will the Jews kill next? Probably not a Jew!

Some people have vanished from the so-called truth movement, such as Christopher Bollyn, Carol Valentine, and Ahmed Rami, as I mentioned in other documents, such as this. Since this crime network is still operating, they will probably kill and kidnap more people. Who will be their next victim? Probably not a Jew!

Jews are rarely the victim!

The lack of Jewish victims is another sign that this crime network is dominated by Jews. How many Jews died in 9/11? There was supposedly one Jew on the airplane that crashed into the World Trade Center, but considering that those airplanes now appear to be drones, that particular Jew may have simply pretended to have died so that he could move to Israel and start a new life.
Recently an 88-year-old white supremacist took a rifle to a Holocaust Museum because he hates Jews, but he killed one black man instead of Jews.

And consider the anti-Semitic attacks by Neo-Nazis who spray swastikas on gravestones or synagogues. The lack of Jewish victims in these anti-Semitic attacks is evidence that Jews are committing these attacks and then blaming other people.

Don't be afraid of this crime network! 

Even though the Jews are routinely getting away with their crimes, don't be frightened. Their network is in very serious trouble today. The Internet has removed the secrecy that has protected them. This is not the time to be afraid. This is the time to attack.

The killing of Michael Jackson was very sloppy, and the propaganda that is coming out to shift the blame away from Jews is idiotic. Who is going to believe the CIA used an electromagnetic pulse weapon to kill Michael Jackson? And how many people are going to trust Uri Geller? Is this the best the Jews can do?

And did you see Part 1 or Part 2 of the videos from Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami that I posted in the news section of my website? They're trying to shift the blame to the Rockefellers and a few other people, but who is dumb enough to fall for their idiotic propaganda? Is this the best the Jews can do?

The Jews may be preparing for their arrests!

I wonder if some of the smarter Jews realize that they have lost the battle, and that Jews are going to get blamed for 9/11, the HoloHoax, and other crimes. I think the smarter Jews realize that they cannot get out of this mess simply by killing a few people or making more Holocaust movies. I think they realize that eventually the police and military are going to start arresting Jews. I think some of the smarter Jews are preparing for those arrests by getting rid of the people that they suspect will expose their secrets.

Consider what would happen if the military were to start arresting some of the criminal Jews today. The blackmailed puppets would certainly be overjoyed to expose everything they know about the crime network. And they would have some very important information, such as the names of people in the network, and details about some of their crimes and techniques.

In order for the Jews to minimize damage to themselves, they have to get rid of the people who might release information about the network, such as those who are bribed, blackmailed, or obeying the Jews because of fear. Furthermore, there are probably a lot of Jews who assist with Zionism but don't have any desire to die for it. Those Jews are likely to talk, also.

Imagine an extreme situation in which the Jews kill everybody who is likely to talk about their network. The Jews don't have to kill everybody today; they only have kill the people before the military or police get them. If they could get rid of everybody who is likely to talk, then when the military arrests Michael Chertoff, Larry Silverstein, and others, nobody will say anything. Chertoff and the others will die for the cause and keep their secrets with them, and this will allow a lot of Jews to get away.

The people in Hollywood must have a lot of information about the members of the Jewish crime network, their crimes, and their techniques. There are probably a lot of people in Hollywood that the high-level Jews want to get rid of before the arrests start.

Are you a Zionist puppet? If so, rebel now!

Those of you who are obeying the Jewish crime network because of blackmail, bribery, or fear should consider rebelling. If I am correct that the Jewish crime network is going to start killing people like you, then you ought to consider doing something before they get you. Don't be a sucker. Don't die for their cause.

We are allowing criminal Jews to get control of our media

People who are ignoring the crimes that occur in the media are allowing a disgusting network of criminal Jews to get control of our television, school books, and other sources of information. Have you seen some of the movies, television shows, and music videos that children are being exposed to? Here are just a few examples:
The Path To Darkness

This is still in production but the trailer is available here.

This is another attempt to create hatred of Muslims. The reason people believe in the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and Muslim terrorists is because of these criminal Jews!

Taken (2008)

Here is a trailer of the movie in which people are kidnapped for sex slaves, and they are tied to a bed and given heroin so that they become addicted to the drug.

Hostel (2005) and
Hostel: Part II (2007)

These are more movies in which people are captured for torture by leaders of society.

Here are the "best" scenes from the movie Hostel Part 2. It makes you wonder, what are the worst scenes?

Society (1989) 

Here is part 9 of the movie, in which two boys have been kidnapped. One is sexually abused and eaten by high-level officials of society.

The movie makes the officials appear to be aliens, not humans, but this type of party may actually be occurring among our leaders. In other words, a party in which children are raped, and perhaps sometimes eaten.

Was Michael Jackson anti-Semitic?
Another remark from Abe Foxman of the ADL: 
“Michael Jackson has an anti-Semitic streak, and hasn’t learned from his past mistakes. It seems every time he has a problem in his life, he blames it on Jews.”
For years Jackson has been accused of anti-Semitism, but his attitude was a response to the disgusting behavior of Jews. Don't let the criminal Jews fool you. There is no such thing as "anti-Semitism". Nobody is born with a hatred of Jews. And nobody picks up "infections" of anti-Semitism. The Jews are responsible for their reputation, and their reputation is deteriorating today because the Internet is allowing us to look through history and see what the Jews have been doing do us. My status report almost one year ago, in July 2008, still applies today.

Don't pity the Jews! 

The Jews claim to have been suffering abuse for 6000 years, but can you name any Jew that has actually suffered from "anti-Semitism" or "terrorism"? All throughout history we can see nations treating Jews with decency and respect, including Germany. It is the Jews who abuse us, not us who abuse them.

The Jews complain that people have been evicting them from their nations for centuries, but that was not because of anti-Semitism. Rather, it was a sensible and understandable response to the disgusting behavior of the Jews.

Actually, to be more precise, it is not sensible to evict Jews! It's disgusting, irresponsible, and selfish for a nation to throw its trash into their neighbor's yard. England did something similar with their Goy criminals; specifically, they shipped some of their criminals to Australia and the American colonies. France also dumped their criminals on other people.

We must start dealing with our problems rather than pushing them onto our neighbors!

“We've suffered
for 6000 years.

PS. I wuv you!”

If Jackson had put me in his will, or asked to be buried in my backyard, he would still be alive because the Jews would be terrified to see me get money or publicity. Something to think about when you make your will.  "Though I walk through the valley of Hollywood deaths, I fear no evil Jews, for I request that when I die, all my money go to Eric Hufschmid, and that I be buried in his backyard." Psalm 23:4