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David Cole,
a Jewish Holocaust Investigator
David Cole visited Auschwitz in 1992 to investigate the accuracy of the Holocaust. He paid extra for a personal tour, and he wore his yarmulke to make sure everybody knew he was Jewish.

He came to the conclusion that the gas chambers could be described as "life chambers" rather than "death chambers" because they were designed to kill lice, not people.
Update: David Cole appeared on Phil Donahue's show in 1994. Try to learn from the tricks that Donahue and the others use in case you get into a discussion and somebody uses these tricks on you. Notice that they avoid discussing the evidence. Cole is only in Parts 1, 2, and 3.
Note: these videos disappear once in a while. Just search for "David Cole Donahue" like this if they vanish again.
Part 1  New links!
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Important: Don't trust the white supremacists, patriots, or Holocaust revisionists. Most are actually Zionist Jews or their puppets. The people posting the videos of David Cole are also Zionist Jews. They use David Cole as bait in order to lure you over to their site. I explain this in several documents, such as this and this.

The JDL reportedly threatened to kill David Cole. Read the ADL version here, and a copy of the alleged threat here.

David Cole made a video of his trip to Auschwitz. His video is deleted once in a while (it is currently on YouTube here), but VHO has a copy:

Warning: I think VHO is another group of Zionist Jews who are masquerading as Holocaust revisionists and patriots.
Cole's video doesn't have much to see; it is mainly audio. So the audio by itself is here (the low quality sections were removed):
Click your right mouse button and select Download for these audio files
David Cole's Auschwitz analysis, Part 1  4.4 mb
David Cole's Auschwitz analysis, Part 2  4.9 mb

The Holocaust is a significant part of human history, and it is still affecting our lives. We have a right to learn about it. Don't be intimidated! If Jews can investigate the Holocaust, so can Goyim!

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