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The Patriot Dames interview
Eric Hufschmid, 23 April 2009
Their first attempt to interview me got them in trouble.
They switched to blogTalkRadio, but after arranging an interview with me, they were told to leave!
So they moved to talkshoe, and posted the interview here

Note: after the technical problem at about 18 minutes, my audio level becomes very low (on purpose?), and the quality of my audio was lousy anyway, so the files below are easier to listen to.

 I updated part 1. The five minutes that were missing from part 2 are now at the end of part 1. Also, I boosted my audio level in that five minute section so that you can hear me better.
Patriot-Dames-Hufschmid-23Apr2009_1.mp3  5.6 mb,  23 mins

Parts 2 and 3 are my recordings, so the quality is much better. However, I didn't start recording until about five minutes after the technical problem, which is why part 2 starts in the middle of a sentence. The missing five minutes are at the end of part 1. 
Patriot-Dames-Hufschmid-23Ap2009_2.mp3  6.8 mb,  28 mins
Patriot-Dames-Hufschmid-23Apr2009_3.mp3  11.2 mb,  47 mins

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Three of the articles I mentioned in the interview are:
The Knights Templar

I suspect that this is when the Jews started their banking empire. Note that breaking up their crime network did nothing to stop them. Can we learn from previous mistakes?

The strange death of Jim Morrison

His father was a high-ranking naval officer who didn't approval of the attack on the USS Liberty.

Violet Jones is a Jew

One of her Russian Jewish relatives boasted about the Jews overthrowing the Russian government.

As with the article about Jim Morrison, this information was sent to me by an ordinary citizen who used the Internet to research issues.

The Jews are no longer in control of our information. Computers and the Internet have made it possible for us to do our own research and spread information everywhere, so take advantage of this technology! 

For example, here is my summary of the creation of Israel: 


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