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“I was ready for a casket”
2 April 2009
Updated 28 July 2009 here
Updated 26 March 2010 here
Daryl Smith's recent, inadvertent exposure of one of his own lies gave me a better understanding of two important concepts:
1) You should not ignore a crime, even if it doesn't seem to have any effect on your life.

2) The criminal Jews will continue promoting lies even after the lie has been exposed because they have no other option!

1) We are fools to ignore crime
Our natural tendency is to ignore problems that don't affect us. For example, most of us have no contact with orphans, so we tend to ignore the accusations that orphans are routinely raped.

However, in this modern world, our lives are indirectly affected by people all around the world. For example, there is evidence that some of the men who rape orphans are in positions of importance in our government, police departments, and schools. This allows crime gangs to control those leaders through blackmail, which in turn gives the crime gang some influence over our lives.

The inability to understand that criminals around the world are affecting us indirectly is one reason we suffer such incredible corruption and incompetence. We are fools to ignore crime.

For another example, it seems to me that the levees in New Orleans were demolished with explosives after hurricane Katrina passed over. If my suspicions are correct, then by ignoring that crime, we have allowed criminals to purchase some of that flooded land at low cost, and we have allowed those criminals to create problems in the cities that had to deal with the thousands of people who became homeless.

We must start raising standards for people in leadership positions, and we must stop ignoring crimes.

2) The criminal Jews will continue to lie even after their lies are exposed
First I will explain what Smith's lie was, and how he exposed it, and then I'll discuss how Smith's recent blunder has helped me understand this issue better.
Yes, indeed, Smith made a big mistake!

After years of accusing me of lying about his health problems, he admitted in a recent radio interview that he was near death during the time that I was working with him.

(Transcript and audio farther down)

Note: It doesn't matter if you know who Smith is. I use him as an example because I got to know him better than the other "wolves in sheep's clothing".
Smith is typical of the whistleblowers, truth seekers, former CIA agents, investigators, peace activists, white supremacists, and patriots. Just about everybody who claims to expose crime and tell us the truth is actually a liar who is trying to cover up the crimes that they claim to be exposing.

Furthermore, these people work with each other and promote one another even after they've been exposed as liars. This is evidence that these people are members of a gigantic, international crime network.

For example, even though I've shown a lot of evidence that Smith is a liar, Mike Piper of the American Free Press continues to promote Smith, and so does Andy Hitchcock, Noel Ryan, Mohammed Rafeeq, and many others. Don't assume that these people truly believe that Smith is an honest investigator of Zionist crimes. The most sensible explanation is that all of them are working for the criminal Jews.

Background information on Smith's health:
If you listened to my audio file for October 30, 2007 you heard me play an excerpt of Smith's show from October 28, 2007 in which he insisted that his health was fine, and he complained that I was spreading lies that he might be dying soon. Here is a brief excerpt to refresh your memory:
“And I told you earlier when this particular individual was spreading rumors that I was dying in a few months, and he said that I he would be dead in a month or two, so you can deal with me about these things, is what Eric actually told somebody.

And when I was told this by the person he said it to, I flipped out and said I wanted him off my website. Now this was back about eight months ago, no, more than that. It was like January -- February -- of last year. But... and he just completely made a lie out of it.”
Smith-Rafeeq-health-28Oct2007.mp3  70 k bytes


Smith has since exposed himself as a liar!

On March 17, 2009 Smith interviewed two medical doctors, and he told them that he felt as if he was near death a couple years ago, which was the time period that I was working with him:
“You know, I fell ill some years ago with a very serious illness, and it was probably caused by inoculation at some point.

And they put me on a drug called Interferon along with Ribavirin. And let me tell you ladies, you're both doctors, you know what those substance... what that substance is. 

It very nearly killed me. And by the end of a six-month course of this stuff, I was ready for a casket. And it took me a couple of years to recover from it. And it was only.. it's only been in the last year and a half or two years that I've actually felt healthy again.”
smith-ready-for-casket-17Mar2009.mp3  70 kb

Update: 28 July 2009

On July 27, 2009 Smith once again exposed himself as a liar! On his Internet radio show with Noel Ryan, he once again admitted that he was near death a few years earlier:
“There are natural ways of keeping yourself healthy. I remember when I was following an Allopathic cure for not being well, and I was quite sick, taking what amounts to a chemotherapy drug for... for... um, for illness. And I very nearly died from the treatment. And, since I stopped doing that and worked toward a more healthful approach, and good food, no pesticides, now, of course, vitamin D and several other things, including chloroea and other things. I'm feeling much better than I've ever felt. I mean, you know, my health was slipping to zero just a few years ago,.....”
Smith-near-death-27July2009.mp3  75 kb
Notice that he says "for... for... um, for illness" rather than mention what the illness was.


Update: 26 March 2010

Smith began his audio file for 25 March 2010 with some amazing remarks about his health. The most shocking was:
“...I'm not on the verge of croaking anymore....”

Smith-on-verge-of-croaking-25Mar2010.mp3   115 kb
Note: I cleaned the audio up a bit, but it was very low quality to begin with.

So, Smith once again admits that he was near death!
How obvious do the lies have to be?
Ever since I stopped working with Smith, in September 2007, Smith has been insisting that I have been lying about his health. I responded by posting excerpts from several of his radio shows (at this page) in which he admitted that his health was bad. Yet, despite my posting of evidence that he was lying, he continued to promote the same lie over and over.

His remark on March 17, 2009 that he was ready for a casket, and his remark one year later that he is no longer on the verge of croaking, should make it rather obvious that Smith has been lying, not me. I have to wonder, will Smith continue to insist that I am lying about his bad health?

Incidentally, what serious illness did he have? What "inoculation" did he have that could "probably" be the cause?

Smith told me that he had hepatitis. One of his arrest records was posted on the Internet, and it mentions drugs and hypodermic needles, so perhaps his "serious illness" came from contaminated needles.

During the time that I was working with Smith, from January 2005 to September 2007, Smith would occasionally tell me that he felt as if he would be dying soon. He told me that his liver was swollen and hard because of the hepatitis. He said his skin was grayish in color, and that he couldn't sleep for more than a few hours at a time, so he was always a bit tired. He said his liver had deteriorated so much that a small amount of alcohol would cause him to remain intoxicated for a day or more.

There was one time when he called me in a very panicky state because he thought he was dying because his heart wasn't beating correctly.

There was also a time when his knee became so swollen and painful that he had to go to the hospital. His wife called me and told me that I should call him, so I called the hospital in France and talked with him.

Smith and many of the other truth seekers are frequently caught lying, but many people continue to trust them anyway. Politicians are also frequently caught lying, but people continue to vote for them anyway. How extreme and obvious do a person's lies have to be before people regard the liars as destructive criminals who must be dealt with?

They promote lies that are easily exposed

I have been astounded by some of the lies that come from the people in the "truth movement".
For another example, Alex Jones announced on his radio show that the Arabs control most of Hollywood and the world's stock markets:
There are a lot of wealthy Arabs, but there's no evidence that they have control over our nations. So why would Jones promote such absurd lies? Doesn't he worry about his reputation?
The news reporters on television also promote blatant lies about 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing. Magazines and newspapers also routinely publish blatant lies about world events.

It's easy for us to expose their lies, and a lot of people around the world have posted evidence on the Internet that the media is lying to us. However, the media continues to promote the same lies over and over regardless of how much evidence we have that they are lying. They are behaving as if we are in a completely separate and isolated universe, and that we have no effect in their world.

I used to be astounded that these people could promote such blatant lies, and I was confused as to how they could promote a lie that we have thoroughly exposed.

The criminal Jews must lie

I now have a better understanding of why these people will promote a lie even after it's been exposed: they have no other option. They're trying to get control of our nations, but they don't have anything intelligent to say, so they can't get into positions of leadership by impressing us with intelligent proposals. So how are they going to get control of us?

Their technique is to lie, cheat, deceive, intimidate, murder, threaten, and steal. They can't stop lying, cheating, or murdering and switch to a more respectable technique because there is no other method for a group of freaks to get control of us.

They are not God's chosen people, and they are not the superior race. Rather, they are a network of criminals, freaks, and parasites. They maintain tremendous secrecy about themselves because if we were to know how they live and treat people, we would be disgusted.

When we expose one of their lies, they have no choice but to continue promoting it and hope that only a few of us are aware of their lies. They have to hope that most people are so naive, gullible, stupid, and/or trusting that it won't matter that some of us realize that we are being abused.

So far their technique has worked very well. For example, many of us realize that we are being lied to by magazines and newspapers, and some of us have the ability to understand that we should try to avoid purchasing and advertising in these criminal publications, but these publications are continuing to sell enormous numbers of copies and get lots of advertising because the majority of people either don't fully understand what is going on, or they don't care.

We need people who want to improve life

Most people react to crime and corruption by complaining about it, by ignoring it, or by praying to Jesus or some god to deal with it. Only a minority of us react to problems by wondering how we can improve our situation.

The problems of the world are easy to deal with. As I described in other documents and audio files, every problem that we suffer from, aside from earthquakes and other natural events, are due to badly behaved people. Our problems are not due to ignorance, poverty, or a lack of technology. Our problems are coming from the people who cannot behave in respectable manner, and who will not contribute to society.

Therefore, we can improve our world simply by getting a better group of people in control of it and standing up to the badly behaved people and crime networks.

As soon as we get rid of the crime networks and put better people in leadership positions, we can start discussing possible improvements to the economy, our cities, our school system, etc. We are not helpless. We can improve the world.

All we need to do is find enough respectable people with the ability to look at and discuss the 9/11 attack, the Apollo moon landing, Israel, Zionism, the Holocaust, and the world wars. And we need people who are interested in experimenting with possible solutions rather than just talking about them.

So, please help us locate the few respectable humans who are scattered among the hordes of selfish, talking animals. And help to educate them about the tricks the criminals are using so that they don't follow the criminals or believe their propaganda.