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24 Aug 2007

Gary Webb committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice!
Muhammad Rafeeq explains that the Zionists started their attack on Gary Webb by making it difficult for him to make a living, but when he continued to investigate the illegal drug operations despite losing his job, they decided to kill him.

Harvard biochemist Don Wiley was found dead mysteriously in November 2001. He is only one of many scientists in America, Russia, England, and Australia who died mysteriously. Mike Ruppert, who defends the official story of Gary Webb's suicide, is one of many Zionist agents who talk (boast?) about these dead scientists:

Jeff Rense, Mike Rivero, and many other "truth seekers" also "expose" these strange deaths. For example:

Will the Bollyn family end up like Gary Webb, Don Wiley, and hundreds of other victims?

How many journalists, government officials, policemen, military leaders, and scientists have been killed by this Zionist crime network? How many more of their murders, wars, terrorist attacks, and airplane accidents are we going to tolerate?

Did you know that Jay Bollyn, Christopher's brother, was recently arrested also? And that he just decided to start a blog at the deceptive, Zionist site wakeupfromyourslumber?

Jay Bollyn will not answer our phone calls to him, but he will post at that nutty web site!

The Zionist crime network is failing now! We have the opportunity to expose and remove it. Don't be afraid; instead, put more effort into bringing the issue up with other people.

Muhammad Rafeeq and Hufschmid, 24 July 2007   9.2 mb
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Zionism not a lovable group of sweet, adorable Christians and Jews who want to create a homeland for Jews. Rather, it is a criminal organization that is full of lunatics, and they have been committing crimes on a scale never seen in the history of the human race.

It doesn't do us any good to replace Bush or Blair; our only sensible option is to remove this crime network from every nation on this planet.

 Have you listened to Kay Griggs yet?
She explains one of the mysteries of America and Europe; namely, why don't our military leaders stop this Zionist crime network? Watch the Desperate Wives videos: 
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Bollyn and Zionist tricks
The Zionist crime network has depended upon secrecy, but the Internet allows us to expose them. Please learn about their tricks so that you don't become one of their suckers.
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Benjamin Fulford shows the desperation
His interviews with Jeff Rense show how the Zionists are desperately trying to fool us into blaming a few people for their crimes. It is important that you understand this trick.
Updated with a link to Fulford's July 23 interview.
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Who would defend Gary Webb's suicide?
Lisa Pease, Jenna Orkin, Mike Ruppert, and most other "Truth Seekers" are identifying themselves as criminals by their attempt to deceive us. A criminal cannot cover up his crime without releasing information about himself. Take advantage of this by warning people about these disinformation pests, and tell the police to do their job and investigate them.
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