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Daryl Bradford Smith
interviews James Ennes

James Ennes, the Officer of the Deck on the USS Liberty, talks about the attack on his ship by the Israeli military in 1967.

A short but important excerpt of Smith's interview with James Ennes is on youtube:

That excerpt shows one of the issues Alex Jones, Mark Glenn, and other "truth seekers" are trying to avoid.

Everybody in the crew of the USS Liberty was visited in the hospital by a Naval officer and threatened to keep quiet or go to jail for the rest of their lives!

Our top military leaders are Zionist puppets. How much longer will we allow the US military to be Israeli attack dogs?

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James Ennes, November 1, 2006  4.8 mb

James Ennes, August 2, 2006  4.8 mb

James Ennes, May 5, 2006  4.1 mb

Hour_1, from Jan 5, 2006  4.4 mb

Hour_2, from Jan 5, 2006  4.4 mb

Don't forget to listen to Wayne Kyle's interview, who was on an aircraft carrier near the area. They sent aircraft to help the USS Liberty, but the aircraft were called back before they could do anything:

Warning: I no longer trust Daryl Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was helping him, we produced a lot of valuable information


Some of the issues mentioned:
John McCain's father helped cover up the attack with the assistance of Admiral Kidd.


Israel has been caught many times conducting attacks that they try to blame on Arabs, such as the Lavon affair, and the 9/11 attack! Here is a summary of why people around the world are accusing them of 9-11:

If you or your friends remain confused about the possibility Zionist involvement, maybe a nuclear attack by terrorists would help you or your friends understand it:

For more information:

Jame Ennes has a web site and book about this attack:

The BBC made a video from 2004 called "Dead In The Water  - The Sinking of the USS Liberty".
information about the video:

Or Google video: (new link)

Ben Freedman's speech helps people realize that there is nothing anti-Semitic to complain about crimes by Israel. This speech is ignored or minimized by Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley,, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and most other truth seekers. Help us get this information out to people. Please send your friends a link to it. The link is: