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Interview with Christopher Bollyn

29 May 2007

The Chicago courts are still going on with their absurd trial of Christopher Bollyn. Have you looked at it yet?

However, we can take advantage of this by noticing that almost none of the "truth seekers" and "whistleblowers" are coming to his defense. Alex "bullhorn" Jones  rants almost daily about a "police state", but he is doing nothing to help stop this absurd and illegal police action. And where is Kevin Ryan,, and Kurt Nimmo?

Instead of helping Bollyn, they are increasing their propaganda. For example, Mark Glenn is writing deceptive articles for the American Free Press, such as this, in which he blames President Johnson for the attack on the USS Liberty.

When the time comes to act, you discover who your friends are, and everyone should finally take us seriously when we say that virtually everybody in this 9/11 movement, anti-war movement, Nazi movement, and "Liberal" groups are Zionist agents. The Zionist movement is very large, and they have a lot of money, so don't underestimate them.

The people who continue to support Mark Glenn, Mike Piper, the American Free Press, Mark Lane, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and the other liars should be considered as part of the Zionist criminal network, rather than simply naive. Jim Condit Jr. says that he supports them because years ago they helped to promote him, but that is not a valid reason to support a criminal network.

Either help us fight Zionism, or be considered one of our enemies.

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Cindy Sheehan has finally realized that she has been wasting her time trying to stop the war. The peace groups, the anti-war groups, and the Liberals are not interested in stopping the war.

Most people still don't understand that these groups are controlled by Zionists, and that they have no intention of stopping the war.

Sheehan even posted her farewell message at DailyKos, apparently oblivious to the fact that DailyKos is also a Zionist group. Or is Sheehan also a Zionist? It's impossible to figure out if she's really as stupid as she appears, or if she is working with the Zionists.

She wanted to stop the war, but she didn't want to take away the reason for the war; namely, 9/11. The best way to stop the war is to show people that the Arabs did not attack us on 9/11!

If you know of people in the military, please let them realize that they are being used as a Zionist attack dogs. And tell the liberals that they are also being used. Tell them to stop being suckers.

Rosenthal is correct when he says "We virtually get away with murder, and all the goy do is to talk about it":

being suckers!

This image comes

Chris Petherick and the American Free Press are a Zionist agents. This is the only way we can explain why they decided to fire Christopher Bollyn while he was coming up with some of the most important evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11.

If you trust the American Free Press, here is a scanned image of article in September 2002 in which they wrote an article to support the official story that fire and airplanes brought down the World Trade Center buildings:

This might not seem strange until you turn the page over and find an article by Christopher Bollyn in which he described some of the evidence that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives. The bottom of the article is:

Months later, in 2003, the American Free Press promoted dowsing:

Later they promoted crop circles and

All of the people who promote the American Free Press and The Barnes Review should be considered part of the Zionist network. Be careful about giving them your name and address, and don't give them any money. Please consider our warnings about these groups:


It is important to let people know that the Zionist movement is operating in other countries exactly as it operates in America. For example, in Germany, one of the patriot organizations is the "National Zeitung".

Gerhard Frey is one of the Zionists pretending to be a German patriot. Bollyn says that this organization is another Zionist organization. It is the German equivalent to the American Free Press and The Barnes Review.

If you know people in Germany, warn them about this.
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