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Crypto Jews blow their cover!

They rush to defend the ADL,

and will take others down with them

19 August 2006
updated 31 Jan 2008

Note: You need to know about the Bollyn arrest for this article to make sense:

WingTV's audio file on 17 August 2006 shows that Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) and Lisa Guliani are Crypto Jews.

Hordes of Crypto Jews are trying to fool us into thinking they are honest 9/11 investigators. If the Gullible Goyim fall for this deception, the Goyim will ask the Crypto Jews to save them from the Zionists! A clever deception!

But is it clever enough?

Will they deceive enough of us?

Why did WingTV
join the 9/11 investigation?

When Victor Thorn appeared in the 9/11 movement, I and others looked into who he was.

My assumption was that he was frustrated that he was driving a cab instead of achieving his goal of becoming an author:

An article about his attempts to be a writer starts off:

Local author Victor Thorn is no stranger to rejection from the rough publishing world. Throughout his writing career, he has received tons of rejection letters from large publishing houses,...

Thorn published the book Rebellious Confessions, which is a collection of short stories from himself and other authors. It is described as:

...a book which deals with such taboo subjects as masturbation, misogyny, fetishes and fellatio.

Thorn's short story, "The Blow-up Doll", for instance, tells the story of a young boy's first wet dream. In another story that appears in the book, "Latex Dreams," by Stellar, a young woman graphically recounts her first abortion. "Skeletons," a short story by Jeremy Fleming, relates the tale of a young man turned on by the sound of coughing.

My assumption was that Thorn was worried that he would drive a cab the rest of his life, and that he saw 9/11 as an opportunity to become an author and start an Internet television show.

Since neither Thorn nor Guliani did any research of their own, they took other people's material and put it into their own words.

Initially I was glad to help them, however, their strange behavior eventually caused some of us to wonder about their morality. Daryl Smith decided that they are "opportunists". Later he decided they are Crypto Jews who are working with the criminal network.

WingTV shocked me when they insisted that Michael Zebuhr's murder was definitely a random act of violence. I don't understand how could anybody could look at that murder and not consider it worthy of an investigation:

During July and August of 2006 their behavior has become increasingly strange. Consider the following two excerpts of their show on 4 August 2006:

1) Victor explained his amazing revelation that describing 9/11 as an "inside job" is not giving the complete story; that 9/11 is really an outside job by Zionists!

2) Thorn discussed his amazing revelation again, and even pointed out the amazing possibility that George Bush may not have been a key player in the 9/11 attack:

As far as I know, I am the first person to complain that the phrase "inside job" is deception, and that we should refer to it as an "outside job" or, as an "inside job by Zionists".

And many people have pointed out that George Bush is merely a puppet, not the mastermind to the world's criminal network.

Thorn and Guliani seem to be reading my material, listening to Daryl Smith's interviews, reading articles by Christopher Bollyn, and so on, and then taking bits and pieces of our material and pretending that it is their own material.

However, now that WingTV has rushed to defend the police and the ADL, I am convinced that there is more going on here than a frustrated author trying to get out of driving a cab for a living.

Their behavior is proof that they are trying to protect the Zionists, not expose them.

I now think that WingTV is taking bits and pieces of our material to bring attention to themselves in order to take attention away from us.

Are they Zionists? Or Sell-Outs?

It is possible that Thorn is so desperate to become a famous author that he sold out to the Zionists, and perhaps Lisa Guliani also sold out for money.

It is also possible that both of them were Zionists for a long time.

Finally, it is possible that Thorn is a Jewish failure who joined the Zionists only because he wanted to become famous, but he doesn't really care about the Zionist movement! This would explain why he does such a lousy job of protecting the Zionists.

WingTV's defense of the ADL on 17 August 2006

I will begin by providing some excerpts of their rant, which should soon be posted with their other files:

A transcript is here:

Some names in this document:

Lieutenant Russo: he works for the the Hoffman Estates Police Department. 

Hoffman Estates: the city that Christopher Bollyn lives in. It is near Chicago.

Chris Petherick: the editor of the American Free Press, which is the newspaper that Bollyn works for. He lives and works in the Washington, DC area.

Arresting officers were not "ADL Thugs"

Thorn says he spoke with Lieutenant Russo and Chris Petherick, and they verified that the arresting officers were employees of the Hoffman Estates Police Department.

Thorn then rants about how incorrect we are to describe the police as ADL thugs, Mossad agents, Israelis, etc.

Did you know that some people in the UK describe Tony Blair as Bush's "lapdog":

I suppose if Thorn hears about this, he will make a few phone calls and then announce:

"I spoke with Lieutenant Russo and Chris Petherick, and they confirmed that Tony Blair is not a dog!"
I wonder what Thorn would say if I told him that George Bush is a "puppet".
Lieutenant Russo is ignorant?
Guliani said Lieutenant Russo did not know what "ADL" was. She expects us to believe that his ignorance is evidence that the ADL is not influencing the police department.

The Chicago police have always been known for their corruption, not their education, music ability, or intelligence, so it is possible that a lieutenant in their police force has no idea what "ADL" means.

Police departments in large cities have been complaining for years that there are so few people who want to be a policeman that they must lower their standards in order to fill positions. Small cities are also lowering standards, such as Bangor, Maine: news 2002/02/28

The Hoffman Estates police department will consider anybody who has not been convicted of a felony and who has the equivalent of a high school education:

Ignorant policemen are dangerous!
The stupidity and/or ignorance of the Chicago police cannot be held up as proof that the police are free of ADL influence. Actually, the ADL can more easily manipulate a department of ignorant, stupid men!

Therefore, if Lieutenant Russo is truly as ignorant as he claims, we should be concerned that the ADL is taking advantage of him and the other ignorant police!

Ignorant and stupid policemen are a danger to all of us; they are not something to boast about.

Police officers around the world should be educated about Zionism, the ADL, the JDL, and other groups of criminals.

Somebody scanned a business card of a Los Angeles detective, and the message on the back of the card helps explain who are police departments work for:

Send a link to that image to police departments and ask them if it true for their city.

The police were looking for a drug suspect?
Thorn and Guliani justify the police presence in Bollyn's neighborhood by pointing out that the police were looking for a drug suspect who had escaped from a hospital.

However, Guliani admits that the suspect was apprehended a few hours before Bollyn's arrest, so the police were not looking for anybody at the time! Besides, Bollyn says that suspect was 10 miles away from his home.

So why bring this irrelevant issue up? Obviously, Victor and Lisa couldn't think of anything more intelligent.

The American police are always looking for people. America has the highest crime rate of any advanced nation. Therefore, Guliani could justify every bizarre arrest as:

"Well, the police were looking for somebody earlier that day about 10 miles away."

We are pitiful for not checking facts?

Thorn said that Guliani did "fact checking" by calling police departments and the Chicago Tribune. Thorn complains how pitiful it is that none of us bothered to check the "facts".

What would you think of a person who called police departments and newspapers to get the "facts" about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, or the assassination of President Kennedy?

Hey! Maybe we can understand what happened to Princess Diana if we call the London police department and newspapers and ask for "the facts, mate! Give me the facts about Diana!"

Bollyn lied about injuries and drinking water?

Bollyn said he was "beaten up" by the policemen, and Guliani tries to discredit him by saying that he did not seek medical attention after being released from the jail, so therefore his injuries were trivial.

However, the expression "beaten up" is not a specific medical term. It is as vague as "abused". So how can Guliani argue about it?

When Bollyn was released from the jail, he had to walk 3 miles to get home, so obviously his injuries were mild.

Bollyn told me that he avoided the doctor for several reasons. One is that he assumed he only had minor bruises, and another is that he dreaded the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a doctor.

When his elbow did not heal, and when his employer offered to pay his medical bills, he went to a doctor and discovered he had a slight fracture in a bone. Bollyn scanned the doctor's report for all the people who think he made this up:
Bollyn Doctor's report

Since Guliani and Thorn consider these injuries to be insignificant, perhaps they will volunteer to let some of us give them similar injuries? Let's get some Tazers and handcuffs and meet Guliani and Thorn at their home!

Thorn and Guliani also point out that every cell in the jail had a sink with water, so therefore Bollyn was lying about having only a toilet as a source of drinking water.

However, Bollyn said his sink did not work. It was either broken, or the police had shut the water off. This is why Bollyn asked the policeman for water, but the policeman responded that he can drink out of the toilet.

Do you remember when Thorn complained how pitiful it was that nobody bothered to check the facts? Why isn't it pitiful that Thorn and Guliani never bothered to check the facts about the water issue?

There is more than one side of the story?

After a few minutes of listening to Thorn and Guliani, I came to the conclusion that they were defending the police.

Then I heard Thorn explain that they are not supporting the police or Bollyn.

Rather, they were pointing out that there is more than one side of the story, and that nobody was providing the other side. It then occurred to me that WingTV was simply being "fair and balanced"!

Laura and the Cassiopaeans?
Guliani mentioned that the "Signs of the Times" is also investigating the Bollyn arrest. She is referring to Laura Knight-Jadczyk of Cassiopaea:

I haven't seen anything come from that woman (or her husband!) that is worth reading.

In fact, both of them seem to be Deception Delivery Devices (DDD).
I suppose Lieutenant Russo never heard of DDD, either. What exactly do they teach at the Police Academy?

An article from a Florida newspaper about Laura is called "The Exorcist in love":

If WingTV works with Laura and her Cassiopaea friends, then we have more evidence that those Cassiopaeans are indeed Zionists. It certainly was nice of Guliani to alert me to her possible connection to the Cassiopaeans!

Did you know that Laura Knight-Jadczyk has some connection with Darren Williams, the man in England who created the Pentagon Flash movie:

Williams seems to be interested only in exposing the lies about Flight 77, not the demolition of the WTC or the Zionists. (Rival Zionist gangs? Or just more deception?)

The Washington Post gave Williams and his Flash movie some nice coverage:

That Pentagon Flash movie also got a tremendous publicity from many of the 9/11 "truth seekers".

However, those truth seekers and the Washington Post will not give such wonderful publicity to me, my 9/11 Flash movie, by book, my video, or Christopher Bollyn. Is it because our work is inferior to that of Darren Williams?

Am I jealous of Darren Williams and his Flash movie? Or is the widespread publicity of Williams and the Cassiopaeans still more evidence that they are Zionists?

Sam Danner pops up again!

To further convince us that Bollyn cannot be trusted, Thorn and Guliani mention Sam Danner! They imply that Sam Danner is a liar, and that nobody other than Russell Pickering and WingTV could figure this out.

Therefore, we should look to Russell Pickering and WingTV for the most intelligent analysis of Bollyn's arrest.

Pickering also says there is more than one side of the story!

On 17 August 2006 Russell Pickering sent an email message to everybody on a mailing list:
If you didn't have time to watch Wing TV's show, this is a summary. Time to jump on and read every conspiracy drama but not time to see both sides? Unfounded and uninvestigated conspiracy theories will be the destruction of 9/11 truth in the mainstream population. Quit being conspiracy theorists and become researchers and investigators. Has any of these "authors" besides Thorn and Guliani investigated this? NO. Have the readers swallowed it? YES. You are obligated to be thorough and honest before publishing data that will harm the 9/11 truth movement.


Pickering included a message from Lisa Guliani in that email:
OK, Russell, I will take your suggestion and think about this issue:
Are Russell Pickering, Victor Thorn, and Lisa Guliani doing damage control for the Zionists by trying to intimidate us into accepting Bollyn's arrest as a normal police response to a troublemaker?
Petherick admits arrest has nothing to do with 9/11?
Thorn insists that Bollyn's arrest has nothing to do with Bollyn's investigation into 9/11 and Israel's involvement.

Thorn also makes a curious remark that Chris Petherick admitted that the arrest had nothing to do with 9/11. How did Petherick become an expert on why Bollyn was arrested?

The next day Petherick sent an e-mail to many of us complain that WingTV took his remarks out of context. (I have more about this farther down in this document)

To further prove that Bollyn's arrest has nothing to do with 9/11 or Israel, Thorn claims that his book, 9/11 Evil, exposes the Israeli connection to 9/11, and that it is "the most dangerous book out there".

Thorn points out that there are no black helicopters over his house, and that he is not afraid. He implies that because he can freely expose Israel's connection to 9/11, Bollyn can expose it, also, so Bollyn's arrest couldn't have anything to do with 9/11 or Israel.

However, we should wonder if the reason Thorn can freely discuss Israel is because he is working with the Israelis, and because he only discusses information that has been on the Internet for years.

As I mentioned earlier, Thorn doesn't have any original material. Instead, he takes bits and pieces of material from me, Christopher Bollyn, and other people.

To rephrase that, Thorn only tells you what you would have already known if you were listening to those of us who are not working for the Zionists.

By comparison, Christopher Bollyn is doing actual research and exposing Israeli connections that none of us knew about.

The Zionists would be most interested in stopping the true researchers, not the plagiarists.


Why did the police arrest Bollyn?

Don't be fooled by Russell Pickering or WingTV. Those policemen did not arrest Bollyn because they were afraid that Bollyn would get a gun and shoot at them. Rather, somebody told the police to do this to Bollyn.

We now have an opportunity to identify some of the people who are influencing the police departments.

Furthermore, we can use this incident to educate police departments; to warn them to watch out for people who try to influence them.

We should send e-mail to police departments and tell them to read documents such as this, and tell them to learn about the ADL. Tell them we are fed up with ignorant policemen who are being fooled into attacking people who are trying to help America.

The police are supposed to stop crime, not be hit squads for Ashkenazi crime gangs.

What if this happens again?

If Bollyn had been arrested a few decades years ago, it would have taken months for thousands of us to learn about it. Because of the Internet, we can rapidly send e-mail to one another and post messages on web sites.

It is possible that they arrested Bollyn for two reasons:

1) To frighten Bollyn and others.
2) To see if the Goyim would react to it.
If there had been no reaction -- as there was almost no reaction to Michael Zebuhr's murder -- they may have decided that they can go after more of us.

Fortunately, we have telephones and the Internet, so we can easily communicate with one another. So let's use this technology to watch out for one another. Let's not let this Ashkenazi gang intimidate us, or pick us off one by one.

Why would Thorn and Guliani defend the ADL?

Thorn and Guliani insisted with amazing certainty that there was no ADL, Mossad, or Israeli involvement in the arrest of Christopher Bollyn. How could they know for certain that Israelis were not influencing the policemen?

Do you remember when Thorn and Guliani attacked me for suggesting that Michael Zebuhr's murder was suspicious? Thorn and Guliani insisted that the murder was just a random act of violence. How would they know the reason for Zebuhr's murder?

Thorn and Guliani said they talked to the police about Zebuhr's murder, but why should we believe the police? Why would WingTV promote the official story for Zebuhr's murder?

In the case of Bollyn's arrest, they also called the police and promoted the official police story!

What would you think if Thorn and Guliani asked the New York City police about the September 11 attack, and then posted an angry tirade:

"Hufschmid is a sloppy investigator! Guliani and I checked the facts over and over. We called the police and the New York Times, and they told us that the attack was conducted by 19 Arab terrorists, and that fires brought down the towers and Building 7. Hufschmid's research is pathetic!"

Virtually every policeman and journalist in America is afraid to speak, naive, or lying about the September 11 attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, the rapes at Boystown, and other crimes. Only a fool would believe the police and news reports about Bollyn's arrest.

The FBI is even worse. They regularly confiscate important information, threaten witnesses, and assist in Zionist crimes. The FBI is not working for America; they are a Federal Bureau of Israel.

Let's return to the Sam Danner controversy

Hopefully you are now suspicious of both WingTV and Russell Pickering.

Did you know that Russell Pickering had been in contact with Matthew Danner, Sam Danner's son? Pickering had been talking to Matthew on the telephone and communicating by e-mail. Do you see the significance of this?

If you're having trouble, change the name "Russell Pickering" to "Larry Silverstein", "Ariel Sharon", or "Benyamin Netanyahu".

If you have a son, what would you think if Benyamin Netanyahu was talking to him by telephone and e-mail?

Now consider that Sam Danner made his confession to WingTV at the request of Russell Pickering. Why doesn't Sam Danner confess to me or Bollyn?

If you are having trouble with this concept, change "WingTV" to "Satan". If Sam Danner were to give a confession to Satan, but nobody else, wouldn't you wonder if maybe he was under pressure by Satan?

I cannot guarantee that Sam Danner -- or anybody else -- is honest. However, I am certain that Matthew Danner is lying; that the voice messages from Sam Danner were edited; and that Russell Pickering is working with the criminal network. Therefore, if Sam Danner is lying also, that means we have a very complex plot.

If Sam Danner is lying, perhaps this plot started as a simple psy-op to make us look bad, but it failed and is now spiraling out of control.

If Sam Danner was told to pretend to be a witness in order to discredit people such as myself or Bollyn, he has failed because he has not discredited any of us.

Instead, Danner has brought a lot of attention to Flight 77, and that caused a lot of people to looked closely at it. Some of those people realized that the government is lying.

Danner has actually helped us to expose the lies of Flight 77, and he has helped to discredit and expose Russell Pickering, Mark Bilk, and WingTV. 

So, if the criminal network told Sam Danner to lie about being a witness, I would like to thank them for doing such a stupid stunt.

Actually, I would like to ask them to do this again, but with some other issue. How about doing it with Flight 93? How about bringing a witness forward who saw Flight 93 land at Cleveland airport and be taken to the NASA building?

Or how about bringing a witness forward who saw NASA fake the Apollo moon landing? Try to discredit me with that one!

Who was responsible for Bollyn's arrest?

Sam Danner said that while he was driving home from work on Tuesday 18 July 2006, two men in a government SUV knocked into his car, pushing him off the road.

Bollyn was arrested about a month later, on Tuesday, 15 August 2006.

Is there a connection between these two events? One of the interesting similarities between these events is that Russell Pickering defends the police in both cases.

I can't guarantee that Sam Danner is telling the truth, but if Sam Danner is telling the truth, the people who pushed Sam Danner off the road would have watched to see what the reaction was.

The weeks went by, but there was no reaction. Nobody complained. Nobody came to Danner's defense. Instead, people such as Russell Pickering attacked him as a liar. Eventually Danner gave up and confessed to Pickering and WingTV that he was a liar. The Ashkenazi gang suceeded once again into silencing a witness.

Now consider the possibility that the college student, Michael Zebuhr, was also killed by this same Ashkenazi gang. The gang watched for a reaction, but there was no reaction, other than this web page:

Nobody complained to the police department, and eventually the issue was forgotten.

If the Ashkenazi, Zionist crime network killed Zebuhr, and if they pushed Danner off the road, they would have become confident that they can get away with these crimes. They may have decided to push it a little farther by arresting Bollyn.

One of the strange aspects of the Bollyn arrest is that they did not hurt him very much (consider what they could have done!). Perhaps the arrest was a test to see if there would be a reaction from the Submissive Sheeple.

If there had been no reaction, the gang may have decided to go a little farther by arresting other people, and they might have become more abusive.

The American Free Press is under Zionist control

In my article about Sam Danner (SamDanner12Aug2006.html) I wrote that three of Bollyn's articles were censored by the American Free Press:

I had forgotten that there was a another article that was censored:

So that makes at least four articles that were censored!

I think those four articles were censored because the American Free Press has been infiltrated, blackmailed, bribed, or threatened by Zionists. Can you think of any other explanation?

Mike Piper claims that of the four articles listed above, three of them were eventually printed, and some were edited. That means only one of them was censored.

I am relieved to hear that. It's like having four of your children kidnapped, and worrying that they are going to be murdered, but a few weeks later three of them are released after being raped and beaten, and only one was murdered.

How could I make such a silly mistake about the censoring? I explain it here:


What should we do when we find Zionists attacking a friend?

I suppose that some of the people at the American Free Press will be angry at me for pointing out that they have been infiltrated, but think about this seriously:

Are we supposed to remain quiet while Zionists take control of our newspapers, television stations, banks, government officials, and other institutions?

When Christopher Bollyn was arrested, a lot of us went to his rescue. We did not ignore the issue and let him sit in jail.

So let's go to the rescue of the American Free Press! Let's try to find out who is controlling that newspaper, and then help them to get rid of those Zionists!

We should expose the Zionist influence in that newspaper, and put pressure on the employees to identify the Zionists and get rid of them. Sure, it will cause a lot of pain and awkwardness, but so what?

We should identify the Zionists within the military, also, and put pressure on the military employees to get rid of the Zionists. Why should we worry if this cleansing process causes some embarrasment to the military?

No pain, no gain

Almost everything requires effort. It should not be surprising to you that improving life for us is going to take some effort, and that there will be a lot of pain in the process.

Making the world a better place requires facing a lot of unpleasant problems. Rather than whine about the pain, those of you who don't have the ability to deal with it should go back into your homes and sit in front of your television sets. Let the rest of us deal with it, and don't interfere.

So let's begin with a little pain, shall we?

What is the relationship between WingTV and Chris Petherick?

Petherick is the editor for the American Free Press newspaper. WingTV used Petherick to support their theory that Bollyn's arrest was not the result of Zionists.

After listening to the WingTV rant, I sent this brief e-mail message to Bollyn:

This show is even more proof that WingTV, Petherick, and all of their supporters are part of the criminal network. Either that or you are exaggerating and lying.

Download it and listen.

By the way, since Bollyn knows me, he did not assume my second sentence was an insinuation that he was lying; rather, he realized I was just emphasizing the seriousness of this.
Bollyn passed my e-mail message on to Chris Petherick and some other people. The following day, Petherick sent an e-mail to many of us to explain that he had not listened to the entire WingTV rant, but now that he has, he is upset with Thorn and Guliani.

He wrote the following to serve as a statement on his opinions as of 18 August 2006:

"I find WingTV's recent report on the arrest of AFP reporter Christopher Bollyn wholly biased and totally irresponsible.

"During two lengthy phone conversations with Thorn and Guliani, I was very clear that I would not draw any definitive conclusions while Mr. Bollyn pursues the case legally. Moreover, I never made any conclusive statements as to why Bollyn was thrown to the ground, shocked with a Taser gun and arrested.

“Contrary to WingTV’s reporting, I do not see it as implausible that Mr. Bollyn is being monitored or is on watch lists given the extent of his travels for American Free Press, the sources he maintains for his articles, and the nature of the reports he writes for the publication I edit."

"Any independent newsperson worth his salt would know that a paid spokesperson for a government agency would make a concerted effort to downplay his agency's role in an incident — especially one that involves potential liability on the part of his officers. In the case of Lt. Richard Russo, the acting press spokesman for the Hoffman Estates Police Department, the "puffball" questions lobbed at him by Thorn and Guliani should be considered an embarrassment to any truly independent media outlet. Our pursuit of the truth, no matter where it leads, is what differentiates us from the mainstream. If Thorn and Guliani believe the story ends with a paid spokesperson for a government agency, they should give up their day jobs and seek employment at CNN.

“Thorn and Guiliani need to retract the portion of their report where they boil down lengthy conversations between me and WingTV. They have cherry picked only one side of our discussion in an obvious attempt to include me in their own grossly naïve and clearly prejudiced assumptions."

Petherick also complained about my insinuation that he was part of the criminal network. This brings up an important issue that everybody should think about.

If you don't want people wondering about your honesty, don't behave in suspicious ways, and don't support or associate with suspicious people!

Petherick is the editor of the American Free Press, so he is one of the people responsible for the censoring of Bollyn's articles.

Petherick should be forced to explain why those articles were censored. It will not be easy for him. But so what? As I said, no pain, no gain. Lots of pain, lots of gain. So let's make it hurt, real bad.

What is Petherick's relationship with WingTV? Petherick implies that WingTV used him, which is possible. However, a lot of people are now backing away from WingTV. We should wonder, are they backing away because they truly don't support WingTV? Or are they rats jumping from a sinking ship?

The AFP/TBR conference, September 2006

The American Free Press (AFP) and The Barnes Review (TBR) are the same group of people. However, the AFP is a weekly newspaper, whereas The Barnes Review is a magazine that publishes articles that attempt to correct errors and deception in history -- including distortions about the Holocaust.

The AFP/TBR are having a conference September 2 and 3, 2006 in which they will discuss the lies about the Holocaust, among other topics.

People who write for or who support the AFP or TBR are condemned by Jews as anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, Nazis, and white supremacists.

If you need an example of how an association with The Barnes Review can tarnish your image, when Jimmy Walter was having meetings about 9/11 in Europe, Jenna Orkin and other Jews convinced Jimmy Walter that Bollyn should not be allowed to speak in Vienna, Austria because he works for the American Free Press, and the American Free Press is associated with TBR, and TBR is an anti-Semitic organization of Holocaust deniers.

The Jews also told Walter that Austria has laws against denying the Holocaust, so the police may arrest Bollyn at the meeting!

Jimmy Walter became so upset at the thought that Bollyn is associated with Holocaust deniers, and that Bollyn might be arrested for Holocaust denial, that he made him sit in the audience in Vienna rather than speak!

Who is willing to be a "Holocaust denier"?

Anybody who speaks at the AFP/TBR conference on September 2 and 3, 2006 better be willing to carry the labels of anti-Semite and Holocaust Denier.

There seem to be only two types of people who are willing to accept those labels:

 1) People who are not intimidated by Zionists

 2) People (usually Jews) who want to infiltrate, monitor, or manipulate the Holocaust investigations

So, let's take a look at the people who will be speaking at this conference and ask ourselves, "Is he a brave American, or a Crypto Jew?"

In one of their brochures about this meeting, Victor Thorn is listed as a speaker, and it says he will be accompanied by his longtime associate Lisa Guliani.

In another of their brochures, Thorn is not listed as a speaker. None of their brochures have dates, so it is impossible to figure out which of these brochures is the latest and most accurate.

By the way, the lack of dates is a recurring problem with the articles in the printed newspaper and especially on the web site. What good is a news article when there is no date anywhere in it?

The lack of dates is another issue that the editors of this newspaper need to address. Some of the employees of the American Free Press explain this as incompetence, but why are they so incompetent?

Everybody who has to hire employees knows how difficult it is to find people who can perform properly at their job. This is why so many people are hiring Mexicans, or sending their work to foreign nations. But certainly the American Free Press can find people who can do a better job than this. We should wonder if the incompetence is due to deliberate sabotage to hurt the newspaper.

Anyway, getting back to the issue of Victor Thorn, his presence at the conference should be considered as evidence that the conference is a Zionist operation.

Dave von Kleist is listed as a speaker in one brochure, and as Master Of Ceremonies in another brochure. His presence at this meeting is even stranger than the presence of Victor Thorn.

The reason is that at least two times von Kleist gave me a lecture about how I should remove all Holocaust related material from my web site, and I should stop talking about it. He also argued with me to stop saying the Apollo moon landing was a hoax.

Why would somebody who lectured me not to talk about the Holocaust be willing to be labeled as an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier? Which is Dave von Kleist:

a) A man who is willing to stand up to the Holocaust promoters, or

b) A Crypto Jew, or one of their Useful Idiots, whose job is to infiltrate the conference?

Chris Petherick is also speaking at this conference. Why is he speaking? He doesn't investigate anything. What is he going to do; read somebody's book or web site and then give a report? Or is he planning on explaining why articles are being censored at American Free Press? Maybe he will explain why there are no dates on the articles that they post on their web site.

Barry Chamish is also listed as a speaker (on at least one of their no-date brochures). In 2002 he posted an article that accused Ariel Sharon of being the mastermind to 9/11, so if he is going to talk about that issue and provide evidence to back it up, he would be a very valuable speaker.

However, the last time I checked, he had erased that article and had stopped talking about this issue. During the past year or two he has been doing a lot of deception. It seems that he has switched from exposing crimes of Israeli officials to damage control for Zionists. Does he really belong at this particular meeting?

Who decided to let Victor Thorn, Dave von Kleist, Barry Chamish, and Chris Petherick speak at this conference?

How many of the speakers at this conference are real investigators, and how many will be honest? I have a feeling that the conference will have more Crypto Jews, Useful Idiots, and Deception Delivery Devices than honest investigators.

My suggestion is for people to complain to the American Free Press to identify and remove as many of the Zionist infiltrators as possible. Yes, it will cause a lot of pain, but that can bring a lot of gain.

The Damage Control Squads

How do we determine who is a real investigator and who is damage control?

The damage control squads only say what has already been said, and they never expose much. They merely repeat what other people have already said.

Furthermore, they avoid mentioning the source of their material because they don't want you to go to that source. Instead, they try to lure people over to them and away from the real investigators.

During the past couple years a lot of "investigators" have appeared to expose 9/11. During the past year a lot have started to criticize Israel and Zionism. We should wonder how many of them joined us because they want to help us, and how many are goons for the Damage Control Squad.

For example, is Mark Glenn a Damage Control Goon?

People frequently tell me that Mark Glenn and other people are on our side because they make critical remarks about Zionism, Israel, Larry Silverstein, and Paul Wolfowitz.

Most people assume that anybody who criticizes Zionists must be helping us fight them.

Unfortunately, if you use that type of reasoning, you are asking to be abused.

If Jeffrey Dahmer were alive, and if he made critical remarks about Zionism, would you hold him up as a "Patriot" and a "truth teller"?

Mark Glenn is similar to WingTV in that he says what other people have already said. As with WingTV, my initial assumption was that Mark Glenn was simply taking our material and putting it in his words in order to bring attention to himself.

However, after WingTV came to the defense of the ADL, I think we should take a serious look at Glenn, and everybody who Glenn supports, and everybody who supports Glenn. It may not be a coincidence that WingTV praises Glenn. Also, Glenn promotes Michael Korn, and that by itself should make you wonder about Glenn.

Look for original material, not copycats

When trying to determine which investigator or researcher is real and which is a Deception Delivery Device, ask yourself, which of these "investigators" are producing original material?

There are only a few of us who have anything original to say. Almost all of the others are taking bits and pieces of our documents and putting them in their own words.

"But maybe Mark Glenn wants to be famous!"

Some people have responded to my accusations by telling me that some of these truth seekers simply want to be famous or get out of driving a cab, and that that I am misinterpreting their lack of originality and lousy research as a sign that they are criminals.

My attitude is that I don't care if they are criminals or if they want to be famous. In either case, I am fed up with them and want them out of here!

Would you let a dentist work on your teeth simply because he wanted to boast to his friends that he is a dentist? Would you let a person fly your airplane simply because he wanted to boast to his mother that he is a pilot?

I don't want a person in a leadership position simply because he wants to feel important. If a person doesn't have the abilities to do a job, then he should find some other job.

I refuse to feel sorry for people who want to feel important. Those people should form a self-help group for the emotionally insecure.

Is John Stadtmiller helping us?

Stadtmiller is also speaking at the AFP/TBR conference. As with Mark Glenn, I'm sure people will tell me that Stadtmiller is exposing Zionism, and they will send me links to his web pages as proof, such as this:

However, Stadtmiller has a mysterious relationship with Karl Schwarz. I discuss this in an article that made Stadtmiller furious at me:

Karl Schwarz is a Zionist Denier. This became especially obvious in a radio interview with Peter Shank.
It is the 2nd and 3rd hours of the show on Friday 11 August 2006:

Several times Shank asked Schwarz why he and other people never talks about the Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack. Schwarz made excuses, such as he will investigate when it is time to investigate:

Well, Karl, when will it be time to investigate Israel's involvement in 9/11? How about 2000 years from now?

Another of Schwarz's excuses for not discussing Israel's involvement is to avoid being called anti-Semitic:

Think about this: Schwarz is afraid of being called anti-Semitic, but John Stadtmiller is going to speak at a conference that will virtually guarantee that Stadtmiller will be referred to as an anti-Semitic Holocaust denier. And these two men are close associates!

If Schwarz is truly afraid of being called an anti-Semite, why would he associate with somebody who speaks at a "Holocaust denial" conference?

I don't think Schwarz is worried about being called an anti-Semite. I think Schwarz is another Crypto Jew, or one of their Useful Idiots.

Why would John Stadtmiller support somebody as suspicious as Karl Schwarz? To further complicate the issue, most of the radio hosts on Stadtmiller's radio network are Zionists Deniers.

Perhaps Stadtmiller needs money to operate his radio station, and perhaps Schwarz offered money in return for certain favors. Or perhaps Stadtmiller is also a Crypto Jew.

I don't know what is going on with Stadtmiller, but we don't need suspicious people speaking anywhere.

If the American Free Press cannot get rid of the Zionist infiltrators and Damage Control Squads, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Christopher Bollyn will speak at the conference, and he can easily take over the time slots for Victor Thorn, Dave von Kleist, Chris Petherick, John Stadtmiller, and any other suspicious people they try to bring in as speakers.

"Gosh, I had no idea... I'm just an idiot"

Don't think that you can support suspicious people and get away with it by claiming that you are stupid or naive. The stupidity excuse works with most people, but not with me.

I don't want a stupid dentist working on my teeth; I don't want a stupid carpenter working on my house; and I don't want stupid citizens supporting crime networks.

Whether you support a crime network because of stupidity or because you are a member of the network, you are a serious problem, and you need to be dealt with.

I refuse to feel sorry for underdogs

The Zionists behind 9/11, the world wars, the attack on the USS liberty, and the Oklahoma City bombing are not fooling around, so why should I?

They have already slaughtered hundreds of millions of people, and are contaminating the planet with uranium. I am not going to back down from such a group. I am not going to let them intimidate me.

Furthermore, I am not going to feel sorry for people who get caught up in this mess simply because they are stupid or ignorant. It is not my fault if any of you are stupid or ignorant. Don't try using that excuse on me. If you are stupid or ignorant, go back into your house and sit in front of your television set.

I don't want people in leadership positions who are stupid or naive. Chris Petherick is in a position that influences possibly millions of people. He is not a dishwasher at a restaurant. What he says and does as editor of the AFP has a significant direct and indirect affect on our world.

As a result, we have the responsibility to ask: Who is this person who is influencing our lives? And we have the responsibility to ask: Are the Zionists influencing, threatening, blackmailing, or deceiving him?

The people at American Free Press could transform their newspaper into something that spreads the truth. But we need people to stand up to this crime network, not make excuses for it, not back down from intimidation, and not cry from the pain that comes from cleansing their organization of infiltrators.

WingTV will take others down with them

WingTV's defense of the ADL was too obvious; they blew their cover.

Furthermore, by exposing themselves, they exposed all of their associates, and all of their associates, and so on.

If you listen to their complete show for August 17, you will notice that the second half of the show is an interview with Jim Marrs. Jim Marrs wrote about the President Kennedy assassination. Compare what he says about the assassination to what I say.

Jim Marrs has nothing of value to say about the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, or anything else. Rather, he is another Deception Delivery Device.

Furthermore, notice that Jim Marrs promotes UFO theories and "remote viewing":

He promotes the possibility that the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, and that they saw aliens on the moon:

Fred Burks of also mixes information about 9/11 with idiotic reports about UFOs.

Look at the the people who are listed as helping his site:

Kristina Borjesson
Fred Burks
Norma Carr-Ruffino
Steven M. Greer
David Ray Griffin
Leonard Horowitz
Michael Levine
Peter Lindemann
Pamela J. Monday
Peter Phillips
Carol Rutz
Peter Dale Scott
Paul Thompson
Charles S. Viar

What is David Ray Griffin doing on that list? It is possible that he doesn't realize that his name is being used to give credibility to this deceptive web site.
Fred Burks is one of the people who helped put create The Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

How scholarly could this group be when Fred Burks is a key member?

Use the search function below and search for the word "scholars" to find a few articles on the evidence that Scholars for 9/11 Truth are more accurately described as Scholars For 9/11 Deception.


Jim Marrs, Fred Burks, WingTV, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and thousands of others are trying to fool us into thinking they are 9/11 investigators.

As I write this article (19 August 2006), many of the people who had praised WingTV or who provided links to their articles are now removing their links and backing away from them. WingTV is sinking, and the other Zionist rats don't want to sink with them. However, we should not let any of the Zionist rats get away. All of the rats need to be thrown into the water to drown with WingTV.

So, start spreading the news! WingTV, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Fred Burks, Jim Marrs, Jeff Rense, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 movement is a Zionist Denier. They are the criminal network, along with people who control our media and our banking system.

These are the people we need to deal with. These people need to be investigated, not supported. Don't be fooled into thinking they are your friends simply because they criticize Israel or President Bush. 

The Zionists are preventing the human race from advancing. They are a pest that is spreading warfare, corruption, chaos, and apathy.

Should we impeach President Bush?

Millions of Americans are becoming angry at George Bush. I think the Zionists are trying to take advantage of this by starting a movement to impeach Bush. If the Zionists succeed, they will divert all the angry Americans away from Zionism and onto George Bush.

More importantly, if the Zionists have control of the movement to impeach Bush, they will be in an excellent position to suggest his replacement, such as Sir Rudy Giuliani, a knight of Queen Elizabeth. The foolish Americans will assume that they just solved their problems.

If the people who advocate the impeachment of Bush were to offer sensible replacements for the Bush administration, such as myself and Christopher Bollyn, and if they were advocating the arrest of the Zionists in control of our media and banking system, then I would support the movement to remove Bush.

However, replacing one Zionist puppet with another is not going to help us. Get a clue, Goyim!

Do I criticize too many people?

Some people have complained that I criticize almost everybody. My response to them is, that is because almost everybody deserves it!

If all of the suspicious people were to disappear, we would finally be able to discuss some of the problems we face rather than waste time discussing Globalists, the Bilderbergs, and what type of aircraft crashed into the South Tower.

The world has some serious problems, but almost all of the truth seekers are encouraging us to waste our time on idiotic issues.

When will the human race advance beyond this primitive existence?

How is the human race going to get beyond our primitive existence with these Zionists in control? These Zionists must be removed. We should not back down.

Don't be intimidated. Don't allow them to use excuses, such as "Gosh, I had no idea! I am so sorry!"

Start raising your standards for people in leadership positions. Tell people in leadership positions -- whether it be a newspaper, a political party, a school system, or a business -- that if they can't do their job properly, then they can find something else to do. Tell them that you are not going to feel sorry for incompetent leaders any longer.

Our fellow citizens are allowing organized crime

Many Americans like to think of themselves as heroes who protect the helpless or defend the Underdogs.

Unfortunately, many of the world's problems are the indirect result of these Underdogs. The majority of people are extremely selfish. They spend their entire lives entertaining themselves like dumb animals.

Don't be a savior of the "Underdogs". Start becoming a savior of the human race. We need to protect and help the people who are responsible, honest, and respectable. We don't need to be protecting the selfish, the irresponsible, or the mentally ill.

We are not going to make the world a better place by feeling sorry for the Underdogs. We need to find people with intelligence, morality, and responsibility, and we need to start the task of designing a better world.

I can understand the lynching of Leo Frank

In his show about Sam Danner, Victor Thorn said that he does not advocate violence, but he can understand why John Stadtmiller wants to knock my teeth down my throat.

Well, I don't advocate violence either, but I can understand why a group of citizens lynched Leo Frank:

Who killed Michael Zebuhr? Why did the police let the original suspects go free? Who was responsible for sending the police to Christopher Bollyn's house? Why are the "truth seekers" ignoring or defending these strange murders and arrests?

Why is Alex Jones lying to us? Why is WingTV defending the ADL? Why is Russell Pickering pretending to be a Pentagon researcher? Why are there so many people promoting the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and UFOs?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I can understand why ordinary citizens would get fed up with this abuse after a few decades, and why they would want to lynch the Zionists.

However, as with Victor Thorn, I don't advocate violence. Instead I advocate that we be good Goyim who sit quietly in our homes and let the Zionists continue their wars, murders, and deception.

Don't do any secret killings!

I suppose I better explain the previous paragraphs or someone will take it the wrong way. We don't want to give anybody the excuse to have us arrested for promoting violence, and besides, most of the "patriot" groups are infiltrated by Jews, so you can't trust them. So, you have to promote nonviolence!

The human race is suffering from some complex problems. We are not going to solve our problems merely by killing a few people. As I try to explain in other documents, our societies are based on theories that are unrealistic.

We have election systems that are idiotic and easily corrupted; our attitudes towards money are encouraging crime and selfishness; and our attitude of feeling sorry for the Underdogs is one of our most destructive attitudes.

Feeling sorry for people does not help them, and it does not help us. Rather, it rewards the losers and encourages them to continue to be losers. We need to encourage people to contribute to society and take responsibility for themselves.

The world needs to be transformed. We need to change our attitudes towards life, money, and people. We need to design better government systems. We need new school systems.

We have a lot of work to do. We're not going to make the earth a nice place simply by lynching a few Zionists. Even if we lynched all of the Zionists we would still have crummy governments, crummy schools, bad attitudes, pollution, and chaos because we also have to deal with the milions of dishonest and mentally ill sheeple.

So don't be fooled into joining secret groups of "Patriots" that offer to kill the criminals. Those patriot groups could be controlled by  Zionist Jews who are trying to set you up for arrest.

Secret organizations are dangerous

There is a serious problem with secret organizations; specifically, you have no idea who is truly in control. You only know what they tell you

Tim McVeigh may be an example of person who joined a secret group of "Patriots", and who was used as a patsy.

Some people like to think that McVeigh, Ken Lay, and Barbara Olson are still alive, but those rumors might have been started to pacify the members of the secret organizations.

In other words, some of the people who join the secret organizations may be thinking, 

"Hey, Tim McVeigh is dead... maybe we are just Useful Idiots to this organization!"

The Zionists who run the secret organizations would respond:

"Oh, silly Goy! McVeigh is alive! We faked his death. We gave him $25 million and sent him to Australia.

He is living a wonderful life right now. So don't worry! Do what we tell you. We are all Judeo-Patriots, and we will take care of each other. You can trust us."

If you join a secret organization that offers to fight the corruption, you could be given a person's name and address and told that the person is a Nazi, a Zionist, or whatever it is you don't like, and then they could send you and other fools to kill him. You may end up killing somebody who is actually your friend!

Furthermore, they could kill you to reduce the possibility that you are caught and confess, and they could tell the other members of the secret society that you were paid $50 million for your good deed and are now living a wonderful life in Tahiti.

Try to learn from the mistakes of the world wars. Why were the Americans and Europeans killing each other? Was there really a sensible reason for it? Or did the Zionists fool them into thinking that they were enemies of each other?

The people who join secret organizations are taking the risk that they will become somebody's Useful Idiot.

We are not going to make this world better through secret organizations that conduct Mission Impossible style scams. We need to expose the corruption and the liars; we need to bring everything out in the open.

We don't need to hide; we don't need to put bed sheets over our heads; and we don't need secret handshakes.

We have a lot of difficult work to do in order to make this world a better place. Don't be fooled into thinking that the solution to our problems is as simple as lynching Larry Silverstein or Murray Rothstein.

Is the Northwoods Document accurate?

Carol Valentine posted documents several years ago that didn't mean anything to me until now:


When I first saw her documents, I didn't know what the Northwoods document was, and the name "James Bamford" meant nothing to me.

However, the WingTV incident has caused me to take another look at Carol Valentine's articles.

If you listened to the Kay Griggs interview (watch the "Desperate Wives" video at, you would have heard her mention that the Vietnam War was pushed on the American military primarily by Henry Kissinger and Walt Whitman Rostow, not by American Goyim.

It seems that most wars and terrorist attacks of the past century were instigated by Zionists. They pretend to be Americans, Communists, Russians, Liberals, Republicans, Greens, Christians, Muslims, and 9/11 researchers. They infiltrate, bribe, and blackmail our governments, militaries, news agencies, and police.

The Zionists are pumping out a phenomenal amount of deception. We would be fools not to wonder if the Northwoods document is yet another of their deceptions.

Why would Zionists fabricate -- or distort the truth about -- the Northwoods document?

Two possible reasons:

1) The Northwoods document makes it appear as if the Goyim in the Pentagon were responsible for trying to start wars with Cuba. If the Zionists were responsible, then the Northwoods document fools the world into blaming the wrong people.

2) The Northwoods document makes it is easier to blame the Goyim within the US government for the 9/11 attack because the document makes it appear as if the American military has been planning these type of hoaxes for decades.

Isn't there somebody in the American military who has enough courage to release information about these and other issues? Are 99% of the American Goyim truly as cowardly and stupid as they appear?

Please, pass this document around and get people to think and discuss these issues.