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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp
Oct 3, 2006

Warning:  most of the people in this "truth movement" have turned out to be criminals who are trying to control the flow of information, as well as identify and control those of us who are fed up with their crimes.

Be like a smart fish. Look at the information John DeCamp provides, but be suspicious of him and everybody else. John DeCamp and the other investigators provide some very valuable information, but they never go all the way in exposing pedophilia, 9/11, the Holocaust, or other crimes. There is a reason they are holding back, and I don't think it's because they're frightened. I think it's because they're working with the crime network.

Kidnapping, sex slaves, the rape of children, and other crimes are very serious, so you should expect the criminals to make a tremendous effort to protect themselves and keep you confused.

It is useful to listen to the criminals because they have "inside information" about their crimes. So take their information, but don't bite the hook.


John DeCamp's book, The Franklin Coverup, exposed the kidnappings and rapes of children, and how this pedophilia was used to blackmail and control government officials.

As you would expect, there is a tremendous effort to confuse us regarding who is involved in this pedophilia and blackmail.

For example, former FBI official Ted Gunderson investigated the McMartin preschool case, which ended up nowhere.

Gunderson was the person who told Noreen Gosch that Jeff Gannon is her kidnapped son (here is a photo of him tied up with 2 other kidnapped boys).

Was Gunderson really 100% sure that Gannon was Johnny Gosch? Why would Jeff Rense and other "truth seekers" promote this? Were they trying to distract us from looking into who Jeff Gannon really is? Was Gunderson deceived by somebody? Who started this rumor?

Photo below shows Ted Gunderson (left) and his friend, Anthony Hilder

When you investigate pedophilia, you find a lot of confusing fights between "investigators", such as Mike Ruppert, Art Bell, Barbara Hartwell, Ken Adachi, and Stew Webb.
Examples: and 04-01-05/discussion

It is difficult to know who to trust. This may be the point of the fights; i.e., create so many confusing fights that we are overwhelmed.

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The previous interview with John DeCamp at this page:

Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews

Most of the 9/11 "truth seekers", such as Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, Bob Bowman, and are liars.

Don't assume that only the 9/11 issue has these disinformation agents. The pedophilia issue is certainly dominated by disinformation agents, also.

Why should we trust a former FBI agent, such as Ted Gunderson? The FBI has covered up so many crimes that every FBI agent should be arrested.

For all we know, Gunderson gets involved with cases of pedophilia so that he can identify the witnesses, and then those witnesses be threatened, confused, blackmailed, or killed.

Have you noticed that the FBI never solves any big crimes? They usually arrest only small-time criminals (perhaps rival criminals).

Kay Griggs, ex-wife of Col. George Griggs, explains how the criminal network looks for and abuses emotionally weak boys for the purpose of finding people to promote in the military.

This is why the US Military has deteriorated into a pack of attack dogs for Israel

Listen to our interview with her:


Let your friends know about the Franklin Coverup scandal and the blackmail.

Watch "The Conspiracy of Silence" video (the video is low quality): (new link)

Here is an interview with Rusty Nelson:

A photo of Johnny Gosch and two other boys is here.
More at his mother's site: