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14 August 2007
 Updated March 28 2008

The attempt to push aside Hufschmid and the Bollyns is increasing.

For example, Sofia, the creator of 911 Mysteries, was asked by Jews to remove the references to Eric Hufschmid in her video. So her new version replaces Hufschmid with David Ray Griffin.

She left Brad's remark about Hufschmid at the very beginning of the video, but she removed the more significant reference to Hufschmid. You can see this for yourself by looking at the earlier version of her video at the 25:20 minute mark:

Compare it to the new version at the same 25:20 mark:
Update: In February 2008 Sofia became a host at the Republic Broadcasting Network. And now she promotes people I no longer trust, such as Daryl Smith! (If you don't know why I no longer trust Smith, I have this article.) Her radio interviews are at the RBN website here

All of the radio hosts at RBN, GCN, and other stations are working for the Jewish crime network, and they are trying to fool you into believing that they are the honest investigators. You should assume Sofia is also working with the Jewish crime network

If you don't understand why criminals would want to be in the role of crime investigator, I have this article:


So I told Sofia, "Remove references to Hufschmid, and we will promote your video."

She will do anything for money. I should introduce her to former Governor Spitzer!

The criminal Jews want you to forget about Hufschmid and Bollyn and follow their own agents. They are losing in this battle; their secrecy is being removed by the Internet, the CD-ROMs, and the DVDs. They are becoming desperate to get rid of anybody who is telling the truth about them.  

The criminal Jews are struggling to remain in control. They are trying to fool you into following their agents over to a Goy Pen.
The solution is to turn away from their agents!
Stop following them, and start promoting us!
It is 14 August 2007... when will the Bollyns stoping hiding and return to a normal life? When will they ask for help? Why are they trying to convince us to ignore them? When will their children be able to visit with other children? How do they buy food? They behave as if they are prisoners.

Critics of Zionism disappeared mysteriously in Communist Russia and East Germany. If we don't get enough people to promote us and complain about the disappearance of the Bollyn family, we will allow the Zionists to continue causing us to disappear. Help us warn people to stop following the Zionist agents.

You're my hero
because you fight
the New World Order.
I love you!

Some of your names may already be on the list. For all we know, everybody who supports Ron Paul or the anti-war movement is put on the list of people who need to vanish. Take this issue seriously!

Smith and Hufschmid, 14 August 2007   8.5 mb
I appear at 20:30
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A brief 9/11 Timeline
Did you know that David Ray Griffin is a Useful Idiot for Zionism? Look at his connections to Michael Meacher of the UK, Howard Zinn, and other liars. My timeline should help you:

Our 9-11 Cover-up Timeline


David Ray Griffin and thousands of others will do anything their Zionist masters tell them.

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