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9/11 Theory
is Collapsing

30 April 2006
updated Nov 2007

by Eric Hufschmid


Where have all the flag wavers gone?

The official conspiracy theory: Al-Qaeda did 9/11

The official theory for the September 11 attack is that Osama bin Laden and 19 members of Al-Qaeda conspired to attack America, and they were successful because the government and military personnel were not expecting such an incredible attack.

The official conspiracy theory is supported by engineers, scientists, university professors, FEMA, NIST, and other government agencies.

Who would dare question the accuracy of the official theory when it has so much supporting evidence and so many reputable people defending it?

People who questioned the official theory were initially considered to be unpatriotic, anti-American, terrorist sympathizers, or possibly suffering from an ability to think clearly.

There was so little interest in the alternative theories that they could be found only on the Internet, and in self-published books and videos. By 2006, however, some people expressed doubts about the official theory on mainstream television and radio shows.

For example, on March 24, 2006, and for several days afterwards, the CNN television program Showbiz Tonight discussed Charlie Sheen's doubts about the official explanation of 9-11.

On April 14 Sheen mentioned his doubts on the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show.

On Friday, April 15, 2006, the three young men who created the 9/11 documentary Loose Change -- Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas -- were interviewed by Air America radio host Fred McChesney.  

Dylan Avery

Korey Rowe

Jason Bermas

They went much farther than merely expressing doubts about the official theory; they provided details on why the official theory is incorrect.

It was just a few years ago that almost all of us were appalled that anybody would doubt the official explanation. How have we gone from one extreme to the other? What were the key events in bringing about this transformation?

Part 1:

The 9/11 Timeline

2001: The doubts begin

July: Speculation of an upcoming attack

Alex Jones, who has a public access television show and a radio show in Austin, Texas, told his audience that Osama bin Laden was going to be used by a mysterious group of people that he refers to as the Globalists.

Jones had no specific information on what type of attack would be coming, or when, but he advised people to call the White House and tell them to cancel their plans for a terror attack by Osama bin Laden:

As you might expect, his warning was ignored by the mainstream media, and most people who heard it.

September 11: the day of the attack

Many of the people who had heard of the warning by Alex Jones assumed that this was the staged attack by the government that Jones was expecting.

These people were among the first people in the world to discuss the possibility that the September 11 attack was staged by the US government, and that Osama bin Laden was working with, or deceived by, the American government.

You might expect investigative reporters from around the world to interview Alex Jones and ask him about his prediction of an upcoming attack. You might also expect his prediction to be headline news all over the world.

However, most news reporters are still ignoring his warning as of April 2006.

  The Flight 93 discrepancy

In the Cleveland, Ohio area some people began to doubt the official story of 9/11 because a Cleveland newspaper reported that Flight 93 landed at the airport because of a possible bomb on board:  america attacked news

The official explanation is that Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania. Obviously, the news report is incorrect, or the official explanation is incorrect, or both of them are incorrect. If the news report is incorrect, where did they get their false information? If the official explanation is incorrect, then what crashed in Pennsylvania?

You might expect the investigative reporters to investigate this issue, but they are still ignoring this news report.

  William Rodriguez
Rodriguez, an employee at the World Trade Center, had just stepped outside of the North Tower when it started to collapse. He quickly slid under a fire truck as the debris was crashing around him. He survived only because of luck; he had jumped under a section of the truck that was strong enough to protect him from the steel beams that were crashing on top of it.

Since we all have a fascination with people that set records, Rodriguez became somewhat famous because he set the record of being the last person to get out of the North Tower alive. Furthermore, the reason he was so late getting out of the tower was that he was helping other people escape, so his rescue efforts brought him more fame and admiration.

The fame brought him into contact with a lot of news reporters, government officials, and 9-11 victims over the next few years. He told people how he had heard explosions in the building, including one in the basement, but the investigative reporters ignored his remarks about explosions.

Rodriguez would eventually become a thorn in the government side for organizing the victims and demanding a better investigation of the 9/11 attack:

  Remarks about explosives
Some television news reporters mentioned that the towers and Building 7 collapsed in a manner that resembles the demolition of an old office building.

Van Romero, an explosives expert in New Mexico, told reporters that the television images of the collapse make it appear as if some type of explosive devices had been placed in the towers.

The remarks about explosives and demolitions probably caused some people to discuss whether explosives were indeed inside those buildings, and if so, how did the terrorists do that?

September 13:

Michael Ruppert came forward to reassure people that there were no explosives inside the buildings.

How could anybody possibly determine the cause of the collapse after only two days, and without any scientific analysis of the rubble?

It is not easy to say exactly which day it happened, but shortly after the attack the mainstream news reporters stopped mentioning the possibility of explosives, and they stopped making remarks about how the collapse of the buildings resembled a demolition by explosives.

September 21:

Van Romero retracted his statement about the explosives:

However, a small number of people used the Internet to continue the discussions of the possibility of explosives, and other peculiar aspects of the attack, such as:

How did four hijacked airplanes could get past our air defense system?

How did the FBI get the names and photos of the 19 terrorists so quickly?

Why did Building 7, a 47 story office building that was not hit by an airplane and had no significant fires, collapse later that evening?

October 8:

A French author, Thierry Meyssan, began posting articles on his web site that doubted whether Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Since his articles were in French, not many Americans knew about Meyssan's concerns.

October 22:

Christopher Bollyn, an investigative reporter for the small weekly newspaper The American Free Press, wrote articles that cast doubts on the official explanation 9-11. His articles appeared on the Internet and in the small, weekly newspaper The American Free Press. He wrote about Van Romero and about eyewitness reports of bombs going off inside the WTC towers:

December 16:

Bollyn writes that Andreas von Bulow, a former German parliament official who worked with the German Secret Service, believes the Mossad was behind the September 11 attack in order to make the public angry at Arabs:

One of von Bulow's remarks:

"Ninety-five percent of the work of the intelligence agencies around the world is deception and disinformation".


2002: Two books expose official theory as a lie

Jan 4:

Bill Manning, the editor in chief of Fire Engineering magazine, published an angry article that criticized the government investigation of the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings as a "half-baked farce".

He also complained that the selling of the large steel beams in the rubble was destroying evidence, and that it was against the law.

He pointed out that the law requires that all the rubble be saved after a disaster so that engineers can inspect the pieces and determine whether they need to change building codes to make them stronger. Article_ID=131225

Jan 15:

Eric Hufschmid (me, the author of this document) began to post documents at his web site to show that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 appear to have been demolished with explosives.


Thierry Meyssan's analysis of the attack on the Pentagon becomes available as a book in France. The title translates into something like "The Horrifying Fraud". Hundreds of thousands of copies sold within months:

His book caused possibly millions of people, mainly in France, to regard the official US government explanation of the September 11 attack as an outright lie.

He created a web site in English for Americans with the title Hunt The Boeing to show the Americans that there were no signs of Flight 77 at the Pentagon:

This site had a profound effect on the Americans who were already questioning the official theory of 9-11.


FEMA released the results of their seven month investigation into why the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. They wrote that fire caused the collapse of the two towers, but they have no idea why Building 7 collapsed.

Eric Hufschmid decided to put his analysis of the 9-11 attack into a book, which he called, "Painful Questions; An Analysis Of The September 11 Attack".  A few pre-release copies were distributed during the summer of 2002, and the printed version began shipping in September. Hufschmid published the book himself to avoid wasting time seeking a publisher.
It is available here:

Thierry Meyssan's book discussed only Flight 77, but Hufschmid's book covered all four flights, with special emphasis on the evidence that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives.

Hufschmid's book contains photos that most people have never seen -- even to this day -- and it provided an analysis of the collapse of the buildings that made it virtually impossible to avoid the conclusion that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were brought down by explosives. It also contained the speculation that Building 7 was the command center for the people coordinating the attack and the demolition of the towers.

Hufschmid occasionally discovered that some of his Internet articles had errors, and once his book was published he decided it was not worth trying to maintain those web pages, so he erased them. However, quite a few people on the Internet have copies of his original documents from different points in time. The most complete seems to be:

This should serve as a lesson that you have to be careful what you post on the Internet because even if you erase your documents, there might be copies from different points in time on web sites around the world.


William Rodriguez and his group of 9/11 victims had put so much pressure on the government that they agreed to create a 9/11 commission to investigate the attack more thoroughly.


2003: More books and videos expose the official explanation as a lie


Early versions of Hufschmid's video, "Painful Deceptions" began shipping at the beginning of 2003, and the production version was released in April. Aside from showing that the official version of the September 11 attack was a lie, he showed that the Oklahoma City bombing was also a staged attack, and that the mainstream media was deliberately lying about these crimes.


Andreas von Bulow, a former German Minister, finishes his book about the September 11 attack. The book is available only in German.

Christopher Bollyn had given von Bulow a pre-release copy of Hufschmid's book in the summer of 2002. Von Bulow was in the process of writing a book about the September 11th attack. After reading Hufschmid's book, von Bulow altered his book to include the theory that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down with explosives, and that Building 7 was the command center for the criminals. He included some of Hufschmid's diagrams and photos to support the theory.

Meanwhile, Bollyn continued to uncover and publish evidence of government involvement in 9-11, as well as pass out more copies of Hufschmid's book to other influential people.


A college student in Germany, Mirko Balke, contacted Hufschmid via e-mail in the spring of 2003 to ask why there was no German version of his book. Balke's English was so good that Hufschmid asked him if he wanted to translate it. Balke agreed, so Hufschmid sent him some money to translate it.

Balke and his girlfriend translated the book within a few months. Hufschmid then sent Balke some money to publish the book himself. Hufschmid was trying to counteract the propaganda in the media, not make a profit, so Hufschmid was not too concerned that Balke might be wasting his money.

Fortunately, Balke came through, and he started shipping the book in July 2003. This gave the German public access to color photos they had never seen before, as well as Hufschmid's complete analysis.

So by the summer of 2003 there were books and a video in America, France, and Germany that were providing almost irrefutable evidence that the September 11 attack was staged by government officials, and that the media was covering up the crime.

There were other books and videos about the September 11 attack, such as The War on Freedom, by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, but these other books discussed side issues, such as American foreign policy, or the incompetence in the air traffic control system, and some of those books were promoting propaganda, such as trying to blame Pakistan for the 9/11 attack.


2004: Another book is modified, and a philanthropist appears


Phil Jayhan posts his "pod theory" on his web site ( Jayhan believed that the airplane that crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center had a "pod" attached to it.

His pod theory was ridiculed by a lot of people because it was based on an interpretation of photos that did not have enough detail to see such an object clearly.


David Ray Griffin, a retired professor, finished writing his book The New Pearl Harbor at the beginning of 2004. Pre-release versions of the book had received numerous recommendations from a variety of well-known people, such as:
Michael Meacher a member of the British Parliament
Howard Zinn
Wayne Madsen
Richard Falk a professor at Princeton University
John McMurtry a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a professor at the University of Guelph

Griffin had heard about Hufschmid's book, but Meacher, Zinn, Madsen, and most other people in the 9/11 movement were -- and still are -- ignoring it or trying to convince people that it is not worth looking at.

Griffin was making a few minor editing changes to his book early in 2004, and was near the deadline for turning his manuscript into the publisher when he decided that he should get a copy of Hufschmid's book and take a look at it just in case it contained some important information.

After reading Hufschmid's book he realizes that he cannot publish his book without including some of Hufschmid's ideas about the demolition of the World Trade Center towers and Building 7, so he rapidly edits his book to include some of Hufschmid's material. He then sends his book off to the publisher. The book began shipping in March, 2004.

Meacher, Zinn, Madsen and the others who had praised the pre-release version of The New Pearl Harbor were undoubtedly shocked and upset to discover that the final version contained references to Hufschmid's book.


Jimmy Walter, who inherited several million dollars from his father, took a look at Hufschmid's book and video. As he described it in a letter, it was "an epiphany".

Note: Jimmy Walter has been abused and demoralized by the 9/11 "truth seekers". He no longer talks about 9/11, and some of his pages have been erased. You can find his letter in the Internet archive:

He decided to use the money he had inherited to help get this book out to the public. He began advertising Hufschmid's book in newspapers, magazines, and cable TV.

He ended up spending several million dollars -- the bulk of his fortune -- which is more money than most authors make in their entire lifetime. He eventually began selling Hufschmid's book, Griffin's book, and some videos in order to bring in some money, but he knew he would never get back the millions he spent. He was trying to get information out to the public, not recover the money he spent.

Has anybody in a history of human existence ever spent most of their fortune advertising somebody else's book for the purpose of educating the human race? This event should have been a news item around the world. However, just as news reporters have been ignoring other important events related to 9-11, they ignored Jimmy Walter, or they ridiculed him.

  "9/11: In Plane Site" DVD
Dave vonKleist, the host of the radio show The Power Hour, released a video about 9/11 called In Plane Site. Phil Jayhan's pod theory was included in the video. This resulted in so many insults that vonKleist made a second version of his video without it, and with a few other corrections.


The 9/11 commission released their final report:

They interviewed more than a thousand people from ten nations, including William Rodriguez. However, the commission ignored everything Rodriguez said.

It appears that the commission ignored all witnesses and testimony that contradicted the original explanation for the September 11 attack.

Their final report did not mention Building 7, so there was still no official explanation for why it collapsed.

September 11:

Jimmy Walter brought a variety of speakers to New York City for a one night event to expose 9/11 to the public. Unfortunately, some of the people who had offered to help with this event, such as Nicholas Levis of, sabotaged it. Here is one account of that event and sabotage:

And here is a response from Nicholas Levis:

November 30:

David Ray Griffin finishes a book that criticizes the 9/11 commission report. He called his book The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions.


2005: Walter and Smith shake up the nation


  Walter: "Confronting The Evidence" DVD

At the beginning of 2005 Jimmy Walter produced several hundred thousand DVDs about 9/11.

This video, which he called Confronting The Evidence, began with a message from Walter, and it contained some of the speeches from the event he held on September 11, 2004 in New York City.

It also contained a shortened and edited version of Hufschmid's video Painful Deceptions, but with a professional narrator rather than Hufschmid's voice.

Walter bought mailing lists of engineers and other people who might have some intelligence or influence in society, and he mailed tens of thousands of copies to them.

Tens of thousands of other copies were distributed at meetings and to organizations.

Although many of the people who received these DVDs refused to watch them, the enormous quantity of DVDs must have had a profound effect on the nation's attitude towards the September 11 attack.

  Smith: The French Connection radio show

Daryl Bradford Smith started a radio show on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). Smith had never done a radio show before, but he had recently realized that the government explanation was a lie, and he wanted to help expose it.

He began interviewing the people he considered to be the important investigators of 9/11 and related issues, such as Karl Schwarz, Henry Makow, Greg Szymanski, Eric Hufschmid, Wayne Madsen, and Scott Ritter.

After two months he began to question the morality of some of the people at RBN, so he switched over to the Genesis Communication Network (GCN) on the hope that they would be better.

As the months went by, he discovered that people he considered to be honest investigators were liars. He was soon wondering if Karl Schwarz was a grifter; if Greg Szymanski was working with the criminal network or merely an independent con artist; and if Scott Ritter was a pedophile who avoided jail by agreeing to work for some criminal network.

People on the Internet had been making accusations about one another for years, but never before had any radio show host made such serious accusations in such a public manner.


The magazine Popular Mechanics wrote an article criticizing 9/11 theories:

Suspecting something diabolical because of the illogical reasoning in the article, Christopher Bollyn investigated the Popular Mechanics staff and discovered that many of their editors had been fired, and Benjamin Chertoff was put in charge of this particular article. Benjamin Chertoff is a relative of Michael Chertoff (our Homeland Security director):

This is what we refer to as "a conflict of interest".


The video Loose Change, by Dylan Avery, is released. Phil Jayhan ( helped provide financial support. Jayhan's pod theory was included in this video.

May and June:

Jimmy Walter funded eight 9/11 speaking events in seven different European nations. He invited several 9/11 investigators to speak. Update: Jimmy Walter has gone into hiding, and his website has changed dramatically. His page and videos about the European tour has been deleted, but the page is still in the Internet Archive:

Here is Christopher Bollyn's article about the European 9/11 tour: 73212

Although the attendance was low in most of the cities, the meetings helped encourage Europeans to question the official US government theory about 9/11.

Also, many of the people who came to the meetings said that the meetings helped them feel less alone in the struggle to expose 9-11, and it inspired them to continue spreading the information.

Walter paid to put subtitles in Confronting The Evidence in many different languages. He passed these DVDs out throughout Europe during the 9/11 meetings.


The second edition of the video "Loose Change" is released. It was produced by Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas. Jayhan's pod theory was removed from this version.


  German version of Painful Deceptions

Near the end of the year a German version of Painful Deceptions became available. It had German narration rather than subtitles. The German public was getting a lot of 9/11 information.
  Smith brings Zionism to the public
By the end of the year Daryl Bradford Smith was becoming convinced that most of the RBN and GCN radio hosts were deliberately trying to deceive their audience. He accused Jeff Rense of being a member of the criminal network that was behind the 9-11 attack.

He terminated his friendship with John Kaminski on the assumption that Kaminski might be a Crypto Jew who was trying to cause trouble. He considered Henry Makow to be a Crypto Zionist, and Wayne Madsen to be a liar and possibly a Crypto Jew.

Never before had somebody accused so many 9/11 investigators of dishonesty.  Furthermore, the issue of Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists are issues that are rarely discussed in public.

Smith was encouraging people to investigate the 9/11 investigators, and he was encouraging people to look more closely at Zionism and its role in world corruption.


2006: The Zionist Deniers are exposed


Daryl Bradford Smith is convinced that the primary group of people behind 9-11, the attack on the USS Liberty, and many other problems in America, Europe, and Russia are the Zionists.

He begins encouraging people to listen to the speech by Benjamin Freedman:

  Scholars for 9/11 Truth
James Fetzer, a professor at the University of Minnesota, Steven Jones, a professor at Brigham Young University, and a few other people, formed the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth to expose 9/11. They asked Eric Hufschmid to design and maintain their web site. Hufschmid volunteered for the job, and he got it up and running in January.

Initially there was not much on the web site, but as the weeks went by, they asked Hufschmid to add articles, videos, audio files, and links to other web sites. Hufschmid added a link to his own web site. After a couple weeks, however, he was told to remove the link to his web site because there were objections to the material on it. Hufschmid quit maintaining their web site at the beginning of April.

Take a look at Scholars for 9/11 Truth. They have a lot of articles, videos, and web sites. Some of them are truly stupid, such as the theory from Morgan Reynolds that the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center were illusions created by television news crews. Why would a group of people allow nonsensical articles while prohibiting Hufschmid from adding a link to his own web site?

Feb 6:
The owner of GCN tells Smith that he is no longer allowed to be a radio host for their network. Smith responds by conducting interviews on his own with the assistance of Eric Hufschmid, and Hufschmid posts the audio files on Smith's web site.

Since Smith is no longer obligated to be nice to the people who work with GCN, he lets people know that he considers Alex Jones to be dishonest.

March 18:

An unusual robbery occurs in Minneapolis in which a college student is killed. The student was a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Hufschmid considers the murder to be odd enough to be worthy of an investigation, but nobody in this 9/11 movement seems to agree.

A few days later Hufschmid posted an article to show evidence that the murder was intended to silence this particular college student and frighten other students into remaining silent about 9/11:

March 20:

According to Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen contacted him in order to discuss his concerns that the official story of 9/11 is incorrect. After appearing on Jones' radio show, CNN Showbiz Tonight discusses Sheen's concerns.

There is so much interest in the show that CNN discusses 9/11 on several more shows.

While most people in the 9/11 movement are excited that Sheen has come forward to expose 9/11, Hufschmid suspects something diabolical, and posts a document telling people to watch out for the deception:

April 21:
Alex Jones interviews Andreas von Bulow. Jones writes that von Bulow believes "the 9/11 attack was run by the highest levels of the US intelligence apparatus using WTC Building 7 as a command bunker":
infowars sept11/wtc7_german_minister_says_building_7_was_hq

His interview and article are a clever form of deception:

• Jones deflects attention away from Israel and Zionism and onto the US government by ignoring the fact that in 2001 von Bulow announced that the Mossad was the mastermind to the 9/11 attack.

• Jones deflects attention away from Hufschmid's book by claiming that von Bulow believes the Building 7 was the command center for the 9/11 attack when von Bulow got this idea from Hufschmid's book.

• At 16 minutes into the interview, Jones tries many times to get von Bulow to state that the Bush administration will stage another attack. Is that your idea of an interview? Or is it an attempt to steer the discussion in a certain direction?

Jones posted the audio file to this interview on his web site for free downloads:

Normally he requires people pay for his interviews. Why is this one free? Because this one is deceptive, and he wants to reach the people who are not paying for his deceptive audio files.

April 24:
Charlie Sheen's ex-wife released a lot of embarrassing information about him, and Hufschmid reacts by posting an update to his Sheen article:

2007: Daryl Bradford Smith is exposed

September 8:

Smith demands that Hufschmid back him up in his accusations and criticism of Bollyn. This is a very important issue, and it is explained in more detail in these two files, in English or French:

1) Why doesn't Hufschmid work with Smith any longer?

English Franšais 

2) Do you think Hufschmid exaggerates?

English Franšais 

Part 2:

Most 9/11 Investigators 
are part of the Criminal Network

If a person learned that 9/11 was a government operation by watching Dylan Avery's video, or by listening to Alex Jones, they would assume that Avery and Jones are honest investigators who are helping to solve the crime.

Or, if a person was not paying much attention to the 9/11 movement, they would assume that everybody in this movement is honest.

This timeline shows some of the major events that helped to discredit the official conspiracy theory about 9/11. It should be obvious that ever since September 2002, when Hufschmid's book became available, the 9/11 investigators had all the evidence they needed to show the world that the official theory was an outright lie.

However, almost none of the 9/11 investigators or groups helped to promote Hufschmid's book. Instead, they tried their best to minimize it or ignore it. Furthermore, the anti-war groups ignored it, and so did the veterans groups, and so did all political groups.

When Jimmy Walter came forward to help promote Hufschmid's book, almost everybody in the 9/11 movement either ignored him, or tried to sabotage his efforts.

Instead of promoting Hufschmid's book or video, most of the 9/11 investigators promoted stupid theories, such as:

• A Maser weapon may have been used to destroy the World Trade Center towers. Jim Hoffman created this theory.

Miniature hydrogen bombs brought the towers down. 

• The airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers were holograms or blue screen illusions.

• The Vatican is behind the world's corruption. Greg  Szymanski, Phil Jayhan, and Eric Jon Phelps are just three "truth seekers" who promote this theory.

• A mysterious group of Nazis or Satanists known as the New World Order or the Illuminati are trying to take over the planet. Alex Jones promotes this theory.

Hopefully this timeline and my other documents will help you to realize that all of these "truth seekers" are Zionists Deniers. They are trying to push aside the truly honest people that they have no control over, and they are trying to divert the blame for 9/11 away from Isreal, Jews, and Zionists, and onto anybody else.

The Scholars for 9/11 Truth are not really trying to expose 9/11. Rather, they are trying to promote their particular people so that when this crime is exposed, they will be regarded as saviors. They should be referred to as Scholars for 9/11 Deception, or as Criminals for 9/11 Deception.

Hufschmid wrote this introduction to this issue of criminals pretending to be investigators:

The criminals infiltrate organizations also. The American Free Press, a weekly newspaper that claims to be exposing corruption, seems to be infiltrated. They started selling Hufschmid's book in 2002, but about a year later they abruptly stopped selling it. How abruptly? Well, they had taken a customer's order, took his money, but never sent him a book. The customer contacted Hufschmid a few weeks later to ask why he had not received his book.

Obviously, somebody told the American Free Press to stop selling the book, and the employees did not bother (or were afraid) to fill the final order. The American Free Press has yet to explain why they did this, and why they would treat their customer in this manner.

How did Alex Jones know an attack was coming?

In the summer of 2001, Alex Jones told people to call the White House in order to stop a possible upcoming attack with Osama bin Laden as the patsy. Did you watch the video at the link at the top of this document? Here is that link again:

Notice that he put the blame on the White House, not the Zionists.

Once you realize that Alex Jones is a Zionist denier, you have to wonder if he was trying to build up credibility among the people who already suspected the government of the Oklahoma City bombing and other crimes. 

By making a vague prediction of an upcoming attack by bin Laden, Jones would look like an amazingly knowledgeable man after the 9-11 attack occurred. He would attract even more people who distrusted the government.

Alex Jones is behaving like a sheepherder. Specifically, he collects the people who distrust the government, and then he feeds them lies about how all the blame belongs on George Bush and the mysterious New World Order.

We know many of the criminals!

Everybody in this 9/11 movement needs to be investigated as a possible member of the criminal network. Nobody should be immune from investigation:

We especially need to keep our eye on the following people because they are almost certain to be part of the criminal network:

Phil Berg, Mike Berger (and everybody else in, Bob Bowman, Gabriel Day, Professor James Fetzer and other founding members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Jim Hoffman and his girlfriend Victoria Ashley, Gerard Holmgren, Phil Jayhan, Alex Jones, Jeff King (aka plaguepuppy), Nicholas Levis, Wayne Madsen, Scott Makufka (aka Victor Thorn), Kurt Nimmo, Jenna Orkin, Lisa Pease, Eric Jon Phelps, Jeff Rense, Mike Ruppert, Karl Schwarz, Rick Siegel (, Greg Szymanski, Webster Tarpley, Frank Whalen (RBN radio host)
Most of the people in the media are also part of this criminal network. Some of the names of the top executives are here:

We can do something whenever we want

We can easily figure who to investigate. They have names, addresses, and telephone numbers. We can deal with these criminals whenever we get enough people to stand up to them. We outnumber them a million to one.

So grow a backbone, and prepare for the battle!