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Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid

15 June 2007

Many people say the Bush administration is behaving like the Nazi government. Nobody ever explains why this similarity exists. The reason is that the Zionists influenced the Nazis, and they are influencing the American and other governments.
Alfred Rosenberg is was one of the primary men behind the Nazi philosophy, and he "helped" Hitler to write Mein Kampf.
The Nazi movement was a trick; a fraud by Zionists. It is similar to the neo-Nazi movement and the white supremacist movement in America today. The Nazis are Zionists.

Peter Shank, for example, of, claims to be a white supremacist, but he behaves just like other Zionists; ie, he insults us, he makes crude remarks about other races, and he defends the Apollo moon landing.

The Zionists are being exposed, and their reaction is to ignore or insult us, but this separation between us is making it easy to identify them. For example, everybody that 911blogger promotes should be considered a Zionist or their puppet. They just promoted Gore Vidal, who in turn promotes David Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor":

Gore Vidal promoted his propaganda on the Alex Jones radio show several months ago:

Leuren Moret also gets a lot of publicity from Jewish criminals, and she travels around to speak at their meetings. She is a regular guest on the Jeff rense radio show. Don't assume she's an innocent woman. She's working with Jewish criminals, and there has to be a sensible reason for it.

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but there is valuable information in our interviews
British and American government officials often argue over who is more loyal to Israel
"I am a Zionist!"

British Conservative Party leader and Judeo-Puppet, David Cameron

"May I remind the honourable gentleman that I became a Zionist puppet when he was just a pretentious little wanker living with his mummy? Plus, I have distinguished myself as President Bush's poodle."
"Excuse me, Mr. Speaker, but I have Israeli documents to prove that I am a more loyal Zionist stooge than either of those blokes. I was even willing to embarrass myself on the Big Brother television show, plus I can drink any of you English chaps under the table."
"As always, we Americans trump you Brits. I do more than merely kiss Zionist butt; I was Joe Lieberman's personal Shabbos goy!"
A backup copy is here
"I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist."

"My son married a young woman whose mother and whole family is a very prominent Jewish family..."

Here is George Galloway acting like a cat:

Note that promotes Galloway's complaints about the voter fraud in the UK, and claims that Zionists hate him, but listen to this excerpt from his radio show as he blames Israel's bombing of Lebanon in 2006 on the USA:

Can you see that Mathaba and Galloway are pretending to criticize Israel while shifting the blame over to the Bush administration?

More on Galloway at my article about Holocaust denial:

"We at the American Free Press are Zionist poodles also! Why are we being ignored?"

I already wrote about you, Mike:

I have since moved on to more important Judeo-Poodles.

Nazis and White Supremacists
Are they real Nazis?
Or Ashkenazis?

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