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26 March 2007
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Questions about the Holocaust are often dismissed with such remarks as:
"What difference does it make if 6 million Jews died, or only 5 million? The Holocaust was a tragedy even if there was only one death! Therefore, leave the issue alone."

Why not use that reasoning with 9/11:

"What difference does it make if 3000 people died and 20,000 are suffering lung damage, or only one person died? The 9/11 attack was a tragedy even if only one person had died. Therefore, there is no need to investigate 9/11."
When we investigate 9/11, our primary interest is not getting a more accurate count on the number of people who died.

Rather, we have more important questions, such as did 19 Arabs do this all by themselves?

Likewise, there are important reasons to investigate the Holocaust. We are not merely interested in getting a more accurate count of the number of people who died.

Do you believe it is acceptable to investigate the September 11 attack?

If so, why wouldn't you also consider it acceptable to investigate other crimes, such as the Holocaust?

Who would prevent an investigation of a crime?
If your car was stolen, would you stop the police from investigating the crime?

If your mother was raped, would you try to stop the police from investigating?

Of course not. Actually, you would be upset if the police ignored the crime.

However, if you told your friend to steal your car so that you could collect insurance money, you would not want the police to investigate. Instead, you would hide evidence, and you would delay giving the police whatever information they asked for.

Likewise, if you raped your own mother, you would not want the police to investigate.

9/11 victims want investigations; why don't Holocaust victims?
Although the majority of people don't care about anything other than their own entertainment, there is always a small percentage that wants to know what is happening in the world.

There are thousands of victims of the September 11 attack, and a small percentage of those victims and their families are demanding to know what happened. Thousands of other people, who were not victims, also want an investigation.

The Holocaust supposedly has millions of victims, so there should be a lot more victims demanding an investigation. But where are they?

Can you find just one Jew who wants an investigation of the Holocaust?

It seems as if every Jew on the planet is either ignoring the Holocaust; actively working to stop investigations and discussions; kicking professors in the face for investigating the Holocaust; or arranging the arrest of people who investigate the Holocaust.

Professor Robert Faurisson was attacked by three Jews while walking his dog. They kicked him in the face, and broke his jaw.

More about this here:


Why are there so many survivors of the Holocaust?

Israel is full of Holocaust survivors, and so is America, Britain, Germany, and other nations.
Norman Finkelstein, the son of a man and woman who were imprisoned in the Nazi camps, investigated the Holocaust and ended up writing a book called The Holocaust Industry.

Finkelstein accuses Jews of pretending to be survivors for both financial gain and to "deflect criticism of Jews".

A BBC news article about Finkelstein's book:

That article was written in January of 2000, but most people still know nothing about this issue because articles like that are extremely rare.

"Who did Hitler kill?"
Norman Finkelstein says his mother made a sarcastic remark about the Holocaust survivors:
"If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?"

Finkelstein's research shows us one reason that so many Jews are trying to stop investigations of the Holocaust. Specifically, an investigation will show that many of the survivors were never in the camps, and some of them were so far away from Germany that they had no reason to be concerned about the Nazis. These particular Jews are con artists.

This type of deception occurs with almost every natural disaster, war, and terrorist attack. Specifically, people take advantage of the situation by making false insurance claims or pretending to be a victim.

Nobody knows how many of the Holocaust survivors are real survivors and how many are liars. However, the photographs taken by the Americans shows that there were tens of thousands of real survivors.

How is it possible that so many prisoners survived the large scale extermination programs going on at the death camps?

There were so many survivors... who did Hitler kill?
Why were the prisoners wearing uniforms?
All Nazi camp photos show that the prisoners wore uniforms, such as the prisoners at Dachau below in 1945 who are cheering at the Americans.
The Jews tell us that piles of shoes, hair, clothing, and other personal items are evidence of a phenomenal extermination program, but prisons all over the world routinely replace the clothing of prisoners with uniforms, and they often cut the hair of male prisoners and provide razors for them to shave. Piles of clothing and hair do not prove that there was an extermination program.

If they really were "death camps", how did Finkelstein's parents survive? Why did the Nazis provide beds for the prisoners?

How to get away with a crime
Perhaps one of the best way for a man to hide his pedophilia is to become a crusader against it, and to demand a cruel death for all pedophiles. Who would suspect such a man of pedophilia? 
Reverend Ted Haggard condemned homosexuality... before he was exposed as homosexual and a user of methamphetamines

Perhaps the best way for a Zionist to hide among Goyim is to pretend to be a Nazi who wants to exterminate Jews. Who would suspect an angry Nazi of being a Zionist?

Perhaps the best way for an organization to hide their goal of world conquest, their plans to exterminate certain races, and their desire to use the remaining people as slaves, is to set up some other group to do exactly that, and then pretend to be a victim of that group.

Which Jews were sent to the prison camps?
Not every Jew in Germany or the occupied areas was sent to a prison camp. Why were some Jews sent to the camps, but not others?

In a book, Hitler's Jewish soldiers, Bryan Mark Rigg claims that as many as 150,000 men in the German military were Jews, or partially Jewish.

Why weren't those Jews sent to the camps? Why would the Nazis, who are trying to exterminate Jews, allow Jews to obtain high-level positions in their military, including such positions as General and Admiral?

Why was Irčne Némirovsky sent to Auschwitz?
Némirovsky was a Jewish woman who lived in France at the time of the war. In July 1942 she was arrested and sent to a Nazi prison camp, but not her husband or children. Why was she selected for the camp but not other German or French Jews who were living near her?

Here are two very valuable reports about her:

These two articles talk about "mass arrests" of Jews, and of Jews being forced to wear yellow stars. However, only Irčne Némirovsky and a few other Jews were arrested and sent to prison camps, while most of the Jews were only told to wear stars.

Why was she arrested, but not the rest of her family? The article suggests that other Jews considered her to be "anti-Semitic"; i.e., not interested in Zionism.

Why would the Nazis prefer to arrest the anti-Zionist Jews?

Who made the decision to arrest her? Was it a Goyim Nazi, or was it a Jewish Nazi?

What were all those Jewish men doing in the Nazi leadership? Were they fighting for Germany? Or were they fighting for Zionism?

Auschwitz had an infirmary
Irčne Némirovsky ended up at the most notorious death camp of all, Auschwitz. She suffered from asthma, and she was ill when she arrived. The article says the Nazis put her into the infirmary upon arrival.

Why would there be an infirmary for the prisoners if Auschwitz was a death camp? Why would they bother to help an asthma victim if they sent her to the camp to kill her?

The official Holocaust story claims that the Nazis stood at the entrance to the camp to inspect the newly arriving prisoners. The sickly, old, and weak prisoners were separated for immediate execution. The others were used for slaves and experiments.

However, those news articles about Irčne Némirovsky imply the sickly prisoners were sent for medical treatment, not execution!

To further confuse the issue, the photos of prisoners arriving at Auschwitz, such as the photo below, show the women and children separated from the men. This is typical of prisons, not extermination centers.

Isn't it interesting that the photos of the September 11 attack and the photos of the Nazi death camps don't fit the official stories?

The article about Irčne Némirovsky claims that her forearm was tattooed with an identification number. A month later she was dead. The article says that officially she died of typhus but that some mysterious people eventually figured out that she was really killed in a gas chamber.

Apparently the Germans were hiding their incredible extermination program by writing down the cause of death as "typhus". A clever trick! But not clever enough (as you will soon discover, the BBC knew that the Germans had extermination camps).

Supposedly, a few weeks after Némirovsky was gassed, her husband was arrested and gassed at Auschwitz. However, the article doesn't mention whether he also received medical treatment and a tattoo prior to being killed, or whether his cause of death was marked "typhus".

Those news articles can help us understand why the Germans lost the war. Specifically, the Germans wasted a lot of their time and resources giving tattoos and medical treatment to Jews prior to killing them in gas chambers. Who started that silly rumor that the Germans were efficient? If the Jews are correct about the Holocaust, the Germans are a race of idiots.

The BBC knew about the gas chambers by 1942

Another interesting remark in the article about Irčne Némirovsky is that it claims the BBC radio announced the death of 700,000 Polish Jews in gas chambers.

Think about this!

In 1942 the BBC radio was telling the world that 700,000 Jews had been killed in Nazi gas chambers. How did the BBC know about these gas chambers as early as 1942? And how did they know 700,000 Jews had been killed already?

Obviously, when the Germans wrote down the cause of death as being "typhus", they did not fool the super-smart, BBC reporters!

We would be fools if we didn't consider the possibility that the stories of the gas chambers were propaganda, just like the stories in 1990 of babies being thrown out of incubators by the Iraqi soldiers.

What if Zionist Jews within the BBC were fabricating these gas chamber stories in order to trick the British people into hating the Germans, and to frighten the Jews into escaping Europe for Palestine?

What if the Zionists helped get the Nazi movement going, instigated World War 2, helped set up the Nazi prison camps, and then used those camps to dispose of non-Zionist Jews and other people they didn't want?

Why do Jews want to arrest Holocaust Deniers?
The Jews are not merely ignoring the Holocaust, they are actively trying to stop people from looking into it, and they want people arrested for investigating the Holocaust.

This is equivalent to a person filing a complaint with the police that his car was stolen, and then demanding that anybody who investigates the theft be arrested for denying the theft.

It should be obvious that if the Zionists are lying about the Nazi camps, then they would stop investigations of the camps, and they would destroy or hide documents. What a coincidence that the Jews are keeping Nazi documents a secret - as of 2007!

There are so many documents that they fill "26 kilometres of grey metal filing cabinets and cardboard binders in six nondescript buildings":
Update: that news article appears to have been deleted, so here is a similar one:

Why are Jews hiding millions of Nazi documents? Why don't they release these documents and let historians investigate the Nazis?

Does it really take a lot of  intelligence to figure this out?

Imagine for just a moment that the German records are accurate and honest. Imagine the possibility that the Germans were providing medical care to the prisoners, and that most of the deaths were from typhus and starvation during the final year of the war when food and fuel were in short supply.

Imagine for a moment that the only people lying about World War 2 are the Jews!

Gosh! That would explain why there are no photographs of gas chambers; no photographs of giant ovens, and why the Jews want to stop people from investigating the Holocaust! 

Does it matter if one Jew died, or 6 million?

Yes, it does indeed matter how many Jews died.

It is even more important for us to understand which Jews died, and who is responsible for sending those particular Jews to the camps.

It is also important to understand if any of the Jews in the Nazi military were working with Zionists.

We should also investigate the funding for the Nazi movement.

Our view of the Nazis will be reversed if we discover that Jews such as Irčne Némirovsky were selected for the camps by Zionist Jews rather than by French or German Goyim.

If the Zionists were responsible for the Nazi party, World War II, and the prison camps, that means the entire war was a trick. It would be similar to the way the Jews staged the 9/11 attack to trick the Americans into attacking Afghanistan and Iraq.

Incidentally, after the Americans went into Iraq, they started operating the Abu Ghraib prison. There are reports that some of the people working at that prison were Israelis:

The Americans also set up a strange prison at Guantanamo, Cuba. Whose idea was that?

Furthermore, if the Zionists are responsible for World War 2 and the Nazi camps, that means the Jews who were victims of the Nazis, such as Finkelstein's parents, were actually victims of other Jews, not Germans!

It would also mean that the Holocaust survivors should not be demanding compensation from Germany, Britain, or America. Instead, they should be demanding compensation from the Zionists, including the Rothschilds, who supposedly helped fund the Zionist movement.

Who is destroying Iraq?
Americans have been torturing and destroying Iraq since 1991, but is it accurate to say that the Americans are responsible?

Or is it more accurate to say the Jews have been tricking the foolish Americans into hating and destroying Iraq?

Are the Germans responsible for World War 2?
In 1933 the Jews staged a boycott of Germany to create economic problems for Germany, and to create anger towards Jews. The image below is supposed to be a scan of the newspaper headline in 1933 announcing the boycott.
I have more information on this issue here:

Crystal Night - the Nazi 9-11?

This event is also extremely suspicious. The Nazis had been in control of Germany since 1933. They were supposedly on the verge of starting a world war. On the night of 9 November 1938 (9-11-1938 as Europeans would write the date), some Germans went on a rampage that historians refer to as "Crystal Night".
During the night, the Nazis secretly broke windows of Jewish businesses throughout Germany and in Vienna, and caused other damage.
Considering that the Nazis had control of Germany for five years, why would they break windows if their goal was to exterminate Jews? Why would the Germans attack buildings if they wanted to exterminate Jews? Why would they do this at night? Why were they hiding from the German people?

Why didn't the German police quietly arrest the Jews during the day, and without damaging buildings or disrupting life for their citizens?

The obnoxious rampage that we know as Crystal Night appears to be an act of terrorism by Jews to frighten other Jews into leaving Germany. Not surprisingly, most of the Jews who were in Germany during 1938 moved out after that rampage.

America accepted only some of those German Jews, so a lot of them ended up in Palestine.

Most people don't realize that as the population of German Jews decreased, the population of Jews increased in America, Palestine, Sweden, Britain, and other nations.

Most people have been tricked into believing that the population of German Jews diminished during the Nazi regime because the Germans were shipping millions of Jews to death camps where they were exterminated in large gas chambers, and then burned in giant ovens.

Who benefits?
When trying to understand the world wars, 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, and other confusing events, ask yourself, who benefits from these events?

We are supposed to believe that the Germans decided to exterminate Jews simply because Germans are a violent, evil species.

We are also supposed to believe that Germans decided to conquer the world, even though a teenager would be able to do the simple math necessary to figure out that Germany doesn't have a military large enough to conquer all of Europe, let alone the entire world.

Many people ask, "How many Jews died on 9/11?"

Once you realize that the Jews who were sent to prison camps were not interested in supporting the Zionist goals, a better question to ask is, how many of the Jews who were killed by the Nazis were anti-Zionist Jews who had been selected for death by Zionist Jews?

Were any Zionist Jews killed by Nazis? Even if somebody comes up with names of dead Zionists, there is no proof that they are dead unless there are dead bodies. Some of those dead Zionists may have moved to Palestine and started a new life, and possibly with a new name.

Who benefited from what General Eisenhower did to the Germans? Have you seen the article and photos of what Eisenhower did to the German soldiers after the war? A portion of one of those photos is below.

Email this link, or print those scanned pages of that article to show people:

Did Eisenhower kill any Jews? Did he kill any Zionist Jews? Or did he only kill goyim?

An analysis of the world wars, the Holocaust, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the 9/11 attack shows that there has been only one group of people who hyve been benefiting from these wars and terrorist attacks: the Zionist Jews.

The wars and terrorist attacks got Israel established, and the Zionists are still making money from the Holocaust.

Some people say the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Bronfmans, and many other wealthy families also benefited, but those families could be categorized as Zionists. They all seem to help each other, even though there may be disputes between them.

An investigation of the Holocaust is very important

We must be free to investigate every historical event, whether it be the Holocaust, the Civil War, the Vietnam War, or the assassination of President Lincoln.

Don't be intimidated when people try to stop you from investigating the Holocaust. Instead, ask yourself, Why do they want to stop me?

We need to investigate the Holocaust, but not because we need a more accurate figure on how many Jews died.

An investigation of the Holocaust will let us know whether the Zionists tricked the the world into a gigantic war, and then fabricated Holocaust stories in order to extort money, terrorize other Jews, and justify the abuse of Germany.

Our investigation of 9/11 has proven that Zionists staged the attack in order to fool us into destroying the Arab nations.

If an investigation of the Holocaust shows that the Zionists are responsible for the war and for fabricating Holocaust stories, it will completely change our view of history.

How many "Holocaust Deniers" are real?
As I have said many times during the past few years, I think almost every 9/11 investigator is a Zionist or one of their agents, and that they are pretending to be investigators in order to confuse you, send you down the wrong path, and lure you away from people like me.

If the Holocaust is a Zionist fabrication, then most of the Holocaust investigators will be Zionists, also. Take a look at the Holocaust investigators who get attention, and you will see signs that they are indeed Zionists, or their blackmailed puppets.

David Irving

I have info on Irving here:

Rather than repeat any of that information, here is something new to consider.

How can I outperform Irving?
David Irving is now out of jail, and he just gave another talk about the Holocaust, this time to an Italian audience. He was in Budapest a short time before that to give a speech about the Holocaust.

Irving gets lots of publicity by the Zionist media, and secretive people invite him to speak about the Holocaust, but he never says much about the Holocaust. You will find more important information about the Holocaust in my articles!

How could I, in my spare time, provide more information about the Holocaust than a man who has studied the issue for decades?

It should be easy to answer that question because the same situation occurs with 9/11. Experienced investigators such as Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley have been in the truth movement for many years, but in my spare time and at my own expense I put together a book, video, and website that does more to expose 9/11 than all of the other 9/11 investigators put together.

There is only one explanation for this. Those other investigators are not really trying to expose 9/11. Rather, they are trying to influence the investigation; they are trying to control it; they are trying to suppress it.

How can Bollyn outperform so many people?

Take a look at how many articles Christopher Bollyn has written since the September 11 attack. Some of them are here:

That page lists only some of his articles, mainly the more recent articles.

Note that they are original research articles, not other people's ideas put into his own words.

If one man is capable of producing all of those articles, then consider how many articles we should be getting from groups of people, such as and The Scholars for 9/11 Truth. However, there is almost nothing of value coming from those groups.

If you lack the intellectual and emotional ability to figure out who among us is truly trying to expose corruption and who is a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, you may end up assisting the criminals.

“So I said to the stupid goy,
'The Jews gave Hitler a bad image. He was actually an wonderful man.'
And now he trusts me! What a sucker!”

Furthermore, if you can't figure out who is doing the research, and who is merely copying other people's research and using it as bait to lure you over to them, you're going to end up following the criminals.

Even a child is capable of taking information or concepts from Bollyn or me, rewriting it, and posting it on his website to lure people over to his site. 

You must learn to differentiate between a copycat and a researcher. You must be able to differentiate between intelligent opinions, and bait to lure you into a Goy Pen.

Don't make excuses for your leaders
Mark Lane, Webster Tarpley, Mike Piper, and all of the other "truth seekers" and "investigators" have been around for years or decades, but they say almost nothing of value about 9/11, the world wars, the Holocaust, or the Apollo moon landing.

Don't be a sucker and make excuses for them, such as, "Well, maybe they're just not very smart", or "Gosh, they try hard!"

Leaders are supposed to provide leadership. You should not be treating them like babies who need your excuses and pity. The "truth seekers" are not stupid. Rather, they are liars. They are part of the criminal network.

One more example is Eric Williams.

Eric D. Williams

In February 2007 a meeting was held in Arizona to expose 9/11. Eric Williams was scheduled to speak at that meeting, and so was one of the members of the Loose Change crew.

However, when the Loose Change crew discovered that Williams was going to speak, they refused to go to the meeting on the grounds that Williams is a Holocaust Denier, and they will not speak at a meeting that allows Holocaust Denial.

When respectable researchers, such as Dylan Avery, condemn Eric Williams as a Holocaust Denier, then people are likely to conclude that Williams is indeed a real Holocaust Denier.

However, if you suspect, as I do, that the Loose Change crew are dishonest Zionists, then you should suspect that their condemnation of Williams is a trick to give Williams credibility as a Holocaust Denier.

Not surprisingly, a close analysis of Eric Williams shows that he is similar to David Irving. For example, take a look at how he starts his book The Puzzle of Auschwitz. It has a dedication page with this:

Also, last but not least. . . to the real defenders of freedom:

Jeff Rense, David Icke, G. Edward Griffin,
John Kaminski, and everyone else defending the truth!

Are those the four people you would have selected as the real defenders of freedom? Take a look at those four men:

1) Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense promotes Zionist propaganda, such as the theory that the world's problems are caused by the Bush family, the Illuminati, the British royal family, and the Vatican. He also promotes nonsense about aliens from other planets.

If you don't already know about Rense, here is one of my articles that mentions Rense:

2) David Icke

The ADL accuses David Icke of referring to "Jews" when he talks about "reptiles". If that is true, then some of what Icke says makes sense. However, we are still left with a lot of nonsense.

It would be better to find a "defender of freedom" who can speak the truth without the nonsense and secret codes.

3) G. Edward Griffin
Griffin exposes the Federal Reserve, but he also protects Zionism. His material about the Federal Reserve may be bait to lure people away from the people who are being honest.

It is possible that his job is to lure people away from the Money Masters video.

4) John Kaminski
He makes outrageous and insulting remarks about Jews, but he was sexually involved with Judy Andreas, who is Jewish, and whose family are Zionists!

This is even more suspicious when you consider that he claims to have almost no money, but since Judy Andreas was in New York, and he was in Florida, they had to fly by airplane to meet with each other.

So, a man with no money, and who hates Jews, flies to New York to have sex with his Jewish girlfriend.

Does that make sense to you?

It makes lots of sense if he is a fake anti-semite, or if he is mentally ill, or both. 

Who -- other than a Zionist -- would pick those four men as the true defenders of freedom? His dedication page is all you need to know that this book is going to be propaganda. You don't have to bother reading the book. Instead, jump directly to the conclusion. It is a single page.

Keep in mind that his book, The Puzzle of Auschwitz, is an attempt to prove that the Holocaust is a hoax. If you were writing a book that exposed the Holocaust as a hoax, what would be your conclusion?

Compare some of the remarks I make in this document about the Holocaust to what Eric Williams writes in his conclusion:

By exaggerating the suffering of the Jewish people during World War II, Zionist groups and the Israeli regime are taking advantage of furthering their agenda to neutralize any opposition to their agenda and brand anyone who questions their story, anti-Semitic.

I am not trying to say that Jews did not suffer at the hands of the Nazis. No one I know within Historical Revisionism is trying to ignore it either. The suffering of any group should not cause the world to justify the suffering of another to justify the firsts. And this suffering causes more suffering and then leads to war.

Can you see the deception? Williams is trying to convince us that the Jews were merely:
"exaggerating the suffering of the Jewish people during World War II"
In his next paragraph he reinforces this attitude that Jews suffered by writing:
"I am not trying to say that Jews did not suffer at the hands of the Nazis"
Tens of millions of people suffer tremendously during the world wars, including one of my uncles, who was shot in the stomach with a machine gun by Nazis. He survived the attack, but he suffered health problems from that point onward. However, very few Zionist Jews suffered during the wars, and only a few non-Zionist Jews suffered. The evidence suggests that the Zionist Jews started World War 1, funded the Nazi movement, and  then started World War 2.

The Zionist Jews are responsible for the death and suffering of millions of Europeans, Americans, Russians, Turks, Arabs, and Africans. Anybody who focuses on the suffering of the Jews during the world wars is likely to be a Jew or one of their agents.

There are accusations that Pearl Harbor was staged, but staged by whom? Who among us would want to instigate a war between Asia and America? Did Zionists play a major role in the Pearl Harbor attack, also? Were the Zionists also involved in instigating a war between Japan and China?

I suspect that an investigation of the wars in Asia will show us that Jews were secretly stirring up trouble in Asia in order to instigate fights between the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and other Asians.

The Chinese frequently complain about being attacked by Japan during World War II, but if the Zionist Jews were the primary group responsible for that war, then the real enemy of China are the Jews, not the Japanese.

There is also evidence that the Zionists were involved with the communist movement, and that they started it, which resulted in the deaths and suffering of tens of millions of people.

Did the Jews exaggerate their suffering?

There is no evidence to support the official story of the Holocaust. The evidence shows that almost all of the deaths at the prison camps were due to typhus and a shortage of food in the final year of the war. This is why the dead bodies are so skinny.

Take a look at who really suffered during the world wars. There were millions of deaths and mutilations, and lots of bombings of Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, and China. Who really suffered?

Williams wants us to believe that the Jews "exaggerated" their suffering, but what suffering did they do? They were profitting from the war, and they were creating Israel.

It seems that the only Jews who suffered were the Jews the Zionists did not want.

Eric Williams is a Zionist, or one of their Useful Idiots. The Zionists are trying to fool us into accepting him as a "Holocaust Denier" in order to lure us into his Goy Pen. He will then feed us propaganda about how the Jews merely exaggerated their suffering. 

Follow me!

I'm a Holocaust denier. I have been certified by Meria Heller, Dylan Avery, and the ADL.

The Jews hate me, so that proves I'm honest.

Will the Gullible Goyim be fooled by the Zionists again? Will they gather around Eric Williams, David Irving, and other "Holocaust Deniers" and listen to stories about the suffering of the Jewish people? 
And then the vicious Nazis shipped millions of innocent Jews to death camps!

Sure, the Jews exaggerated their suffering, but the Death Camps were still more horrible than your wildest nightmare! Human experiments, senseless torture, and endless rapes!

Eric Williams has this site:

His website is more evidence that he is a phony Holocaust Denier. For example, Williams promotes Barry Chamish, an Israeli Zionist who blames the Vatican for all of the worlds problems.

Stranger yet, Williams promotes Meria Heller, who condemns Holocaust Denial. A video of Meria Heller talking about the Holocaust (and promoting global warming) at the 9/11 conference in Arizona is here on youtube.

Eric Williams was interviewed at that 9/11 conference in Arizona. He says more about the Holocaust than David Irving, but is this your idea of exposing the Holocaust?

Ernst Zundel

There is more about Ernst Zundel here:

Zundel has been abused by Zionists, and is in jail as of March 2007 for denying the Holocaust.

However, as with David Irving, he doesn't put up much of a fight, and he doesn't say anything really devastating about Zionism or the Holocaust, and he avoids the Apollo moon landing.

As I have pointed out before, I am under the most pressure to stop talking about the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing. There is something about the Apollo moon landing that frightens Zionists. They don't want us looking closely at NASA or the Star Wars program. Why do they protect NASA so fiercely?

A couple years ago Ingrid Rimland, Ernst Zundel's third and current wife, sent e-mail messages to lots of people, including me, asking for our support in helping her husband resist deportation.

I responded that he should put up more of a fight, and that he should help us expose 9/11 and the Apollo moon landing. Not surprisingly, she dismissed Apollo as irrelevant.

What is irrelevant about Apollo? The moon landing shows the ability of the media to fool people. Those lousy, low quality television images of Apollo astronauts fooled billions of people into thinking that there are men on the moon, and that they are driving cars around on it.

The same thing is going on in 9/11. Low-quality video images of Osama and other terrorists are fooling people into thinking that there is a large, technically advanced, Arab terrorist network.

A lot of people have wondered if Ingrid Rimland is a Zionist agent who help set up Ernst Zundel for arrest, or if both of them are Zionist agents.

Do you have trouble understanding why Zundel, Irving, and others would go to jail if they are working with Zionists? The answer is, if those men were caught committing other crimes, or if they were tricked into committing other crimes, the Zionists could give them the choice of going to jail as a pedophile, or going to jail as a Holocaust Denier. Which would you choose?

Ingrid Rimland recently posted a suspicious article on the Internet in which she praised an article from Mike Rivero which made excuses for Israel and Zionism. A short video about this is here:

Ernst Zundel, Mike Rivero, and the Holocaust

You can find that video at this page:

Mike Rivero protects NASA and its Apollo moon hoax, and he insists that Flight 77 really did crash into the Pentagon. Why would Ingrid Rimland praise and promote such a liar?

Furthermore, of all the articles Mike Rivero has written, why did she decide to praise the article that makes excuses for Israel and Zionism?


On April 1, 2007, Mike Rivero added a link to this news item about some British teachers dropping the Holocaust from their courses because Muslim students believe the Holocaust is a lie.

Look at Rivero's comment:
(The paragraph under the link is extracted from the news article, and the indented paragraph is his comment.)

Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims
It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.
Posted Apr 1, 2007 03:39 PM PST
The rest are just tired of constantly hearing about it like the rest of us, then being asked to form [sic] over more money to pay for something that happened before they were born.
Notice that he says we are tired of giving money to something that happened before we were born. He is implying that the Holocaust really did happen. He is not agreeing with the Muslims that it is a Zionist hoax.

How could Ingrid Rimland, whose husband is in jail for Holocaust Denial, support a man who supports the official lies about Flight 77, the Apollo moon landing, and the Holocaust?

It is more evidence that Mike Rivero and Ingrid Rimland are working with the Zionists in some capacity.

And so are virtually all other Holocaust Revisionists, white supremacists, and Nazis, such as Mike Piper, Mark Glenn, Paul Fromm, Mark Farrell, Mark Weber, The Barnes Review, the Institute of Historical Review, and Curtis Maynard.

The evidence suggests that the only Holocaust deniers that the Zionists put in jail are their own puppets, and they do this to frighten you into remaining silent about the Holocaust.

The evidence suggests that virtually all of the Holocaust revisionists are actually Zionist agents who are trying to get control of the Holocaust investigation and push people such as myself out of the picture.

If you are foolish enough to follow those Crypto-Zionists, they will feed you propaganda about how the Jews have suffered abuse by the Nazis, and that Israel has a right to exist.

Will the Americans, Europeans, Russians, Japanese, and Chinese be fooled by the Zionists again?

By the way, here is a more amusing way to deal with Holocaust Deniers:

Don't forget to help the Survivors of Holocaust Denial:

The Scottish politician, George Galloway

I mentioned many times that when somebody tries to expose 9/11, the Holocaust, or any other Zionist crime, the Zionists secretly try to ruin him.

If you work at a company or government agency that they have influence over, they might get you fired.

The Jews are likely to be pretend to be your friend in order to find your weaknesses. They will probe you with innocent questions. Do you like smoking marijuana? Do you have any secrets? Have you ever committed a crime? Are you homosexual? How do you feel about other races or religions?

They might secretly record your casual conversations and try to get you to say something that they can play to somebody else to start a fight in the hope of leading you into doing or saying something that they can blackmail you over.

If they can catch you doing something embarrassing or illegal, then you become their puppet. George Galloway behaves as if he is a Zionist puppet.

Note that promotes Galloway and claims that the Zionists hate him:

Please listen to this excerpt from his Galloway's radio show as he blames Israel's bombing of Lebanon in the summer of 2006 on the USA:

Can you see that and Galloway are Zionist propaganda tools?

An excerpt of Galloway talking about the Holocaust was posted at youtube (fixed this link):

He supports the official story of the Holocaust, and supports locking David Irving in jail for the rest of his life for denying the Holocaust.

What are the chances that George Galloway truly believes that people should be locked in jail forever simply for investigating historical events?

Galloway behaves like a Zionist puppet, but some Zionists try to fool us into thinking Galloway is anti-Zionist by describing him as an anti-Semite on the grounds that he criticizes some Israeli policies.

Have you seen excerpts of his appearance on the Big Brother television show? Here he is behaving like a cat:

Galloway's behavior and idiotic remarks about 9/11, the Holocaust, etc, don't make sense... unless he is a Zionist puppet.

If you don't take the issue of Zionism and blackmail seriously, they will "own" you, as they seem to describe it.