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Daryl Bradford Smith talks with Eric Hufschmid

31 July 2006

We have enough evidence that 9/11 was a scam. Don't waste time discussing details, such as "Where are passengers of Flight 77?"

And don't be fooled into thinking President Bush is the mastermind. It is true that 9/11 was an inside job... but by Zionists inside America. Or describe it as an outside job by Zionists around the world.

We should be discussing the truly important issues:

How do we fix our world so that a small handful of Zionists never again get control of our media, our government officials, and our military?

How do we remove this Zionist Cancer from our world?

How do we improve our voting system so that it cannot be so easily corrupted?

What role do the Rosthchilds and their associates play in our banking and monetary system? How do we design a better system? How do we ensure that no family gets so control over it?

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Some of the issues we talk about:
Jewish groups want to "ostracize" Mel Gibson. If Gibson is incorrect, why don't the Jews explain Gibson's mistakes? Why ostracize him?

The accusations that Gibson is "anti-Semitic" and that he needs to be ostracized is a sign those mysterious "Jewish groups" have nothing intelligent to say in response to Gibson, which is more proof that Gibson is correct.

But what is Gibson correct about? What does Gibson know about Jews and their influence in Hollywood, the wars, or whatever? We don't know! The Jews won't allow him to talk!

Gibson and others should be allowed to discuss their opinions. Don't let Zionists to intimidate you! They have no right to censor Gibson or the rest of us.

Don't purchase their newspapers or magazines. Drive them out of business. Demand the television shows allow us to explain our opinions.

Update: the insulting South Park show about Gibson has been removed from youtube. For those of you who saw that South Park cartoon, do think that episode was truly intended to be funny?


What is this strange law that tries to stop boycotts of Israel:


People always complain to us:
"Why do you pry into the lives of Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and other people? Why don't investigate 9/11?"
The answer should be obvious. We are trying to identify the crime network. If Christopher Bollyn had never pried into the life of Michael Chertoff, we never would have noticed that he is closely tied to Mossad and Israel:

And we would not have noticed that his relative, Benjamin, was responsible for the attack on 9/11 investigators in the popular mechanics magazine:

Larry Silverstein is a close friend of Binyamin Netanyahu. For all we know, Jason Bermas is also connected with Mossad, and Alex Jones may be a relative of Henry Jones, who created B'nai B'rith:'nai_B'rith


Perhaps we should offer amnesty to all of the Zionist blackmail victims, including Scott Ritter!

If the victims come forward and expose the Zionist crime network, we could ignore their crimes.

We would have to be prepared for some very shocking crimes, as you will realize if you listen to John DeCamp:

Or listen to Kay Griggs (watch the free videos of Kay Griggs, under the title "Desperate Wives"):