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Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid

31 Aug 2006

Smith and Hufschmid, 31 Aug 2006   5.5 mb
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Learn from the tens of millions of dead Goyim! We are fighting a war of deception, not a fist fight.

If you follow the wrong people, you may be taken to a slaughter house. We normally wouldn't care if you want to be a victim, but you are hurting our nation and us in the process because you are inadvertently assisting a large criminal network!

Did you see the reports of the slaughters that General Eisenhower and the foolish American soldiers conducted after World War 2?

Please look at this, and think about it:

American soldiers no longer kill Germans. They were killing Vietnamese for many years, but today they kill people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When are the Americans going to wise up? When will they stop being Zionist attack dogs?

Many of the American policeman are also behaving this way. Have you seen the business cards some detectives have:

E-mail a link to that photo to police departments, military bases, and your friends. Maybe that will get them to think.

Smith was asked to call in to one of the television shows on the Islamic Channel:

The particular television show that invited Smith as a guest is called "Politics and Beyond":

Smith's phone connection was working fine at the beginning of the show, but it quickly degraded. Smith could not hear the other people on the television show because their words were dropping out, and the audio level was very low. Occasionally there were strange noises.

How could a British television station have such horrendous audio quality? The most likely answer is that the Islam Channel is infiltrated with Zionists who sabotage the shows.

Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here).
This would explain why Smith was invited to speak on several Islamic radio shows. He even traveled to London once to be a guest on an Islamic television show.

Don't dismiss this issue of infiltration. Learn about the subject of Crypto Jews. Have you seen our simple introduction to get you started: