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The NSA is spying
on Americans!
"Oh my God!"

Are they violating our rights?

Or are they finally "getting a clue"?

 5 Jan 2006

We should be worried if the pedophiles and criminals within our government are spying on us because the only reason they would spy on us is to strengthen their criminal network. But how do we know the pedophiles are doing the spying?

Sure, this will seem far-fetched, but consider the possibility that the American government actually has some respectable people within it. Then ask yourself, "What if some of them are finally getting a clue?"

Specifically, what if some of them are finally realizing that the Arabs are not America's enemies? In such a case, they would stop investigating Arabs and start investigating Larry Silverstein, the media executives, the Zionist organizations, Al Gore, Alex Jones, Dr. Jim Hansen (global warming advocate), the Electronic Frontier Foundation,, and the thousands of other suspicious people?

Did the NSA finally "get a clue"?

Imagine for a moment that some of the NSA employees start to ask each other:

  • How is it possible that Dov Zakheim "lost" $2 trillion?

  • Why is Mike Ruppert trying to suppress discussions about explosives in the World Trade Center towers? And why is he blaming Dick Cheney for 9/11?

  • Why are the media executives suppressing evidence of 9-11?

  • How many of the people who push UFO theories really believe what they say? 

  • Why is Wayne Madsen implying that the Arabs were masterminds of the 9-11 attack? 
  • Who is most interested
    in “exposing” the NSA?

    Have you noticed who is complaining the most about this NSA spying scandal?

  • The mainstream media
  • The New York Times, CNN, CBS, and other mainstream media corporations are "exposing" the NSA.

    These media corporations are routinely and deliberately suppressing evidence of the September 11 attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, the attack on USS Liberty, and just about every other big crime. 

    Why would this group of career criminals expose the relatively trivial NSA spying "scandal" while assisting with numerous other horrendous crimes?

  • Some 9-11 "truth seekers"
  • Wayne Madsen complains about the spying on Americans by the NSA:

    Did you know that Madsen tries in a subtle manner to blame the Arabs for 9-11:

    Madsen "exposes" 9-11 in a deceptive manner, so why should we trust his exposure of the NSA spying scandal?

    This article implies that the NSA is spying on Bush's enemies:

    But what if the NSA is actually spying on America's true enemies? In such a case, wouldn't the NSA want to investigate the people who try to blame 9-11 on "globalists", "illuminati", or other vague groups? And wouldn't the NSA wonder about the people who promote aliens abductions and other idiotic theories?

    If the NSA were to spy on me, Eric Hufschmid, they would get an education. In fact, I encourages the NSA to spy on me, take notes about what they hear, and then spread the information to other people.

    By comparison, if the NSA were to spy on the media executives, the UFO promoters, and other suspicious "Truth Seekers", they would uncover numerous links in the Jewish criminal network that is destroying America, Canada, and Europe.
    Who would
    fear the NSA spies?

    Obviously, the mainstream media executives, the dishonest 9-11 Truth Seekers, and every other person who is part of the criminal network would be terrified that the NSA might be spying on them.

    They would want to stop the spying, but how can they stop the NSA? One method would be to frighten the American people into thinking the NSA is spying on ordinary Americans.

    Take a look at the people who are struggling right now to expose this NSA spying scandal. Most of those people belong on a list of suspects. In other words, the NSA should be spying on those people.

    Rather than tell the NSA to stop spying on Americans, we should demand that they immediately start spying on media executives, the people who promote UFOs, and everybody in the patriot groups, 9/11 groups, peace groups, etc.

    Since the FBI and most police departments are too corrupt to investigate organized crime, the NSA should do whatever they can. If the only tools at the NSA's disposal are to listen to conversations, then they should spy on the suspicious people. Perhaps the NSA can figure out what their criminal connections are, and then expose this crime network.

    The NSA should also spy on the FBI, the New York City Police, Governor Pataki, Rudy Giuliani, Larry Silverstein, the people at Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, Air America radio, ... practically everybody in the media and government.

    Why should these criminals be allowed to run loose? Why should you or I suffer from these criminals?

    These criminals are destroying our nation and starting wars. They are slaughtering people, stealing trillions of dollars, and contaminating the world with uranium and toxic waste. We are fools to let them get away with this.

    Don't blame the "Globalists"

    Some "Truth Seekers" blame our problems on the Illuminati, the Globalists, the New World Order, and the Military Establishment. 

    Blaming crime on vague, nebulous entities is as ridiculous as blaming the world's problems on "Bad People", "Monsters", or an "Axis Of Evil". 

    Some people have been "investigating" 9-11 and other crimes for years, and after all that time and effort their final conclusion is that some vague group of Globalists or Illuminati are responsible. Sure.

    A real investigation finds real people. When I investigate 9-11 and other crimes, I finds people with names and addresses, many of whom are Jewish, such as the Bronfmans, the Rothschilds, Dov Zakheim, and Paul Wolfowitz.

    Liberals are as corrupt as conservatives

    Bonnie Faulkner, of the KPFA radio station, is an example of a liberal radio host of a liberal radio station. She interviewed Indira Singh in December 2005. Singh talked about 9/11 and a company called PTech. Singh described how she came to the concludion that PTech was a front company for the CIA, and that it was getting some financing from Saudi Arabia. She implies that Saudi Arabia is involved in PTech, and that PTech was involved in the 9-11 attack.

    Is Singh unaware that PTech has more ties to Israel than to the CIA or Saudi Arabia? Christopher Bollyn wrote about this:

    Another of his articles: 76058

    Why are so many liberals and 9-11 "Truth Tellers" promoting Singh's view of PTech? Why don't the liberals provide Bollyn's view that PTech is an Israeli company? Don't liberals want us to see more than one viewpoint? No, they don't!

    The liberal organizations are as corrupt as the conservative organizations. Both groups lie to us, deceive us, and suppress evidence of 9-11 and other big crimes.

    Excerpts that Deceive

    One of the clever methods of deception is to extract certain segments from a person's speech or book that will promote a certain viewpoint. This is difficult to identify as deception because we all do this.

    For example, when we talk to our friends about an issue, we provide only certain information, not everything we know. We summarize what we consider to be the important information.

    Unfortunately, when we summarize information, our personal bias affects which information we provide, and which we ignore. Normally, nobody cares about this bias because it is inadvertent.

    However, a criminal can summarize information in a manner that deceives people on purpose. For example, as I discussed in other documents, such as my article on deception, or The 9-11 Bowel Movement, tries to downplay the possibility that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives. They do the exact same thing when they summarize information from Indira Singh. One of their articles is:
     The Journey of a Wall Street Whistleblower

    Indira Singh has said a lot about 9-11 and related issues, but provides only a small excerpt that suggests the CIA and Arabs were involved in 9-11.


    I have no idea who the NSA is spying on, or why they are spying. However, America and Europe are deteriorating, and if the NSA has the ability to spy on people, then they have the ability to help us unravel this criminal network.

    Therefore, I urge the NSA to leave the Arabs alone and start spying on the suspicious Americans. The NSA should clean out the Jewish criminals within their agency and help us make this world a better place.

    Some people will complain that the spying is illegal, and that the NSA should get permission before they do it. But who do they get permission from? Our FBI is corrupt, our police departments are corrupt, our legal system is corrupt, our military is corrupt....

    America is a nest of criminals, pedophiles, lunatics, and freaks. How can the NSA get permission to spy on criminals when the people they have to get permission from are some of the criminals they need to spy on?

    We are fighting a very large Zionist criminal network, and a lot of apathetic and dishonest Useful Idiots, so we cannot expect the NSA to ask the criminal network or the Useful Idiots for permission to take them down. The NSA should just do it.

    If the NSA is frightened, they have no need to worry; I will take full responsibility. The NSA can annouce to Congress that Eric Hufschmid has authorized the spying on all Zionists and their Useful Idiots.