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Is it OK to
criticize "Truth Seekers"?
Are we dividing and destroying the 9-11 movement?
Or are we cleaning our house of trash?

by Eric Hufschmid
3 Nov 2005
updated 4 January 2008

Dividing or Cleaning?

Hundreds of people in the so-called "9/11 movement" are accusing one another of lying. For example:

  • Fintan Dunne has a list of web sites that he calls "The CIA Fakes".

  • Daryl Smith said Karl Schwarz appears to be a grifter, and that Tom Flocco seems to be a disinformation agent, and Smith is now accusing me of being some type of liar.

  • I accuse almost every "truth seeker" of being a liar.

  • Many so-called "truth seekers" complain that these accusations are dividing the movement. They tell us to work together so that we can defeat our common enemy, the New World Order.

    Are these accusations dividing and weakening the 9-11 truth movement? Or are they making the 9-11 movement more effective? How do we determine whose accusations are helping us, and whose are hurting us?

    Insults are bad;
    exposing crime is good

    It is true that when members of a group fight among themselves, they become less effective. However, is also true that a group must clean itself of incompetent leaders and criminals.

    Therefore, we need to distinguish between the disruptive fighting that can weaken a group, and the beneficial fighting that cleanses an organization of its incompetence and criminal activity.

    If the fighting involves nothing more than insults, it is usually disruptive. Insults are sometimes useful, however, because they can act like a slap in the face to force a person to look at an issue differently.

    If the fighting involves serious analyses of behavior, by comparison, it is usually helpful because it can identify the incompetent or corrupt leaders. Not surprisingly, crummy leaders will try to suppress analyses of themselves.

    Insults and Analyses

    Examples of insults 

    A worthless insult is calling somebody an anti-American, anti-semite, fascist, liberal wacko commie, or right-wing extremist.

    Nobody learns anything when people make the sort of accusations. These type of insults should be suppressed. Some people will justify these insults as "freedom of speech", but I would not refer to this as "speech". Rather, I would say it is equivalent to the growling of a dog. These are attempt to manipulate emotions. 

    Examples of analyses 

    Karl Schwarz claims to be President and Chief Executive Officer of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC.

    I and many people who tried to figure out what this company is, and whether Schwarz is honest about his other claims. When we complain that the Patmos company appears to be a sham, and that Schwarz appears to be deceiving us about his wealth, we are not insulting Schwarz. Rather, we are providing an analysis of the evidence we uncovered.

    Why we investigating 9/11?

    The purpose of investigating a crime is to understand what happened and figure out who is responsible. There is rarely "proof" that somebody is involved in a crime. Usually there is only evidence that a person is connected to a crime. 

    We don't have proof that anybody was involved with 9/11, but we have a lot of evidence that Zionists were the primary group responsible. And there is a lot of evidence that most of the 9/11 investigators are part of the Zionist crime network.

    When I make accusations that the 9/11 investigators are Zionist criminals, I'm not insulting those people, and I'm not dividing the "9/11 truth movement". Rather, I am doing what a crime investigator is supposed to do; namely, investigate the crime, and expose the criminals.

    Is there a "9-11 movement"?

    I don't worry about disrupting the 9/11 movement because I don't see any 9-11 movement. Instead, I see two categories of 9-11 activists:

    1) Individual citizens who work on their own
    There are thousands of citizens who operate independently of one another. These people spread information about 9-11 and other crimes to their friends and relatives.

    There is no central authority giving orders to these people; no central authority to organize their activities. Each of these people does whatever he pleases.

    I refer to these people as an invisible army because most of them are ordinary citizens, and we will never know their names. Most of them may affect only a few other people, but there are thousands of them, and they are scattered around the world. They are having a significant effect.

    As an example of how effective they are, consider my book and video. The major bookstores, book reviewers, and media companies have been completely ignoring my book and video. My information is spreading around the world because of these ordinary citizens.

    2) Organizations
    Example are,, and Veterans for Peace. The members of these groups work together under the guidance of leaders.

    Some of these groups are very large, such as the MoveOn organization, which claims to have more than a million members.

    Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were the leader of any of these groups?

    If I was their leader, I would have provided their members with copies of my book and video. I would have also provided them with information about other crimes, such as the attack on the USS Liberty, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and the Kennedy assassination.

    I would not expect all of the people to agree with me; rather, my point is that  I would provide information to them, and I would push them into learning about and discussing these issues.

    Compare what you or I would do to what the actual leaders of those organizations have been doing. The members of MoveOn, for example, expose their members to the type of information we can find on CBS or NBC television. The Veterans For Peace expose their members to the type of simplistic information we find on the CNN headline news. The Green Party doesn't educate its members any better than the other political parties.

    Obviously, the leaders of these groups are incredibly incompetent, or - more likely - they are members of the criminal network.

    If an organization does not provide any benefit to its members or to society, what is the point of joining it?

    We must stop making excuses for our leaders. We are not dividing our nation when we complain about these people. Rather, we are cleaning our house of worthless and corrupt management.

    When can we criticize a person?

    When is it acceptable to complain about a person's life and personality?

    I would say that when somebody is trying to be a leader, his personality and life become important. Schwarz wanted to be president of United States in 2008. He wanted to pass judgment on how we live, how our economy will operate, and which nation deserves a bombing. I say we are justified to investigage Schwarz in order to determine what type of a mind and personality he has. If Schwarz doesn't like the intense scrutiny, then he should stop trying to get control of our lives.

    If our ancestors had set higher standards for their leaders, and if they had looked more closer at their political candidates, our nation would be in better shape today.


    When I complain about the leadership in the 9-11 movement, the peace movement, the labor unions, the school system, the corporations, and our government, I hear endless excuses.

    Both the Republicans and the Democrats have dozens of excuses for their crummy leaders; the members of the MoveOn organization have excuses for their incompetent leadership; and the members of the Veterans For Peace have excuses for their crummy leadership.

    We are not dividing the nation when we stand up to our leaders. Rather, we are cleaning our house of incompetence and corruption. We are exposing the crummy leaders and criminals.

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