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Christopher Bollyn interviewed 
by Barbara Jean on 15 May 2009

16 May 2009
Updated with comments 18 May

“It's very difficult for me to make these telephone.. these radio shows right now. I have to, you know, arrange a connection, and all that kind of thing, because I don't personally have a phone.

Um, I personally don't even have a house. Um, you know, I, I, I stay where I can and, and where I can afford to stay.

Umm, that's why support is really needed now to get this book done....”
At 39 minutes in Hour 1 of the interview 

After I was interviewed by Susie of The Patriot Dames, I received some comments from listeners. Therefore, I wasn't surprised when people sent me comments about Christopher Bollyn's appearance on the Barbara Jean radio show on 15 May 2009. Here is the audio of the show:
Bollyn-15May2009-hour1.mp3  5.2 mb, 43 mins

Bollyn-15May2009-hour2.mp3  5.2 mb, 43 mins
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Why will Bollyn speak only to Barbara Jean?

After his interview with Barbara Jean, Bollyn wrote on his website:
"I was willing to spend two-hours and pay the price of using a long-distance telephone line to speak with Barbara Jean because I have known her for years and respect her intelligence and fairness."
OK, so, I guess Bollyn doesn't respect my intelligence or fairness, or anybody else's, either! And I'm even willing to pay for the phone call.

Why was Pat Owens also invited as a guest?

Why did Barbara Jean invite a woman named Pat Owens of Wisconsin to be a second guest during the second hour of the show? I didn't see any connection between Owens and Christopher Bollyn, or any of the issues that Bollyn was discussing.

Because these radio shows take most of their phone calls during the second hour, my assumption was that Owens was just another Zionist agent who was going to help Barbara Jean with damage control and propaganda.

However, one of the listeners to the show sent me the interesting remark:

"Was Pat there on stand-by because she knew Christopher's handlers might have to cut his phone connection?"
This is an interesting possibility. It must be difficult for a person to be a guest on a radio show that is intended to help his kidnappers create the impression that he is free and independent. What would happen if Bollyn became nervous during the show? Or what if he accidentally - or deliberately - released some information that his kidnappers wanted to remain a secret?

In such a case, his kidnappers would terminate the phone conversation, and the second guest would continue the conversation without any interruption. One comment the listener sent me about this issue:

"When Bollyn was talking about Bernard Madoff, he was cut-off during mid-sentence. Barbara Jean and her other guest Pat started making some vacuous comments to fill the dead air."

Was 9/11 the "crime of the century"?
Bollyn says he needs donations to publish his book, Solving 9-11:  An Independent Investigation of the Crime of the Century. A man sent me the following comment (English is not his primary language):
I was right about him putting all his attention on 9/11. "The crime of the century", I thought the apollo Moon landing hoaxes were the crime of the century. I thought killing 30 millions of people in Russia could be called the crime of the century. I thought world war 2 with the 80 millions of deads  and wounded should be called the jewish crime of all time. But 9/11??? It sure was a hell of a cover-up but it's not the crime of the century. Even if he means the 21th century.
And what about the firebombing of Dresden? Before Christopher Bollyn disappeared in June 2007, he wrote an article about this incredible "Holocaust".

The 9/11 attack has turned out to be just one of thousands of crimes committed by an international network of disgusting, selfish, criminal Jews.

I don't mind if Bollyn wants to uncover more details about 9/11, but I stopped investigating 9/11 several years ago. I think we have more than enough evidence to prove that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives, and that the 9/11 attack was a false flag operation conducted by Jews.

The sheeple refuse to face 9/11 and other problems, so there is no sense providing them with more details about these issues. And the minority of humans who are capable of facing society's problems can easily understand what is going on with the information we already have.

Therefore, we are wasting our time if we search for more details about 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, and the attack on the USS Liberty. It would be more productive for us to search for the few humans who are willing to help the world.

Nothing will improve if we waste our lives discussing the latest report about thermite from the suspicious Professor Steven Jones. Instead, we should be discussing such issues as:
• How do we get rid of the criminal Jews?
• What would be a better method of selecting government leaders?
• How do we create a more honest police force?
• How can we improve our economy, schools, and other social systems?
We've already done enough of an analysis of 9/11, the HoloHoax, etc. We don't need any more details about these crimes. Instead, we need more military and policemen with the courage and desire to destroy organized crime networks. And we need more people who are interested in discussing methods to improve our world.

We know who is responsible for 9/11, the world wars, etc. It's now time for the military and police to start destroying the international network of criminal Jews. We need to get the criminal Jews out of our lives forever.

Bollyn is linking to Jim Hoffman's website! 

Prior to his disappearance in June 2007, Christopher Bollyn agreed with me that Jim Hoffman is yet another Zionist agent.

Bollyn was confused as to why Professor Steven Jones was working with Hoffman. Bollyn was a very trusting person who gave everybody the benefit of the doubt. Bollyn didn't like it when I told him that Professor Steven Jones cannot be trusted, either.

People who work closely with criminals should be considered as criminals. Don't assume they are naive. My opinion is that Professor Jones, Kevin Ryan, and virtually everybody else in the 9/11 "truth movement" are either criminal Jews, or they are working for the Jews because of blackmail or bribery. My advice is to avoid all of them, and be suspicious of everybody.
After Bollyn's interview with Barbara Jean, he described the interview at his website, and he promoted this article by Kevin Ryan that Hoffman is carrying on one of his websites!

That article has been posted at more than one website, so why would Bollyn select Hoffman's site when he never trusted Hoffman? As far as I'm concerned, this is more evidence that criminal Jews are telling Bollyn what to write, or they are writing the material for him.

Incidentally, Kevin Ryan is another of the 9/11 investigators who always appears to be unhappy.

Perhaps I'm misinterpreting his emotional state, but after getting to know many of the people in the 9/11 truth groups, the anti-war groups, the Holocaust revisionist groups, etc., my opinion is that the Jewish crime network is recruiting people with mental disorders.

More comments from listeners about Bollyn's interview:
• One caller praised Eric Hufschmid's work and commented on how Christopher and Eric are not promoted by other "truth seekers." Christopher sharply said something to the effect, "Thanks, Thank you," as if he wanted the caller to stop talking and hang up. Christopher did not say anything about Eric Hufschmid afterwards.
• Another caller called about how he enjoyed Christopher's articles in the American Free Press and asked about Christopher's fallout with that organization. Barbara Jean quickly said that there would not be time to go into that issue. Why was Barbara Jean continuing to be Bollyn's mommy as she has in past interviews?
• Although Christopher blamed Israel and "Orthodox Zionist Jews," he said that it was only a small number of very organized Jews. Why has he forgotten that there is evidence that the crime network is much larger than most of us ever imagined?
• A caller asked about if the Zionist control of America will ever be destroyed. Christopher said that the picture was grim and that Israel's grip on America was getting stronger. He said something like we can only hope the Pope will stand up to Israel. Why was Christopher fear-mongering? He never used to promote fear. He always was dedicated to exposing corruption.

Why did he not emphasize that the internet has made it impossible for the Zionists to hide any longer? Why did he bring up the Pope as having influence over Israel? Does Christopher really think the Pope could have any influence? Doesn't Christopher know that there is evidence that the Pope is controlled by Zionists?

• Christopher talked about how he doesn't have a house or a phone, but he never mentioned how or where he was calling from. If he is constantly trying to find a place to live, how does he have time to write his book? How are his wife and children coping with this constant struggle to find shelter?
• I noticed Pat talking about how we need to go back to researching the CIA involvement in killing Kennedy. She also said that the CIA was the same organization that is causing all of our problems today. Was this a last minute ploy to shift the blame away from Israel?

Comments from listeners whose first language is not English:
• Bollyn asks : «  we have to find who did! » about who put the « super-thermite » in the towers. We know it was the israelis with their moving company front in New York.
• Get the evidence about super thermite to our local medias? He knows the medias are under jewish control, maybe his handlers don't know people looking for the truth figured that out a time ago already. Same for politicians and « elected » leaders.

Give us a single example of a media not « completely controlled ». And by saying « not completely controlled, it means they are partly controlled so why waste our time on it so it'll be filtered at the end by the jewish boss?

• And when he mentioned his beating by the Chicago police, he didn't mention you or Daryl Smith for helping him out and get him out of jail. He just said ordinary people.
• Thailand example : they replace a corrupt government by another corrupt government that was in the run for the control of the country. Are we suppose to get the masses on the streets to remove the Democrats to be replaced by the Republicans or vice-versa? That's not an improvement. He's not telling who will replace the known corrupt politicians. Are we going to replace them by our jewish saviors and complete the protocol of the elders of zion?
• Is it normal that the first caller gets so much time to ask « his » stuff and tell what he learned? Leon got way less time and it's probably for mentioning you.