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Note from Eric Hufschmid:

People are much more critical of everybody today. I've already received a couple e-mails from different people about my appearance on The Patriot Dames radio show on 23 April 2009.

As I've mentioned on some of my webpages and audio files, many of the tricks the Jews are using are backfiring today. For example, the Jews promote all sorts of idiotic propaganda, such as the World Trade Center towers were demolished with hydrogen bombs, and that the military has a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico.

“So I told him, 'Look up in the sky. Those trails are not water vapor; our government is spraying the entire planet with chemtrails', and the sucker believed me without asking for evidence! What a fool!”
However, these tricks are now backfiring. People are becoming confused about who to trust, and that causes them to question everybody's honesty, including the Jews who are struggling to portray themselves as honest truth seekers.

The criminal Jews seem to be following the Protocols of Zion, but the tricks in that document were developed more than a century ago, long before computers, the Internet, and a telephone system. The tricks in that document require tremendous secrecy, and it requires that the Jews control the flow of information.

The Internet, the security cameras, and even the cell phone cameras are now allowing each of us to expose the Jews, do our own research, and pass information around. The Jews no longer have control over our information.

Years ago I wrote this document to encourage people to investigate everybody, without exception. I think our only protection against the wolf in sheep's clothing trick is to investigate everybody. And in my recent FAQs article, I explain why I think speculations are useful. And so I'm glad to see that some people were analyzing the interview of me and Susie rather than simply listening to it. Below are some remarks from a person who prefers to remain anonymous. (Incidentally, he wanted me to review his material, and although I can't edit everybody's articles, if I have the time, I will certainly help you, as I did for him in this article.)

My analysis of Susie's interview of Eric Hufschmid
by anonymous, May 10, 2009
It was just a few years ago that I trusted a lot of people who I now consider to be liars, and I believed a lot of conspiracy theories that I now consider to be Jewish propaganda.

Today when I listen to an interview or look at a website I wonder, is this person another wolf in sheep's clothing? Is he mixing truth with propaganda? Is he trying to inform me or deceive me?

While I was listening to Susie's interview Hufschmid, I found myself frequently thinking, there's something wrong with this woman.

For example, every time Hufschmid made an interesting point I would say to myself, "Yeah, I see what you mean," or I felt like asking Hufschmid, "What do you think about..." But Susie's reaction was to go back to talking about McCarthy or some other issue.

She had no interest in Admiral Morrison, the father of rock star Jim Morrison.

It was Susie who brought up the issue of the USS Liberty, and she wanted to expose it. She said, "let's solve the USS Liberty." Hufschmid mentioned the mysterious death of Jim Morrison, whose father proposed an immediate retaliation against Israel:
Admiral "Morrison opposed the official US Navy response to the attack, and proposed an immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack on an official US Navy ship."
If I was the interviewer, I would have asked something like, "Oh, tell me more about Admiral Morrison's stance against Israel and the possible connection to Jim Morrison's death. Since his father had enough personal courage to stand up to Israel, did Jim Morrison have that same courage, which would have frightened the Zionist Jews?" But every time Hufschmid exposed something, she shut it off and went to something else.

She wanted to discuss the attack, but only certain parts of it. She did not want to discuss the possible Zionist connection to Jim Morrison's death. Her only interest in the USS Liberty seems to be to promote Phil Tourney, who has a radio show on the RBN radio network.

She played an excerpt of one of Phil Tourney's radio shows which included these remarks:

"I've been called an anti-Semite by my own shipmates, a Jew hater, a Nazi. Hell, you might as well put me right in charge of the gas chambers, because that's what they think I am. But I'm not. I'm here to get the damn truth out."

Why would his shipmates call him an anti-Semite when he's complaining about Israel attacking the ship and killing and wounding his fellow sailors? It seems like he's just another one of the liars. And he says "you may as well put me right in charge of the gas chambers", and there he is supporting the Holocaust and gas chamber propaganda.
So Susie's interest in the USS Liberty may have been to promote this liar and the Holocaust propaganda, not to expose the attack on the USS Liberty.

More on Jim Morrison's death here: Death-of-Jim-Morrison.html

Edward Abboud's suicide

Susie said she met Edward Abboud, the Lebanese author who wrote the book, The Invisible Enemy, when she was forced out of the police department.

Susie claims that she was forced out of the police department because she opposed the Jewish crime network, but she may have been fired for some other reason, and she may have used the incident to create the impression that she is an honest, non-Jewish American who is trying to expose the criminal Jews. What was the real reason for her termination from the police department?

She said her sister got publicity on national television! Why would the Jews give her TV publicity if these two sisters are truly trying to expose Jewish criminals? This may have been a stunt to give them credibility as anti-Zionist Americans. And they may have used this incident to fool Edward Abboud into thinking that he can trust them.

She said Edward Abboud spent more than eight hours at her house watching the videos that she and her sister made. She said he was proud of himself because some of the information in her videos came from his book. Then, a few days later, this proud author commits suicide! But he didn't die immediately. She says he "lived a while that day, and then he died." How did he die?

I wonder if Susie invited him to her house to get information about him, such as where is he going to be during the next few days. I wonder about her possible involvement in his death.

She wants people with information to contact her

Susie asked the audience if there was anybody in Cleveland, Ohio who could provide her with information on his death. But why does she want people to contact her with information? She said, "I want to know why this man died." 

Does she really care about him? Or is she trying to fool the people who have information to come forward and identify themselves so that her Jewish friends will know who among us has information? That would allow the Jews to set those people up for threats, blackmail, death, suicide, or financial ruin.

Her sister's friends were murdered!

Susie said the couple that was living with Barbara and her husband were close friends of Barbara, and that they both died of a massive overdose of cocaine and other drugs. Susie says that she learned later that after the couple had been drugged, the lethal dose would have been given in their rectum. So, who killed them? And why?

Every time this woman touches something, people die!

Is Hufschmid's father still alive?

When Hufschmid said his father knew about the JFK assassination, and that his father knew something was wrong with the USS Liberty attack, she very quizzically asked, "Is your father still alive?" As if to say, "Surely somebody like that should be dead by now."

My first thought was that she was wondering, "How will I get to his father?" Or maybe she was planting seeds in Hufschmid's head that the criminal Jews are going to eventually get his father. My reaction was that she was trying to make Hufschmid fear that by doing what he's doing, he's going to inadvertently kill his father.

She would change the subject

All of the things that Hufschmid said, Susie should have took up and ran with it. But she didn't. For example, when Hufschmid makes a brilliant point, she goes back to the McCarthy era, or Senator Goldwater, or quotes some guy named John Schneider, as if she is trying to get off the subject and take it to some other issue.

It's almost as if she was reading from a prepared text that was given to her prior to the show.

She promotes propaganda sites
She read some of this article:

That article claims that David Kellerman, of Freddie Mac, was killed by the Mossad. Like all websites, most of what it says may be true, but it should be obvious that it's full of propaganda. However, Susie doesn't seem to be aware that this is a propaganda site. She said "Russia put this out", as if it was the Russian government. How could anybody come to the conclusion that this is an official Russian news agency website?

She brings up the Bible 
The first thing she brought up in the audio file was religion and the Bible. Every time they do that, it's a ploy to convince us that, whatever they are, they are NOT Jews. One of the tricks they use to fool Christians is to always quote scripture.
What happened to the Bollyn interview?
During the interview with Hufschmid, she said it was definite that Christopher Bollyn would be interviewed the following week, but instead she interviewed Emma Goldman.

It's possible that since Hufschmid and Bollyn worked together, that she said, "Next week we're going to have  Bollyn on the radio!" to trick people into thinking that she's on the right path of getting the truth out about American and Israeli Jewish involvement in 9/11, the USS Liberty, the instigation of both world wars, the faked lunar landings, the murdering of Jim Morrison and other musicians, etc..

But then she could say, "Oh, well, he's not coming on. We tried!" But she knew that it was never going to happen to begin with. It was just another deceptive tactic to fool people into trusting her.

So, the people who listened to her April 30 show hoping to hear Bollyn were instead subjected to Emma Goldmann, who praised and worshipped Adolf Hitler.

Her website looks as though she is a true Nazi, but it seems to me that she is really a Jewish criminal masquerading as a Nazi. This is a trick that Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, used. He did this to manipulate both Jews and everyone else for the eventual goal of world domination by Zionist Jews.

Tom Metzger appeared for about 20 minutes, and I think his goal was to minimize the significance of the criminal Jews among us, start fights with the races, and discuss historical events of the past but not bring attention to the fact that the Zionist Jews are the masterminds to the wars, corruption, assassinations, control and manipulation of our monetary and financial system, etc.. Here's a section of their conversation:


I'm not going to leave all of these fat cat non-Jews off the hook for the crimes they've committed against us. Just like all the non-Jews in the Congress who voted for the hate crimes bill the other day.

We've got to clean up our own race in this country along with the Jews. If you just take care of the Jews you won't be able to get rid of them. You could ship all the Jews to Mars and we'd still have a segment of society that has to be taken care of.

Well, yes. And that all came about because of the Jews. I mean, the welfare state wasn't bloated at all like it is in the 50s and 60s. It is bloated now.
Well, I'm hard on the Jews. I'm probably as hard as anybody else on the Jews. But this idea of blaming every little thing on the Jews, and if we only do this about the Jews, that everything will be wonderful... it's a lot more complicated than that.

I found it interesting that Emma Goldmann was adamant that guerrilla movements always fail, and I think her true purpose was to discourage us by implying that the fight against Zionism is futile, and that we may as well just give up.

The April 30 show seemed to be a conversation between three Jews trying to manipulate us. Harold Rosenthal described this trick in which different Jews take different sides of an issue, and so no matter which one we agree with and follow, we end up following and getting information from one of the criminal Jews.

She is begging for donations
Like so many other suspicious people promoting propaganda, she has a "Donate" button on her website. Why should any of us support her financially? What does she give us in return that is worth our hard-earned money?

Almost everybody in this truth movement is a loser with no ability to support themselves. This truth movement is dominated by freaks, parasites, drug addicts, and idiots who expect us to support them.

My conclusion
My conclusion is that The Patriot Dames are two more wolves in sheep's clothing that are working for the Jewish criminal network, and they are trying to build up credibility and trust for themselves so that they can promote other Jewish criminals, such as Emma Goldmann, Tom Metzger, Michael Collins Piper, Wayne Madsen, Jeff Rense, and other Hitler lovers, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis.

Michael Piper

Tom Metzger

Wayne Madsen

Jeff Rense
Next week she may be promoting Chemtrails, Morgellons's Disease, UFO's, and that ET's have been visiting us for decades. Fortunately people are wising up to these Zionist hoaxes, as described in this article:

There were times during the interview that I thought that Susie was under the influence of alcohol because of how she talked and what she said. Hufschmid was making intelligent comments, but her remarks were often confused, rambling, and idiotic.

I also thought they want us to contact them so that they can identify those of us who are aware of these criminals so that they can set us up for death, suicide, blackmail, threats, etc. Be careful trusting people who claim to be your friend and savior!

This is not a game. The Zionists are fighting for their lives. They're not kidding, and neither are we.