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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the European Green party leader who is a Jew and a dual citizen of Germany and France, just gained more support in the June 2009 European elections. He is one of the leaders for the environmentalists, but what kind of leadership will he provide?

His fancy website makes him look like a hero, but an anonymous person in Europe sent me the information (below) about him. He admitted to what most people would describe as pedophilia.

It's rare for people to admit their pedophilia activities, but it seems to be a common activity among leaders in government, police departments, militaries, and universities. Have you heard about the Franklin Cover-up, for example? And have you listened to Kay Griggs?

"It happened to me several times that certain kids opened my fly and started to stroke me."
- from his book

Martin Schulz, a German politician and chairman of the European Socialists, jokes around with Cohn-Bendit, but what's funny about any of these people?

Their behavior is disgusting, and I have to wonder if their slanted foreheads and other Neanderthal qualities are merely a coincidence.

The appearance and behavior of most European Union leaders is more similar to that a monkey than a Cro-Magnon human.

While respectable people are trying to earn an honest living, the scum of society is getting control of our government, police, militaries, media, and schools. Help us find people who are tired of this abuse and want to improve the situation!

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

European Green deputy

by anonymous   14 June 2009

He became famous in 1968 when he led French students in a protest. Today some people are making “posters” with Cohn-Bendit and what he once said:
tickle me
erotico-maniac game
I would like to give some information about Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the French man now president of the “green” party ( his party become the third biggest party in France ).

A lot of people in France like him because he has got a kind of  aura as a former leading student during the events of May 68 in Paris.

He was shouting with the crowd “ We are all German Jew ” in reference to the Holohoax.

Both parents are Jews, and he was born in France but grew up in Germany.

He admitted that once he was a Zionist and was ready to engage in terrorist acts to save Israel. In the video he added that he is no longer a Zionist: audio, no subtitles

In 2009 a member of the Green Party make a reproach to Cohn-Bendit because only 2 months after the Israeli atrocities in Gaza he was invited and went to a French-Israeli organisation promoting commercial trading between the two countries. French

During the campaign for the European Elections he made a debate with the president of the “MoDem Party” Mr Bayrou. He insults him quite violently, saying to him “you are a nothing”, and “you won’t never become President”. Bayrou was upset and reminded him of his writings concerning young children: French audio, no subtitles

The most interesting part is between the minute 2 and minute 3.30 even if you don’t understand French it’s interesting to see the faces.

So on the 4th of June 2009, the French people realized that something strange happened with Cohn-Bendit and young children.

The press in general criticized strongly Bayrou because he used “bad tricks” against Cohn Bendit. The bad guy was Bayrou and the good was Cohn-Bendit according to the press. (Once more they protect the Zionist agent).

On the 5th of June a movie was broadcast in all Europe called "Home" with some kind of propaganda concerning Greenhouse gases effect.

On the 7 of June the Green Party had nearly 17 % in the “European French” election. (More than double their previous score.)

In contrast The Anti Zionist Party (Dieudonne, Soral, etc …) which was predicted (unofficially) to score between 4 to 10% made only 1.3% on this election.

I followed the campaign of the Anti Zionist Party (they tried to forbid the party) through the Internet, and saw that more and more people became aware of the Zionist Mafia, and I think like some other people that the real score was higher. Maybe a big part of the real votes “artificially” increased the score of the Green Party with the help of the computers (electronic voting machines are more and more widespread in France).

My guess is that, in any case, the Green Party was chosen to make a good score, in order to promote the carbon tax, and for that reason they broadcast the movie "Home" so that people can say “Woah”. You see the effect of this movie on the Green Party election score. Isn’t it strange that the Green party more that doubled his score, and again the president of this party is a Zionist pedophile? Do they trick the electronic voting machines?

In this video, Jean Marie Le Pen tells Daniel Cohn-Bendit that he is a pedophile:

Here is a translation:

When a french parliamentary of this parliament dare to say that the problem that happened in Norway wasn't the slaughter but it was the naivety of the Norvegian Government that approved the multicultural society This parliament should state that JMLP is a disgrace for this parliament... saying those words.

Le Pen:
I made a political judgment on the Norvegian policy I have been Challenged by the PEDOPHILE... by the PEDOPHILE Cohn Bendit and I have the right to reply I have the right to remind you that he was accused (here) of having host a terrorist of the "Red Army Fraction" I have the right to defend my personal honor here mister You don't let me speak; we may think that we are in the middle of bolcheviks here.

In the following video (in English), at the minute 4 and 30 second mark, they talk about the incident in the European Parliament: bendit-pedophile

Please see the video hereafter translated in English that show that this man is a paedophile:

Some sites translated the video in order to spread it worldwide: French audio, no subtitles

In Greece one site took the video and added an extract (from minute 2.50 and further) of Cohn-Bendit telling his position for the name “Macedonia” for FYROM (which is different from that of the Greek government).

Finally the official press started to talk about this video (to a limited extent) but trying again to forgive Cohn-Bendit because at that time he was only provoking the old writer present in the TV studio in the spirit of the Event of May 68 (It’s forbidden to forbid).
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, le hasch et les enfants French

They also try to say that those words are out of context, that he never raped children, and that no children ever complained.

Finally another site ( I am not sure if it’s an honest site ) says also that Cohn-Bendit may be a kind of Zionist agent:

While others go further claiming that he may be a Mossad agent: