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Penn State's Cover-Up of Jerry Sandusky's Pedophilia
Nov 18, 2011
By an anonymous reader of Hufschmid's website
Jerry Sandusky
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Joe Paterno
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Mike McQueary
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Ray Gricar
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Leslie Dutchcot
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Millions of Americans have been horrified about what they have read, seen on television or heard on radio regarding the pedophilia of Jerry Sandusky, who was the assistant football coach at Penn State University under Joe Paterno from 1969 to 1999. There is also a lot of disgust and anger towards the school officials (such as Joe Paterno), police, media, and other people who have been ignoring or covering up these crimes.

Sandusky receives an annual pension of $59,000 and received a $148,000 lump-sum when he retired from the university in 1999, according to the Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa.  More about Sandusky at his Wikipedia entry

Joe Paterno coached the Penn State Nittnay Lions for 46 years, since 1966. He was credited with 409 wins and is the only Football Bowl Subdivision coach to reach 400 victories. His overall coaching record is 409 - 136 - 3. His college bowl record is 24 12 1. More about Joe Paterno at his Wikipedia entry. Coach Paterno is a living legend on campus and throughout the country and has built the university's sports program from the ground up. It's hard for people to believe that a man like Joe Paterno did not immediately call or visit the police regarding the information he was given by a 28-year-old graduate assistant, Mike McQueary that he saw Jerry Sandusky rape a 10-year-old boy in the stadium showers in 2002.

It is equally hard to believe that Jerry Sandusky set up the Second Mile Foundation, a home for troubled children specifically for his pedophilia and raping of boys. It has also come to light that Sandusky may have "pimped" out some of the children to wealthy donors to the Second Mile Foundation. If this is true, then who are those donors? And why haven't the police made any statements regarding this case? In 1998, Sandusky was investigated by the police for molesting a child and they dropped the charges. So are some of the police officers protecting Sandusky? If so, why?

Furthermore, we have also learned that the judge who set a $100,000 unsecured bail for Sandusky, Leslie Dutchcot, also let him return home without wearing an ankle bracelet. Prosecutors originally asked for $500,000 but she denied that. Judge Dutchcot was found to have volunteered at, and donated money to, the Second Mile Foundation. So is she protecting Jerry Sandusky? If so, why? And what exactly did she do at the Foundation?

Also, in 2005, a 49-year old Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar who was investigating another charge of Sandusky's child molestation cases disappeared and his body has never been found. He has been classified as dead with foul play suspected by the police. People are starting to ask if there is a link between Mr. Gricar's disappearance and his investigating Jerry Sandusky for raping a boy. However, the mainstream media refuses to report this story to the American people as well. Why? What are they afraid of by reporting this story? Video here.

Have you seen the article, The Creature at the Castle Hotel? The founder of the Kessler Collection Hotel chain, Richard Kessler, also has a home for troubled boys. Considering the history of child molestation at churches, day care centers, foster care homes, and orphanages, we ought to look into every organization that provides adult men with access to children. And we also have to start investigating every man who works with children, such as at schools, youth ranches, homes for troubled children, day care centers, and hospitals (have you read about these pedophile doctors and the suspicious visits to children's hospitals by police officers?) For all we know, pedophilia may be an inherited trait, and more common among certain races.

Pedophiles - when caught - frequently say that their fathers sexually abused them as children. This is another way of saying that pedophilia runs in their family. We will never know the truth until we start investigating the pedophiles and their family history.

During the 1980's, similar events happened to boys in Omaha, Nebraska at an orphanage and it was written about in the book, The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, which was published in 1992. For example, Paul Bonacci, one of the orphans of the Boystown orphanage, accused Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA), of flying boys to parties in Washington, D.C. for use as sex slaves. You can watch an interview of him here, which starts at 6 minutes. More about these issues here. Some of the crimes described by Paul Bonacci and John DeCamp are beyond imagination, but with more information coming out about the pedophiles and the crimes they have committed against children, it is becoming clear that these stories are true and that children of all ages have been molested, raped, tortured and murdered.

It is interesting to note that the mainstream media has been avoiding the details to this story. What is the media afraid of? Are there pedophiles and homosexuals within the media that are worried of being exposed by this story? Is that why they are refusing to cover some of this breaking news about this case to the American public? Are the media and the police trying to limit these investigations and hope that this will all die down? And what about some of the students at Penn State who ridicule any investigation into the child molestation cases saying the children have been "Sanduskeyed." Why would anyone say that? And why would these particular college students say this? Are the Zionist Jews creating these demonstrations to try and prevent the truth from coming out? And are some of these students Zionist Jews?