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Who is Tania Head?

By an anonymous reader of Hufschmid's website

12 Dec 2012

Have you seen the 2012 National Geographic documentary, The Woman Who Wasn't There? It's about a woman whose name is Tania Head. She said she was in the south World Trade Center tower when it was hit by one of the airplanes and that she lost her fiance, Dave.

A New York Times reporter was interested in her story but found out that she was in fact not in one of the towers when they were hit on 9/11, nor did she have a fiance by the name of Dave who was killed in the North tower on 9/11. She was not even in the USA at the time of the attack. Furthermore, many people are beginning to ask questions about a story she told where she lost one of her arms in an accident, but it was reattached by a surgeon.

Tania Head joined the World Trade Center Survivors Network which was formed by two survivors to "have their voices heard." At that time, much of the attention was given to the firefighters, police officers and people inside and around the towers who were killed on 9/11. This group was for survivors to help themselves and their colleagues. She was later elected president of that group. This was in 2004. Her wikipedia biography is here.

Apparently, Tania did not take any money nor did she make any money off of her 9/11 status. When she met with 9/11 victims, she would rent office space to accomodate them. Where did she get this money from? In fact, how did she survive if she did not have a job? How did she pay her apartment rent and utilties? She said she worked for Merrill Lynch in the south World Trade Center Tower, but they replied that no such employee with that name ever worked for them.

After some people in Spain began to see her on cable television walking with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other New York City officials she was identified as Alicia Esteve, a Spanish graduate student in Barcelona at the time of 9/11 and her first trip to the U.S.A. was in 2003.

There are a lot of youtube videos about her, and the documentary (mentioned above) is interesting because you have to ask yourself, why was this woman so important that National Geographic would make a documentary about her for national television? Here is a a morning news show with Matt Lauer discussing the documentary with Angelo Guglielmo. At 4:00 to 5:00 in this video the director of the film, Angelo Guglielmo, says that he did not include the frantic actions of Alicia Esteve when she was seen in New York City in 2012 because:

Lauer: "The last scene in the documentary you start with just the very beginning of an encounter where you took a camera and confronted her. That turned that encounter into a bit of rage on her part, yet you didn't put it in the documentary, why?"

Guglielmo: "Well, you know, in the book, the character of the filmmaker and my relationship with Tania was well documented. In the movie, there's just no time for that, and we felt like bringing it in at the very end would have posed more questions than answers."

Why would a director of a documentary say something like that? I would expect a director of a documentary to investigate and research the subject and not be worried about raising questions. Can you see this is another attempt at damage control? It could be that these videos and the documentary are an attempt to prevent people from finding out who Tania Head/Alicia Esteve really is. There may have been enough interest generated about this woman that the Zionists had no choice but to make a TV show about her to prevent people from investigating her and to convince us to believe whatever the television show tells us.

If you have read any articles that Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn have written, then you know that the Zionist Jews were behind 9/11. It was an Israeli-dominated operation with American Jewish assistance to trick our military into invading the Middle East so that Israel could take over. You can look up "the dancing Israelis" and listen to Christopher Bollyn's interview on December 28, 2006. Bollyn, his wife and two children were kidnapped in June 2007 for his research and articles directly linking 9/11 to Israel and some American Jews. They are still held by their captors, apparently in Sweden.

Was Tania Head sent to New York City to infilitrate the 9/11 survivors network and get information about them and what they knew about 9/11? Do you know what a "sayanim" is? Here is some information about sayanim and what they do. Furthermore, some people on the Interent are beginning to wonder if Alicia Esteve is an Israeli or Spanish Jew. This would explain why she infiltrated the 9/11 survivors network and didn't need any money. So, what was she after? She may have been after information. At that time (in 2004), the Iraq war had been going on for a year and the war in Afghanistan had already been going on for three years. During that time, the criminal Jews were still winning their war of deception against the American people, but the Jews knew that they had to keep monitoring anyone who may have learned that 9/11 was staged by Israel and some American Jews. The 9/11 survivors and their network would have to be monitored to see if any of them had come across the truth.

When Alicia Esteve was exposed in 2007 by New York Times reporter Donald Dunlap, the friends she made in the 9/11 survivor group were devastated, and rightfully so. Could you imagine being deceived like that? They began to wonder why in the world would someone from Spain travel all the way to America to join a 9/11 survivors group, be elected president of that group, and then vanish after she was exposed as a liar? She wasn't even picked up for questioning by the police or authorities. Why not? The FBI arrested a New York City woman, Nouel Alba, for her fraudulent claim about being related to one of the victims of the Newton, Connecticut shooting. So why doesn't the FBI arrest or investigate Tonya Head for her fraudulent claims? You can see how important this is. If she was working for the Mossad, or any Zionist organization, or passing information to criminal Jews, she should be questioned by the police. Who is Alicia Esteve and what is she doing?