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Update: 2 June 2016
The Bollyn family has moved to Ceciliagatan 10, 553 10 Jönköping, Sweden
It is one of several new apartment buildings that do not yet show in the Google satellite or street images, but the area looks nice (there is a map along the right side of that page. Click the word större and then the satellite image button at the bottom left corner).
Note from Eric Hufschmid,  31 May 2012:
As I described in other files, such as this, I think that Christopher Bollyn and his family were kidnapped by an international network of criminal Jews and Israelis on 11 June 2007. I also suspect that the Jews have been getting away with murders, kidnappings, pedophilia, and other crimes, for centuries, but now that the Internet exists, each of us can easily investigate and expose their crimes.

The article below, sent to me by Mario Nardone, an Italian man, is an excellent example of how an "ordinary" person can have a significant effect on crime networks and the future of the world.

Nardone became concerned about the safety of the Bollyn family, but after a while he decided to stop worrying and start investigating their disappearance in order to figure out where the Bollyn family is being held captive. He has been in contact with me for a couple of years, but I had no idea who he was, or what his name was. I was not expecting him to be able to locate the Bollyn family, but by October he had come to the conclusion that they might be in the small town of Huskvarna, Sweden.

To my amazement, on October 2011, I received a phone call from him via Skype, and he told me that he was in Huskvarna, Sweden, and that he met the entire Bollyn family. However, he told me that the Bollyns were extremely suspicious of him, and that they showed no interest in escaping from their kidnappers. This is an interesting aspect of the human mind. The Bollyns are behaving like Jaycee Dugard and other kidnapping victims who lose confidence in the police and the sheeple, and who adapt to their miserable conditions. Some people refer to this as the Stockholm syndrome.

Bollyn tries to do damage control
A few days after Mario Nardone visited the Bollyn family, Bollyn posted this article on his website, which has already been updated a few times. The article is so full of vague accusations and anger that I would describe it as a desperate attempt to ruin our credibility. However, after 10 years of investigating me, trying to set me up, following me around, and patrolling my neighborhood, the only criticism the Jews have for me is that my half-sister is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons. My response to that is, "If you were a wealthy young man who had a wide variety of women to choose from, would you marry a Jew, or would you prefer my half sister?"

Here is Mario Nardone's report; any opinions expressed therein are his own. His English is not perfect, and I corrected some of it, but it's still a bit awkward in spots.

A new episode of the Bollyn's saga

The Journalist, the Mason, and the Zionist
A reader of Eric Hufschmid's website met the Bollyns!

by Mario Nardone

25 May 2012 (First draft 5 November 2011)

In the evening of the 22 October 2011 I met Christopher Bollyn. Below you find my description of that episode in Huskvarna, Sweden, at the best of my memory, together with some developments and comments. As you will see, the situation for the Jewish crime network (and its blackmailed and corrupt non-Jewish members) became so bad, that the kidnappers have had to struggle to maintain the illusion that the Bollyn family is free, thereby creating a bizarre type of kidnapping in which the victim appears on Jewish controlled radio shows and publishes a book about 9/11, and his children are allowed to attend school. Most people might prefer to say that the Bollyns are kept under control, rather than "kidnapped."

•I might have inadvertently mixed up the order of some of the events of that evening, and the sentences between quotation marks may not report the exact words, but nothing that would alter the sense of the facts though. If any of the people involved, including the policemen, wants to help me to improve this report, I'll appreciate their contribution. I asked Eric Hufschmid to polish my English, but I'm the sole responsible for the content of this article.

This is a long article because I had to include details to defend myself from some false accusations posted on Bollyn's website. You might want to skim through the parts in evidence (bold font) first.

In agreement with Eric Hufschmid and in the interest of the Bollyn family, I decided to omit some parts of my original article and make them available to the police only.

I remain available for any clarification or more information; to prevent the Jews to try to start fights between me and Eric Hufschmid, include him in carbon copy in any email, or let me arrange for a three way phone or Skype call with him. Enquires from policemen are most welcome.

The development of my concern for the Bollyn family

I used to read Christopher Bollyn's articles, whom I got to know through the website of Eric Hufschmid. I always had a high opinion of both of them. Bollyn's trial was scheduled for May 2007, and in April he requested that people help him by sending e-mail, paper letters, or by making phone calls to people in the Chicago area who were involved with his case. I didn't hesitate and sent such a letter. After 11 June 2007 Bollyn behaved in a very different way; he stopped appearing publicly and interviewing people in person; cut his communications with friends, including Eric Hufschmid; also, his investigative work suddenly became poor and he restricted the scope of his investigations.

My impression was confirmed by an articles posted at the beginning of October 2007 by Jan Gillberg, who hosted the Bollyn family for four weeks in Gränna, Sweden, during the summer 2007, sometime after that day of June 2007. Gillberg wrote (the highlights are mine):

Christopher and Helje opted to cut all communications, even with their closest friends.


In Gränna they felt secure. They could even let their 12 year old son go shopping in a supermarket on the main street; quite incredible to a family in which the parents live in permanent fear that something might happen to their offspring

I think, not just me, but everybody had reasons to be concerned about the Bollyns. On top of this, what was happening was following closely a standard pattern.

Standard procedure to get rid of somebody.
The Bollyn case

The Jewish crime network has a standard procedure to get rid of its enemies. Wayne Madsen described it during an interview on the Alex Jones radio show on 13 April 2011. Both of these men are - in my opinion - agents of the Jewish crime network, and they are constantly try to gain our trust and convince us that they are honest, crime investigators. In this interview, Wayne Madsen claims to be exposing a method that "they" use to eliminate their enemies, but in reality, he is giving us a description of the technique that - what I think is - his Jewish crime network uses against people such as the Bollyn family. Here is a very important excerpt to learn from:
AlexJonesShow_20110413_3_3858-3958.mp3 130 kbytes

Here is a transcript (the highlights are mine):

I have been told that, how they deal with recalcitrant journalists - and also whistle-blowers - they have a play-book they use:

Step 1 is to isolate the target. Now, that is, you know, try to drive a wedge between the target and his friends and family.

Number 2. They try to take the target out of the public eye; getting their bylines out of publications; getting their names out of the chyrons (*) on the television programs.

And 3: then they put the financial screws to you. And when that stage is set, then they, you know, they say, "Well the person was despondent and committed suicide."
Full interview here:

(*) Chyrons are also known as lower thirds.

Wayne Madsen and other people who are promoted on television and the Internet as "investigators," former CIA agents, or terrorism "experts," use vague descriptions of the crime network, such as "they," or the "New World Order," or "the elite," but in reality it is "the Jewish crime network," for which all of them work. Madsen is trying to shift the blame away from his criminal network and onto the US government (which is manipulated and deceived by this crime network).

The FBI, the CIA, the MI5, and many more secret services have been infiltrated by the Jewish crime network, and work for them (sometimes without realizing it, thinking they are helping their nation!). Did you notice that after the September 11th attack and other crimes, the secret services claim to know less than those of us who surf the web and read the articles written by ordinary citizens like Eric Hufschmid? Are these organizations working for the benefit of their nation or for the international Jewish crime network? What are the chances that a large organization of highly paid investigators, who work full-time on crime investigations, know less about those crimes than the ordinary citizens who surf the Internet during their spare time?

Now let's see how this "play-book" is followed in the case of the "recalcitrant journalist" Christopher Bollyn:
1. Bollyn cut all communications, even with his closest friends (here).

2. Bollyn doesn't appear any more in public and the English Wikipedia entry for Christopher Bollyn has been deleted (here).

3. Christopher Bollyn is constantly begging for money (here).
More details about these steps:

 Regarding step 1,
On top of what Gillberg posted and mentioned before, Christopher's daughter Catherine also cut communications with her friends in Otepää, Estonia, before June 2009 when the family left that country. Some friend of the family, worried about them, were unable to contact them as well. The Bollyns seem in contact with Helje's mother and brother in Estonia, who claim not to have Bollyn's phone number or email, and not to know much about the Bollyns. It is probable that they know what is going on, but have been threatened or tricked into thinking it is better they remain silent.
 Regarding step 2,
If you are not familiar with Christopher Bollyn, you should know that before he disappearance we would often see him in public. For instance here (Los Angeles, 23 October 2004), here (London, 27 May 2005), here (Brussels, 18 November 2005), here (Salt Lake City, Utah, 9 September 2006), here (Chicago, 10 October 2006), here (Schaumburg, Illinois, 11 November 2006), and here (Schaumburg, Illinois, on January 23, 2007 interviewed for CNN; note the zoom-in when he is accused of being an antisemite: was this the final verdict against him pronounced the day before his legal trial?). He also used to travel to interview people (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here).
Compare this behavior with that after that day of June 2007; see for instance these photos; note that only in two photos he appears with somebody who is not a family member: one with Giulietto Chiesa (that I shall discuss later) and the other one with Andreas von Bülow, who protects Israel in relation to the 9/11 attack, as you can listen from his own mouth, interviewed in the Alex Jones Show on 15 April 2008:
Bulow15Apr2008-not-israel.mp3 120 kbytes
Bulow15Apr2008-very-small-group.mp3 60 kbytes
If you are familiar with Bollyn's articles on the involvement of Israelis and Jews in the 9/11 attack, such as his article The 9/11 Gang: Exposing the Criminal Zionist Network Behind 9/11 and the "War on Terror" dated 7 December 2006, how do you explain that in August 2011 in Remagen, Germany, he is seen with Andreas von Bülow?

Photo: Andreas von Bülow (left) and Christopher Bollyn, in Germany on 22 August 2011

In December 2008 a photo (see below) was posted on Bollyn's website of Christopher with the suspicious, "last-minute" Italian truth seeker Giulietto Chiesa, who is well-known in Italy as a journalist and a politician. Chiesa is promoted by the Italian mass-media as an expert on Russia and the former USSR. He also receives publicity from international Jewish propaganda devices, such as Russia Today. Chiesa is the author of the book and the documentary Zero where he explains that there is zero evidence that the official version of the 9/11 attack is correct. However, he produced his documentary in 2008, by which time millions of people around the world already knew all of this information.

In that documentary, he promotes such suspicious truth seekers as: Barbara Honegger, Coleen Rowley, Sibel Edmonds, James H. Fetzer, Annie Machon, Kevin Ryan, Steven E. Jones, Gore Vidal, Philip Berg, Robert Bowman, Nafeez Ahmed, and Moni Ovadia (an Italian Jewish theatrical actor). Could Chiesa be more suspicious? Well, Giulietto Chiesa, on his website, on 28 March 2009 firmly stated:

Non c'è mai stato nessun complotto ebraico e non c'è adesso.

which translates into:

There has never been a Jewish plot, neither there is one now.

Keep in mind that before disappearing in June 2007, Bollyn was collaborating with Hufschmid in exposing the crimes and the plots of the Jewish crime network!

On top of this, in summer 2009 was due the end of his mandate as a member of European Parliament for Italy, and already in the spring of 2009, Chiesa proposed himself as candidate in another nation, Latvia, admitting with no hope to win, but only to help Jewish politician Tatjana Ždanoka being elected.

Giulietto Chiesa (left) and Christopher Bollyn in the bookstore Rahva Raamat in Tallinn, Estonia, 26 November 2008
Giulietto Chiesa (middle), Tatjana Ždanoka (right)

In addition, on 21 September 2006, one of Chiesa's readers posted a comment (below) to Chiesa about Hufschmid's short speech at the 2006 Italian conference on the 9/11 attack:

L' i[n]tervento di Eric Hufschmid mi ha lasciato molto perplesso: Anche se Israele e il Sionismo hanno sicuramente una loro parte nella strategia della guerra infinita, il tentativo di scagionare la CIA e l'amministrazione Bush da ogni responsabilità mi sembra patetico. A voler essere maligni sembra quasi un tentativo di depistaggio, tanto più che chi si dovesse trovare a sostenere in pubblico una posizione del genere offrirebbe il fianco alle solite accuse di antisemitismo che rischierebbero di compromettere il serio lavoro di tante persone.

which translates into:

Eric Hufschmid's speech left me in a deep quandary: even if Israel and Zionism certainly played some role in the strategy of endless war, the attempt to exonerate the CIA and the Bush administration from any liability seems to me pathetic. To be malicious, it seems almost an attempt to throw investigations off track, especially if one considers that supporting such position in public would let his flank wide open to the usual accusations of antisemitism, running the risk of compromising the serious work of many people.

Giulietto Chiesa answered:

condivido le tue valutazioni [...] [sulla] [...] pericolosità, oltre che erroneità, delle tesi di Hufshmid

which translates into:

I agree with your thoughts [...] [on] [...] the danger, and incorrectness, of Hufshmid's theses

I found disturbing that Christopher Bollyn appeared in a photo with Giulietto Chiesa, although I suspect that meeting was organized without informing Chiesa.

In case you don't know it, in some restricted environments in Italy there is a persistent rumor that Giulietto Chiesa's natural father was Joseph Stalin. Is it true?
Giulietto Chiesa

Joseph Stalin

Also the Wikipedia administrators are well-know for protecting the Jewish crime network, so I find hard to believe that it is a coincidence that the English Wikipedia entry for Christopher Bollyn has been deleted.

On top of this, in March 2009 one of the two Bollyn's websites ( was not active any more and never went on-line again.

 Regarding step 3, Christopher is constantly begging for money on his website. When Helje was teaching in Estonia, according to the Estonian press, her salary was reduced by about a third. After reading this article on Hufschmid's site, one of Hufschmid's "daffy readers" sensed that there could be a plan to have the Bollyns ending up in the classical scenario of "husband murders family and commits suicide." In an update below I included details on Bollyns' amazingly low income.

It's also important to note that Christopher Bollyn's mother and father are dead, and so the criminal Jews do not have to be concerned about controlling his parents. They only have to worry about controlling Helje's parents.

So, do you think I'm wrong in being concerned for the Bollyns?

Watch out also for variants Jews can use to get rid of their enemies; i.e. faking accidental death, or arranging for a "lone gunman" to kill them in a simulated, provoking hearth attacks, cancer, etc. As more people learn their tricks, the Jews must operate in an increasingly subtler and stealthier, which would explain why the Jews are going to so much trouble to create the impression that the Bollyn family is free. Eventually - if you help to expose this crime network and their tricks - there may be so many people who are aware of their activities that they cannot get away with any murders or kidnappings.

Back to that June 2007

Eric Hufschmid immediately publicly denounced that the family was not safe, kidnapped, or maybe something even worse could have happened to them. Hufschmid was the only one person who showed concern for the Bollyn family; none of the so called "truth seekers" showed any interest in the fate of the Bollyn family. (Of course, at that particular time, Hufschmid was still working with Daryl Bradford Smith, a.k.a. Daryl Bradford Setters, of the website The French Connection, and so Smith had to show concern for the Bollyn family, but after Smith tried to threaten Hufschmid into attacking Bollyn, they stopped working together, and Smith began attacking Bollyn's image and credibility, thereby showing us that Smith was just another agent of some faction of the Jewish crime network, possibly one in the gold business, and that he was trying to manipulate Hufschmid by becoming his friend and associate.) In more than four years, Hufschmid is the only person that I'm aware of who showed concern for the Bollyns.

I considered Bollyn one of the best investigative journalists in the USA, and perhaps the only one with the courage, intelligence, and ability to face and expose this Jewish crime network; he was a key asset in the fight against the Jewish crime network, especially when I realized that my country, Italy, would not do much against the Jewish crime network unless USA will make the first move.

I became determined to help the Christopher Bollyn, but I didn't know who I could trust. Among the English speaking truth seekers, Hufschmid was the only one who didn't turned out to be secretly working for the Jewish crime network. We should all keep in mind an important remark that Christopher Bollyn made when he was interviewed on CNN on 30 January 2007:
"Everywhere you look you find a Zionist agent." — Christopher Bollyn

By the way, if you don't understand why members of the Jewish crime network set up groups pretending to oppose their criminal organization, read this and this. They are not "self hating Jews," they are diabolical Jews.

For instance, Frank Collinfounder and former leader of the National Socialist Party of America, is a Jew.

Frank Collin, a Jew

Also "Azzam the American," aka Adam Gadahn, born Adam Pearlman, Al-Qaeda spokesman, is a Jew.

Adam Pearlman, a Jew

Since I didn't know if I could really trust Hufschmid either, I contacted him (and Daryl Bradford Smith) via email, using a pseudonym, initially at The French Connection, as at that time Hufschmid was helping Daryl Smith with that website. Before doing anything I spent some time trying to understand what was going on and who I could trust.

During my years of observing truth seekers, I noted that Hufschmid was always maintaining a sensible position, while everybody else in the so-called truth movement was turning out to be secretly working for the criminals, and often I was shocked to discover that the Jewish crime network was even bigger than what I supposed.

In August 2008, a photo of Bollyn holding a newspaper was published on his website; that picture reminded me of a similar picture of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro taken when he was kidnapped:

Christopher Bollyn with a magazine, August 2008
Aldo Moro with a newspaper, 21 April 1978

I considered this photo as evidence that the Bollyns were indeed kidnapped. How do you interpret this picture? By the way, I have recently been using that photo on a Facebook page, and I have become pressured to remove it. Since the photo was originally posted on Bollyn's website, and since I am now pressured to remove it, I interpret this as evidence that the kidnappers now realize that the photo was a big mistake, and they no longer want to give it any publicity. Therefore, please pass it around to more people!

Incidentally, later Aldo Moro was killed; the non-official version blames for his death the Mossad, and their infiltrators. The official lie instead blames the Brigate Rosse [Red Brigates] only, an extremist left wing terrorist organization, non-officially known for having been infiltrated and secretly maneuvered by elements working for the Jewish crime network. In 1978, in relation to the kidnapping and the assassination of Aldo Moro, Italian politician Giuseppe Zamberletti nominated Webster Tarpley, who is fluent in Italian, officially for investigating the case, but actually to cover-up that crime protecting Israel (or as training for his career as disinformation agent?).

For your information, regarding the 9/11 attack, Webster Tarpley is one of the many phony "truth seekers" who receives a lot of coverage and blames George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, some bankers in London, and some rogue elements of the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies. He refuses to tell for whom these rogue elements work, and protects Israel. Whenever these "experts" get involved with a criminal case, either the case is never solved, or some patsies are arrested. Is this a coincidence? It seems that their true task is to cover up the crimes and distract us from the evidence that shows these crimes are perpetrated by an international network of Jewish and Israeli criminals, sometimes with the help of infiltrators, government officials, and secret agencies of other nations.

On 1 April 2009 an email sent to several people from Bollyn's address points an earlier interview, dated 28 September 2008, where he and his family appear on an Estonian television. That interview, mostly in Estonian, seemed a suspicious attempt to reassure people that the Bollyns were fine and living in Estonia.

In June 2009 I looked for a translator to help me with some articles in the Estonian press about the Bollyns; then I sent a summary of those translated articles to Hufschmid, who put them into this article. Soon after the publication of that article, Bollyn's website announced that Christopher would be a guest on an RBN radio show. However, the radio's website did not show him as a scheduled guest, and he gave the world only a few hours notice. Furthermore, he spoke only for a brief time because of "phone troubles," and he didn't seem to have anything of particular importance to talk about. I assumed that the kidnappers panicked when they saw the article on Hufschmid's website, and they wanted to reassure people that the Bollyns were fine.

During my years of contact with Hufschmid, I always offered to help him, mainly in spreading information about the Jewish crime network, and later to help the Bollyns.

Only once did Hufschmid ask me for some help; on that occasion somebody pointed out to him an article, published one year before, as the cover-story of Wired Italia, the Italian edition of the US magazine Wired, about two Italian researchers who tried to disprove the conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney had been replaced by an impostor, and ended up proving that he actually was, and so that the conspiracy theory is correct! Hufschmid wondered what the article said, and he wanted my opinion of it. I read the article, gave him my opinion that it was a very valuable article, and I offered to translate the entire article. He said I didn't need to, but I insisted, and I wrote this article. Incidentally Wired Italia, soon after Hufschmid published that article, removed its original article from the Internet. So, since they do not want their article to get any more publicity, please pass it around and give it as much publicity as possible!

Also in June 2010, I had an Estonian calling what I assumed were Helje Kaskel's parents at their home in Estonia. This translator, whose primary language was Russian rather than Estonian, found himself in an awkward situation because he ended up speaking with a different Kaskel family member, not Helje's parents. Since that phone call was confused, I decided to make the next phone calls by myself, hoping to find somebody who speaks English. Although to be identified by criminals is dangerous, I decided it was worth the risk.

At the end of the round of phone calls to people in Otepää, Estonia, I called Eric Hufschmid on the phone for the first time. I didn't identify myself because I assumed the criminal Jews might spy on him; also, unfortunately, nobody can have 100% guarantee he, like anybody else, would be honest in the future.

A bit more than two years ago I strongly suspected that the Bollyns were in Sweden; on 1 September 2009 Kevin Barret was scheduled to interview Christopher Bollyn over the phone, and shortly before the start of the radio show Barret called for people to submit questions to Bollyn by email. Just 15 minutes before the start of the show, I sent Kevin Barrett the following message to ask if Christopher had been kidnapped and was in Stockholm:

Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 4:45 PM


Hi Christopher,

On your website you claimed that you hide from secret services such as
FBI, Mossad, Estonian secret service, etc.

Can't these agencies figure out where you are located looking at the
telephone traffic records when you do these interviews?

Can't these agencies track the money path from your bank, whose
details are kept public in your website?

Or are you really kidnapped in a soft way, say, in Stockholm?

Now that you revealed so many details about 9[/]11 which don't change the
conclusion on who is responsible, what do you plan to do next?


PS: I included somebody in BCC...

Kevin Barrett never asked publicly Christopher any of those questions, but at the beginning of the radio show Bollyn, who was on the phone, sounded worried to me, so I assume he was told of my questions and that I was correct that he was in Sweden. Here are two audio extracts, one at the very beginning of that radio show, and one towards the end, separated by a beep; note Bollyn's remarkable difference in mood:
FairAndBalanced_20090901___0553-0613_5300-5306.mp3 80 kbytes

On 13 November 2009, for the first time Anthony Hmura, of the so called The Anti-Zionist League, revealed publicly that Bollyn was indeed in Sweden before interviewing him over the phone.
AZL_Hmura_20091113_0_0000-0007.mp3 30 kbytes

Around that time I suspected that the Bollyns were in the area of Jönköping, Sweden, the ninth largest city in Sweden (and the place where safety matches were invented). I waited quite a bit before saying anything to Hufschmid; often I informed Hufschmid about my discoveries, although not always promptly as my main concern was for the Bollyns to be safe. Later, when I was more certain of the location of the Bollyn family, I discussed several times with Hufschmid about what we should do that would be best for the Bollyns. Should we keep quiet and let this farce go on? Should we inform the kidnappers that modern technology makes it difficult for them to hide their victims, and that ordinary people can now figure out where the Bollyns are being hidden? Or should we call the police? Also, I didn't want to have all the responsibility for the fate of the Bollyns.

Sometimes before Hufschmid posted an article related to the kidnapping of the Bollyn family, he would send Bollyn a preview of the article to see if Bollyn had any feedback, but Bollyn never provided any. I don't know how either of us could show more concern for the Bollyns!

Jönköping is about 30 km from Gränna, where Jan Gillberg's house is. He is the founder of the Estonia Litigation, an association that called for a re-opening of the investigation of the sinking of the ship Estonia in 1994, which officially sank after a mechanical failure, but was actually sabotaged with explosives. Helje Kaskel, chairwoman of the association, is Christopher Bollyn's wife. The association, now dead, had two contact addresses, one at Gillberg's in Gränna, Sweden, and the other one in Otepää, Estonia the main town next to the village where the Bollyns were staying (in Helje's mother's house).
Note that you can travel from Jönköping to Berlin (and vice-versa) without flying; that might explain why the Bollyns occasionally visit suspicious people in Germany, such as Andreas von Bülow, without flying.

About one year and a half-ago I suspected that the Bollyns were being held captive in Huskvarna, Sweden, a suburb of Jönköping, known for hosting the company Husqvarna.

On 10 March 2011 I and Eric Hufschmid decided to call both the Estonian police in Otepää and the Swedish police in Huskvarna (which is that of Jönköping). We wanted them to make sure the Bollyns were safe and that Helje's relatives in Estonia were protected by the police. Here is the answer from the Otepää police.

The Estonian police did not show much of an interest, but the Swedish police asked for Hufschmid's home telephone number and they said they would call Hufschmid in a day or two and get more information. Soon after, the Swedish police called Hufschmid to get more details on why he believes that the Bollyns could be not safe, and reassured him that they would look into the matter and get back to him.

However, several months have passed, and the Swedish police have not been heard from. Perhaps they terminated their investigation because they were fooled into thinking the Bollyn's are free, or perhaps criminals within the Swedish police department found a way to suppress the investigation.

The apartment address is Drottninggatan 17, Huskvarna, 561 31, Sweden. The Bollyn family seems to be in the unit above the doorway, where the red arrow is pointing to. Each apartment unit appears to have two or three windows. (Google street view)

Eric and I did not publish this information, and I discussed several times what was best for the Bollyns, since apparently the kidnappers offered them a good deal. (As it will be clear below, publishing here his address, I'm not violating any silly right to privacy, as his location is already public information!) The kidnappers are obviously giving the Bollyn family much better treatment than "ordinary" kidnap victims. For example, they have an apartment to live in, and the children are allowed to attend school although at times only to a certain extent.

In return, as I and Hufschmid have already pointed out, Christopher posts damage control propaganda about the Jewish crime network on his website.

Timeline of my trip to Sweden and later developments
I quietly informed several people that I planned to travel to Huskvarna, but not Hufschmid, as I didn't want to spoil the surprise effect. I also recorded my will, just in case, and in it, I requested that 50% of my belongings be given to Eric Hufschmid, as a contribution of the fight of the Jewish crime network, and, above all, as an assurance of my life against Jewish attacks hoping this time to be tapped. (If you don't understand my remarks, see the "joke" at the bottom of Hufschmid's article about Michael Jackson here.)

22 October 2011

I arrived in Huskvarna on the late evening of 22 October 2011.

Exploring the area
I took a few tours around the small town to get familiar with the area, and I asked some of the very few local people outdoor for some information. There is only one super-market, very close to the Husqvarva factory, and about 300 meters from Bollyn's apartment, on the same main road. I was told that there was another market, a small shop of Finnish goods, but other than those two stores, the residents who want more shopping opportunities have to travel to Jönköping, which is about 5 km away.

It was late evening on Saturday, and while Jönköping was crowded, Huskvarna was virtually deserted, except for some people at the bus stop, about 50 meters from Bollyn's flat, waiting to go to Jönköping. From that bus stop you can go directly not only to Jönköping, but also Gränna, which is only about 30 km away, and part of the Jönköping Municipality. Jan Gillberg lives in Gränna, so I thought to myself, "How is that possible that Jan Gillberg, who describes himself as a good friend of the Bollyns, and who hosted the family for four weeks after they escaped from Chicago and went into hiding, claims today to know nothing about the Bollyns?"

View from the bus stop to Jönköping and Gränna. The apartment building that the Bollyns are in is at the center of this photo. On the first road on the right after Bollyn's home there is Erik Gemheden's flat (see below). At the end of the main road is the super-market, while on the right is the hotel Huskvarna Stadshotell (Google street view)

Next to the bus stop, there is also the council library, Huskvarna Bibliotek. There were some people in the hotel Huskvarna Stadshotell, which is about 200 meters from Bollyn's flat, and is the only form of night social life there, to my disappointment, as I wanted to befriend some of the locals and have a better understanding of the town.

I passed by the Bollyn apartment building, but on the opposite side of the street, to see if there was anything suspicious about the area or the building. I noticed that the first two or three windows above the entrance to the building were illuminated from the inside, and I could see some details through the curtains, including what appeared to be a teenage boy. I didn't bother to take a close look at that boy because I assumed the kidnappers would never put the Bollyns in a unit that had windows facing the main road and was not completely blocked by curtains. I expected the Bollyns to be hidden.

I crossed the road and went over to the apartment building, and I looked at the names on the doorbells. I recognized some of the names because I had previously looked on the Internet in an attempt to figure out who was living in that apartment building, and I contacted some of those people by phone. The bottom one, to my surprise, was marked "H. Kaskel" (Christopher wife's name is Helje Kaskel). I was expecting the kidnappers to put their own names on the doorbells. Perhaps they assumed that nobody would recognize the name "H. Kaskel."

The property manager of the apartment building was clearly marked as being the company "Bovista," and I had previously asked Eric to contact that company to get information about who is living at that apartment building, but they never provided Eric with any information.

The door of the apartment complex was made of transparent glass, and I think there was some sort of numeric keypad, also. I came to the conclusion that it would be easy in the next few days to come into contact with one of the Bollyns, or one of those I suspected were keeping them under control. The supermarket seemed to be a good place to encounter either the Bollyn's or somebody involved with the kidnapping.

It would be easy for a bank or government organization to locate the Bollyn family according to their bank transactions, telephone usage, Postal Service transactions, or whatever services they were using. Until recently, Bollyn was even providing his wife's bank account number on his website so that people could send donations directly to his bank account in Estonia! My conclusion is that the Bollyn's are not hiding from the banks or any of the government agencies. They are hiding from us ordinary people who might realize he is kept under control.

I meet the Bollyn family
As I was walking away from the apartment building, a car, traveling south-east, stopped for a moment in front of the entrance, and a skinny girl dressed in dark clothes got out of the car. I had no idea who she was.

Out of curiosity, I quickly walked back towards the building, just in case I could discover something interesting. To my surprise by the time I arrived there, I saw Christopher Bollyn through the glass door, and he loudly welcomed that girl in English! I didn't yet realize who she was, and I was facing the back of her so I did not see her face clearly. All the time I kept my face perfectly visible; I was not wearing glasses, hat, etc., so that I did not appear suspicious or frightening.

I made a sign to Bollyn as to please keep the door open for me; he asked me in English if I wanted to come in, and I nodded; so he held the door and kindly let me in the building. For few seconds I didn't say anything and headed towards the stairs.

I told him I was "Alex Wadesky," a false name I have been using in the attempt to find out what happened to the Bollyns.

Previously, on 26 May 2011 Bollyn sent an email to Eric Hufschmid, asking why Alex Wadesky was "making calls to Helje's family" and I asked Hufschmid to send a message to Bollyn saying that I was happy to talk to him on the phone or on Skype, and to tell him. Bollyn never replied to that offer. On an email to Hufschmid dated 13 September 2011, Bollyn wrote "There is, of course, no such person.  You are «Alex Wadesky»."

I offered help to Christopher Bollyn. He said nobody was threatening him, and in a good mood he added something like, "Let me call my wife," and then, loudly, "Hey, there is somebody who thinks we are kidnapped!" with a joking tone; "It's Wadesky!"
I found it odd that he was offered help and he immediately called his wife, so I thought either he was a bit "under the thumb" of his wife, or there was a cultural difference from what I'm used to. From my strong accent he guessed immediately that I am Italian, and he told me few words in Italian meaning "And so, what's up? Tell me," always in a joking mood. I confirmed that I am Italian. He asked me if I could speak Russian (Wadesky sounds a Russian name) and I said no. He commented that Wadesky doesn't seem very Italian, and I replied that Wadesky is the pseudonym I use for his case.

Just after calling Helje, he said I shouldn't worry about them because they had as neighbor Curt, a retired police officer of the Swedish Police, and then he immediately called Curt. I already knew that one of the residents of this apartment building was a man named Curt Gemheden, and I suspected that he was involved in the kidnapping of the Bollyns, and that his role was to watch over them, similar to that of a prison guard.

A couple of weeks before I traveled to Sweden, I searched the Internet for information about that apartment building, and I came to the conclusion that there were eight units. I found the names and phone numbers for seven of the units, but neither Christopher Bollyn nor his wife were listed as residents of the building. I then told Eric Hufschmid about this building and its residents, and the two of us called a couple of those phone numbers. The first person we decided to call was Curt Gemheden; it was 3 October 2011. Curt denied the Bollyns were living there, but when Eric asked for information on how he could contact the manager of the building, Curt abruptly cut the phone call.
In the following days, I called some other people in that building, and they confirmed that people resembling the Bollyn family had lived there, although they were not certain that the Bollyns were still in the building. One of the residents said that the family appeared to be fine, and Christopher's son was "always playing football." Also they told us that the property manager was Bovista. Maybe it is a coincidence, but a day or so after that phone call to Curt Gemheden, Eric Hufschmid received a strange phone call from a young man who identified himself as "Christopher Bollyn," but Eric assumed it was another of those strange people who associate with "Joe Blow" in Sweden (Eric mentions him in several articles, such as this), so Eric hung up on him. Eric also mentioned to me that a few hours after that call, he got another phone call from Peggy Borger, an agent working for the Jewish crime network whose role is that of an improbable "honey trap" for Eric; hard times for the Jewish criminals if they have to resort to Peggy once she put herself on a diet to loose some weight!

Getting back to my encounter with Christopher, after he called his wife, she came out of the unit that was at the top of the first floor (the unit that can be seen from the street), and she started immediately freaking out with questions implying senseless accusations. Her tone was irritating, so at one point I asked her, "Why you have to be angry? I'm answering your questions, you don't need to use that tone."

By the way, it appears that their apartment unit has two – possibly three – windows facing the main road, above the entrance of the building. I was puzzled, and thought to myself, "Why would the kidnappers chose a unit where we could easily see the Bollyn family from a main road!?"
In addition to Helje's angry, irritating attitude, she was continuously interrupting the conversations, making everything even more confusing.

Helje loudly said something like, "Ah, Wadesky! Who are you!? Let me take a picture of you!" I asked her if she could avoid taking picture of me, and I told her that I was a faithful reader of Bollyn's articles (or maybe I said that soon afterwards, I don't remember). I told her that I thought it might not be safe for me to have my picture taken, and that I was willing to help them. I turned my head at an angle with respect to her, to discourage her from taking a photo, but later I was more relaxed when I could see that she was going to insist on taking a photo, and there was nothing I could do about it. I can't remember exactly, but she said something like, "Why you don't want me to take a picture of you!? You came all the way here and you don't want to have a picture of you with Christopher! Why!?"

I said it was dangerous for me. Christopher asked me why it was dangerous, and I turned towards him (I was between them at that moment, on the stairs) and I replied "Com'on!" She went on say, "You came here threatening us! You stalked our daughter!" I asked Christopher – whose body has a bigger build than mine – if he really felt threatened by me. Silence from Christopher. I also added that I didn't stalk their daughter. All the time, Christopher's tone was always relaxed, while Helje always spoke loudly, overwhelming me with accusations, often without waiting for me to finish an answer. Several times Helje held a camera in her hands and tried to take, or took, pictures of me; for sure she took some towards the end when I was searched by a policeman.

Christopher and Helje wanted to know who I was, and if I was a Mossad agent. I told Christopher, "Look at me. Do you think I can be a Mossad agent?" He didn't answer. Curt was on the first floor, behind the handrail, at this time, or he came out of his apartment soon afterwards, I can't remember exactly. However, I recognized him as Curt Gemheden, because I previously looked at the picture of the Facebook profile of the only person registered as Curt Gemheden (here is a screen-shot of his Facebook account taken on 4 October 2011).
Christopher, and I think immediately afterwards Helje also, asked me to identify myself and to show my passport. I told them that I will not identify myself to them as it wasn't necessary but only risky for me, and I asked them to understand, but they insisted. At one point Curt, in good English, told me, "OK, I'm a police officer; show me your passport." I asked him to show me his badge, but he said he didn't have one. I told them I would identify myself to proper police officers, so I asked them to call the police. Helje, Christopher, and Curt discussed whether they should call the police; Christopher at the beginning said "No, don't call the police" in a tone like, "Leave it!"

However, they soon agreed to call the police, which is what I wanted, although I preferred that the police come later because I wanted to ask the Bollyns some questions first. I wanted the police to be present because I did not trust Curt, and I also wanted our encounter to be documented in the police records so that if something will happen to the Bollyns in the future, the police might have enough information to be on the right path and identify the kidnappers.

Recapitulating, the Bollyn family is living in their own apartment unit; their two children are attending school; and the entire family is well dressed and well fed, including their cat. And they are protected by a retired policeman. So, everything is OK for the Bollyns, isn't it?

Let's see who is this person "protecting" them.

Interlude: Who is their "guardian"?
Curt Gemheden's job title in the police department was criminal inspector (Kriminalinspektör). On this page, somebody claims he is a Freemason. (Update: His son Erik Gemheden, asked over the phone if Curt is a Freemason, told me "not any longer" see below.). If this is true, we should be concerned since Freemasons are known to be infiltrated, manipulated, and deceived by the Jewish crime network. Not surprisingly, many of them have logos that resemble a star of David.

A  masonic symbol in which the Star of David is obvious
Star of David

Can you see the Jewish star that is "hiding inside" this British, masonic logo?
If you need help locating the star.
Is Curt Gemheden a criminal who infiltrated the Swedish police and who is directly keeping the Bollyns under control?

Curt Gemheden in 1978 (the first on the left)
Note that it is very useful for a crime network to infiltrate a police department. This allows the criminals to send investigations along the wrong path; interfere with investigations or sabotage them; spy on the police; destroy or hide evidence; recruit more criminals into the police, etc.

His son, Erik Gemheden, survived the sinking of the Estonia ship in 1994 while on a trip as a member of Bibelskola Pingst of Jönköping, a Bible School (he was 22 years old at that time; I hope it was a coincidence he was on that ship, but we should always be suspicious of the eyewitnesses and victims of the crimes of the Jewish crime network, as some of them are set up to cover-up the crime, as explained here). For some money, he is available for giving talks for schools, churches, government agencies, etc, about the crisis response and his experience in that sinking. (Update: He published an article in English about his experience surviving the Estonia catastrophe; see below.) He lives less than 250 meters from Bollyn's flat (more precisely, in Rosenborgsgatan 33, Huskvarna).

Erik Gemheden, on his Facebook account (screen-shot here), lists some of his interests, which are suspicious, considering that his father is supposedly protecting Christopher Bollyn, who showed evidence that the 9/11 attack and other huge crimes were done by Jews and Israelis, and whose wife used to investigate the Estonia sinking where Jews are suspected of being involved in that catastrophe, and in the kidnapping of 9 members of the crew who survived, including Captain Avo Piht, to cover it up. Here is an extract of the interests of this guy, taken from his Facebook page: (*)

Activities and interests:

Shabbat Shalom, Sabbath with Talit, Sabbath Prayer, Shabbat,
Shabbos Candles, Kiddush Cup, Sabbath Table, Candles of Shabbat,
Israel Shabbat Peace, Mother with Children, Shabbat in Watercolor,
Shabbat Shalom 3, Shabbat, Just Do It, Shabbat Shalom Candles Messianic Judaism

Other [interests]:

Auschwitz Memorial / Muzeum Auschwitz Israel Army Israel i Sverige Shuva Israel Jutta Rabe (**) Spirit of Israel Yad Vashem: World Holocaust Center Jerusalem המכון לאסטרטגיה ציונית - The Institute for Zionist Strategies לא אקטואלי Simon Wiesenthal Jews News Connecting for Israel! I Love Jesus (***) Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו ✡ I Support Israel Against Her Enemies! ✡ Jesus 'Christ' of Nazareth (***) The Jewish Internet Defense Force 6,000,000 Jews were murdered during the Holocaust by the Nazis - let's reach to 6 million people who remember them - deutsch-israelisches Onlinemagazin מגזין האינטרנט הישראלי גרמני It's called Israel, not Palestine!!! Jeshua

(*) Screen-shots here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
(**) Jutta Rabe led a diving expedition to the Estonia shipwreck that revealed that explosives played a role in that and was visited by the Bollyns at the end of October 2010 / beginning November 2010. What happened to her?
(***) Why not!?

And among his friends on Facebook (cache here):

Invest Israel Israeli Embassy Berlin The Izs Zionism today

If this is not enough, he also left some pro-Israel comments on the Internet, such as this one dated 2009-03-11 regarding the Davis Cup tennis match Sweden vs Israel just played in Malmö, Sweden, behind the closed doors because of demonstrations against Israel's participation in the competition; the match was won by Israel:

Helt underbart att Israel vann!!Jag jublade!!Mitt hjärta var på Israels sida i denna match. Inte bara en sportslig seger. Det blev en kraftfull markering mot antisemitismen i Sverige och Malmöpolitikernas skandalösa uppträdande där man skyllde på säkerheten men egentligen ville man ta chansen att klämma åt Israel.Här visar sig den svenska antisemitismen sitt fula ansikte och Simon Wiesentahlcentret har börjat reagera över situationen i Sverige.Det säger ganska mycket. Inga mer evenemang till Malmö efter detta!! Grattis Israel till en stor seger. Shalom Israel!!

which (approximatively) translates into:

It was absolutely wonderful that Israel won!! I was jubilant!! In this match my heart was on Israel's side. It was not just a sport victory. There was a strong signal against antisemitism in Sweden and Malmö politicians' outrageous behavior moved by security concerns, but in reality by the will to take the chance to screw Israel. This shows to the Swedish antisemitism its ugly head and the Simon Wiesentahl Centre started to react to the situation in Sweden. This says quite a lot. No more events in Malmö after this!! Congratulations to Israel for the great victory. Shalom Israel!!

Note also that in a match Sweden (officially his homeland) against Israel, he supported Israel.

Does Erik Gemheden have a role in keeping the Bollyns under control?

Curt Gemheden Erik Gemheden

I would like to know the opinions of some of the readers of Christoper Bollyn's website about the "guard" Curt Gemheden and his son Erik Gemheden. Am I paranoid?

If you want to hear what they have to say about it, here are their contact details (publicly available, here, here, here, and here):
Name Curt Gemheden Erik Gemheden
Address Drottninggatan 17
Huskvarna, Jönköping
Rosenborgsgatan 33
Huskvarna, Jönköping
Date of birth 1940-08-08 1971-12-30
Landline phone number (*) +46 (0) 36-14 00 43
Mobile phone numbers (*) +46 (0) 73-513 40 02 +46 (0) 73-506 67 80

+46 (0) 76-839 32 75 +46 (0) 73-839 13 06
email ?
Skype curt.gemheden erik.gemheden1

(*) For calls from outside Sweden, drop the "(0)" and keep the country code "+46", i.e. "0046".

If Erik Gemheden is part of the Jewish crime network, here are some questions:
• Was Erik Gemheden involved in the M/S Estonia catastrophe?

• Do Jews really hope to conquer the world with idiots who provide the enemy with crucial information through a tool (Facebook) set up by Jews to spy on their enemies?
As you will see in the updates below, soon after my visit to Bollyn, Erik Gemheden took his Facebook page down for a while and removed specifically any reference to the Israeli embassy in Berlin from it, but left virtually all the references to Israel, Zionism, etc, so we should wonder if he has some connection with the Israeli embassy in Berlin, and if so what is about, and why now he is trying to hide it. Finally, considering that among the few places Bollyn have been to after his disappearance (at least those he made public) the most visited, by far, was Berlin, I think the following question is legitimate,

Is the Israeli embassy in Berlin involved in the kidnapping of the Bollyn family?

I meet the Bollyn family (continuation)
At one point, I don't remember exactly when, what I could hardly recognize as Bollyn's daughter came out of the apartment and stood at the top of the stairs. I was on the stairs, also, and Helje was either on the top of the stairs or on the floor at the top of the stairs; Christopher was on he stairs, but below me. Their daughter never spoke and stayed there for quite a bit. Later their son, also difficult for me to recognize, came out for a moment. I told him he was welcome to join us, but after few seconds he went back inside their apartment. Later he come out once again for a bit. At one point a fully black cat came down to the stairs for a short time, and then went up again; I caressed him when he was on the return trip. During the meeting, sometimes Christopher or Helje went in and out their apartment. Most of the time, until the arrival of the police, I could have run away easily, but I chose not to, even after they called the police.

Helje, in her constant flow of questions, asked, "Who are you working for!?," "Who pays you!?," "Why you are here!?"

Always calmly, I answered that I used to read Christopher's articles, and that I considered him to be a good writer, and that I was not working for anybody, and that I paid everything out of my pockets. (In case you are curious, the cost my trip to Huskvarna, inclusive of transportation and three nights accommodation, was about 380 dollars.)

Throughout our encounter, Helje made one senseless accusation about me after the next, and every time I provided her with an explanation, she switched to another idiotic accusation or question. After a while, it occurred to me that her reaction was somehow "artificial," as if  she was acting. She was not giving me time to answer her questions, and she was not paying attention to what I was telling her.

In one of her accusations she implied that I provoked the death of her father (almost 77 years old) because, she said, I told him that they were kidnapped. I responded by asking Christopher if he also truly believed that I provoked the death of her father (he died a bit more than 3 months after I made a phone call to somebody else in his house), but there was silence from Christopher. (Later, on Bollyn's website a vague accusation that this is action of mine is "thought to have led to his sudden demise and premature death" of her father will be stated; see updates below.)
As I tried to explain my phone call to her father's house, she interrupted to make more idiotic accusations, and Christopher told her "Wait, he is telling you why!," and she obediently paused briefly to let me finish talking. This puzzled me because initially I thought Christopher was a bit under her thumb, so maybe at the beginning he just wanted to consult his wife.

Then I explained to her that I found an Estonian translator, to whom I told to be very gentle when talking to her father (Kalju Kaskel) because he was very old. However, the translator didn't have a chance to talk to her father because somebody else in the house answered the phone and identified himself as another "Kaskel." The translator knew that he was not talking to her father, and altered the conversation accordingly rather than following my instructions on what to talk about, but I was not aware until the end of the phone call that he was not speaking with her father.

Helje interrupted me with the idiotic accusation, "You have flown to Estonia to get a translator! Who payed for that!?" I explained to her that there are Estonians outside of Estonia (although not many; she is one of them!), and when I said I didn't travel to Estonia she relaxed for a moment. Previously I had the impression she was trying to know from me if I went to Estonia. Why she was worrying that I could have been to Estonia? I added saying I put an ad to find a translator. Then she said, "Who paid the money for the translator!? And who was the translator!?" I said I paid out of my pockets the equivalent of about 20 dollars for that (my mistake, it was actually around the equivalent of 30 dollars). Then she asked, "Who was the translator!?" I responded with a remark similar to, "The person who replied to that ad!"

Helje went on asking me, "Why did you come all the way here?" I answered I came there to offer help. She ranted something like, "We didn't ask for help!" So I pointed out that when they were in trouble with the Chicago/Hoffman Estates police and posted a message asking for people to write to the police, I did so because I considered Christopher to be a good guy who was doing a good job with his articles. Helje answered, "Ah, but that was 5 years ago!"
Later I added that after Christopher wrote that he had to leave Estonia because he was persecuted by the Estonian police, I also called the Estonian police. I told Christopher that the Estonian police seemed to be incompetent, but Christopher replied, "Yes, they are incompetent and (I didn't understand his second adjective) but I was persecuted by the Estonian military police." (If I remember correctly, he briefly implied that they were persecuted for their investigation on the sinking of the Estonia. If this is the case, it rises a disturbing question: somebody who flees Estonia because of his investigation on the sinking of the Estonia ferry, chooses to live in Sweden, another country somehow involved in that catastrophe? Sweden still tries to prevents people to dive to the wreck of that ship notwithstanding it is in international waters. Currently it is still a crime for Swedish law to approach the wreck of the Estonia ferry, as Christopher himself pointed out in some of his articles, such as this one.)

I assumed Christopher was lying to me because the military police don't deal with civilians. I asked for more details, and Christopher told me, "They wanted to drive us out of US, and then out of Estonia. In Estonia they didn't want us involved in the Estonia sinking. Their technique is to put you in financial troubles. They cut Helje's salary by 30%."

I said, "What's the point of driving you out of a country? You publish on the Internet, no matter where you are." I asked him, "You are not hiding?" He answered "We aren't," so I asked him why he doesn't appear publicly discussing 9/11, etc, and he said that nobody pays him to do so, so why should he do it. However, that response doesn't make any sense because he used to organize free events, such as those at his local library, and he used to speak for free at meetings.

He added, "People don't care about the truth," and, "Swedish people don't care about the truth of the Estonian catastrophe." His tone of voice and his remarks gave me the impression that one of the ways his kidnappers are keeping him under control is by convincing him that most people are hopeless, and that there is no point in him fighting for the truth, or putting his family at risk. So, I told him, "Most people don't care, it is true, but that doesn't matter." If I heard correctly, Christopher added that Helje lost her son (I didn't know that; I only knew that she lost her first husband, famous Estonian singer Urmas Alender in that sinking).

I asked Helje why she didn't go to her father's funeral and she answered, "Because I couldn't!" I asked Helje, "How about Christopher's interrupted phone calls?" Helje, "How do you know why they were interrupted! Maybe his phone run out of money," so I assumed he was using a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. (An example of phone problems affecting Bollyn is discussed in this article; here is an extract,

published on 22 June 2009 on Bollyn's website. Here, referring to those problems, he writes, "God only knows who or what was pulling the plug on me on Ott's show. I was cut off at least 4 times." Anyway, next time Bollyn mentions strange problems with the phone line consider Helje's words, namely his mobile phone might have run out of money. In case you wonder, during that interview Bollyn stated that the radio program originated the phone call, not him. In Europe, unless you are roaming in another country, usually you don't pay to receive a phone call on your mobile. Was Bollyn traveling in another country?)

I added that I also called the school staff in Estonia (where Helje worked and her children studied for a while) and that remark seemed to make them very worried. I added that I found out that they had suddenly and mysteriously vanished from the school rather than attend the end of the third trimester, and that they never told the school officials that they were leaving the school or moving to Sweden. I also told her that when I talked to the school officials, including the schoolmaster, I discovered that their children were still listed as enrolled in the school, even though they had been in Sweden for about a year. Helje answered something like, "It is a good thing that school records show our children are still enrolled there! The headmaster is doing an excellent job!"

If you are aware of the dispute between Helje and the headmaster that went on the Estonian press, involving a letter to the minister of education in Estonia written by Helje to complain about the poor standards of the management and low wages of the Estonian school system, you'll find her remark to be rather bizarre.

By the way, the headmaster and Helje were old friends and in autumn 2007 he offered her a teaching job in his school (the Otepää Gymnasium indeed) when they met at an alumni event (i.e. an event where after several years you meet your old school mates). So, I thought to myself, "Maybe some of these bizarre events are because she was getting childcare benefits from both Estonia and Sweden," but kept quiet so that she was not exposed as cheating one of the two nations. Perhaps the kidnappers were funding the kidnapping by exploiting childcare benefits. If this is the case, the low level criminals working for the Jewish crime network should wonder why their wealthy, high profile criminal fellows, are scared to pay small sums to provide financial support for the Bollyns to make the kidnapping of their family even less suspicious. As it is right now, how can the Bollyn's explain where they get the money to pay for their apartment, food, etc.? Well, if you were a wealthy, smart Jew, would you want to take the risk of sending money to the Bollyns, and one day being considered complicit in funding their kidnapping? Probably not, but the low-level Jewish criminals, who are not very intelligent, may never notice or understand why the wealthy Jews are refusing to get involved in the support of their crimes.
A note to add: on 17 June 2010 I send Aivo Meema, the headmaster of the Otepää Gymnasium (the Estonian school where Helje worked for a while and her children attended, and from which they disappeared mysteriously) asking him if he could warn the European school system (which is not unified though) that Bollyn's children were still registered as Estonian student, but I didn't get any answer. In another occasion, I talked to a pastor in Estonia, and he told me that the headmaster was worried about the Bollyns.

I also informed Christopher and Helje that in my phone calls to people in Estonia I discovered that a few of the school staff became concerned when they noticed the Bollyn children were missing, and they called the Estonian police and informed the Estonian minister of education. She reacted by saying, "Oh, the minister of education!"

When Christopher's son came out of their apartment, I asked about the reports in the Estonian press about the bullying and beating of their son. Christopher said his son was targeted by some guy, and Helje went inside their apartment. Christopher began to explain to me that the bully asked his son for 50 (Estonian) kroon or else he would beat him, so one day Christopher and (I'm not sure who else... an officer?) decided to observe his son and the bully, but we were interrupted before he could finish the explanation.

I told Christopher that I contacted a student at the school to learn more about the bullying incident, but the student told me that his son was never beaten, and that he was a friend of everybody in the school. Christopher's son then interrupted me, "But I was beaten!" He looked sincere. Christopher (father) said, "It was that boy, (he pronounced a name that sounded like 'Khalla')." His son said, "Yes," and repeated that same name. Helje asked, "Who did you call!?" referring to the student, but I refused to identify such a young student. I will reveal the student's identity only to the police.

Helje showed me a photo of her son with the upper part of the eye cavity completely in vivid red, and signs of hematomas on his arms. She also showed me a separate, small note that certified the injuries, but it was in a language unknown to me, so I don't know what the note said. That moment was when I was closest to their flat; I was at the top of the stairs. I stayed all the time on the stairs, except when the police arrived, for then I stayed, still inside the building, but close to its entrance.
Well, I'm very sorry if I made a mistake about the bullying and beating incident! I can only say that I researched the issue with good intentions, and I talked to a student who knew the Bollyn children. I also talked with some teachers who told me that the press always exaggerates, and the headmaster of the school told me that there was an investigation into the bullying incident, but he refused to tell me what the result was. Also, Bollyn didn't complain before, especially when he was sent previews of the articles mentioning that there was no such beating published on Hufschmid's site. I can give evidence to the police of all these claims.

The photo shows that Christopher's son was indeed beaten, but was it "ordinary" bullying? Or did somebody set up this beating for diabolical purposes, such as providing the kidnappers with an excuse to move the family out of Estonia without telling anybody in advance?

I told Helje, "Then I called the police of Jönköping to find out if you were safe, they said it was something serious and it would have taken a month or more to investigate, but I didn't get an answer." It was on 10 March 2011 that I made the phone call. Helje, said, "So it was you that day who made the police come here! You harassed us! The police thought they had to look for my son!" (Note: Christopher's son is also named Christopher, and the police became confused into thinking that they were investigating Christopher son, but we explicitly asked the police about Christopher father, providing his middle name, Lee, and date of birth, 14 February 1957.) I thought to myself, "I hope the 'normal' Swedish police investigations are not as confused as this!"

Helje repeated this information later to the male policeman. Christopher interjected, saying the police didn't have his (i.e. the father's) Swedish personal identity number, and so the police assumed that they were investigating his son. Why didn't the police have Christopher's identification number?
Helje went on with, "You called Jan Gillberg! How did you know about him!?"

Incidentally, a more important question is, how did she know that I called Gillberg? I did call him, but his answers were always "I don't know," even about things he had to know. He would repeat the same idiotic answer when I asked if the Bollyns were safe, where they were living, their email addresses, their phone number, and the name of somebody who might have more information about them. Also, I pointed out to him that he has a statement on the Internet about the Bollyns staying at his house for four weeks and being in "permanent fear that something might happen to their offspring." I asked him who the Bollyns were afraid of, and he answered, "The American police!" However, that is a ridiculous fear because I located the Bollyns, so the American police could locate them also, if they truly wanted to. Furthermore, the American police are not allowed to wander around in other nations to arrest people who they regard as criminals. They must request the extradition of people to the US. However, there is no evidence yet that the American police are even making an attempt to locate the Bollyn family, let alone extradite them.

I told Helje that Jan published an article about them (including a picture of the Bollyn family "spending nice and secure time in Gränna") after he hosted them for four weeks. Helje, "Where was it published!?" I said, "On his website" and Christopher said, "Yes," and he said that the initials DSM stood for "Debate, Truthseeking, Media Criticism." Helje went on, "How did you get our the address? Did Jan Gillberg give it to you?" I told her that data was available in the records of Jönköping Kommun, the council of their town; she didn't understand, and Christopher told her, "He said, Jönköping Kommun."

Helje accused me of opening a Facebook account under the false name of Alex Wadesky, and using that photo of Christopher holding a magazine as the photo for Alex Wadesky. Well, the accusation is true, but I never denied doing that. I actually I set up that page to give more visibility to the Bollyn kidnapping case; in it I was asking people to contact me if they had information about it (by email or Skype). I also explained to them that I did not edit their photo; I merely copied it from Bollyn's website. Christopher remained silent. Later, when the policemen were present, she repeated this accusation, telling them that I posted a web-page with a picture of her husband, and that I was asking to be contacted for information about them.
By the way, up to that day that Facebook page had 199 "friends" from Estonia; I never received a complain, except this one, supposedly from Helje's brother:

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 07:07:34 -0700 (12/10/11 15:07:34)
From: Facebook <>
Reply-To: Message email reply  <m+53zfuve000zg3ovfvt67yciyom0ia5nddmo9yvmokk081wd@>
To: Alex Wadesky <>
Subject: New message from Andrus Kaskel II

Hey, I don't like this photo. Please remove it. 

I replied,

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 19:14:01 +0100
From: alex wadesky <>
Subject: Is somebody trying to impersonate you?

Dear Andrus,

Few hours ago I received a message on Facebook from somebody who calls himself Andrus Kaskel, but it does NOT come from your Facebook account. Is somebody trying to impersonate you?

Best regards,


I didn't receive an answer. A while before that complaint, I received,

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:21:25 -0700 (28/03/11 20:21:25)
From: Facebook <>
Reply-To: noreply <>
To: Alex Wadesky <>
Subject: Andrus Kaskel sent you a message on Facebook...

Why do you have this profil[e] picture?

Andrus (or the person using his Facebook account) messaged me on the Facebook live chat; I replied I was willing to discuss on the phone or Skype; I was adding the answer to his question, but in the short time it took me to complete the message, he banned me (here I wrongly assumed he deleted his account as Facebook wasn't showing his page any more), although soon before he offered me a friendship request from him, that I had accepted:

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 11:00:30 -0700 (28/03/11 19:00:30)
From: Facebook <>
Reply-To: noreply <>
To: Alex Wadesky <>
Subject: Andrus Kaskel wants to be friends on Facebook.

Andrus Kaskel wants to be friends with you on Facebook.

The police join us!
I might have mixed up a bit the time-line, so something that I described before the arrival of the police might have happened after. Also there was some redundancy of what was said before and after the arrival of the police. When the policemen (a man and a woman, both young) were there, I was kept apart from the Bollyns. From my position I couldn't tell if Curt was there or if he had gone back to his apartment unit. The Bollyn's were sometimes talking to the police in English, and sometimes in Swedish, but I don't know Swedish so I don't know what they were saying in Swedish. Also, I was talking to one of the policemen, so I couldn't keep track of what the Bollyns were saying.

Bollyn discussed briefly with one of the policemen that he was driven out of US because of his work on the 9/11 attack. Bollyn told the policeman that the 9/11 attack was done by Rupert Murdoch's gang. I was appalled to hear him say that, but I would like to emphasize to the readers of this website that this is another example of how Bollyn has been trying to divert attention away from Israel ever since he vanished mysteriously in June 2007.

Then he explained they were driven out of Estonia because of their investigation on the Estonia catastrophe. He mentioned that his wife was part of the Estonia Litigation. He also explained how he ended up in Sweden. He told the policeman that he traveled from the USA to Canada, and then to Sweden, but not to Huskvarna. He mentioned some other city with a name similar to "Reims."  Then he said he traveled to Estonia, and then back to Sweden. He also mentioned the high blood pressure problems of his wife. (Incidentally, I thought he went to Norway first and then Sweden. Perhaps he skipped some details, or he had been tricked into thinking that he was going to arrive in Norway.) Helje started to tell the policeman her series of accusations against me with a "Hufschmid wrote ..." but I stopped her immediately saying I was responsible only for my own actions. She repeated many of the accusations she previously moved against me, including that I opened a Facebook account with a photo of her husband (the picture of him holding a newspaper), something I had always made public.
At one point, "out of the blue sky," Bollyn told the policeman that I work for Murdoch: I thought it was at this point I told him something like, "Com'on! Be honest!" but the policeman told me to keep quite. Bollyn went on to some other subject, but later he came back to this issue and told the policeman that both Eric Hufschmid and I work for Murdoch, whose gang did the 9/11 attack.

I was shocked to hear him make these accusations because before the police had arrived, he hadn't mentioned Murdoch at all, so why was he trying to convince the police that Eric and I work for Murdoch, and that Murdoch is responsible for the 9/11 attack? Why would he want the police to hear such idiotic propaganda?

I had assumed that the propaganda that he was posting on his website ever since June 2007 was coming from his kidnappers, and that he was putting it into his own words, but perhaps he's actually creating some or all of this propaganda by himself.

My arrest and the interrogation
Meanwhile, the other policeman asked me questions, such as why I was there, why I thought they were in danger, etc. I gave the policeman the same answers I gave to Helje's similar questions. At one point the policeman told me to identify myself, so I showed him my identification document but asked to keep it confidential as it was dangerous for me to be identified. He asked me, "Why is it dangerous?." Later the policewoman took some pictures of my identification document, and some pictures of me. For the occasion, I combed my hair for I virtually didn't sleep the night because of the traveling; I was also tired for that.

I repeated to the other policeman my intentions to offer help, I also told him that I called his police department on 10 March 2011 out of concern of the Bollyn, but didn't get any answer. The policemen looked a bit puzzled, and he asked me if I had a knife. I asked them to search me thoroughly, he said, "Of course I will," and he searched me. He didn't find anything on me; while I was searched, with arms stretched and in my T-shirt and trousers only, Helje took some photos of me; she was facing my back. I told her something like, "Do you need also these pictures of my back on a T-shirt?" She continued to take pictures. The Bollyns switched to speaking Swedish with the policeman. At one point I heard Christopher saying the English word "assault," and I thought, "He can't be referring to me!"

At the end the policemen told me to go with them to the police station. They told me I was being arrested, but I wasn't handcuffed then, or later. The policeman who was arresting me asked if I was convinced that the Bollyn's are fine, and I responded that I wanted to ask a few more questions, and that I was happy to talk to Christopher over a beer, or even at his flat over a non-caffeinated tea. The policeman said, "He doesn't want to." So I told Christopher to contact me if he needed help. These last minutes he was silent as he was looking at me, and he sat on the first ramp of the stairs. The policeman told me, "He doesn't need your help."

The policeman took me outside the building. I asked to put something on, even if not mine, since outside was a bit cold and I was still on my T-shirt, but they told me I couldn't. Earlier, when Helje was taking pictures of me while I was searched by the police, Christopher went to his flat and put on a coat and a sort of light brown hat (possibly that on this picture). I couldn't say goodbye to the other Bollyns as only Christopher was the only person remaining on the stairs.

Inside the police car, the police-woman sat next to me. She told me that I was arrested for "Assault"! I said I didn't think I assaulted him. I was taken to the police station of Jönköping.
During the 10 minute trip to the police station, I explained again the situation; the policeman who was driving the car, said, "Yes, but he doesn't want your help!" I told them, whatever they think, they should keep an eye on the Bollyns and make sure they are safe. I also told them a bit about Bollyn's work on the 9/11 attack and the Estonia sinking and their connection to Israelis and the Jewish crime network. Towards the end the discussion the police were interrupted by a call, and after that the policemen talked to each other in Swedish.

I arrived at the police station of Jönköping. I waited a few minutes and I told the police-woman that I was shocked that the Swedish police were not arresting the criminals, referring to 9/11 and the Estonia sinking, since Chistopher and Helje wrote about those crimes. She replied something like "Does it matter what is the truth, or what is believed to be so?" which moved me a bit as she was young. She went away and I heard her talking to some colleagues, mentioning a word that resembled "conspiracy," giggling as to mean she had to deal with somebody talking nonsense. I was locked in a two square meter room and left there for what I was told it would have been half an hour, but I think it was longer.

Then I was taken in a slightly chilled room to be interrogated by two polite police officers. I asked again if I could put something on, even if not mine, since it was a bit cold and I was still in my T-shirt. I was told that indeed it was a cold room but I had to stay in my T-shirt. I was given an Italian translator over the phone. I said I didn't need it and could speak English, but they told me it was not a option. They offered me a lawyer, but I declined. Initially I was charged with "Violazione di integrità," which in English translates into "Violation of integrity." I guessed what translator, Miss Tatiana (I'm not sure about the spelling of her name), meant, but for sure it was a bad translation, so I asked either to switch to English or to change translators. I was told that I must keep that one.

I don't know if the two policemen who were interrogating me, or if the two policemen who arrested me, were sloppy, or if the Bollyns lied, but the officers thought I had physically entered Bollyn's apartment, and that I used force. So I gave some details of the events. (Note: later, in an email dated 26 October 2011 6:19 am, referring to me, Bollyn admitted, "during the 20 minutes or so that he stood in the stairwell"; see updates below) They asked me why I was worried about the Bollyns and I answered at least twice (to make sure the translator was not messing up).

I also told them that on 10 March 2011 I and another person called their police department asking if they could check that the Bollyns were safe, and they initially told us that it was a serious case that couldn't be solved in a day, and that it would require a month or more, but they never contacted us again to tell us the results of their investigation. The two officers interrogating me told me that they dispatched some policemen to check to see about the safety of the Bollyn family, but they couldn't tell me the results of their investigation because the Bollyns asked the policemen not to reveal anything! You have to wonder, why would the police keep a secret about whether a family is safe?
Those two police interrogators also assumed that I made the phone call to the police station with Jan Gillberg, but I had never mentioned the name Jan Gillberg to them, and I didn't mention that name during 10 March 2011 phone call, either. Therefore, they got that name from the Bollyns, or from a possibly sloppy report of the two policemen who arrested me and were talking to the Bollyns. I explained to the police interrogators that it was Eric Hufschmid from California who was on the phone with me, not Jan Gillberg.

They also wanted to know if I had pestered Christopher Bollyn with phone calls and / or emails, which I didn't. I pointed out that once Bollyn wrote a message to Hufschmid asking who I was and why I was contacting Helje's relative and other people, and that I asked Hufschmid to reply to Bollyn that I was willing to answer his question on the phone or on Skype, but Christopher never replied to that offer (why?).

The interrogation carried on for quite a while. I gave them a summary of the strange activities in Bollyn's life since he left the USA in June 2007. At the end of the interrogation, they told me some type of procurator would decide on my fate.

At 1 AM I was released, and I was told to stay far from Huskvarna for the next few days. I told the police to keep an eye on the Bollyns, and to make sure they are safe, and be careful of anything suspicious. The policeman who released me was oblivious to important facts of the Estonia sinking, so I suggested to him that he reads some of Bollyn's earlier articles. He sincerely seemed to think it was an accident.

23 October 2011
After I had arrived in Sweden, encountered the Bollyns, and was arrested, I called Hufschmid to tell him about my experiences. He was surprised, first of all, that I traveled to Sweden, and that I had actually met the Bollyn family.

He suggested to me that perhaps the reason the Bollyn family was so afraid of me is because the kidnappers may have occasionally tested the Bollyns, i.e they may have sent people to them to offer help in escaping, and then, when they took the offer, they were threatened, beaten, or tortured in some manner. The kidnappers may have occasionally sent real policeman to offer them help, as well as government or military officials. After a few years of these tricks, the Bollyn's might have come to the conclusion that they cannot trust anybody, and that there is no way they can escape because there are so many government officials and policemen involved in protecting this crime network.
Perhaps the Bollyn's have given up hope and made an agreement with the kidnappers. Such an agreement, I suppose, could be to let the children have a normal life, and the parents have partial freedom, but Christopher must promote damage control propaganda for the Jewish crime network and keep quiet about the kidnapping. Such a form of kidnapping would be too subtle and complex for most policemen and other people to understand. The Bollyn family, in this case, would be "willing slaves" rather than classic kidnap victims.

Furthermore, it's possible that the kidnappers don't tell Bollyn what to put on his website but rather told him to merely follow the lines of certain phony "truth seeker" websites. In this case, consider that most people find it difficult to distinguish between honest and capable researchers leading investigations finalized to the destruction of the Jewish crime network and others who merely rephrase somebody else's work, maybe omitting or distorting part of it to deceive in a subtle manner, and not really intentioned or capable to eradicate this crime network. It seems that Bollyn, since his disappearance, switched from the former to the latter type of investigator.

24 October 2011
The day before I was going to leave Sweden, I called Hufschmid and asked him to send a message to Bollyn asking him to meet me at the police station (of Jönköping), taking with him Curt if he wanted; I offered to pay Bollyn a small, upfront amount of money, and to drip more money during our chat, although there was a misunderstanding with Eric on this point. I didn't write directly to Bollyn to avoid another idiotic complaint to the police that I was harassing the Bollyn family since the time before my flight was too tight for another interrogation. This is the email Hufschmid sent to Christopher Bollyn:

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 9:14 PM
From: "" <>
Subject: Please meet Alex at the police station!

Christopher, I realize that you don't know who to trust, and you don't know if that man who described himself as Alex can be trusted, but...

You told Alex that you don't go to public events because you don't get paid, so he will give you 100 Swedish Kronas to go to the police station and meet him!!! He can give you some more money later, if that is not enough.

You can bring that retired policeman, Curt, also, if you want.

He traveled to your apartment on his own expenses, and he brought some extra money to help you and your family.

However, his flight leaves Sweden very soon, so you don't have any time to fool around! Is there anyway you can be at that police station between 10 AM and 3 PM?

Is there any way that you and your family can be at that police station between 10 AM and 3 PM? If so, let him know so that he will be there to meet you! You can e-mail him at this e-mail address, and CC me.

You can also verify and specify the location at the police station that you will meet him by using the Google Street view maps and including the link so that he can see exactly where you are going to be.


Overnight I went back to the Jönköping police station hoping to find the two police officers who interrogated me two nights before to provide them with more information. They were not on service, so I explained a bit the situation to a police officer, to whom I left about 40 pages (A4 format), asking to pass them to the police officers who interrogated me. I don't expect the police to read them, but I consider those papers an insurance on the future of the Bollyns. If the people who are in control of the Bollyns do something to the family now, such as move them, hurt them, kill them in an "accident," arrange a "suicide," etc., then there is a good chance that the police will take a look at those papers. I identified myself, and left a note where I said to contact me or Eric Hufschmid for more information or if something was not clear.

25 October 2011
It seems that Curt Gemheden has just deleted his Facebook accounts. Does he really think he can hide from the world simply by deleting his Facebook page?

Bollyn didn't reply to my offer of meeting him at the police station; later that day I left the country as scheduled.

26 October 2011
Eric Hufschmid forwarded me the following email from Bollyn (the highlights are mine):

From: Christopher Bollyn <>
To: painfulquestions <>
Sent: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 6:19 am
Subject: Re: Please meet Alex at the police station!

To: Eric Hufschmid
Goleta, California
Mr. Hufschmid,
Since you are clearly the author of the false rumor that I have been kidnapped, I assume you are also responsible for having sent this stalker you call "Alex Wadesky" to my house, and I also assume you are working with another person named Jan Gilberg in Grenna, Sweden.  I don't know of all the people involved in your efforts to harass me and stalk my family but I assume that there are others that are behind you.
I note that you suddenly dropped your pose of speaking to the kidnappers in these notes asking me to meet your agent Wadesky at the police station.
Why did you send an agent to sneak into my house behind my 13-year-old daughter like a stalker or a thief in the night?  Why would I trust someone who uses a false name and refuses to identify himself to me after being asked repeatedly to show some identification?  Why would I have anything to do with a person who has knowingly spread vicious lies about us to our friends and relatives - and to the authorities.  You should know that it is against the law to give false information to the police.
Your Italian agent who has been stalking my family followed my teenage daughter on the dark street and grabbed the door and forced himself into the corridor of our house without permission.  Luckily, I was the one who confronted this intruder in the hallway and asked who he was - but he refused to present his ID, although he admitted that his name is not really Alex Wadesky and he was identified by the police when he was arrested.
He claimed to be a supporter but did not have any questions to ask me during the 20 minutes or so that he stood in the stairwell before he was taken away by the police.  He also refused to be photographed with me, although he claims to be concerned about my well being.  Why would a person who has travelled to meet me refuse to announce himself by ringing my doorbell or sending some word in advance?  Why would a person who claims to support me refuse to identify himself or be photographed with me?

What was your purpose in sending this agent to my house and why would I trust him or accept any thing from him?  Who is telling you to do these things?
Christopher Bollyn

Here and later, I reply only to the false accusations that can't be immediately discarded from what I have said before (I can reply explicitly upon requests if there are doubts though).

Bollyn wrote:
spread vicious lies about us to our friends and relatives - and to the authorities.

You should know that it is against the law to give false information to the police I know as well! So, why don't you ask for a legal trial to settle this issue, thereby forcing the authorities to investigate the issue and look into all of the evidence? There are only two options: either our claim that you are kept under control is wrong, in which case you'll have the pleasure to have us punished by the authorities, or it is correct, in which case the criminals will be in trouble. Why not prove us wrong?

Bollyn wrote:
this stalker [...] followed my teenage daughter on the dark street.

The accusation that I stalked her daughter has to be confronted with the following facts: I had arrived in Sweden that same day that I met the Bollyn family, so I did not have any time to stalk anybody in their family. My arrival in Sweden and all of my travels can be fully documented and timed according to airline tickets, cash card transactions, and accommodation check-in time.

Furthermore, the police can verify from the close-up photos that they took of my face that I was not wearing my glasses nor any contact lenses, and my vision is too poor to allow me to stalk anybody at a distance. I had my vision checked by an official Italian government agency a bit more than a month before. I can provide these, and other evidences on different issues that I mention later, to the Jönköping police.

In regards to my following of Bollyn's daughter, when I saw a non-identified girl pop out of a car and walk to the apartment building, I simply walked over to the building also to see if I could discover anything of importance. I was not stalking her, and I was not following the automobile. And, anyway, I was cleared by the Jönköping police from all your accusations later that night.

Bollyn wrote:
grabbed the door and forced himself into the corridor of our house without permission

I didn't use force, and it wouldn't have made any sense for me to try to use force since Bollyn's build is bigger than mine and he could easily have overpowered me.

27 October 2011
The Facebook account I set up to investigate on the Bollyn case, and which I registered to a pseudonym (Alex Wadesky), has been disabled because it was an "inauthentic account" without warning from Facebook. The profile picture was that of Christopher Bollyn holding a newspaper, and that photo was irritating somebody, as I mentioned earlier in this article.

Also this same day Christopher Bollyn sent me the following email:

Sent: Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 1:48 PM
From: Christopher Bollyn <>    
To: Alex Wadesky <>
Subject: Questions from Bollyn

Dear Mr. Nardone,
The police report indicates that you were identified as a Mario Nardone born in October 1973.  If this is your real name why have you used a false identity in your communications in which you pretend to be concerned about the well being of me and my family?
The police report also indicates that when you were asked why you thought my family was in danger you did not give any answer.  Why didn't you say anything?  Whatever gives you the idea that we are in any danger?  Who gave you that idea?
You have clearly been working with Eric Hufschmid for several years in your efforts to snoop and harass our relatives.  Exactly what role did Hufschmid play in your decision to come to our town, stalk our family, and intrude into our house last Saturday?
Christopher Bollyn

Still on this same day, Eric Hufschmid forwarded me the following email from Bollyn:

Sent: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 9:25 am
From: Christopher Bollyn <>
To: painfulquestions <>
Subject: Re: Please meet Alex at the police station!

To:  Eric Hufschmid
Goleta, California
Mr. Hufschmid,
You wrote:  "I did not send Alex to Sweden, and I did not even know that he was going to travel to Sweden."
I find that very hard to believe.  You sent me two emails shortly after this stalker was released by the police and asked me see him.  You asked me to meet this "Alex Wadesky" who has been working very closely with you for years by stalking us and sending harassing emails and phone calls to our relatives and other people?  This person has been in contact with you for several years and actively promoted the false rumor that you started that we had been kidnapped.
A simple question for you:  The police identified this Alex Wadesky as an Italian named Mario Nardone born in 1973.  Do you know who this person is?  Have you ever met him?  How is it that this Italian agent works so closely with you?  Why does he use a false name and refuse to have his photo taken?
Christopher Bollyn

Once again on this same day it seems that Erik Gemheden has just made his Facebook account invisible. Is he trying to hide from us now, also? (As you will see below, the account was not deleted but made invisible to the public for a while, edited a bit, and then made public again.)

31 October 2011
The following article (updated several times already) has been published on Christopher Bollyn's website. Here is the version from October 31st, with some sentences that I'll respond to in evidence:

Stalker Working With Hufschmid Arrested at Bollyn Home

A stalker who works closely with Eric Hufschmid was arrested at my house on Saturday night, 22 October 2011.  The stalker snuck up behind my 13-year-old daughter on the dark street and followed her into our house.  He was identified by police as an Italian named Mario Nardone (73-10-07). 

In their relentless stalking of my family, Eric Hufschmid and Mario Nardone have been in contact with a Swede named Jan Gillberg, from Grenna, Sweden, who has snooped on my family for years.  Gillberg publishes a so-called truth-seeking political magazine called DSM.  These three disinformation agents pretend to be concerned about my well-being, but are actually working to harass and harm me and my family.  Their primary aims are to spread lies about me in order to sow suspicion and marginalize my research and to instill fear and insecurity to disturb us. 

Jan Gillberg is a Sweden-based agent/publisher who has snooped on the Bollyn family for years.  He actually stole our personal mail after we left Sweden in 2007 and has provided Hufschmid with information used in the stalking operation.

Luckily, from the stairway, I had seen my daughter outside our front door where she was looking for her key, which she had dropped.  I came to the door just as the stalker pulled himself in behind her.  He said he was Wadesky and that he had come to help me.  My wife and I confronted him in the stairway and asked him to identify himself, although he refused to produce an ID.  He pretended to be a supporter, but did not have any questions for me and would not let Helje take a photo of him with me.  He dodged and ducked every time she tried to get a photo of him.  A neighbor, who is a retired policeman, was alerted immediately and called the police.  When Nardone was arrested he was identified and photographed by the police.

The "Alex Wadesky" stalker, identified as Mario Nardone, has been harassing and stalking my family since 2009, using the Wadesky alias when contacting my relatives.  He and Hufschmid have called many of our relatives, from Estonia to America, telling them that we have been kidnapped and are in grave danger.  They even contacted the teachers and administrators at my childrens' school. 

As one can imagine, this relentless harassment and false reports have caused a great deal of distress for our family and relatives.  After making contact with one of our relatives, Wadesky always reports back to Hufschmid, who is the person who started the rumor that we had been kidnapped in 2007.  Hufschmid even has a webpage dedicated to the "mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family".

Eric Hufschmid of Goleta, California, has worked to spread fear and sow suspicion about people in the 9/11 truth movement.  He has spread lies about me since 2007 in order to marginalize my research and writing.  He is evidently working for the other side - those who wish to confuse the public about what really happened on 9/11.  The question is who is behind Hufschmid?

Hufschmid sent me two emails after Nardone was released in which he urged me to go visit his stalker/agent at the police station.  This clearly shows that Hufschmid is the person running the stalking network.  The police in Santa Barbara County have been notified of Hufschmid's involvement in this stalking and harassment. 

From: "" <>
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 9:14 PM
Subject: Please meet Alex at the police station!

Christopher, I realize that you don't know who to trust, and you don't know if that man who described himself as Alex can be trusted, but... 

You told Alex that you don't go to public events because you don't get paid, so he will give you 100 Swedish Kronas to go to the police station and meet him!!!  He can give you some more money later, if that is not enough. 

You can bring that retired policeman, Curt, also, if you want. He traveled to your apartment on his own expenses, and he brought some extra money to help you and your family. However, his flight leaves Sweden very soon, so you don't have any time to fool around! Is there anyway you can be at that police station between 10 AM and 3 PM? Is there any way that you and your family can be at that police station between 10 AM and 3 PM? If so, let him know so that he will be there to meet you! You can e-mail him at this e-mail address, and CC me. 

You can also verify and specify the location at the police station that you will meet him by using the Google Street view maps and including the link so that he can see exactly where you are going to be. 

The harassing telephone calls from Hufschmid and Nardone to my wife's father in Estonia disturbed him a great deal and are thought to have led to his sudden demise and premature death a year ago.  Such repeated and vicious threats can cause older people to die.

Hufschmid and Nardone made a three-way conversation with Swedish police on 10 March 2011 in which they gave a false report to the police telling them that my son was in grave danger, although the personal ID number was mine.  The Hufschmid-Nardone false report to the police resulted in a police visit to my house to check on our son.  Hufschmid pretends not to know the real identity of Alex Wadesky although he has worked with him for years. 

Wadesky has used numerous social networking sites to spread Hufschmid's nonsense about my family being kidnapped.  The Facebook account with my photo under the name Alex Wadesky was removed after I contacted Facebook in October 2011.  

Mario Nardone and Eric Hufschmid have created numerous webpages using my image, like this one on Myspace.  The photo is of me at the train station in Berlin-Wannsee when war (Krieg) broke out between Georgia and South Ossetia in August 2008, but the purpose of the page is to spread vicious lies about me and my family.

These false pages all carry Hufschmid's lie that I have been kidnapped and that my kidnappers control what I write.  The purpose of that lie is pretty clear - to discredit my 9/11 research that explains the role of Israeli and Zionist agents in the false-flag terror attacks.  The fact that we lived with our relatives from August 2007-2009 doesn't stop Hufschmid from carrying on with this nonsense.  He is paid to spread these lies.  The real question is who is paying Hufschmid to do this?

We are in contact with the authorities to find out who this Mario Nardone really is and why he used a false name (Alex Wadesky) as he systematically harassed our relatives and stalked us.  Does he have a criminal background?  Is he working with a criminal organization - or the state?  Who is Eric Hufschmid really working for as he manages his gang of informants and stalkers to harass the Bollyn family?

My response to Bollyn's article
As you can see, there are several accusation against me; I'll reply to those I put in evidence because they might not be clear from what I have said before. I'm available for more answers. First of all, the tone in his writings (articles and emails to me or Hufschmid) is not even remotely close to that of Christopher before the police arrived (joking at the very beginning, neutral after), and after the police arrived (neutral).

Bollyn wrote:
Luckily, from the stairway, I had seen my daughter outside our front door where she was looking for her key, which she had dropped.  I came to the door just as the stalker pulled himself in behind her.

To begin with, keep in mind what Bollyn wrote in his email dated 26 October 2011 6:19 am. First, I didn't recognize her from the back, but I did recognize Christopher Bollyn, who was only few meters from the door and already on the ground floor (i.e. not on the stairs), in front of me. I didn't notice that the girl had dropped anything, or was searching for anything. Everything happened very quickly, and I don't know why Bollyn was already downstairs, a couple meters from the door, at the time I arrived.

By the way, I think there was some sort of numeric keypad on the front door of that building. If so, did she really need a key to enter? I noticed that for that building, as for the other buildings, there was no mail box, so the next day I asked some locals in Jönköping about that, and I have been told the postman accesses all the buildings, and, once inside a building, slips the letters under the door of each unit inside the building. I commented that the postman has to carry several kilograms of keys, but they told me that he has the door codes to access all the buildings of his area. So, if the postman can get inside with a door code rather than a key, can Christopher Bollyn's daughter get inside with a door code, also? Or does she need a key? And why Christopher came downstairs?

Bollyn wrote:
He dodged and ducked every time she tried to get a photo of him.

Only at the very beginning I tried to avoid to have a picture of me taken, but I couldn't prevent it for such a long time ("20 minutes or so") in presence of up to five people (four of the Bollyns and their "guardian"), so for most of the time I didn't bother to avoid to have photos of me taken. For sure she took photos of me when I was standing motionless and being searched by the male policeman.

Bollyn wrote:
The harassing telephone calls from Hufschmid and Nardone to my wife's father in Estonia disturbed him a great deal and are thought to have led to his sudden demise and premature death a year ago.  Such repeated and vicious threats can cause older people to die.

There was only one phone call to the land-line number of Kalju Kaskel, dated 15 June 2010, made by a translator, who ended up talking with the wrong person, as I described earlier in this article. Kalju didn't answer, so the translator talked to someone the else who identified himself as a Kaskel, and who was in a good mood throughout the conversation. Kalju died more than three months later, on 19 September 2010 (he was born on 19 October 1933). I can provide evidence to the police for these claims. Why would that phone call cause his father to be disturbed "a great deal"?

Incidentally, from a later comment of Bollyn on his website, I had the impression that Helje's other relatives in Estonia (mother Linda and brother Andrus) were keeping Kalju oblivious to what was really happening to the Bollyn family.

I can't help but quote an extract from this Bollyn's article appeared in the Estonian press on 16 June 2008:

Eluiga lühike. Lugedes Eesti inimarengu raportit, saame teada, et Eesti meeste keskmine eluiga on vaid 66 aastat. Üldse Balti mehed on terve Euroopa peale ühed lühema elueaga. Ses suhtes on mulle mõistetamatu, kui sotsiaalsfääri kulutusi lõigatakse, ja sadade miljonite kroonidega.

where he complains that Baltic men are among those with shorter life, with an average life expectancy of only 66 years. Kalju Kaskel died one month before turning 77. Therefore, his death cannot be considered premature or unexpected.

Bollyn wrote:
they gave a false report to the police telling them that my son was in grave danger

Neither I nor Eric Hufschmid ever said in phone calls, e-mail messages, or websites, that any member of the Bollyn family is in "grave danger." Rather, we have provided evidence that there was something strange with the Bollyn family and they might not be safe. The recording of the phone calls to the police can prove that all we ever asked for is that they look into the situation and verify that the Bollyn family is safe.

By the way, Mr. Christopher Bollyn, it is not clear to me to whom I should send the bill for my travel expenses to visit you in Sweden: Mossad, Murdoch, or Hufschmid?

And, to finish, please do request the police to investigate me and Eric Hufschmid. I have no problem with that. The police should investigate everybody, including Linda Lorincz Shelton, Jan Gillberg, Anders Björkman, Trond Halvorsen, Andreas von Bülow, Curt and Erik Gemheden, etc. There are also some other people who should be investigated, such as the anesthesiologist who was listed as one of the few people following Helje's Twitter page (I won't mention his name, but his last name rhymes with "Scoggs"). We should also investigate all of the radio hosts that interviewed you, Christopher Bollyn, after 11 June 2007. Let's see what comes out of such investigations!

Of course, Bollyn is more than welcome to ask the Swedish police to have the case against me re-opened. Please, do that! If you don't have the courage to do that (if not, why not?), I think it is a bit unfair that lies about me are posted on Bollyn's website, where I have been defined a "stalker." I had the courage to contact the police in Otepää and in Jönköping about my concern of you being kept under control by people working for the Jewish crime network.

1 November 2011

I could answer the questions Bollyn asked me by email, but one point was puzzling me.

Bollyn wrote:
The police report also indicates that when you were asked why you thought my family was in danger you did not give any answer.

Since I explained the reason at least twice. I called the Jönköping police four times to know if Christopher's claim was correct. The first policeman I called told me that what was shown to Bollyn was only part of my interrogation, that I didn't have to worry, and that the police have the full report. I wanted anyway to talk with somebody who knew specifically about my case, and that happened only on 1 November 2011; the police officer, when I asked him what I should reply to Bollyn, told me, "It's up to you. [...] The case is closed."

So, I replied to Bollyn's message with this email:

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 22:24:46 +0000
From: alex wadesky <>
To: Christopher Bollyn <>
Cc: PainfulQuestions <>
Subject: Re: Questions from Bollyn

Dear Christopher,

I came all the way there to offer you help, but I ended up arrested and called "stalker" in your article "Stalker Working With Hufschmid Arrested at Bollyn Home" published on November the 1st 2011, where my name was stated, putting me in danger.

I also offered you money to meet me at the police station. I understand you don't know who you can trust, but meeting anybody at the police station is safe.

I'm happy to answer your questions, but I don't trust emails, so I propose we arrange for a phone call or a Skype call. We know each other's voices.

If you have problems arranging for a phone call, you could ask your neighbour retired police officer Curt to let you use his phone.

Let me know the phone number (or Skype user-name), preferably a landline number, and let's agree on a time. I'll originate the call and pay for it.

Your affectionate reader,

Mario Nardone (aka Alex Wadesky)

Let's see if Bollyn has the courage to talk to me, or better if Bollyn's controllers will let him speak to me.

I just realized that very recently Erik Gemheden's website went now missing (cache here). Is he trying to remove all evidence of his existence? What is he afraid of?

15 November 2011
Bollyn's article has been updated several times; for instance on 13 November 2011 he added the main part of an email I sent to Jan Gillberg and that, according to Bollyn, Gillberg sent to him by letter (you can see the image he published is scanned from a print out) in which the city of Jönköping is mentioned for the first time.

Bollyn's updated article now starts attacking Murdoch for the News International phone-hacking scandal, and then tries to associate Murdoch's methods to what Bollyn defines as the stalking of his family by Hufschmid and me; he also tries to makes us seem as associate to Gillberg. Here is the relevant part:

After we left Sweden in August 2007, Gillberg actually opened and stole our personal mail (a crime in Sweden), which included personal mail, checks, and a book manuscript I was editing.


Gillberg then published an article in English about my family in his Swedish-language magazine, DSM,(No. 4 - 2007, seen above) with a photo he had taken of us against our will.  By writing this article Gillberg offered himself to intelligence agencies as someone they could do business with.  We have requested several times that Gillberg take down the libelous article but he hasn't.  Gillberg has provided the Hufschmid network with essential information used in the stalking operation and he even contacted the top people of my childrens' schools to get personal information about my children.


The police released Nardone without interviewing us, although we said that we wanted him charged and had been told that the police would be in touch with us.  The Hufschmid gang, however, has not stopped their stalking of my family.  Several weeks after Nardone was arrested we received a fourth threatening letter within a month or so from Jan Gillberg in which he sent a copy of an email from Nardone dated November 7. 

... snip ...

Note how the stalker Nardone asks Jan Gillberg to provide information on my family by "publishing something".

Once again, I reply to the parts I put in evidence:

Bollyn wrote:
Gillberg has provided the Hufschmid network with essential information

I don't know what is the "Hufschmid network" and I didn't get any information from Gillberg, except hints that he himself might have been involved in the kidnapping of the Bollyns. I contacted at the beginning of October 2011 to try to understand from whom I have to watch out; his answers where virtually all "I don't know," or some nonsense.

Let me clarify a point for those not familiar with the Sweden system: the Bollyns' home address, date of birth, income, etc are of public domain by Swedish law (reference here) as for everybody else living in that country who is at least 16 years old (so only their daughter's data in not available at the moment because she is 13 years old). This law has been enforced to have citizens to check each other to prevent tax evasion.

 This information is freely available on-line at this government website, or at other websites, such as this, which charge a fee for some kind of information, but other, like the home address, date of birth, etc is free (data for Christopher, Helje, and their son). For those who have difficulty in retrieving these data, here is their tax record information as of today:

Name Christopher Lee Bollyn Helje Kaskel Bollyn
Address Drottninggatan 17
Huskvarna, Jönköping
Drottninggatan 17
Huskvarna, Jönköping
Date of birth 1957-02-14 1962-05-16
Gross annual income in Swedish kronas for 2009 (*) ZERO 17500
Gross annual income in Swedish kronas for 2010 ZERO 36300

(*) The Bollyns were not in Sweden all the year long.

Also, they receive children allowance; for 2011 (the daughter now is 13 and the son is 15) this is 2540 Swedish kronas / month for a 13 years old, and 2840 Swedish kronas / month for a 15 years old, modulated according to the parents' income, rent, area where they live, etc. Two Swedish officers, one at the tax office and one at a social welfare office, couldn't understand how the Bollyns could survive if they have no savings (the Bollyns, according to Hufschmid, use not to have significant savings) and no extra-incomes that do not show in the tax records (like the donations they receive via PayPal, I suppose). The average salary in Sweden for 2010 was about 25000 Swedish kronas per month (statistics here), so the combined annual income for the Bollyns for 2010 was less than one tenth of the average annual salary of an individual.

On 14 December 2011, Bollyn admitted to make very little money from donations:

"I can report that during the fall of 2011, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, donations from readers averaged less than $10 per day.  Obviously, if were a business I would have had to close up shop a long time ago.  I cover the bulk of my costs and maintain my website out of my own pocket and have done so for years. is not a business, but a mission."

Note: He recently deleted this file.

So, how the Bollyns manage to survive financially?

And all this is not intelligence information; it is public information. The hiding of the Bollyns reminds me of that of Anne Frank; it makes sense only if you grossly overlook the details. Did you read Robert Faurrison's analysis of Anne Frank's diary?

Bollyn wrote:
The police released Nardone without interviewing us, although we said that we wanted him charged and had been told that the police would be in touch with us.

I don't know what I could have done more; I invited Christopher to talk to me at the Jönköping police station offering him some money, I went back to the police station, asked to talk to the officers who interrogated me, left several pages to read to a police officer, and later called the police four times more than a week after I met Bollyn. I can prove also these claims also. If Christopher wants, I can arrange a three way phone call with me, him, and the Jönköping police (I'll pay for it), but why Bollyn refused my offer to meet at the Jönköping police station?

Bollyn wrote:
he even contacted the top people of my childrens' schools to get personal information about my children

In case Bollyn is referring to me, I didn't ask personal information (and, anyway, why should anybody tell me personal information about them?). My questions to the school were if the Bollyns had a normal life, and were happy; I also asked about the beating and bullying of Christopher's son, which was in the Estonian press. Again, I can provide evidence for that to the police.<

Incidentally, I have no clue of what is happening between Bollyn and Jan Gillberg; in particular why after I met Bollyn offering help, apparently a fight started between them. I don't understand why Gillberg, who hosted the Bollyns for four weeks when they were hiding and in fear, supposedly opened Bollyns' mail (which included personal mail, checks, and a book manuscript). By the way, how Bollyn knew that Gillberg was doing that? Did Gillberg know where the Bollyns were after they left his house in Gränna? (In a phone call he told me he didn't know where the Bollyns were).

I don't understand either why, after I met the Bollyns, Gillberg supposedly sent them four threatening letters (which would be evidence that Gillberg knows where the Bollyns are now since the timing is incompatible with Jan sending those letters to Bollyn's PO box in USA).

If all this is true, why Bollyn didn't complain with the police? (Gränna and Huskvarna are under the same police department, that of Jönköping).
I don't understand either why Bollyn didn't publicly complain about Gillberg's article before, but only after I met him.

This fight anyway seems a bit fake as Gillberg apparently is keeping quiet, not defending himself, and Bollyn is not asking the police to persecute Gillberg. On the evening of 24 October 2011 I offered Gillberg to meet me next to Jönköping police station that same night or on the next morning but he emailed me that he was busy and couldn't make it because he was busy.

By the way, when I read Gillberg's article (anomalously in English instead of Swedish) about the Bollyns stay at his house in Gränna, I noted that the only words in capital were "STOP OVER," repeated twice, when Jan complained that the supposedly short stop over of the Bollyns in his house became four weeks long. I thought to myself, "Maybe Gillberg is involved with the Jewish crime network, help it hosting the Bollyns for four weeks, but got fed up and published that article to let the other members of the crime network know that he did his duty, but they shouldn't expect him to host any longer the Bollyns since it was interfering with his normal life." What do you think?

Note also that Gillberg, in his article about the Bollyns, as well as in his emails to me, like many members of the Jewish crime network (e.g. those at the now dead website Judicial-inc), spells "Hufschmid" adding a "T" at the end: "Hufschmidt." Is it a coincidence? Or a sign to make himself identifiable to the other members of the crime network? Or just a way not to give publicity to Hufschmid because Eric is fighting his Jewish crime network?

Note also that Wikipedia does not allow an entry for Eric Hufschmid or Christopher Bollyn, but it has one for Jan Gillberg.

If you want to hear what Jan Gillberg has to say about all this, here are his contact details (publicly available, here, here, and here):

Name Jan Erik Gillberg DSM - Debatt Sanningssökande Mediakritik
Address Kvarnabergsvägen 21
Box 99
Date of birth 1935-07-07 N/A
Mobile phone number (*) ? +46 (0) 76-185 7007
email ?

(*) For calls from outside Sweden, drop the "(0)" and keep the country code "+46", i.e. "0046".

4 December 2011
I had a look at Erik Gemheden's Facebook page, and it is back on-line; from its activity it is clear that it was not removed but temporarily made invisible to the general public. He maintained his interests in Israel and Jewish things but removed the reference to the Israeli embassy in Berlin (screen-shots here: 1, 2, 3, 4).

16 January 2012
Today Erik Gemheden published I survived the Estonia tragedy (in English) about his experience surviving the Estonia sinking. Some extracts. On that ship, coming back from Tallin, where among other things, he took "interesting field trips in an orphanage," in his words, "for some reason I felt not so good and anxious hours before departure. Some wondered what was wrong with me. It was just like you could feel that something bad was going on."

When the vessel suddenly heeled, in his words, "I will of course shocked and frightened, but I get a huge adrenaline rush and filled with fighting spirit to survive. I put in a sort of state of combat readiness and start thinking about every single thing to do. A mistake, it's over for me. Now afterwards, I get amazed at myself that I could think so clearly despite the shock and so on. Some people can become paralyzed with fear when there is something. I was the opposite and suddenly knew what was required." And, luckily, "When I get out on the deck turned out that I am one of the first to come out."

Eventually he was rescued and, in his words, "I had no physical injuries. Only a few superficial wounds in the face." Later he was taken to the crisis center where he met "other survivors," and they all were "interrogated by the Finnish police for accident commission bill that would exclude attacks." (As I said, later it has become clear that it was actually an attack.)

He then goes on telling us how important is for the victims to get medical and psychological treatment to cure post-traumas, "It is very important to process the grief and trauma. Unprocessed traumatic experiences can trigger both physical and mental illness." He points out, as part of the cure, "the need to talk about what happened." He concludes with, "Similar accidents will unfortunately occur. Therefore it is important that we are prepared to take care of people once the accident happens."
For a different take on the pharmacological and psychological treatment of the victims of "accidents," have look at the role of the "Columbine Connections" in the Columbine Massacre. There and in other cases the pharmacological and psychological treatments were used to keep under control or to get rid of witnesses who would interfere with the official version (lie).

11 April 2012

Good news, Christopher's son is still attending Per Brahegymnasiet high school in Jönköping, as you can see from this article (he is the student on the right in the picture). Note anyway that while the other students are named by first name and last name, Bollyn's son is named only by his first and middle name, as if somebody is trying to hide something. Why can't he be just like the other students?

15 April 2012

Bollyn announces on his website that his book Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World is out.

16 April 2012

Bollyn is a guest of Jeff Rense's Internet radio show who now is promoting his book! Christopher didn't dare to mention that on his website; is it because he needs to sell his book to get some money but is aware that Rense is blatantly an agent of the Jewish crime network and he does not want to loose his readers disappointing them?
Or Bollyn was forced to do that to discredit his book by associating himself with Rense or to promote Rense? In case you don't know, Rense deliberately promotes, mixed with some serious truths, idiotic theories about UFOs, aliens, reverse speech, and clairvoyance. How many of Bollyn's readers approve of Jeff Rense?

27 April 2012
In the previous days Eric Hufschmid and I tried to contact Erik Gemheden via email and Facebook to point to him a preview of this article, in case he wanted to improve it; he didn't answer. Meanwhile Curt Gemheden's Facebook reappeared although with a lot of information removed, while Erik Gemheden's Facebook page disappeared once again. Today I succeed in contacting Erik by phone; he told me he will read the preview. He proudly boasted he is a supporter of Zionism; I asked how is that possible that Bollyn, who blames Israel, Zionists, and Jews for the 9/11 attack and other big crimes is guarded by his father Curt whose son, Erik indeed, is a strong supporter of Zionism; he told me he couldn't explain that. Asked him if his father is a Freemason, he told me "not any longer;" so I pointed out that that meant Curt was a Freemason in the past. Erik, after a short hesitation, said no, that he was not (!).

2 May 2012
Bollyn is still avoiding to give publicity to his interview with Rense, but announced he was interviewed over the phone by Fred Smart of Evanston on the American Underground Network on 26 April 2012. During that interview he stated that he can come back to USA and be "pretty safe," if he avoids Illinois (where incidentally the radio host who interviewed him was).

If this is true, since it makes no sense that he realized that after almost 5 years, maybe we are witnessing consequences of some big changes in the status of the Jewish crime network.

8 May 2012

After having failed for more than a week to talk again over the phone with Erik Gemheden, I sent him an email asking if he has corrections or explanations to suggest before the article would be made public.

13 May 2012

I sent an email message to Jan Gillberg asking again, before the article would be out, to reply to my questions, including why after I met Christopher he sent him four threatening letters, according to what stated in Bollyn's website.

15 May 2012

Curt Gemheden's Facebook page has been made unavailable once again. Why should an honest retired policeman hide like this?

16 May 2012

Contacted via Facebook another of Curt's sons about a preview of this article (Curt's Facebook page is not accessible).

21 May 2012

I asked Hufschmid to point Bollyn to a preview of this article.

31 May 2012

I waited as of today to publish this article and to reply to the false accusations stated on Bollyn's website, once again in his interest. Christopher has not replied to my offer to answer his questions on the phone or on Skype. On the other hand, Bollyn, after his disappearance, seems to have no problem in contacting by email or phone people possibly oblivious to his situation (eg. 24-year-old Ryan Gough), and even high-level Zionists. Below, for example, is an email exchange between Christopher Bollyn and Michael Chertoff, dated 8 and 9 March 2011:

Here is the email exchange between me [Christopher Bollyn] and Michael Chertoff:

Mr. Chertoff,

I am a journalist working on an article about the destruction of the steel from the World Trade Center.  The questions that I am posing herewith are for the purpose of this article.

When Kenneth Holden of the Department of Design and Construction of New York City gave his statement to the 9/11 Commission on April 1, 2003, he said that he had received "verbal permission" to send the steel to scrap yards in New Jersey, but failed to name the person who had authorized the move.

Did you give the permission to send the steel from the World Trade Center to the scrap yard? If you did not authorize the destruction of the steel, who did?

Chertoff responded the same day:

From: Chertoff, Michael
Subject: Re: Question for M. Chertoff on WTC Steel
Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 11:39 AM

No. No idea.

I [Christopher Bollyn] responded to Chertoff on March 9:

Mr. Chertoff,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Note that Bollyn, who exposed the Zionist connections of Michael Chertoff and more, has no fear to contact Chertoff, but doesn't have the courage to talk to me on the phone or Skype to have me to answer to the questions he posed to me. How do you explain that?

Final considerations
What will happen in the future?

In the short term, probably nothing! The kidnappers will remain in denial that their situation is hopeless, and the Swedish police will continue to ignore the issue. So, was my trip to Sweden worth the trouble and expense? Did I accomplish anything of value?

Yes! I have shown the criminals, the police, and everybody else in the world that an ordinary citizen with access to the Internet can sometimes locate kidnap victims (well, unless you are a member of the Jewish crime network; Sam Danner supposedly located Bollyn elsewhere, in Israel, and lured him in USA, but he has no evidence of that and Bollyn refuted his claims.) Furthermore, now that the location of the Bollyn family is publicly known, the kidnappers will have a difficult time doing harm to them because the police will realize that my concerns were valid, not idiotic conspiracy theories. And some of the police might even be ashamed that they were allowing crime networks to kidnap people right in front of us.

As the smarter criminals realize that technology is removing their secrecy, more of them will abandon their criminal ship, and this will mean that we have to deal with an increasingly larger percentage of idiots and fanatics, many of whom will make stupid decisions about what to do. They may commit increasingly senseless and even self-destructive crimes.

By the way, the Jewish crime network, directly or indirectly, say by Freemasons or other corrupt groups, constantly push to have more low level criminals to torment the ordinary citizens, distracting us from the huge Jewish crimes, and keeping the police busy in small tactical fights against these low profile criminals. Is it worth it to tolerate "small criminals" by letting them go in and out of jail, given that this prevents the police from concentrating on a strategical battle against the gigantic, international organized Jewish crime network?

So keep on observing the criminals, and make a list of their names; it will be useful for the "big event" in which we start taking action against them. Keep on spreading information, especially to policemen and military. This at the moment is like pouring more gasoline in absence of a fire; it won't do much, but will make the situation more explosive in case some of the criminals will do something. Some of the smarter criminals will realize that they cannot win this battle, and they may switch sides before the fire gets started, thereby helping speed up the process of destroying their network.

Can you trust Eric Hufschmid or me, and do we trust each other?

The level of infiltration is so extreme that at the moment it is best to trust nobody. Until we can be guaranteed that some police department has cleansed itself of criminals, blackmailed puppets, and incompetent fools, it is not safe to trust anybody, not even the "authorities." If possible, you should record communications with other people in case you later have to disprove their accusations, or offer proof that they are liars.

Furthermore, even if you can trust somebody today, that doesn't mean you can trust them in the future. It is possible for people to be broken, or forced to betray you, as may have happened in the case of Christopher Bollyn, or lose hope and join the crime network. At one point we will have to count how many people are on our side and then identify ourselves. Don't be disillusioned waiting to have the majority of the people on our side. The majority of the people will do nothing, neither for us nor for the Jewish crime network.


A while ago Hufschmid posed the question "From whom the Bollyn are hiding?" and suggested that Bollyn's behavior makes sense only if he is hiding from the ordinary people in US and other countries who are aware of his fight against the Jewish crime network, not from that crime network, not from the Zionists, not from any secret service, not from the American police, and not from anybody determined to locate him. I hope that it is clear now that this is indeed the case. Next, you have to ask yourself, "Why the Bollyns are hiding from the ordinary people?"

With the progressive collapse and implosion of the Jewish crime network, the kidnapping of the Bollyns is becoming more and more of a farce. I waited several month before publishing this article. Hufschmid and I had a terrible dilemma: what is best for the Bollyn? For us to keep quiet and let this farce go one, or to keep on showing that he is under control of the Jewish crime network? This is not any easy decision to make as the criminals have defective minds and are not completely rational; it also depends on the speed of this collapse, which depends also on you. Are you going to help?

If you are an ordinary citizen, don't assume you can't do much; you can spread the information and put pressure on the police and the military to educate themselves and do something about the crimes. At the moment the police are not arresting the criminals, and the military are killing the wrong people, which increases the number of our enemies instead of reducing it.

All of the crime and corruption is having a detrimental affect on everybody, including the police and military. For example, by ignoring the lies about the 9/11 attack, fraudulent wars have been started that have caused a lot of suffering, waste, and destruction, such as this and this.

Ignoring the corruption within our government is causing cities, counties, and even entire nations to suffer extreme economic problems also.
For example, recently in Modena, Italy, a police union made a collection among citizens to pay for the fuel of the police cars. What will it be next, will the police be begging for food, bullets, or uniforms? Meanwhile some top Italian police officers (and few ordinary police officers) and their relatives get luxury houses virtually for free.

When will the policemen get off their knees and start cleaning up their organization from its corrupt leaders so that they can work with the citizens to stop the criminals? Are they waiting for authorization from their corrupt government and the support from their corrupt legal system?

When are the police going to stop hiding from or protecting the criminals?

Eric Hufschmid and I, independently, have spent a lot of time, some money, and, above all, have taken some big risk to our lives to fight this Jewish crime network. What have you done? Are you going to help us at one point? Or do you intend to stay at the window while others fight for you, waiting for us to finish the job?

And where are the legendary "good Jews" who are willing to help? And what about all those Jews who are only Jewish on their father's side? Do they realize that the other Jews do not consider them to be "real" Jews and they are the most likely be abandoned or sacrificed by the other Jews, along with the retarded and other unwanted Jews, and those too compromised?

Did you notice the recent attacks on Rupert Murdoch (a "half-Jew" from his mother's side)? Christopher Bollyn accused Hufschmid, and myself, of working for Murdoch, whose gang, according to him, did the 9/11 attack! In a recent update of his website, Bollyn intensified his attack against Murdoch, which means that the Jewish crime network intends to sacrifice Murdoch.

Once this Jewish crime network will be destroyed, how do you think your behavior will be considered? Do you think the excuse "I didn't know" will work? If anybody, especially those with Jewish ancestry, are not helping to expose or destroy this crime network right now, why should we consider them to be "innocent" people?

A scene from A Bug's Life: After years of abuse, one ant stands to the grasshoppers and the ants find the courage to unite and fight the grasshoppers. Will the Goyim do the same with the criminal Jews?

A message for Christopher Bollyn

Although those who keep you under control won't allow you to be honest with me, I want to tell you that I don't resent you for what happened, even if it puts me in danger. I knew the risk I was taking, and I decided it was worth it. I tell you this so you can sleep well and don't feel guilty. Finally, keep in mind two things: somebody did not betray you, and somebody does care about the truth.

Mario Nardone