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Zionism and anti-Semitism

Whenever someone expresses views that are in any way critical of zionism or the policies of the state of Israel, the zionist organizations (ADL, SPLC, etc.) immediately start screaming "anti-semite" in an attempt to silence their critics.

I happen to be firmly opposed to the political movement known as zionism, because I've become familiar with its history and goals, both of which have been kept well hidden from Americans by our zionist-owned media, and zionist-controlled schools.

Since I fully expect that my criticism of the zionist movement will result in some people assuming some degree of anti-semitism on my part, because that's how the media has trained Americans to think, I thought it necessary to first reveal that the vast majority of people who share my political views happen to be Jewish, and this is probably because Jews are more likely to know the truth about zionism than the average American.

The anti-defamation league (ADL), which spends most of its time defaming people, accuses my political allies of being "self-hating Jews," but this accusation is as baseless as branding someone an "anti-semite" simply because they're opposed to the genocide of the Palestinian people. 

Every website linked in this message 100% Jewish owned and operated. The speech linked below was made by a zionist Jew. The interview is with a prominant Rabbi, and the quotations are from the mouths of other Rabbis. Only an idiot would call this "anti-semitism." 

True Torah Jews Against Zionism

Jews United Against Zionism

Jews Not Zionists

Jews Against Zionism

Orthodox Jews Against Zionism

Long list of Jewish organizations opposed to zionism:

Why is anyone opposed to zionism? A homeland for the Jews sounds like a nice idea, and who would deny anyone a homeland? The problem is that although the zionist movement appears sane and peaceful on its surface, its leaders have always used and still use unspeakably nefarious means to advance their agenda (ie. 9-11).

The general public needs to be made aware of this so they might avoid the horrors that visited upon 40 million Russians who were killed after the Bolshevik revolution, and other mass murders that have often accompanied a zionist-contrived change in government. America is being set up for destruction right now, but it's not visible to most because what passes for a history lesson in America has less to do with the truth than most fairy tales. For instance; The Bolshevik revolution was not an uprising of the oppressed Russian people, but in reality it was a zionist coup, after which the zionists slaughtered millions of Russians.

After the revolution, the "communist party" took over, which party was comprised of about 270 zionist Jews from the lower east side of NYC. Trotsky wasn't even Russian. He was a Jew from the Bronx. The entire operation was funded by Jacob Schiff, who was an agent of the Rothschilds. Was this a "communist" revolution, or was it a zionist revolution camoflauged by a new political ideology? It gets uglier when we discover that the exact same zionist families are responsible for nazism too. Zionism needs anti-semitism to scare Jews into supporting it.

This is why every time they catch someone spray-painting a swastika on a wall, they turn out to be Jewish, and this is why the famous Skokie, Illinois nazis, who marched through Jewish neighborhoods dressed in nazi uniforms, were also revealed to be Jews. 

Now it gets even crazier. The zionists who claim a  right to their biblical "homeland" in Israel are Askenazi Jews, and have no ancestrial tie to Israel whatsoever, and the Sephardic Jews who actually descended from the twelve tribes of Israel insist that the Torah forbids them from returning until they're led back by their messiah. So the Jews who were actually cast out of Israel refuse to return without divine guidance, and the descendants of Asian warloards who converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. insist that God entered into some type of real estate deal with them. Go figure. 

The famous 1961 speech by this New York businessman exposes "Zionist control of the US Government," including the plot to push the US into WWI in order to annex Palestine, thereby sowing seeds of Nazism and Communism. (yes, both Nazism and Communism were zionist creations, despite the lies you were taught in school) 

Ben Freedman (present at the signing of the Balfour declaration) was a zionist who defected from their ranks and then spent his entire fortune trying to warn Americans of the zionist agenda. One of his warnings is linked below. 

"The Torah forbids us to strive for the reunion or possession of the land by any but spiritual means."
Rabbi S. R. Hirsch

"Not via our desire did we leave the land of Israel, and not via our power will we come back to the land of Israel."
Rabbi S.D. Schneerson

"Zionists want a state in order to make Jews into heretics."
Rabbi C. Soloveichik 

"The Zionists have attacked the center point of Judaism."
Rabbi V. Soloveichik 

What will happen next? The motto of the Mossad is "By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War," so you're going to have to think like a spy, and expect deception of some sort or another. If some type of catastrophic event should transpire, ignore whomever is blamed for it by the newspapers, and ask yourself "who benefits from this event?" Based on their history during WWII, what's most likely to happen is that the zionist propaganda machine will try to create anti-semitic feelings in less intelligent Americans in order to convince Jews that they're only safe in Israel, where they'll probably be used as cannon fodder in the continuing wars there.

The zionists who own the Federal Reserve have already begun to collapse our economy**, and after a few days of hunger, a second American revolution will probably be led by zionists posing as patriots. The revolution will be successful after many of the rebels are killed, because just like every other conflict of the last century, zionists will be behind both sides of this one too, but of course none of them will do any of the dying for either side. Soon afterward zionists with a new political philosophy (proably the wonders of "One World Government") will emerge, take full control, and any dissenters who haven't starved to death will be slaughtered. 

Trivia Quiz: What do all the leaders involved in WWII have in common? 

Answer: Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Hitler were all zionist puppets, and all of their nations (all sides of the war) were funded by the Rothschilds, or their agents.

Instigating wars to reap the billions in profits generated by war-time loans is a pretty neat trick, but since the same trick has been used for a century, it's really time that we stopped falling for it. 

Please understand that there are many Jews in America who support the zionist movement and who are also completely innocent and ignorant of the zionist crimes I've described. It's only the leaders of this movement who are responsible, and they have a right to a fair trial. Just as we wouldn't blame "the Italians" for the crimes of John Gotti, no one, not even Mel Gibson should be blaming "the Jews." 

If you do read something that tries to convince you that "the Jews" are to blame, understand that you're reading the work of a zionist shill, and NOT a patriot.    -- Jolly Roger

**If you watched "The Money Masters" like I begged you to, you would understand exactly what's happening to our economy. 

P.S. -- right now a small town in Massachusetts has found itself at odds with the ADL because they refuse to recognize the genocide of the Armenians after WWI. What they don't know is that the ADL would rather have people forget about that particular even because the "Young Turks" who committed the atrocity weren't exactly Turkish. They were crypto-Jews. More here:

You can help save this nation by forwarding this to everyone on your e-mail list. 

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing."
       -- Edmund Burke