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July 2010 update on
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 6 July 2010

Note from Eric Hufschmid:

Some Europeans contacted residents of Otepää, Estonia where the Bollyn family was living for a while, as I discussed here. Their English is not too good, so I put their information into this article.

The residents of Otepää provide some interesting information that helps explain what happened to the Bollyn family, and it shows some of the tricks that the criminal Jews are using to hide their kidnappings.

Paul McCartney has been replaced!
Before you consider that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped, note that in July 2009, two Italians who are experts at identifying people according to their skull and facial features decided to disprove the accusation that Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966 and replaced with somebody who looks like him (I discuss this here). Their conclusion was that the "crazy" conspiracy theories are true
I have this report in English, and the original report in Italian is here, and scanned images of the Italian pages are here.

This explains why Paul McCartney in June 2010 is traveling around to promote President Obama, the global warming hoax, and the HoloHoax. The imitation Paul McCartney is just another puppet of the crime network, and he does whatever he is told.

Can you understand the significance of the McCartney issue?

Replacing Paul McCartney with an imitation requires the cooperation of the police, doctors, dentists, and especially, the media. Furthermore, the people who want to expose this crime must be either murdered, or frightened into silence, or bribed. Only a gigantic, international crime network can get away with such an incredible crime.
How many other victims are there?
Successful criminals do not stop with one crime. We should assume that this crime network has murdered a lot of people, and either replaced them with imitations, or tricked their family members into thinking that they were alive but hiding somewhere, such as Peter_Kawaja. This crime network may have been hoping to murder the Bollyn family and fool all of us into thinking that the Bollyns are merely hiding in some other nation.
“You will obey us, or we'll kill you and replace you with an imitation, just like we did with Paul McCartney, and nobody will stop us! Not the sheeple, not the police, not the military, and not even your own family members!

Background on Christopher Bollyn and his family
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Christopher Bollyn and my relationship with him.
by Eric Hufschmid, 24 June 2010
I have been in contact with Christopher Bollyn since 2002. He was an investigative journalist for a newspaper, and he was writing reports every week, often about the September 11 attack.

I was investigating the 9/11 attack during my leisure time, and in 2002 I published a book that provided evidence that the World Trade Center Towers and building seven were demolished with explosives that had been placed in the tower before the attack.

Both Christopher Bollyn and I discovered that Israelis and other Jews had set up and organized the September 11 attack. Jews in the media, government, universities, and other organizations worked together to deceive the world into believing that 19 Muslims were responsible for the attack. The Jews created anger towards the Muslims, and encouraged America and Europe to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Bollyn and I were incorrect with our accusations, then some Jews would calmly respond with an explanation of how we had made a mistake. But we did not make any mistakes. The Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attack. Ever since 2002, hundreds of Jews have been following us around, and trying to become our friends. Some of them seem to be trying to arrange for us to be blackmailed, or arrested.

The Chinese people have not bothered either me or Christopher Bollyn, and neither have the Japanese, or the Africans, or the Mexicans. The only people who have been bothering us have been Jews.

In 2006, the Jews were successful in having Christopher Bollyn fired from his job. 

In 2007 Christopher noticed an automobile driving around his neighborhood with men who were wearing body armor. He called the police to report this strange automobile. However, instead of the police arriving to investigate, that mysterious car stopped at Christopher's house. The police arrived moments later, but they remained quietly in the background to observe what was going on. Those three men talked with Bollyn for a moment, and then when Bollyn turned to walk into his house to get his brother, the three men rushed at him and knocked him on the ground, handcuffed him, shot him with a Taser, and arrested him.

They caused a minor fracture in a bone in his arm. They had no sensible reason for arresting him, so they charged him with resisting arrest. This makes no sense, but they had no other way to justify knocking him on the ground, tasering him, and arresting him.

Christopher went to trial many months later. The police cars have video cameras, and the video from those cameras should have been shown at the trial so that everybody could see what occurred, but the police destroyed the video. The police are not allowed to destroy evidence of a crime. However, they destroyed the evidence anyway, and they did not get in trouble for it.

Even though the police violated the law by destroying the video, and even though there was no evidence that Christopher had violated any law, the court considered the police to be innocent, and they considered Christopher to be guilty of resisting arrest. A date was set for the court to decide what to do with Christopher.

Christopher became concerned that the American police and American court system is so corrupt that it might be better if he escapes America rather than try to defend himself.

On June 10, 2007, he called me on the telephone. He wouldn't tell me what his plans were, but it seemed to me that he was either going to leave Chicago and hide in another city, or he was going to leave America. He trusted some of the people in Chicago, such as Doctor Linda Shelton, to help him in whatever he was doing. I warned him not to trust Dr. Shelton, but he didn't want to believe that she could be part of the crime network.

A couple of weeks passed. I did not hear from Christopher or any of his family members. I became concerned that his family had been murdered. I posted my concerns on the Internet. Soon afterwards, Christopher called me on the telephone and insisted that he is a safe and alive, but the phone call disconnected after perhaps one minute. I then posted my concern that the family is probably kidnapped. I received one more phone call from him, again a very brief call that disconnected abruptly, and he began to eventually post articles on the Internet. However, he has cut off contact with me and other people that he used to regularly talk to.

The evidence suggests that he was kidnapped, and that the kidnappers were hoping that we would forget about him, and then they would be able to quietly kill him. But we didn't forget about him, and so they had to keep him alive and try to convince people that he is safe in another nation.

For more information and photos, click here: Helje-Kaskel
New information about the Bollyn family

The Bollyn family vanished suddenly and mysteriously

LõunaLeht, the local newspaper for the area around Otepää, Estonia reported that a boy had filed a complaint to the police that Christopher Bollyn lost his temper with this boy who was bullying his son and was physically abusive to him. The newspaper said that the Bollyns were looking for a lawyer to help them deal with this situation. However, this case never went to court because the Bollyn family left Estonia soon afterwards and moved to Europe.

On 2 July 2009, Christopher Bollyn posted a message on his website to explain why he had to leave Estonia:

“In January of this year, Estonian police began a trumped-up Soviet-style investigation and prosecution against me that forced us to leave Estonia.”
However, the residents of Otepää provide a very different story. The residents said that the Bollyn family disappeared suddenly and without notifying anybody. In fact, they didn't bother to tell the school that their children were no longer enrolled, and so the school continued to show their children as students at the school, and the teachers and students have been expecting them to show up for classes for more than a year!

After a while somebody in the school became so concerned that something may have happened to the children that they contacted the police. So, if the Bollyns were chased by the police it was out of concern for the family, not because they wanted to arrest Christopher.

Bollyn's daughter sends a dishonest message to her friend
After the Bollyn family vanished, Bollyn's daughter, Catherine, sent a message via an Internet social networking site to her friend in school that they were doing fine and moving to the United States. It is very important to note that Catherine did not call her friend on the telephone, and she did not say anything to her friend while she was still in school. Rather, after the Bollyn family had vanished from the city, Catherine's friend received that message via the Internet.

People from Otepää then assumed that the Bollyns were fine and back in the USA. They didn't realize that it made no sense for Christopher to go back to the USA. In June 2007 Christopher fled the US to avoid being put in jail (where they could easily kill him) by the corrupt Chigago legal system. So, if he had gone back to the USA, the corrupt legal system would have resumed their attempt to put him in jail. Does that make sense to you?

There are some very important aspects to this issue!

1) A kidnapper can easily send messages that appear to be coming from the person that they kidnapped. Since they are in control of the person and his e-mail and Internet accounts, they are in control of all of the messages that they send and receive.

The same holds for Christopher Bollyn's website His kidnappers have been in control of his e-mail and website since June 2007, and they have been using his website to promote Zionist websites, and to mix some propaganda with the truth.

The same is true for Helje Kaskel's website about the sinking of the M/S Estonia. The kidnappers are in control of everything she says and does now. Therefore, it is quite possible that Helje was forced to write the letter in which she complained about the poor management of the school and the lack of interest in setting high standards. The letter may have been intended to start a fight with the school so that the kidnappers could justify removing the Bollyn children from the school, and then removing the entire Bollyn family from the city.

It is important to note that the headmaster of the school, according to the newspaper, was surprised by the mood of that letter because he did not feel that it reflected the conversations he had with Helje. This is evidence that Helje was happy with the school, and the letter was written by somebody else.

Incidentally, we have been told by some students that "Helje was always smiling." This is more evidence that the kidnappers wrote the letter in order to create a plausible excuse for the Bollyns to leave Otepää.

2) If it were not for modern technology, the kidnappers would easily be able to fool the people in Estonia into thinking the Bollyn family had moved to America, whereas we here in America would be fooled into thinking that the Bollyn family was living somewhere in Europe or Estonia. Telephones, the Internet, and e-mail are now making it possible for us to talk to people around the world. It's now very easy for us to discover that people in different areas are being told different stories.

3) This is a kidnapping network that is trying to eliminate their enemies, not an individual kidnapper who is trying to collect the ransom. So this is not an ordinary kidnapping although there are some similarities; the following, for instance, is a photo dated August 2008 published on Bollyn's website as a proof that Christopher is alive:

People in Chicago began the kidnapping by arranging for the Bollyn family to fly to Norway. After arriving in Norway, they apparently were sent to Sweden. This means that there were people in both Norway and Sweden helping with this kidnapping. From Sweden they apparently went to Estonia, and that means they must have some people in Estonia working for them, and the Estonian newspapers and television are also helping to cover up the crime. Now he is claiming to be in Sweden. Here are excerpts from five of his recent radio interviews in which he or the host mentions or hints that he's in Sweden (in the last audio file Bollyn expresses his intent to move to Norway):
 • AZL_Hmura_20091113_0_0000-0007.mp3
 • RBN_Hender_20100601_2_5442-5531.mp3
 • KIR_MikeJeff_20100423___0055-0115.mp3
 • RBN_Hender_20100406_2_0947-1001.mp3
 • RBN_Hender_20091201_1_0833-0853.mp3

This is a giant, international network. This should lead you to the question, “Is this the first time this network has kidnapped somebody?”

I suspect that this network has been kidnapping people for years, and possibly for centuries. Their techniques would be extremely successful if it were not for the Internet. If the Bollyn family had vanished 20 years earlier, I would have received a paper letter in the mail from Christopher Bollyn in which he claimed to be hiding somewhere in Europe, and that I don't need to worry about him any longer. Helje's family in Estonia would have received a paper letter in which they were told that the family was hiding in a different state of America. Different people could be told something completely different, and nobody would realize that they are each getting a different story. And the paper letter wouldn't have a return address or a phone number, so there would be no way we could contact him.

Furthermore, the kidnappers would be able to use his identity, if they wanted to. Since Christopher Bollyn was a journalist, they would be able to continue publishing reports using his name. It would appear as if he's alive and doing fine, but in reality the kidnappers would be writing the articles, and they would be publishing their own propaganda.

Incidentally, if you're wondering why Christopher's website still blames 9/11 on the Jews, be aware that Jews now realize they have been exposed to such an extent that they can only hope to sacrifice as few of them as possible.

If any of Christopher or Helje's family members contacted the newspaper that was publishing his articles and asked  for contact information, the kidnappers could send them a letter that the Bollyn family had just moved to the Philippines or some other area. The kidnappers would be able to kill the entire family, or sell them as sex slaves, and nobody would realize it.

4) How many POWs were actually kidnapped by Jews? On 24 March 2010, Paul Craig Roberts wrote this article to announce that he was quitting the so-called "truth movement". But on the 27 May 2010, Roberts came out of retirement to do an interview with Alex Jones. During this interview he explained the cover up regarding the missing American POWs from the Vietnam War.

Roberts claims that there were only about 600  POWs, and the Vietnamese government was offering to return all of them in return for some financial compensation for all of the bombings and the war. Roberts claims that the US government decided to quietly and secretly abandon the prisoners rather than give money to the Vietnamese government, and rather than let the nation know what the North Vietnamese were asking for.

Does that make sense to you? Do you think the American military would secretly and quietly abandon prisoners simply because the Vietnamese were asking for some financial compensation? Here is an excerpt of Roberts explaining it:
Jones-Paul-Craig-Roberts-POWs-27May2010.mp3  600 kbytes

I think Roberts was told to end his retirement and talk about this particular issue because some people are starting to realize that the Jews have been kidnapping people for a long time, and that there are dungeons all over the world in which these Jews are keeping people for sex, torture, and bizarre experiments. And so Roberts was told to reassure people that the missing POWs simply died in prison due to the greedy American government officials.

However, I think it makes more sense to believe the accusations that the Jews secretly set up Americans to be captured during the Korean and Vietnam wars and then sent to prisons in Russia or perhaps even Israel. (I mentioned that accusation here.) And we ought to wonder, were the Jews also secretly doing these tricks during the World Wars? For all we know, in addition to kidnapping people during the World Wars, the Jews may have been occasionally setting up British troops to be captured by the Germans, and setting up German troops to be captured by the British. And the Jews may have been setting up the Chinese to be captured by the Japanese, and the Japanese to be captured by the Chinese!

There are reports of Russian troops raping German women during the final months of the war, and we ought to wonder, who was encouraging that behavior? I bet it was the Jews. And the Jews may have captured some of the young German girls - and boys! - for use as sex slaves.

Bollyn's son was not abused
The news reports claimed that Christopher's son was abused and beaten by other students at the school. However, the children and residents of the school who had been contacted said that nobody abused Bollyn's son. Actually, he was very popular among the students, and he was a friend of everybody.
The Estonian newspapers are not trusted
Some of the information that we know about the Bollyns while they were living in Estonia comes from the newspapers, the LõunaLeht and the Kroonika, but when we discussed this information with the residents, we were told that those newspapers cannot be trusted. They also pointed out that the Tartu Postimees, a national newspaper, is a bit more serious and honest, but not by much.

Perhaps this is a good sign! Perhaps people around the world are starting to realize that the media is full of dishonest and manipulative criminals. Hopefully people will start to realize that the media doesn't consist of a random collection of criminals. Rather, the media is dominated by Jewish criminals. Once people understand that, they will have a better understanding of why there is so much hatred in the media towards Germany, Japan, and Muslims. It will also help them to understand why the media is constantly promoting the HoloHoax.

Please note that allowing a newspaper to publish lies on relatively trivial issues, such as the bullying at school of Bollyn's son, we allow readers of the newspaper to be deceived about the more serious crime - the kidnapping of the Bollyns - and if not enough people had been alerted to the kidnapping, the family may have been murdered by now.

Helje Bollyn's brother is mysterious and secretive
After somebody told me that Helje's brother, Andrus Kaskel, has an account with, I registered as a user with that website so that I could send him a message and ask him about his sister, and letting him know that I am concerned that her family is kidnapped. He didn't reply, so I sent another message, and then another, and eventually, after a month or more (I forget exactly), he sent me the following brief response, and I didn't bother contacting him again because I assume he is too frightened to talk honestly about what is going on:

I am fine and Helje and her family too!

With best regards, 

Somebody who was watching his page (here) on noticed that it was "trashed" (and the picture of himself removed) after I began contacting him, and that person wonders if perhaps the changes were not coincidental but because somebody was trying to make sure that there was no information on his page that we could use to find the Bollyn or Kaskel family. Some people wonder if perhaps some of the Kaskel family are working for the Jewish crime network, but they behave more like victims.

Incidentally, Bollyn's daughter, after contacting her friend via a social network website to inform her she was well and moving to the USA, removed her picture from that website and deleted her account (June 2009).

Helje's mother seems very frightened, also
Helje's mother does not speak English, so the person who contacted her by phone asked her about Helje in Russian, given most of the old people in Estonia knows Russian. She said she couldn't speak Russian but asked something which translates into English as “Friend or not-friend?” The translator was surprised by this question. 

Why would she be concerned that "not-friends" would be calling for information about her daughter?

The Bollyn family went to church, but avoided people
One of the residents mentioned that when the Bollyn family went to church, they would spend their time by themselves in the room that had the computers and the Internet rather than spending their time with the people in the parrish.

The people in the church assumed that the Bollyn family was anti-social, but their strange behavior would make sense if the kidnappers were arranging for them to go to church simply to create the illusion that they were free to do whatever they pleased, and were taking part in social activities. They were going to church for what we describe in English as a "photo op".

The people in Estonia did not suspect that the Bollyns were kidnapped
Although some members of Kaskel family seemed very frightened (and others might have been tricked into thinking everything was OK), the other residents of the city were oblivious to the possibility that the family might be kidnapped. Apparently the kidnappers did a good job of fooling the residents of the city.

However, when the person who contacted these people mentioned to them this possibility, some of them immediately realized that a kidnapping would explain the mysterious behavior they observed. Their reaction is similar to people who have been told about the September 11 attack, or the lies about the Holocaust. Although many people don't want to face these issues, most people, when provided with the information, can understand that the Jews are committing these crimes and are lying to us.

Some lessons to learn
The Jews have been getting away with incredible crimes partly because most people don't realize what the Jews have been doing, but now that we have the Internet, CD ROMs, and e-mail, please use this technology to pass information around and expose this network and their tricks.

Another reason that the Jews have been getting away with their crimes is because most people have trouble believing the possibility that there is an international network of criminal Jews and their goyim helpers (i.e., people who are blackmailed, bribed, or just naive "useful idiots"), and that many of these criminals are  in top leadership positions in government, the media, businesses, and the universities, and that they are conspiring with one another to start wars, kidnap children for use as sex slaves, take over businesses, and even manipulate the Nobel Prizes.

Fortunately, the Internet is allowing us to accumulate a lot of information to prove to people that this horrible crime network really does exist.

So help us expose and destroy this disgusting crime network!
Spread this information, and do not let any more people disappear!

For the residents of Otepää

When you tell people that the Bollyn family might be kidnapped, you may get some variation of the following two responses. Here are some ideas on how to deal with this:

Response #1 :

“They cannot possibly be kidnapped. I have seen the entire family together in Otepää!”

Possible Answer:

We do not know the details of this kidnapping. The kidnappers may have arranged for them to make some public appearances, and kept them under control by threatening to kill Helje's mother, father, brother, etc.

Response #2 :

“The police have already been informed so there is nothing for me to do.”
Possible Answer:
Assuming the police in Estonia are honest, which is not true of the police in Chicago, everybody in the city can help by passing around information about this crime. Even if the residents cannot solve the Bollyn kidnapping case, they will help reduce crime if criminals realize that the citizens will not allow or ignore crimes.

Furthermore, everybody should become aware of the tricks that these criminal Jews are using. They have already deceived nations into wars, and caused a lot of suffering. We must make it difficult for them to get away with their murders, wars, kidnappings, and other crimes. We must also warn people that the media cannot be trusted.

The fascination with mind control and slavery
Many television shows and movies seem to be based on crimes that the Jews commit or fantasize about. However, they twist the plot a bit to make them appear unrealistic.
The Legend of the Seeker TV series for 2009 has an episode called Broken in which a father takes his two young girls to a creek and shows them how to catch fish.
A group of women appear from the forest and kidnap the young girl and her father.

They put each of them in a separate dungeon chamber. They torture the father in an attempt to force him to tell his daughter that he sold her to the women, but he refuses, and eventually they give up and pour molten metal down his throat to destroy his vocal chords so that he can't speak to his daughter.

There are rats living in the chamber with the young girl. The women give her a torture device and encourage her to use it to kill the rats. They are training her to enjoy killing.

After she has learned to enjoy killing rats, they bring her father into the chamber and tell her that he sold her to the women, and that she should kill him, which she does.

The plot in this particular episode has amazing similarities to the stories given by such women as Cathy O'Brien, who claims to have been sold by her father to the CIA, and that she was then tortured for years in an attempt to turn her into a mind-controlled slave.

The Jews seem to have a fascination with slavery and with the concept that the human mind can be altered through rape and torture. Many Jews have acquired management positions in the CIA, NASA, and other government agencies, and that gave them the authorization and funding to conduct idiotic experiments in mind control.

This may then lead you to the question, did the writer for this Legend of the Seeker television episode, a woman named Nicki Paluga, get this plot from Cathy O'Brien or some other victim? Or is she working with the criminal Jews and taking these plots from some of their experiments?