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Don't fear the police or military

Instead, help them realize that they're suckers

20 April 2007

The police are people, not violent monsters. Sure, many police are untrustworthy and some work with organized crime, but that's true of people in corporations, also.

Alex Jones, Michael Moore, and most "liberals" are trying to trick us into fearing and hating the police. They also antagonize the police in the hope of making the police angry at "conspiracy nuts" and "anti-government fanatics".

Why would these patriots and liberals do this? Because the police have the organization, financing, and manpower to arrest this criminal network.

The Zionists don't want us to work with the police or help the police understand that 9/11 was a Zionist Job.

The Zionists also don't want the police to realize that our federal agencies, such as the FBI and Homeland security, are working for the Zionists. (This is why those Israelis, who were arrested after 9/11, were quietly sent back to Israel without any investigation.)

Don't be a sucker. You don't have to fear the police or military. Instead, we have to eliminate the Zionist movement and their treachery and deception.

The USA is losing manufacturing and engineering. If we don't find enough people to help us get rid of this Zionist network and other organized crime gangs, this nation will continue to deteriorate, and we will eventually face some big economic problems. The police and military will be victims of this economic deterioration, also. So help them realize that they should join with us and help us get rid of Zionism and other organized crime gangs!

Here is a test of your ability to see through the deception:

The author, apparently Alex Floum, one of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, explains why the media is lying to us about 9/11:
But perhaps the main reason the media is complicit is that we live in a fascist country.

He also wrote:

...the media are owned by those who support the militarist agenda or even directly profit from war and terror (for example, NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the largest defense contractors in the world -- which directly profits from war, terrorism and chaos).

Can you see how he is deflecting attention away from the Zionists who dominate the media and over to mysterious "fascists", and mysterious Goyim at General Electric?

The media is not under the control of fascists or mysterious Goyim at General Electric. Rather, it is under the control of people such as the Bronfmans, Sumner Redstone, Wolf Blitzer, Sam Newhouse, and other Zionist Jews who have names and addresses. We can deal with these Zionists as soon as we find enough Americans with the courage to stand up to them.
Michael Moore cannot be trusted

Have you seen why I complain about Michael Moore and the "liberals" who encourage us to hate the police?
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Don't let criminals get control of the "truth movement"!

Alex Jones; a phony patriot
Help us expose Alex Jones as a liar so that he doesn't deceive too many more people. He should be arrested, not promoted:

You might find it amusing to listen to Jones whine after getting a speeding ticket: