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How do a small number of Jews
control a large number of goyim?

 18 February 2008

Or personality?

When I first started explaining 9/11 to other people in 2002, I was shocked to discover that they refuse to seriously look at the evidence. When I tried to explain to them that the Apollo moon landing was staged here on the earth, I was shocked that even people with science backgrounds couldn't understand and/or face the issue.

After a while I started wondering if maybe the reason the Jews are taking control of the world is because most of the Goyim really are mentally inferior to the Jews.

There certainly are a lot of mentally ill and stupid Goyim, but today I'm coming to the conclusion that the reason the Jews have been so successful in dominating the Goyim is because of their personality. Here are three categories:
1) Weirdos, 2) Bullies, 3) Con artists.

1) Weirdos

The Jews who have serious emotional disorders and spend a lot of their time with drugs, gambling, strange sexual behavior, bestiality, and crime. Some of them set up strip clubs, homosexual bathhouses, bestiality farms, gambling casinos, wife swapping clubs, and S&M clubs. Two reasons these weird Jews are extremely valuable to the Jewish crime network are:

Setting up Blackmail Traps

As I've explained in other audio files and documents; some businesses are blackmail traps. If the following news item is real, it is a good example. It claims that the Jews were raping and killing Russian orphans, some as young as two years old, and selling the films to mostly non-Jewish customers: ( fixed this link)

Finding your weakness

Ever since I got into exposing 9/11, I have been contacted by people (some of them admitted to being Jewish) who want to have friendly conversations with me, and they bring up the issues of sex, or drugs, or S&M, or taking a trip to Thailand for sex. They also ask if I have any health problems.

I don't think they start these conversation with me because they actually like me or because they are concerned about my health. I think they're looking for my weakness in order to set me up for arrest or blackmail. And if I had a life-threatening health problem, and they might try to arrange for me to die as a result of that problem.

What amazes me is how many of these Jews there are, and some of them are in other nations. The man who tried to convince me to take a trip to Thailand to have sex was in Norway. As I mentioned in my file about the angry phone call from Daryl Smith, Smith may have been looking for my weaknesses, also, when he was talking about going to Amsterdam to have sex with prostitutes.

These Jews are relentless. For example, for about 2 years I have been getting phone calls almost every day from one particular man who seems to be trying to set me up to get involved in a fight. I could just hang up on him, but I'm hoping the NSA taps my phone lines and starts identifying some of the people who contact me. Also, it is somewhat interesting to watch these people try to trick me.

This brings up an interesting issue. The man who is calling me every day doesn't appear to be on anybody's payroll. He seems to be barely surviving financially. It makes me wonder if the reason he's struggling so hard to catch me is because there is a reward out for me. Or is he just so dedicated to Zionism that he will do this for the good of all Jews? Whatever, he is such a loser that I can't believe he'll be successful. Or is that what you would call "famous last words"?

Anyway, I couldn't possibly be the only person who is getting this type of treatment. I bet that everybody who gets involved in government, or who is seen as a potential threat to the Jews, is contacted by these friendly perverts, drug users, and weirdos.

If you don't realize what they are doing, then you will consider these Jews to be friendly people who want to have some fun, and you might be talked into joining them as they look for a prostitute or visit a "special" farm to have sex with a goat. You wouldn't realize that you're being tricked until it's too late. I'm lucky my credit card transaction didn't go through when I tried to pay for that trip to Thailand! (Just kidding!)
Reuben Sturman,
Alvin Goldstein, etc

Some of the Jews who produce the mild pornography are known to us, but the people who arrange trips to Thailand remain secretive, and so do the people who are producing the snuff films, selling sex slaves, and operating the farms where people can have sex with animals. Therefore, I can't give you names of people to watch out for.

I have a little information about the pornography business here:
and here:

Reuben Sturman


2) Bullies

The bullies behave like the criminals we see in Hollywood movies; i.e., they try to manipulate us through intimidation and fear. Some examples:

Michael Alan Weiner

He is a Russian Jew who calls himself Michael Savage on his radio show. His technique is to yell, insult, and intimidate.

If you've never heard him before, listen to him here as he describes Diane Sawyer as a whore and dumber than Paris Hilton for interviewing Ahmadinejad.

He portrays Jews as innocent victims of anti-Semites. Here he tries to fool us into believing the media is anti-Semitic because it doesn't give enough coverage to the Holocaust: 

Part_1 Part_2 
Here he insults a caller (who may be a shill) who says most of the deaths in the Nazi camps were due to lack of food and disease.

Here he insults President Jimmy Carter for showing concern about Palestinians:

Photo below is Wiener fondling a wax figure of Barbra Streisand

Keith Olbermann

He may not be Jewish, but he certainly is a bully who works for them. His "commentaries" about George Bush and the Republicans are a steady stream of insults, anger, and hatred. Here is an example.

The "liberal" Jews love him. crooksandliars has many pages of his angry rants. His goal is to trick us into blaming the world's problems on Republicans.

Victor Vancier

He now calls himself Chaim Ben Pesach. He was national chairman of the Jewish Defense League. He was caught conducting terrorist bombings in New York, but he was sentenced to only 10 years in prison! Today he works with the Jewish Task Force.

Recently youtube removed their videos. Pesach insists that it was because he complained about Frank Weltner of Jewwatch, and that youtube is anti-Semitic.

However, there is more evidence that youtube is Jewtube, and that Pesach is simply too extreme for them. Some of his videos are available at, but liveleak demands that you register to see their "mature" videos. (By registering, they can figure out who is watching the "mature" videos.)

This interview in which he predicted Al Qaeda would bring down the World Trade Center towers was shown on television on Sep 11, 1994.

Prior to the 9/11 attack, Pesach met with John O'Neill, who died mysteriously during the attack.

Here he reads from the Koran to show that war is everywhere there are Muslims.

Here is a video in which the JTF duo complain that 9/11 conspiracy theorists are insane and the bombings of Dresden and Japan are examples of how terrible we are.

Daryl Bradford Smith

He insists he is not Jewish, and his radio shows during 2005 make him appear to be a polite and honest man, but listen to his Sep 8, 2007 phone call to me to understand that his true goal was certainly to become my "handler", and since I wasn't obeying, he tried to intimidate me:

By the way, in his audio file for January 14, 2008, he said that he rarely swears:

However, he was always swearing in private conversations with me. It was his normal vocabulary. The blatant lies that come from these people is truly astonishing.

I have to wonder what type of woman would marry a man like Smith. And I wonder what his two sons think of their father.

Smith's current wife, below

Alex Jones

He insists that he's not Jewish, but his wife is Jewish. I consider Olbermann's rants to be annoying, but I find Jones to be more entertaining.

I have a page about him, with excerpts of some of his shows:


Don't let the bullies intimidate you!

These bullies are similar to Bugsy Siegel, Bonnie and Clyde, and mafia gang members. They try to intimidate, frighten, and deceive. They are pushy, aggressive, manipulative, and dishonest. They are like dogs that won't stop barking.

Most people behave like frightened girls when they encounter bullies, but don't let them intimidate you! Instead, either ignore them, or stand up to them. They have nothing intelligent to say, except when they plagiarize it. They're not pleasant people, so don't waste your time with them.

3) Con artists.

Con artists don't frighten us; instead, they make us feel good. They are sweet and adorable. They give us praise, and offer to help us when we need it. They trick us into trusting them.

This is how Christopher Bollyn ended up missing. Some "wonderful" people offered to help the Bollyns escape from Chicago.
Billy Don Moyers

This gentle, sweet, honest, adorable man cares about the common people. He has a television show on PBS called Now.

However, take a closer look and you'll see that his boring television show is secretly promoting Jews. He is shifting the blame for the worlds problems onto Republicans, Neocons, and corporations.

He has been involved with Democrats for most of his adult life, and he worked closely with President Johnson. The October 1965 issue of Time Magazine featured Bill Moyers as a cover story. The article had the title: L.B.J.'s Young Man "In Charge of Everything"

A lot of people realize that President Johnson was extremely dishonest, but not many people suspect that his loyal servant, Bill Moyers, might be dishonest, also. Moyers is an example of a con artist; a man who appears honest and lovable but is secretly cheating you.

Today he's also involved with the Schumann Center for Media and Democracy. Who are these people? What are they doing? 

In the image above, he is interviewing Lew Rockwell on his PBS television show.

In 1965 he was on the cover of Time magazine.

Michel Chossudovsky and
Stephen Lendman 

These are two adorable, loving intellectuals who oppose war, inequality, and oppression. The two of them are hosts for a radio show on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Chossudovsky's web site is

At Lendman's blog he says he is devoted to "progressive causes" that are "working for a more humane and just world for all people everywhere, but especially for the most needy, disadvantaged and oppressed."

These con artists are similar to the Communists; they appeal to the losers of society who love to feel sorry for themselves and imagine that they're Underdogs, and that they are abused by aristocrats and corporations.

Judicial-inc doesn't trust Chossudovsky either. (For those of you who ask me if judicial-inc can be trusted, I have this)

Daryl Smith tried to convince me that Chossudovsky was an honest Jew, and he also tried to convince me that a WTPRN radio host, Karen Kwiatkowski, is also honest. But anybody who gets favorable publicity should be considered a Zionist agent.

Chossudovsky, above,
Lendman below

Lendman is one of columnists at! That should be all you need to know. He is also here at


What are the offspring of bullies, con artists, and weirdos?
Children are not duplicates of their parents, but they share certain physical and mental traits. Have you ever wondered what the children would be like when they come from such people as Michael Wiener, Michel Chossudovsky, Stephen Lendman, Karen Kwiatkowski, Keith Olbermann, or Daryl Smith? Here is some information about Wiener's son:

Russell Goldencloud Weiner

His father is Michael Weiner. He helped his father create the Paul Revere Society, but the "society" is just his father's website. They're trying to fool us into believing that they belong to an organization of patriotic Americans who want to protect us from corruption.

Russell Weiner ran for political office in California, but was not elected.

He created a drink called Rockstar. As with Bob Parsons of Go Daddy (as I explained here), Weiner uses sexual titillation to sell his product:

Notice the 69 in his website address. What a clever marketing technique! What would he do with a wax figure of Barbra Streisand?

As I pointed out in my Jan 27 audio file, we need businessmen who compete in a respectable manner. We should get rid of the abusive jerks who try to manipulate us.

We currently consider sexual titillation to be an acceptable method of advertising a product for both adults and children, but we should have higher standards and regard this behavior is disgusting and unacceptable.

Mike Weiner above,
(another Neanderthal?)
his son below
Is he successful in business because of intelligence or talent?

Or because he inherited an aggressive, pushy, manipulative, intimidating personality from his father?

Why are criminals glorified?

Movies, television shows, and children's games often glorify Italian gang members, Bugsy Siegel, Bonnie and Clyde, and pirates.
Pirates were stupid, crude, badly behaved people who had miserable lives, but Walt Disney and other entertainment companies make them appear respectable.

Why would anybody want to distort history and transform pirates into wonderful people who are having exciting and glamorous lives?

Did you know that some of the real Pirates were Jews?,7340,L-3311329,00

The Japanese organized crime gang Yakuza is glorified in this game for the PlayStation.

What is admirable about a Japanese crime gang? Why would anybody want their children to fantasize about being a Japanese gang member?

What is admirable about the Italian gangs? Who among us would want the type of life that those people lived?
Why did Warren Beatty glorify Bonnie and Clyde, and Bugsy Siegel? Does Beatty have a personality similar to these criminals? Or is he picking up this attitude from other people in the entertainment business?

A woman named Vanessa created a fan site for Bugsy Siegel. She also sells T-shirts and other products with the slogan "see how well crime pays"

The Disneyland in Los Angeles has a ride called Pirates of the Caribbean. I was on that ride as a child, and one of the few memories that stayed with me all these years is the image of the pirates chasing after the women in order to rape them. Male animals like to chase after females, but why would Disneyland want to make this animal-like behavior appear respectable?

Apparently a lot of people were upset by this part of the ride because Disneyland changed it about 10 years ago so that the women are carrying trays of food, so today it looks like the men are chasing after appetizers.
One of the other images from the Pirates of the Caribbean that still remains in my mind is the scene of the town on fire while the pirates sing songs and get drunk. What is admirable about pirates who are burning a town?

Why are the entertainment businesses glorifying criminals? Part of the reason may be because the Jews are deliberately encouraging this behavior in order to ruin our society, and part of the reason may be because the entertainment business is attracting people with mental disorders.

Would you let your child eat poison?

We are allowing the entertainment companies to produce all sorts of Zionist propaganda, such as Holocaust lies, hatred of Germans and Arabs, and Anne Frank fantasies. We also allow them to promote UFOs, crop circles, psychic abilities, and ghosts. And we allow them to glorify criminals and bizarre sexual behavior.

Nobody would allow their children to purchase food that had poison in it, but nobody cares if children are purchasing video games, movies, or magazines that are full of Zionist propaganda. What's the difference? The difference is that most people can't understand that poisoning a child's mind is as bad as poisoning their body.

The Chinese government is planning to ban movies that promote such nonsense as ghosts and UFO's, including Steven Spielberg's movie ET. (In the photo below, the creature on the left is ET, and the one with the slanted forehead is Steven Spielberg. I have a page of photos of slanted forehead people here)

I agree with the Chinese government that we shouldn't allow businesses to promote such nonsense. However, I would go much farther and ban all other Zionist propaganda.

When we complain that the Jews are producing disgusting products, the Jews respond that the Nazis burned books, and that anybody who opposes freedom of speech is a fascist. Most people are intimidated by the aggressive and insulting response of these Jews. This is another example of Jews who get away with abuse because of their personality, not because of their intelligence.

The Jews don't have any intelligent justification for their promotion of ghosts, UFO's, Holocaust lies, psychotic sexual behavior, or Anne Frank propaganda. Instead, the Jews try to intimidate us into believing that their disgusting propaganda is "artwork", and that only Nazis try to stifle creative talent.

I don't consider ET or Schindler's List to be "art"; I consider it to be "propaganda". Don't let the Jews intimidate you! Take a serious look at what they're doing, and ask yourself:

"What effect does their art have on the world? Is it helping children or adults to have better lives or better attitudes? If there is no benefit to this art, or if it's detrimental, why should we allow businesses to profit from it? Why should freedom of speech be used to justify worthless or destructive products?"
Criminals are defective, not evil

A lot of people, especially when very young, will commit a crime occasionally, but only certain adults make a career out of crime. Most people seem to believe that criminals are "evil", but criminals are humans like the rest of us. However, as I describe in my Dumbing Down articles, the criminals have more mental or physical disorders than the rest of us. They are the outcasts; the misfits.

Nobody wants to be a criminal. All of us, especially men, want to be admired for our talent; we don't want to be hated. We want to be respected, not hunted like a rat. We want to be able to walk around in public with pride, not hide in the darkness and run from the police.

Criminals are not admirable people. They are suffering from serious disorders. They are retarded; they are defective; they are genetic garbage.

Defective creatures are one of the sad aspects of life. We can prevent some of the defects by controlling toxic chemicals and radiation, but we can't prevent all defects.

When I see a criminal, an alcoholic, or a person with a gambling problem, I feel the same type of sadness that I would feel if I saw a baby bird that was born with a defective wing, or a horse with a broken leg. There is nothing admirable about a retarded bird; it's a sad aspect of life.

People will kill a horse with a broken leg rather than let it suffer a miserable life, but the current policy in regards to defective humans  is to ignore them.

Unfortunately, ignoring the problem will not make it disappear. Instead, we are forcing the defective people to make a living through crime, begging, inheritances, government jobs, Hollywood, pornography, snuff films, or finding somebody to marry.

We should not glorify criminals, and we should not ignore them. We have to get better people in control of the world and start dealing with these problems.

I think the reason the entertainment business tends to glorify criminals is because many of the people in these businesses are suffering from serious mental disorders. They feel a closer bond to the criminals and weirdos than they do to "normal" people. They regard healthy people as anal-retentive, prudish, boring, and stuck up.