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Another world war averted?

Or just a coincidence?

26 November 2012

“When... uhh, if ... Hamas attacks us, we have the right to defend ourselves!”

A brief summary of Mideast events during November 2012:

• Hamas launches rockets at Israel.
• Israel prepares for war, with 70,000 reservists.
• Palestinians execute 6 Israeli spies.
• Israel cancels Gaza invasion.
Can you figure out what happened?

Some details:
Mysterious Palestinian terrorists have fired more than 800 rockets into Israel over the past year. How would you feel if Mexico or Canada fired 800 rockets every year into America?

The rocket attacks increased in November, and the Israelis decided that they have had enough of the abuse. The Israeli government moved their military to Gaza border and called up 70,000 reservists in preparation for an attack. Jews on message boards became excited at the possibility that the war in Gaza would escalate into a world war. For example, the owner (Jason Lucas?) of Godlikeproductions posted a message with the title "This is how the middle east situation will escalate out of control". His message generated 33 pages of responses.  In one of his messages he proudly boasted that he had inside information about how the Gaza war would evolve into a world war.

A cease-fire was soon called, and Netanyahu threatened military action if Hamas continues to attack Israel. Many Jews excitedly predicted that the Palestinian terrorists would soon fire rockets into Israel during the cease-fire, thereby giving Israel the justification to attack Gaza.

However, instead of attacking Israel, some Palestinians executed six "Israeli spies". Jews around the world became disappointed, angry, and frustrated by the peace and calm, and Jason Lucas quickly erased all of his messages. You can only find portions of his messages by doing a Google search, such as in the screen image below:

His first message is in the box below. A copy was posted by "Asphalt Cowboy" and is still in the Google cache here, (scroll down to number 16). Or is Jason Lucas the Asphalt Cowboy? Imagine if there was no anonymity on the Internet. We would know exactly who is promoting this propaganda.
This is how the middle east situation will escalate out of control....

Hamas has MORE than just extra long range "dumb rockets" that can reach Tel Aviv..

They have GUIDED MISSILES, provided by Iran..

They have NOT used them YET....

When they do?

And they will when the ground war starts....

It will be a strike agains the Israeli Dimona nuclear plant...

It will be a hit.. and it will be a fukashima style disaster...

After that?

Samson option.....

look it up.....

- so mark my words... 

IF / WHEN you see the Israeli nuclear plant take a hit from several guided missiles at once then you will know it's only a matter of HOURS before world war three officially begins...

If Jason Lucas was correct...

... then perhaps some Jews in Iran had provided some Jews in Palestine with Iranian missiles. The Jews were planning to fire those missiles at the Dimona nuclear plant during the cease-fire, and claim that Hamas had fired them. The Jews in Israel would set off explosions in their nuclear plant to ensure that radiation spreads around the Middle East (apparently as they did in Japan). Israel would blame Iran for providing the missiles to Hamas terrorists.

Virtually every Jew in the world would react by pointing out that the entire world is at risk because of that radiation, and they would whine that the Muslims are trying to "wipe Israel off the map" and exterminate the innocent, loving, and generous Israelis. Jews everywhere would claim that a war against Iran and the Arabs is finally justified, and every nation would be under pressure to defend Israel and exterminate the disgusting, murderous Muslims. The Jews in Russia and China would try to get those nations to defend Iran and Syria, thereby tricking the world into a nuclear war.

Israel called up 70,000 reservists because they were preparing for a war with Iran and a slaughter of Arabs in Gaza, Lebanon, and elsewhere. Israel didn't need that many soldiers to deal with the virtually unarmed residents of Gaza, whose primary weapon is a rock.

Confused about Mideast affairs? Here are some clues:

a) Suicidal, fanatical Muslim terrorists hate and want to kill everybody, especially Jews.
b) The Muslim terrorists routinely attack Israel, America, Europe, Asia, and even their own nations.
c) The Muslim terrorists are incredibly successful in attacking America, (eg, the 9/11 attack), Europe, Asia, and Arab nations.
d) The Muslim terrorists are such failures in regards to killing their primary enemy that even this Jewish reporter admits that journalists have been ignoring the Palestinian rockets rather than reporting about them. He points out that the rockets haven't killed any Jews, and they haven't seriously injured any Jews, either. Recently a Muslim terrorist put a bomb on an Israeli bus, but nobody was killed in that attack, either.
Are you smart enough to figure out why the Muslim terrorists were successful with the September 11 attack but failures in their attempts to kill Jews?

Apparently, at least some of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have figured out what is going on. After executing those traitors, peace breaks out in Gaza! What a coincidence! Who would have thought that executing destructive people would bring peace? I suppose most Americans would have recommended the Israeli spies be rehabilitated with punishments or Bible lessons.

Questions to discuss and contemplate:
What would happen to the world if people in other countries became inspired by those Palestinians? For example, what would happen to China if some Chinese began executing their corrupt government officials? What would happen to Sweden if some Swedes began executing the criminal policemen who are protecting kidnappers, such as those holding the Bollyn family? What would happen to America if some Americans began executing corrupt FBI agents and dishonest journalists? What would happen to Germany if some Germans began executing the criminals who promote the HoloHoax? What would happen to the BBC if some people began executing the pedophile officials? 
What would happen if female criminals were executed also, including those who are pregnant? What would happen if the military practiced their policy of executing deserters; specifically, the sheeple who refuse to help us stop the criminals?

How would you answer those questions?

a) If we execute criminals, we would be stooping to their level, which would be wrong. We must be better than them. We must treat them with decency and respect.
b) It is immoral and senseless to use violence in order to stop violence, and it doesn't work anyway. We must forgive, forget, and love the criminals. However, we must never forget the Holocaust or forgive the Germans (have you listened to Jordan Dern yet?).
c) Life is too precious to kill anybody, even the most disgusting criminals. It is especially wrong to kill women, children, and sheeple. Also, all fetuses must be protected and cared for, even those of the most psychotic criminals and rapists.
d) We would finally begin the process of creating a truly pleasant world.