War of the Words: 9/11 was an Israeli false flag op, not an "inside job"
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7 April 2023

Who is afraid of Artificial Intelligence, and why?

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11 August 2022

There are so many proposals for killings!
Should we kill Ukrainians, Russians, Neocons, globalists, Nazis, Jews, sheeple, sexists, or people with white privilege?

Who should we kill?
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26 May 2022
An Update on Popcorn

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5 August 2020
Update on George Floyd

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25 October 2018
Blood injections and
Marquis de Sade

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25 Sep 2018
Will the world be fooled again?

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1 Sep 2018

When do we arrest the criminals?

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31 May 2018
Lies, Fake News, and Laws

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6 Feb 2018
Immigration, and the disgusting Google executives

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31 July 2017

Are you learning about deception?

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16 July 2016
When will people get fed up?

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11 June 2016

Child abuse and murder rituals

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22 Mar 2016

Who will determine America's future?

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22 Feb 2016

NASA, Apple, and Trump

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29 Dec 2015
Syrian refugees and Donald Trump

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9 Nov 2015

Jennifer Lawrence, sexism, Quentin Tarantino, and other news events

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7 Sept 2015

The 2016 election and Donald Trump remind me of the movie Idiocracy 

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11 September 2014

“Stop the men from looking at photos of my naked body!”

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3 August 2014

 “Small brushfires can turn into raging infernos...”

3 August 2014
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2 June 2014

 “We have proof at last of Russia's intentions
We can finally justify a war!”

2 June 2014
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November 2012 

The Final Solution to Israeli false flag operations

Another world war averted?

26 November 2012: Click Here

“When... uhh, if ... Hamas attacks us, we have the right to defend ourselves!”


February 2012

My comments on Whitney Houston's suspicious death,
and some recent attempts to manipulate us and instigate racial fights.

20 February 2012: Click Here


August and September 2011 

Update, 4 September 2011
The removal of Gaddafi creates panic among Jews. 
Can you understand why?
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Start dreaming of our future!
 21 August 2011 - Click Here!


February 2011

20 February 2011

As more people become aware of and disgusted with the corruption in their nation, the rebellions against the government will increase. Here are some issues to consider.

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October and November 2010

20 November 2010

Comments on mysterious murder of the Jewish publishing agent, the fuss over the TSA security, and the destruction of the Jewish network.

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17 October 2010

A lot of commentary on some events of September and October, such as bullying, our disgusting media, and homeless people.

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July, August, September 2010

My comments on some recent news events

The San Bruno fire, Lady Gaga, and the weirdos who are trying to "interview" me.
Updated 16 Sep
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Find your "pioneer spirit" and help create a better life for the human race!
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June and July 2010

My comments on some recent news events

The international fight with Mel Gibson continues!

July 14: my comments here

July 23: a few remarks about Gibson and Eli Roth here

My comments on the Russian spies, the Al Gore sex case, Mel Gibson, and several other issues.

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20 Feb 2010

If Jews can kill “enemy combatants”, can we kill Jews?
Don't be frightened of the Jews!

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Also, help expose their new and improved terrorist, and their blackmail techniques.
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19 Dec 2009

More nuclear false flag failures?
• December 16, 2009, another extremely bright meteor explodes over Nebraska.
• December 9, 2009, a rocket spirals out of control over Norway.

Insignificant events? Or attempts to start a nuclear war?
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6 Nov 2009

“Jews say the darndest things”
Two video excerpts that are small enough to e-mail:

1) From Ruth Madoff: The Gentiles are responsible for the Madoff's problems.
Ruth-Madoff-blames-Gentiles.wmv  450 kbytes, full version on youtube here.

2) From Shulamit Aloni (an Israeli politician): Anti-Semitism is a trick.
Anti-Semitism-trick.wmv  640 kbytes, full version on youtube here

Note: Zionists post these videos on youtube to attract your attention to their sites. Don't let them outsmart you!


2 July 2009

Did the Zionist Jews blow it again?
Jackson's suspicious death looks like a sloppy murder that went wrong. This gives us another opportunity to learn about the techniques of these criminal Jews.

Furthermore, society should be discussing such issues as whether we want to continue allowing people, especially children, to become phenomenally wealthy and famous.



17 April 2009

A terrorist threat more dangerous than Al Qaeda
He may be smiling today, but our government warns us that an Iraqi veteran could become a rightwing terrorist at any time!

What could trigger these patriotic men into becoming terrorists? Answer: websites such as mine that expose 9/11 and thousands of other crimes as Israeli false flag operations.

How will the FBI protect themselves and the Jews from veterans who are furious about what the Jews have been doing to the world?



14 Feb 2009

Did the Zionists fail again?
Congressman Paul Kanjorski: There was an Electronic Run on the Banks that what would have created economic chaos if the government hadn't stopped it. The Zionists failed again to create chaos!
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Info on numerology is here: English Italiano 


20 Dec 2008

A Ponzi Scheme? Or another Zionist scam?
Unless you're new to my website, then you know that the news media routinely lies to us, and so does the FBI, the "truth seekers" and "whistleblowers", our government officials... etc.

So... why should we believe the official story about Bernard Madoff?

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 28 Sep 2008

Don't let the Zionist sheepherders get control
The sheep are upset, and the enormous Zionist army is trying to direct anger towards the bankers. I also think the Zionists are trying to increase the financial chaos.

The "truth seekers" won't promote my material, so it's up to you to help the sheep realize that the bankers are only one small part of our problem.

Help the sheep realize that by hiding from organized crime, they have allowed it to grow to phenomenal size.

And pass around my articles and audio files about this issue, such as my battle plan or Money Masters page.

If the Zionists fool the sheep into blaming the bankers, then the Zionists will be able to "solve" the problem by replacing the bankers with "honest" people, which would give them control of our banking system!


21 Sep 2008

Another attempt to start a world war?
On 19 Sep 2008 a truck bomb in Pakistan excavated a crater about 25-30 feet deep. I updated my Science Challenge about truck bombs with this latest crater. Bollyn wrote about the crater formed in Lebanon in 2005 here.

The crater is evidence that Israel is trying again to start a world war.


6 Sept 2008

Have you heard about Radio free Europe?
I have to thank Alex Jones for bringing this group to my attention. He appeared on the Russian equivalent, Russia Today.

English Magyar 


11 Aug 2008

Why is there a war in Georgia?
The official story makes vague remarks about South Ossetia declaring independence from Georgia, and Georgia offering to protect them from Russia. Judicial-inc claims the war is about oil.

My guess is that the Zionist Jews are trying again to start a world war.

EnglishItaliano  • Magyar


29 July 2008

Why are so many scientists lying to us?
They lie about 9/11, global warming, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing.... Are scientists nothing more just educated apes? Or, has the global Jewish crime network taken control of science? If so, how are they controlling the scientists?

English Magyar 


16 July 2008

Are we defeating the Jewish crime network?
Status Report for July 2008
Information about 9/11 and Zionism is spreading around the world, but are we making any progress in defeating this crime network? For those of you who ask me such questions, here is a status report:
English Italiano Magyar 


14 July 2008

UK newspapers announce the wedding of a hero
Here is one article. Can you see the trick? The Jews use the US and UK media to promote the soldiers as heroes to discourage parents and friends from asking, "Why are our soldiers dying and suffering?"

The Jews also trick people into thinking that "patriotism" is blind obedience. In 2006 Bollyn and I wrote how the Chicago Sun-Times used this trick with Bryan Anderson. Is anybody going to tell the soldiers that they are just disposable pawns in the Zionist game of world conquest, and that they are attacking the wrong people! 


7 July 2008

Why are knife crimes increasing in Britain?
It has doubled in past 2 years, with 14,000 hospital admissions last year. Cherie Blair and the Street Weapons Commission is confused. An Archbishop says church should stop it. Gallagher blames Thatcher and video games. Other Brits believe the solution is body armour. Cameron, who boasts that he's a Zionist, wants automatic jail time for people carrying knives. Would Cameron suggest reducing rape by giving jail time for men carrying penises in public? Every year our "solutions" to crime, alcoholism, and drug abuse fail. When faced with perpetual failures we should reevaluate our attitudes and experiment with new policies. We should be discussing such issues as:
 • What causes crime? a) Knives and guns, b) Criminals 
 • What causes rape? a) Penises and vaginas, b) Criminals
 • What causes corruption? a) Money and power, b) Criminals
 • How do we make criminals behave? a) Laws and jails, b) We can't


19 June 2008

Another attempt to get more control of our banks?
US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson wants to give the Federal Reserve more authority for... who? Israel? The Rothschilds? Who is he working for?

Pass around my page with the Money Masters video. Don't let the Jews get more control of our banking system!


9 June 2008

Identifying and Trapping the Goyim
The "Notorious Holocaust Denier" travels around the world to expose the evil Jews and their HoloHoax. But the trusting Goyim who go to his meetings or who contact him or his associates are identifying themselves to the criminal Jewish network. This is one reason the Jews do what seems to be irrational; namely, expose their own crimes.

The criminal Jews also pretend to be 9/11 researchers, anti-war activists, pedophilia investigators, and even opponents of global warming. Be careful of jews-did-911, vho, ziopedia, jewwatch, and all the others.

We are in a battle of intelligence. Are you smart enough to understand their techniques and help us expose and destroy their network? (My HoloHoax page has more info)


5 June 2008

British police discover global crime network
This case is useful for helping people to understand:
1) There really are gigantic, global crime networks.
2) The networks have phenomenal amounts of money.
And, if this case goes nowhere, and if the members of the gang are not identified and arrested, it will be more evidence that the governments protect these global crime networks.

Ordinary citizens can identify hundreds of suspicious people in the global, Jewish crime network (such as most of these Patriots and these Scholars), and the police should be able to identify even more.

The police and military can take out all of the crime networks as soon as they make the decision to do so. They have the manpower, finances, and weapons. So what is stopping them? Bribery? Fear? Stupidity? Corrupt leadership?


25 April 2008

Protecting the HoloHoax
Another "Holocaust Denier" gets in trouble! This time it's Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.. His honorary Fellowship was terminated with the University College London, and he is accused of being an anti-semite, such as here (new link - why did Rachel North erase it?)

Notice that he fits the pattern of other Holocaust deniers; he doesn't really explain the fraud, or any other Jewish crime (some of his articles are here). It is important that you understand this trick. Jews and their agents expose the Holocaust and let themselves get in trouble in order to:
1) Frighten you into remaining silent about the Holocaust.
2) Trick you into following their dishonest "truth seekers".

Don't be intimidated! Counteract with my HoloHoax page


24 April 2008

Japanese government official again "exposes" 9/11
On April 24 Yukihisa Fujita again brings up 9/11 in front of the government. Notice the websites listed in the description of the video; all are Jewish propaganda sites.

The Jews have been so thoroughly exposed that their only hope is to fool the Sheeple into trusting the Jews and their puppets as 9/11 investigators so that the Jews can remain in control and determine who gets blamed.


15 April 2008

William Rodriguez meets the president of Spain
Rodriguez, on another European 9/11 tour, told President Zapatero that we need a new investigation. No, we don't need another investigation. We need to rise up against Israel, the Rothschilds, and other criminal Jews.
Rodriguez gets worldwide publicity because he protects the Jewish crime network. (I have some info about him here)


10 April 2008

U.N. official calls for investigation of Neocon role in 9/11
Richard Falk, a Princeton professor and official in the UN Human Rights Council, is trying to protect Israel by shifting the blame to NeoCons. He has some connection with David Ray Griffin, (I mention it in my 9/11 timeline here).
Counteract these criminal Jews by passing around links to my website.


8 April 2008

Why is Jesse Ventura getting so much publicity?
He joins Giulietto Chiesa of Italy, Yukihisa Fujita of Japan, and other "truth seekers" who have been given the Jewish stamp of approval. Another sell-out?

Ventura was allowed to claim on television that the WTC buildings were brought down with explosives. The Jews are trying to fool the public into following their agents. Fight back with my articles, such as my brief speech to the Italian 9/11 conference: 

English Italiano Français Magyar Español Deutsche 


29 March 2008

U.S. Treasury wants Federal Reserve to have more power
Notice the remark that these proposals have "been in the works since June." They've been planning this a long time, but how do they trick the Americans into accepting it? How about by a staging economic chaos so that the foolish Americans ask the FED to save them?

People on television are dishonest, but they are authorities to the common people, so let them know that Jim Rogers said we should Abolish the FED on CNBC. The Federal Reserve is not part of our federal government. With the current economic problems, people might listen to you now. More info on my page about the Money Masters video. Don't let the Jews get more control of our banking system!


23 March 2008

Daniele Ganser on Swiss TV about 9/11
One of the Professors Question 9/11, in part 1 he shows how Jews try to shift the blame to Bush. In part 2 he protects the Jewish media by claiming the media is silent due to a lack of investigative reporters. The person who added subtitles to the video accidentally translated the word Israel into the word Egypt. The resulting subtitle claimed that Egypt staged the Lavon affair. He was pressured to fix his "mistake".

Keep up the pressure on these Jews by exposing the Jewish involvement in 9/11 and other crimes by passing around links to my website.


12 March 2008

Jim Rogers says "Abolish the FED" on CNBC
People on television are dishonest, but because they are authorities to the common people, you can now talk about abolishing the Federal Reserve without appearing as a "conspiracy nut". With the current economic problems becoming serious, people might listen to you now. More info on my page about the Money Masters video.


8 March 2008

Italian MEP claims USA controls the world
Watch this video of Giulietto Chiesa shifting the blame away from Jews and onto the USA. Notice that they invited David Ray Griffin. Video of him here.

The Jews are desperate to protect themselves. Counteract their lies with my speech to Italy's 9/11 conference: 

English Italiano Français Magyar Español Deutsche