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Jews are frightened by NATO!

My comments on the removal of Gaddafi

4 September 2011

“NATO had no right to do this!”

1) Jews struggle to reverse their propaganda about Gaddafi!
2) Learn from the attempt to reverse the propaganda!
3) A change in philosophy will transform the planet into a paradise!
Conclusion: Change your attitude!

1) Jews struggle to reverse their propaganda about Gaddafi!
During the past few decades, Jews have saturated us with reports about the evil, sadistic, fanatical Muslim dictator of Libya who hates us, wants to kill us, and is funding "State-sponsored terrorism", such as:
• The "Lockerbie bombing", a Pan Am airplane. 

• The bombing of the "La Belle" nightclub in West Berlin.


one of the most evil dictators of the 20th century!

Now that Gaddafi has been removed from power, those same Jews are frightened that they are losing the battle with us, and so they are now trying to undo their propaganda! They are starting a new propaganda campaign to convince us that Gaddafi was actually a wonderful leader!

However, these desperate Jews are not well coordinated, so their propaganda is a bit confusing and conflicting. For example, a lot of journalists are publicizing claims by Human Rights Watch that evil people within the CIA and MI6 were secretly working with and assisting the Libyan government (such as this and this). These Jews are trying to make the CIA and MI6 appear partly guilty for Libya's bad behavior, and to make Libya appear as a victim of American and British governments. However, lots of other Jews are promoting this idiotic video that claims that NATO is under the control of the Rothschild family, and that Gaddafi was one of the greatest leaders of all time. Some other Jews are promoting a slightly different variation of this propaganda. How do they expect their new propaganda campaign to be successful when they are promoting a variety of versions?


one of the most honest, generous, kind, and loving leaders  of the 20th century!


an innocent victim of the evil Rothschilds, uhhh, or the evil CIA and MI6, or, uhhh...

If you understand the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" trick, and that Jews are responsible for all of the major crimes and terrorist attacks, then you should realize that the people who are trying to reverse the image of Gaddafi are simply providing us with evidence that they are working for the criminal Jewish network.

2) Learn from the attempt to reverse the propaganda!
1) This incredibly idiotic attempt to reverse decades of propaganda is more evidence that we are beating these disgusting creatures that refer to themselves as "Jews". They are losing the battle with us, so don't give up hope! Don't get disillusioned when you talk to your mindless relatives or the other crude sheeple that dominate the planet. We are winning, so continue fighting, and look for more humans among the sheeple to join us! We must finish this battle so that we can move on to more important, more exciting tasks, such as discussing what we want our future to be.

2) Notice who is trying to reverse the propaganda. Some examples are (I have more examples farther down in this article):

• Brother Nathaniel created this video to expose the "The Jews Behind NATO's Rape Of Libya"! Brother Nathaniel is a Jew who claims to have converted to Christianity. He has lots of articles and videos that make it appear as if he wants to help us expose and stop the criminal Jews, such as "Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11?", so why would he defend Gaddafi and complain about NATO? It should be obvious that he's just another wolf in sheep's clothing. This explains why he created "The Brother Nathaniel Foundation", which is another parasitic organization that begs for donations and tries to manipulate us.

• Notice promotes such articles as: Libya: NATO Acquires Military Outpost In Third Continent

• Notice that Professor Chossudovsky of wrote The "Liberation" of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands. So, the professor wants us to believe that NATO has joined with Al Qaeda!

Think about the professor's article very seriously, and ask yourself: "How can these Jews - especially an educated and supposedly intelligent college professor! - believe that they are capable of reprogramming us into believing that NATO is now working with Al Qaeda?"

Do these Jews have "human" brains? These freaks with slanted foreheads may be crude savages that have a "Neuron Bundle" that was designed only for predatory and parasitic activities. Furthermore, Chossudovsky is more evidence that we cannot trust college professors! Don't be fooled, intimidated, or impressed by college diplomas, high salaries, job titles, or Nobel prizes. 

• Notice that Christopher Bollyn wrote "The Zionist (NATO) War for Libyan Oil and Gold", and he supports other people who complain about NATO, such as Thierry Meyssan of, who - in this article - is promoted as "well known for his articles exposing the crimes of NATO". What crimes has NATO committed? I can find evidence that Jews commit lots of horrible crimes, but not NATO.

Who is Thierry Meyssan working for?

When I first saw Thierry Meyssan's website in March of 2002, I was very impressed, and I assumed that he was an honest man who was trying to expose the 9/11 attack. However, as the years passed by and he continued to ignore the demolition of the World Trade Center, I started to wonder why he focused on the Pentagon and ignored the World Trade Center demolition. When I finally had a chance to meet him in 2005, I found his behavior around me to be very suspicious.

I suggest you seriously contemplate this issue because this may happen to you, and you should not dismiss it as meaningless. Specifically, when you meet somebody whose behavior seems peculiar, there is often a very important reason that their behavior is strange. Don't dismiss peculiar behavior! Instead, be suspicious of them, and try to understand why the person is behaving in a strange manner. We have a tendency to ignore freaks, or make excuses for them. This is inappropriate behavior for the modern world! We must identify and remove the freaks from society, not ignore them.

In 2005, as I've mentioned in other files, Jimmy Walter funded a 9/11 tour of Europe in which a small group of us traveled to different cities in Europe to give talks about the 9/11 attack, and to answer questions from the audience. Jimmy Walter invited Thierry Meyssan to join us at our London meeting and become one of the speakers. The photo below shows us at the press conference prior to our 9/11 meeting. From left to right are Christopher Bollyn, me, Jimmy Walter, Thierry Meyssan, and William Rodriguez.

There was plenty of time before and after the meeting for us to socialize, but he avoided us, especially me! I don't expect people to like me, or want to meet me, but we had never met before, and all of us were interested in meeting him. His avoidance of me was so extreme that I have only a faint memory of him participating at our meeting in Paris. I just checked the Internet and discovered that he was the "master of ceremonies" for the Paris meeting!

Thierry Meyssan's behavior makes sense when you consider that he is working for the "liberal Jews", and when you consider that the liberal Jews secretly set up the demolition of the World Trade Center without telling the "conservative Jews". I think this is one of the reasons that the two groups of Jews have been fighting with each other since the 9/11 attack.

The liberal Jews are more disgusting than the conservative Jews

From my casual observations - not a detailed investigation! - I think most of the Jews who are complaining about NATO are what I would refer to as the "liberal Jews". The liberal Jews are a much larger group than the conservative Jews, and they have a lot of financial and other support from Israel and the Zionist network, but as the Internet exposes the history of the Jews, millions of us are coming to the conclusion that the liberal Jews are much more disgusting than the conservative Jews. Actually, a lot of us are wondering - seriously! - if they are the same race of humans as the rest of us. Their behavior is so crude, parasitic, violent, dishonest, disgusting, sexually bizarre, and sickening that they often appear to be a different species.

The liberal Jews are responsible for the demolition of the World Trade Center, for example. This explains why Thierry Meyssan and many other liberal Jews try to ignore the demolition of the WTC but they are willing to expose the attack on the Pentagon as a fraud, and it explains why some conservative Jews are willing to expose the demolition of the WTC but they insist the attack on the Pentagon was a real attack by Al Qaeda.

Ever since Christopher Bollyn vanished, he has focused on condemning the conservative Jews while often defending the liberal Jews, so I assume he was kidnapped by the liberal Jews. I wouldn't be surprised if the liberal Jews are much more involved with kidnappings, sex slavery, and pedophilia. The liberal Jews also seem to have lots of drug addicts, "ordinary" criminals, and unemployable freaks. They also seem to be more involved with homosexuals and strange sexual activities. In fact, during our 9/11 event in Europe, many of us came to the conclusion that Meyssan is homosexual. There are so many homosexuals in the Jewish crime network that I wonder if homosexuals are more prone to crime. Or are they simply easier to manipulate through blackmail?

More examples of Jews who are upset with the Middle East rebellions

• Stephen Lendman expressed his frustration with this idiotic article that claims: "Wherever it goes, NATO slaughters, ravages, lays waste, incinerates, contaminates, devastates, conquers, colonizes, plunders, exploits, impoverishes and immiserates. Libya is its latest victim."

• claims to be a group of "9/11 truth seekers", but they are also promoting Gaddafi as a hero.

• Alex Jones, his British agent (or supervisor?) Paul Watson, and Congressman Ron Paul claim that the CIA is responsible for all of these problems!

• The secretive and mysterious "Anonymous" encourage us to join their demonstration on 17 September  2011 to complain about the "corporations, banks and governments"? Have you noticed that none of these "truth seeking" groups are interested in demonstrations against the lies about the Holocaust, or the Israeli involvement in 9/11, or the pedophiles in the police departments or government agencies, or the Apollo Moon Landing hoax? Can you see the pattern of how they try to focus our attention on a small group of wealthy and elderly people?

• Benjamin Fulford has become a source of entertainment. His latest video message on 30 August 2011 is especially amusing. He demands that the evil "cabal" surrender, and tells them that this is their final warning!

Well, Benjamin, if that video doesn't convince the cabal to surrender, I don't know what will. (A transcript of his very important video is at this site.) Incidentally, I have some links here to some of his other amusing videos.  How do the Jews think they can take over the world with weirdos like this? 

3) A change in philosophy will transform the planet into a paradise!
Many idiots, criminals, freaks, and Jews promote the attitude that we should purchase guns and security devices, and then hide from criminals, but this is a ridiculous philosophy for the modern world! This idiotic philosophy is allowing the freaks to get away with their horrible behavior, and that in turn allows them to give birth to more of their horrible species!

We should not teach children to be afraid of strangers. We should not use children for sexual titillation or entertainment. We should not fear the police. We should not tolerate jobs in which we are manipulating consumers, fighting with other businesses, or helping some freak become a billionaire.

If we change our philosophy from tolerating abuse to pursuing and removing all of the badly behaved, parasitic, and destructive freaks, then we can transform this planet into a paradise.

By changing our philosophy, we can create a world in which the people are so well behaved, responsible, and honest that everybody, even children, feel safe to wander around the city, and enjoy other people, even strangers. We can create government agencies, police departments, and schools that we respect and admire. We can create an economy in which people are doing something useful for society, and we can certainly find ways to make the unpleasant jobs more tolerable.

All we have to do is raise standards for people

All of the problems that we suffer from today are the result of badly behaved people, not from bad weather, shortages of oil, or a lack of technology. We can create a beautiful, quiet, peaceful world simply by raising the standards for the human race - especially for our leaders. People today must be more responsible, considerate, and much less animal-like than in previous centuries. We can transform this planet into a beautiful, peaceful, and friendly paradise.

Change your attitude!
Help change the path of the human race!
Let's make our dreams come true!

 Freedom from crime

Help create a world in which children can safely wander around the city by themselves, even at night.

 Beautiful cities

Help create a world in which the cities are a mixture of beautiful architecture, canals, parks, greenhouses, and farms.

 High-quality architecture

Help create a world in which the cities are designed to survive extreme weather, and are more resistant to rats, cockroaches, mold, and termites.

 Social activities

Help to create a world in which we provide ourselves with a variety of social activities to encourage us to meet one another, experience different activities, and learn about ourselves and the world.