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Zionism’s fatal flaws

1) Parasites cannot dominate

2) Freaks cannot trust each other

9 August 2009

Since I haven't added anything to my website for weeks, some of you are wondering if I'm okay.

Yes, I'm doing fine, and until I create something more substantial, here is an article I put together quickly today for those of you who are worried that the Jews are taking control of the world.

The pestering by freaks continues

On Sunday, 2 August 2009, I received yet another strange phone call. Within a minute or so I assumed it was one of the friends of that mysterious man in Sweden who calls himself Joe Blow. (On his videos, he appears as a terrorist with a scarf around his face.)

He occasionally has somebody call me to pretend to be one of my supporters while Joe and others are secretly listening and recording the conversation. So I turned on my audio recorder.

I received several other idiotic phone calls during the past couple weeks, and one of them was from Joe Blow, and he admitted that he was listening to one of the conversations, but now I can't remember which one he admitted to listening to. Jews and goofballs have been contacting me by e-mail and phone since 2002. I forget most of them, and I get others mixed up. However, I think the person who called me on August 2nd was one of Joe's friends who they refer to as  "Hogarl".

I assumed Joe Blow would post the phone conversation on piratebay, as he did before (such as this one), but I don't see it on the site. It's possible that he didn't like what I was saying to Hogarl. So, perhaps you would enjoy listening to it!

Update: Joe Blow finally posted the audio file at this page. So, that mysterious man was indeed Hogarl, and Joe Blow was secretly listening and recording the conversation. And he says that the name "Hogar" has an L at the end: "Hogarl", so I corrected it in this document.
In this conversation, Hogarl tries to convince me over and over that the Jews are beating us. I responded with some issues that I think are very important for you to understand, and I suppose the criminal Jews don't want to hear this. Namely, that I think the Jewish crime network is losing, and that they suffer from two fatal flaws that will cause them to lose time after time. Here is that phone conversation, missing the first minute or so. He hangs up on me at the end, or his phone disconnected by accident.
Hufschmid-Hogar-2Aug2009.mp3   7.1 mb, 60 mins
To download, click your right mouse button and select Save Target As


The Jews have been failing for centuries

During the past few centuries, a large group of criminal Jews has been trying to take over the world. They have achieved a considerable amount of success in getting control of our banking system, governments, schools, police departments, and other organizations.

However, whenever the Jews start to achieve significant control over our societies, some of the more observant people start to notice what the Jews are doing. And a few individuals manage to get some of the Jews arrested, or have their organizations destroyed. The other Jews then go into hiding, or escape to some other nation, and later they try again to take over the world.

The Jews believe that their brief periods of success is the result of their superior intelligence, but I've come to the conclusion that their success is due to the fact that the majority of people are little more than monkeys with speech capabilities.

Just like animals, most people want to entertain themselves, not deal with problems. This selfish, irresponsible behavior allows crime networks to thrive.

Furthermore, most people have trouble resisting bribes, and many are easily intimidated by threats, and many are easily tricked into doing something that they can be blackmailed over. Crime networks are operating freely all over the world because most people are either allowing them to operate, or assisting them!


Criminals are defects, not “Underdogs

If you are familiar with my unusual philosophy towards life and crime, then you know that I believe that "criminals" are humans who are suffering from some type of mental or physical problem, or they inherited a more primitive mind than the rest of us, which caused them to be more like our primitive ancestors, or more like an animal.

According to my philosophy, criminals are an inferior type of human. They are losers, freaks, weirdos, genetic garbage, human trash. The more advanced humans should be able to easily deal with crime. So what is stopping us from dealing with crime?

The primary problem seems to be that the "advanced" humans are a very small percentage of the world's population. Most people in the world are either freaks, or talking monkeys who don't care about anything except themselves.

Furthermore, the majority of people, since they are of low quality, have a strong tendency to feel sorry for criminals and other weirdos rather than suppress them. Americans refer to this philosophy as "Defending the Underdog", or "Helping the disadvantaged".

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

“Send these, and the hopeless losers to me,
And your human garbage; the retards and freaks.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


1) Parasites cannot dominate

The major flaw with Zionism is that crime networks will never be able to dominate the world for the same reason that fleas, ticks, the bacteria that causes tuberculosis, and other parasites will never become a dominant species. A parasitic species will always be insignificant because whenever they start to achieve success in dominating their host, they start destroying their host.

The Jews have achieved so much success in dominating America that they are now destroying their primary host. And they are destroying some European nations, also. They have achieved so much success that they are going to hurt themselves, once again.

America suffers from a similar problem. The American philosophy is to pity and pamper the disadvantaged, the criminals, the alcoholics, and the freaks, while ignoring the healthy, honest, and happy people. This philosophy will eventually destroy a nation. It is equivalent to a farmer who puts his effort into saving the sickly plants and allowing the healthy plants to die.


Will the Jews be able to move to China, Japan, or India?

In my conversation with Hogarl, he expressed an opinion that I've heard from many Jews during the past few years. Namely, that the Jews don't worry about destroying America or Europe because they believe that they can simply move to another nation, such as China, Japan, or India.

The Jews have been bribing Chinese government officials for decades with the Panama Canal, American military and scientific technology, and who knows what else, but is that going to be enough? I don't think so.

In my audio file for 27 February 2008, I mentioned that the Jews are trying to convince the Japanese that they're of Jewish origin, but is this trick going to work on the Japanese? I don't think so.

Modern technology, such as the Internet, computers, and cell phone cameras, are making it easy for people around the world to observe what the Jews have been doing to America and Europe. People today can easily learn how the Jews staged the 9/11 attack, and how they tricked Europe, America, and Japan into world wars, and how they tricked America into dropping atomic bombs on Japan, and how they almost tricked America into a nuclear war with China and Russia.

Ordinary people in India can learn how the Jews got control of the American media, banking system, police departments, and military. Ordinary people in China can easily learn how the Jews tricked Americans into faking the Apollo moon landing, and how they tricked Americans into assassinating President Kennedy.

Even though most people in China and India don't care about anything except entertaining themselves, I think there will be enough respectable people in both nations to prevent the Jews from getting as much control of their nations as the Americans and Europeans have allowed.

It's possible that the Jews will be able to destroy America and Europe, but they cannot destroy the entire planet. The world is very large, and the Jews are a small percentage of the total population. If a fight breaks out, the Jews are going to lose.

Furthermore, as America becomes weak, Israel will lose its only attack dog. Europe and Japan will become free to say what they please about the world wars, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing. Without America, there will be no nation to force the other nations to be submissive to Israel.

My advice is to let America disintegrate rather than worry about it. When a business is failing, the most sensible attitude is to understand why it's failing, and then create a better business. Likewise, when a nation is deteriorating, the best policy is to learn from its mistakes and then create a better nation.

2) Freaks cannot trust each other
The other very serious flaw with Zionism will make sense to you only if you agree with with my philosophy that criminals are defective or primitive humans. My attitude is that the people who join crime networks will always lose in the long run when they have to compete against higher quality humans because as a group they will be less intelligent, less responsible, and less dependable. Also, they will be more likely to turn on one another when the situation becomes difficult. The members of crime gangs cannot trust one another because they tend to abuse everybody, including their own friends.

Take a look at the people who support the Zionist crime network. They are not people who I would describe as "normal" or "healthy" humans. And an amazing number of them have physical features that resemble Neanderthals, or they show symptoms of genetic disorders, such as misshapen faces, or an inability to pronounce words properly, especially the letter "R" (I mentioned this problem in my audio file for 2 July 2008). 

The Zionist crime network is full of freaks, and once you understand their tricks, it's almost embarrassing to think that these people have been fooling us for years. Here are some examples that I downloaded yesterday from the radio show of G. Gordon Liddy for August 7, 2009. You can find his audio files at his website

G. Gordon Liddy

Liddy, (yet another Neanderthal) spent four years in jail for his involvement in the Watergate burglary. You might think that a convicted criminal would have trouble getting an important position in society, but he has a radio show and has access to all sorts of "important" people, and he gets publicity by television, newspapers, magazines.

The fact that the Jewish media promotes him should be enough evidence to convince you that he is just another Jewish puppet, but if you need more evidence, listen to some of his radio shows. Here are three excerpts from his radio show for August 7, 2009:

George Gilder

On August 7, 2009, Liddy interviewed George Gilder, who wrote a book in which he promotes the theory that Jews are a superior race, and that we are envious of them. Gilder is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute. (I've complained in other documents that a lot of people with no useful talent are using their college diplomas to intimidate us into thinking that they are intelligent, and they are getting involved in mysterious, parasitic "charities" and "think tanks" that work with the criminal Jews to manipulate society.) Here is an excerpt from Liddy's interview with Gilder:
Mr. Gilder, your latest book is called The Israel Test, and it is a remarkable book, as Israel is certainly a remarkable country. It has always puzzled me why Christians could be anti-Semitic in that they worship a Jew as God. And I think you've answered the question in that it is envy, and indeed, my thought is this, and I'd like you to criticize it if you would.

That millennia of persecution and pogroms, and the rest, of Jews, plus the forces of assimilation and the rest, have had the evolutionary, if you will, effect of causing the Jews as a whole to be extraordinarily intelligent, able, and diligent, etc., more so than the rest of the population, and therefore they have this tendency to succeed and excel, and this induces envy among others. What do you think of that?

I think that is a beautiful statement of the basic theme of my book.
Liddy-Gilder-7Aug2009.mp3  only 250 kb


Armand Lakner

Also on August 7, 2009, Liddy interviewed Armand Lakner, a Holocaust survivor who claims that 32 of his family members were killed at Auschwitz. He was also a plaintiff in a case against Swiss banks to get $1.2 billion of Holocaust payments. After he miraculously survived the Nazi death camp at Mauthausen, he got a job with NASA and helped put men on the moon!
By the way, if you think NASA landed men on the moon, please look at my page about Apollo.

Here is an excerpt in which a Liddy promotes Lakner's fictional book, From Mauthausen to the Moon. Take a close look at Lakner's remark. Have you learned enough about con artists and Zionism to realize that his answer is an attempt to deceive us?

Don't be surprised if when you turn the final page, that you lie awake wondering, how much of what I just read is a product of Armand Lakner's fertile imagination, or have I just read a thinly disguised memoir of the man. 

I don't know, and you won't either. But you can't help wondering. So Dr. Lakner, how much is fact, and how much is fiction?


If I were a statistician, I could probably express this in percentage, but I am not, and I really don't know if it's a 50-50 story, or 75 or 25. As a matter of fact, my editor, jokingly, in a relaxed moment, asked me, if a certain episode, is true, or is it fiction?

I talked about it so many times, and I have been thinking about it so many times, that I myself did not know what was reality and what was fiction. However, most of the events taking place in the concentration camp as well as in the space program described in the book are actual events.

Liddy-Lakner-what-is-true-7Aug2009.mp3  only 160 kb
If you were part of a military tribunal to determine the fate of these criminal Jews, would you allow them to use this type of excuse:
“Gosh, if I were an accountant, I could probably give you good records of how many Goyim I've killed, kidnapped, raped, and cheated, but I'm not.

“Besides, I've fantasized about committing many crimes that I can no longer distinguish reality from fiction. So I plead not guilty; I plead insanity and confusion.”

Tom Borelli

Also on August 7, 2009, Liddy interviewed Tom Borelli of Free Enterpriser. He is a senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, another mysterious organization of criminals and parasites with college diplomas.

Borelli's interview is more complex, and longer, so I didn't bother to transcribe it, but it's important to understand his propaganda. Specifically, Borelli and many other criminals are promoting the theory that the world's problems are coming from a few corporate executives. In this particular interview they attack General Electric CEO, Jeff Immelt:
Liddy-Borelli-7Aug2009.mp3   2 mb, 18 minutes

Borelli is part a large group of criminals who are trying to convince us that our problems are due to a mysterious group of people that is referred to as "the military industrial establishment", or "the corporations", or simply the super-rich. My father is a victim of this particular trick; he thinks the "super-rich" are in control of the world.

People who failed to make as much money as they want, and who cannot accept their failures, are most likely to believe this theory because they are envious of the people who are wealthy, and they want to blame somebody for their failures rather than blame themselves.

Zionism depends upon human garbage

Crime gangs of all races and nationalities are collections of freaks. Their members are alcoholics, drug addicts, psychos, and retards who are suffering from all sorts of mental disorders. Many seem to retain a childish attraction to toilet humor and temper tantrums. They are crude, disgusting, dishonest, mentally unstable creatures who will cheat one another in addition to the rest of us.

You might find it interesting to imagine yourself dependent upon these freaks. Would you feel safe with them on your side? Would you want them to be part of your team?

For example, consider Daryl Smith. He had tremendous problems with his stepfather, with schools, and with people he worked with. He can't get along with anybody. Have you seen my articles about him?

Would you want to be part of an organization in which your life is dependent upon a man like him?

Consider how he almost demands that we donate money to him. What would happen if somebody offered him money in return for turning on one of his so-called friends? Where is his true loyalty? Is it to whoever offers the most money? Does he really care about anybody other than himself?

“F*** you, you pencil-necked, motherf******, s***head, c***sucker! I'll have you killed if you don't condemn Chris Bollyn!”
How about Alex Jones? Would you feel safe with this man on your side? Is he truly dedicated to Zionism? Or will he sell out as soon as he experiences financial trouble, or as soon as he is arrested?

By the way,  this photo is from his amusing - or weird - imitation of the "Obama joker". You can watch it here.

And here is an amusing video of him talking to the police while wearing this clown makeup.

“The Rockefellers and the New World Order want to kill and torture most of you. But I will save you from those eugenicists and rich elitists. Buy my videos and trust me with your life!”
Have you ever spent time contemplating how nice the world could be if it was dominated by honest and respectable people rather than selfish, parasitic freaks?