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The earlier phone call from "Hogarl"

The secretive “Mishko
of the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network
calls to complain about my criticism of their organization

15 August 2009

“Eric, I'm angry at you for calling us Jews!”

The strange phone calls continue!

A few days ago I posted this article about a phone call from Hogarl. It has turned out that "Joe Blow" was indeed secretly listening in and recording the conversation because he eventually posted the conversation and admitted it here. And he says that the name "Hogar" has an L at the end: "Hogarl".

On Tuesday, 11 August 2009, I received a phone call from a man who was upset with me. I assumed it was another freaky friend of Joe Blow, so I turned on my audio recorder in case it was worth saving for historical purposes. As you can see, I am learning from the Israelis:

“My purpose was to document the event.”

Eric Hufschmid, August 2009

It turned out that this particular phone call was from Mishko of VoR. He was upset that I criticized their network several months earlier in such articles as this. As with the phone call from Hogarl, this call is both entertaining and useful for helping us understand these criminal Jews and their tricks. One of the interesting aspects of this call is that he does not want people talking about the Apollo Moon Landing scam.

The Apollo moon landing is off-limits to "truth seekers"
For many years people have been telling me to stop talking about the Apollo moon landing scam. For example, in 2005 Dave vonKleist called me to lecture me on why I should remain silent about both the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing. Rather than be intimidated by the disgusting behavior of that Neanderthal (his photo is here), I wrote this article. (By the way, vonKleist might be one of their blackmail victims rather than a willing participant, as I mentioned here.) Months later, when I saw him in person at one of the 9/11 events that Jimmy Walter had arranged for us, he lectured me again about remaining silent on Apollo and the Holocaust!

Stan Tipton would also try to stop me from talking about such issues as the Apollo moon landing when I was speaking at Jimmy Walter's 9/11 events (I mention Tipton in several pages, such as this).

There is a very noticeable pattern among the so-called Patriots, truth seekers, white nationalists, veteran groups, and anti-war activists. Specifically, they are all trying to make me and other people remain silent about the Apollo moon landing scam. This is evidence that the Jews are responsible for this crime.

Furthermore, I think we should consider the possibility that the intense concern that the Jews show in regards to the moon landing is evidence that that the Jews are afraid that if we investigate NASA, we will uncover other Jewish crimes, such as their diversion of tax money into attempts to simulate alien spacecraft so that they can fake an alien contact, and their experiments in mind control and pedophilia (Cathy O'Brien claims she was abused at one of the NASA facilities).

My phone conversation with Mishko should make it even more obvious that the "white nationalists" are actually criminal Jews who are trying to cover up the Apollo moon landing scam and other crimes, and that the Voice of Reason network is just another gang of Zionist Jews.

Instead of being intimidated by these criminals, we should react by spreading the Apollo information to even more people, such as passing around this page of links. Also, pass around this phone conversation to show people in the patriot and white nationalist groups what sort of freaks they're following:

Warning: don't play this in public; he is a bit crude at times.

Hufschmid-VoR-11Aug2009.mp3   5 mb, 42 mins
To download, click your right mouse button and select Save Target As


 Learn their tricks! 
Don't become one of their victims!

Would a Jew expose his own crime?

One of the arguments that Mishko, Alex Jones, and other "truth seekers" frequently use to convince us of their honesty is that they expose crimes, such as 9/11 or the Holocaust, and therefore, by exposing crime, they must be honest people. They will often ask a question similar to, "If I was a criminal, why would I expose my crimes?" In 2005 I wrote this introduction to the concept of a wolf in sheep's clothing for those of you who are not familiar with the concept.
Would a criminal expose another criminal?
A very popular trick among the criminal Jews is that they will criticize one another, and then they boast about being condemned. For example, Alex Jones will boast that he is being criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center or the ADL, and he uses this as proof that he is exposing Jewish crimes, not working for the Jews. They also frequently boast about being censored by YouTube, receiving death threats, or being followed by mysterious people in Army uniforms. They are trying to fool you into thinking that they must be honest or they wouldn't be having these problems. 

They also play the role of a victim in order to trick us into feeling sorry for them.

They all use the same tricks, so it doesn't matter which of them you learn their tricks from. Here is an example with Alex Jones:

On 14 August 2009, Alex Jones boasted that the Spanish newspapers in Florida were calling for his arrest for encouraging people to post "Obama clown" posters:
Jones-arrest-14Aug2009.mp3  only 60 kb

Jones also claimed to be frightened for his life, and for our lives. Jones must be an honest person because criminals would never be frightened, or care about us, would they?
Jones-scared-14Aug2009.mp3  only 95 kb

After playing the role of the victim for a while, he interviewed Stewart Rhodes, the founder of, and both of them boasted that the Southern Poverty Law Center is criticizing them:
Jones-Rhodes-SPLC-14Aug2009.mp3  only 60 kb

Then Jones asked Rhodes if he had seen the comments  that they should be killed that were posted by mysterious people on the SPLC website:
Jones-Rhodes-killed-14Aug2009.mp3  only 20 kb

Later in the show, after Jones hopes he has acquired the trust of his listeners, he starts slipping in the Jewish propaganda, namely that the US government is under the control of offshore foreign banks, and that "The Feds" are the evil group that we should hate and fear. Then he pretends to have figured out how "The Feds" operate. He says they play the role of the victim before they stage a false flag attack. In reality, he's telling us how his criminal friends operate!
Jones-Rhodes-banks-Feds-14Aug2009.mp3  only 170 kb


Who are “our” people?

Notice that Mishko, like many people who call themselves "white nationalists", frequently use the expression "our people". Who are "our people"?

This is a very important trick that I discuss in my audio file for 19_May 2008. The leaders of the white nationalist groups are criminal Jews who are trying to encourage us to separate by race, nationality, language, and religion. They want us to think that our primary enemy are other races. They want each race and nationality to feel sorry for themselves and imagine that they are abused by other races and other nationalities. They also encourage women to imagine that they are being abused by men.

The Jews encourage fights. They don't want us to realize that the primary enemy of the planet Earth are what we describe as criminals, parasites, lunatics, drug addicts, and retards of every race and nationality. And many of these freaks are Jews.

Even if every nation prohibited immigration and evicted people of minority races, every nation would continue to be full of crime, corruption, and chaos because of all the criminals and other weirdos who are of the same race as us. Nothing is going to improve in this world simply by telling all of the races to segregate. The only way to improve the world is to deal with the destructive and parasitic people, regardless of their race. And we must be able to deal with the destructive people who are related to us. Nobody should have special privileges to be a parasite or a criminal. Everybody must behave in respectable manner and contribute to society, even if they are our identical twin.

The missing POWs are not important to white nationalists?

Notice that Mishko doesn't think it's important for "white nationalists" to hear the accusations that the American military was often set up during the Korean and Vietnam wars to be captured and sent to Russian prisons for experimentation. There are also accusations that both military personnel and civilians were kidnapped and sent to Russia during and after World War II.

I personally consider these type of accusations to be very important to the entire world. The evidence is overwhelming that all of the wars of the 20th century, and the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, were instigated and manipulated by Jews. I think it's disgusting that the Jews instigated these wars, and I think it's even more appalling to think that the Jews arranged for thousands of Americans, British, Germans, etc., to be kidnapped and sent to Russia for experimentation and torture.

I think that Mishko's attitude that this issue is irrelevant to white nationalists is simply more evidence that he is actually working for those criminal Jews, and he is trying to keep this information hidden from "our people".

Who is Mishko hiding from?
On the "support VoR" page, where they beg for money, we discover that we must send them cash or cashier's check. They will not accept personal checks. Why not? Are they afraid that we will see which bank they deposit the check into when we get our canceled check? Or don't these people have banking accounts?

When I asked him who he was hiding from, I assumed he would respond that he's hiding from the Jews, or the Mossad, or the ADL, but he couldn't come up with any answer. I think he is hiding from "our people". You should be very cautious about trusting somebody you know nothing about.

 Your best defense: be suspicious of everybody! 

Learn from the mistakes of other people, such as Christopher Bollyn. Your best defense is to be suspicious of everybody. There should be no exceptions. I wrote about this years ago here.

Don't assume that somebody is honest simply because they are frightened, or simply because the ADL has criticized them.

Don't end up like Bollyn!
Be especially suspicious of people who are condemning Jews. A lot of criminal Jews are pretending to be white nationalists who hate the Jews in order to fool you into trusting them. They are trying to lead you into a "Goy Pen" where they can feed you propaganda and keep you away from people like me.

If you fall for this trick, you will allow criminal Jews to be your leader in fighting criminal Jews!

Don't be a child who follows whoever offers you candy. Don't look for somebody to give you compliments or praise. Learn how con artists operate!
“You children are so adorable! Here's some candy for you.

“Do you hate Jews? Well, I hate them, too!

“Come over to my house! Me and my friends have lots of candy, and we all hate Jews.”

It's difficult to determine who is a leader and who is a con artist. This is why a democracy fails. Most people can't make a good decision in regards to who should be a leader.

A real leader doesn't give you what you want. Instead, a real leader helps you to become a better person. He shows you where you're making mistakes, and he teaches you things that you don't know. He doesn't necessarily have much in common with you.

You should not look for a "friend" when you look for a leader. Instead, look for somebody that you and others can work with so that you form an organization that works together for the benefit of the entire group.


The "white nationalists" are criminal Jews

Mishko adds more evidence to my accusation that the white nationalists, patriots, and Nazis are actually criminal Jews. They are constantly making angry remarks about Jews in order to attract those of us who are becoming disgusted with Jews. They also try to create racial fights. I have articles with more detail, such as:
•  Ashkenazi-Nazis.html
•  InfiltrationOrIncompetence.html

Zionists are bullies, not respectable people

My phone call with Mishko adds evidence to what I described in this document. Specifically, the Jewish crime network is full of crude, violent, aggressive bullies who try to intimidate us. They "get in our face", as some people describe it.

It's also important to notice that they are always trying to meet us in person. In 2002, when both Christopher Bollyn and Nic Levis (one of the co-founders of were both living in Germany, Levis would frequently try to convince Christopher Bollyn to meet with him in person. Many of the people in the "truth movement" have also offered to let me and Bollyn stay at their homes for free.

There are lots of reasons why criminals want to meet us and stay at their homes. One reason is that it's easier for criminals to intimidate us when they have direct contact with us rather than via phone calls or e-mail. Another reason is to slip us poisons or drugs. Did you hear about the history of the "Mickey Finn"? The Zionist Wikipedia has a summary of this drug along with some other poisonings in Chicago. And did you know that a few days after Edward Abboud visited Susie, he committed suicide?

Freaks cannot impress us
If the Zionist network was a group of intelligent, responsible Jews, then they could acquire supporters all around the world simply by telling us about their brilliant opinions for improving governments, school systems, etc. If they could impress us, then we would be willing and happy to work with them.

However, as I described in other audio files and documents, the Internet has removed the secrecy that has been protecting them. We now realize that they are a gang of alcoholics, criminals, retards, pedophiles, and parasites. They cannot impress us with their brilliant opinions because they don't have anything intelligent to say about any issue (except when they plagiarize it). Therefore, they have to use deception, blackmail, threats, intimidation, murder, and bribery.

Don't let criminals intimidate you!
It's understandable when women and children are intimidated by criminals, but grown men should have the ability to stand up to these freaks. Grown men should be able to take care of themselves and their families; they should not behave like frightened girls.

This is especially true of men in the police and military. If any of them cannot discuss the 9/11 attack, the HoloHoax, the Apollo Moon Landing scam, or other crimes, they should not have such jobs!

If you know a man in the military or police, tell him to become a man, or find another job. We are under attack by a gigantic, international network of criminal Jews, and we need men in the police and military to help us defeat these criminals.

Don't be afraid of criminals!
Most people hide from criminals because they worry about retaliation, and some people worry about FEMA death camps, World War III, global warming, and economic chaos. It's true that an individual cannot fight an organized gang, but together we can beat these crime gangs and put an end to their wars and other disasters.

All of us are going to die, and most of us will suffer a slow, miserable death due to old age. But don't waste your life fearing death. Instead, spend your time enjoying life and trying to make it better for all of us.

We have an incredible opportunity!
Technology, such as computers, CD-ROMs, the Internet, audio recorders, telephones, and cell phone cameras, are allowing us to expose crime networks and pass information around.

We have an opportunity that has never existed in the history of the human race. We have an opportunity to expose and destroy all crime networks around the world. If we can find enough respectable people, we can transform this planet from a collection of corrupt and disgusting nations that are dominated by freaks, parasites, and criminals, into a beautiful world that is dominated by people we can trust and respect.

We could build cities that are as beautiful, clean, and orderly as they are in paintings.

So please help us! Don't assume somebody else will do all work!

We can do it !
Humans have the intelligence and the talent !