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Why do the "Truth Seekers" lie about Apollo?

16 April 2006

Have you noticed that the "alternative media", the "whistle blowers", the 9-11 groups, and all other "truth seekers" suppress discussions about Apollo or defend Apollo?

For an interesting example, Alex Jones ( and Mike Rivero (, insist that men have been to the moon. Neither of them will tolerate a serious discussion about Apollo, nor will they post any serious articles on their web site about Apollo.

If you think I am exaggerating, call the Alex Jones radio show, or contact these people by e-mail, and ask them to explain where I and others (such as Bart Sibrel, Ralph Rene, and Bill Kaysing) are making mistakes. Tell them to show the world that we are fools. Here are some documents that they can ridicule:

My brother told me that he knows a physics professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara who was going to put me in my place, but I have been waiting more than a year for the professor to do it.

Tell Rivero and Jones to put me in my place immediately. Tell them to stop the excuses, and get on with it.

Why do Rivero and Jones promote each other?

The situation with Rivero and Jones becomes more interesting when you compare their web sites and opinions. Jones deflects all attention away from Zionism and Israel, and insists the mysterious and Germanic New World Order is behind all corruption and wars. Rivero, however, exposes a lot of the crimes committed by Zionists.

Rivero and Jones are opposites in regards to Zionism, but at the top of Mike Rivero's web site is a notice that he appears on the Alex Jones show every month, and that notice remains at the top of his site every day. Rivero is giving Jones a lot of promotion, and Jones promotes Rivero.

Why are these two people helping each other so much? Furthermore, a lot of other people who ignore or minimize me and Christopher Bollyn will also promote Mike Rivero and/or Alex Jones, such as Jeff Rense, Charlie Sheen, George Noory, and the people who created the Deception Dollar.

If you don't know much about the Deception Dollar, take a look at this:

And if you don't know much about Charlie Sheen and his involvement with Alex Jones, take a look at the update:

Rivero worked for NASA before becoming a "truth seeker". He has his own company now (Home Baked Entertainment). He does computer animation and effects, including work for such movies as Star Trek and Stargate.

Could there be a connection between his ability to create computer animations and his insistence that NASA put men on the moon and spacecraft on Mars? Is there any connection between him and the Zionists that dominate Hollywood and television?

On this page you can find one of his animations of a spacecraft approaching a space station (scroll down to "The Approach"):

Don't you think that a person who is an expert with computer animation, and who worked at NASA, would be able to figure out that the Apollo moon landing was a fake, even if the other NASA employees never told him about the hoax?

Truth Seekers? Or sheep herders?

It should be obvious that Mike Rivero is lying about Apollo, but why? Is he afraid to be honest? Has he been threatened by NASA?

Or is Rivero part of the criminal network? Was he told to post articles that criticize Zionists in order to attract the anti-Zionist people, and then feed them lies about NASA and Flight 77?

In case you did not know, Rivero lies about Flight 77, also. He insists that Flight 77 actually did crash into the Pentagon. Take a look at this idiot page of his:

Alex Jones, on the other hand, may have been told to attract the Christians. Jeff Rense may have been told to attract the UFO crowd. George Noory may have been told to attract the people who believe in ghosts. Charlie Sheen may have been told to attract the people who worship Hollywood stars.

These people behave as if they are sheep herders. Each sheepherder attracts only a small crowd, but together they have an enormous percentage of the American population.

Their sheep believe that they are being told of the truth, but in reality they are being deceived.

World War 3 is a battle of intelligence

A criminal network seems to be in control of most of the anti-war groups, the Nazi groups, the 9-11 groups, Christian groups, the anti-abortion groups, and the pro-abortion groups. They also seem to control the Green party, MoveOn, the Democrats, and the Republicans.

Setting up thousands of sheepherders is a clever way of getting control of the world. In every case the members think they are educated and informed, but in every case they are being deceived.

Will you be able to see to the deception? There are articles about deception here:

Please read them. We are in a battle of intelligence, and we need people who can see through the deception. Ignorance will not help you, and it will not help the rest of us.

Can you figure out why the Zionist Deniers don't want to talk about Apollo? Hint: Apollo was an Inside Job: