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Christopher Bollyn appears on RBN radio again

What lessons can we learn from this?

23 June 2009

On the morning of June 22, 2009, Bollyn posted a notice on his website that he would be appearing on the Barbara Jean radio show later in the afternoon:
Why did he provide only a few hours notice? And who arranged for the radio show?

One person sent me an e-mail message and wondered if his kidnappers panicked after I posted this article that discusses their possible plot to murder the Bollyn family. Perhaps his kidnappers rushed to put him on the radio in order to make it appear as if he's doing fine, and that my article is nonsense.

The radio show was two hours, but there were numerous mysterious phone problems, and so he was on the show for only a few minutes out of those two hours. I extracted the four short sections during which his phone connection was functioning properly, and put them into this file:
Bollyn-radio-22June2009.mp3  900 kb

After the show, Bollyn posted the following paragraph on his website in response to the mysterious phone problems:

I find it even more odd that he was using a cell phone. Does he have a cell phone now? Or was he borrowing somebody else's cell phone?

During the radio interview he mentioned that he had to wait for the radio station to call him after the phone disconnected; therefore, the radio station knows his phone number. So, Bollyn is willing to give his contact information to a Zionist radio station, and he is willing to talk to Barbara Jean and Doctor Ott, but he won't talk to any of us! This is more evidence that he really is a kidnap victim, and that his kidnappers are Zionist Jews.

Was Jane Burgermeister the primary guest?

The last time Bollyn was on this particular radio show, Bollyn was the primary guest, and Pat Owens was invited on the show for the second hour. Some people wondered why she would be invited to join Bollyn when they had little in common. Many of us speculated that it was because Bollyn's kidnappers assumed they were going to have to disconnect Bollyn's phone during the second hour, which is when they were going to take phone calls, as we described at this page.

The situation with his latest radio show is even stranger. Jane Burgermeister was invited to speak during the entire two hours. She appears to have been the primary guest for the radio show. Furthermore, who would arrange for a radio interview with Burgermeister, who wanted to promote  hysteria about vaccines and swine flu, with Bollyn, who wanted to expose the connection between the bankruptcy of General Motors and the September 11 attack?

It appears as if Burgermeister was the scheduled guest, and Bollyn was added only at the last moment because the panicky kidnappers wanted to make it appear as if he is alive and safe. And since the show was supposed to be for Burgermeister, perhaps his kidnappers disconnected his phone on purpose so that Burgermeister had plenty of time to promote her propaganda.

Why is Bollyn allowed to expose Jewish crimes?

During the radio show, Bollyn tried to discuss the bankruptcy of General Motors. He provides a lot of useful information about this bankruptcy, and the connection between General Motors and the 9/11 attack. He has an article about it on his website:

Can you figure out why his kidnappers, who are Zionist Jews, allow him to expose so much information about Jewish crimes? As I've explained in other documents, such as this one from 2005, in order for the criminal Jews to get away with their crimes, they must dominate the investigation of their crimes. Therefore, they must:

1) Promote only Zionist Jews, or their puppets, which explains why all of the so-called "truth seekers" are trying to ignore me and promote only one another.

2) Since there are millions of people today who realize that Jews are involved in 9/11 and other crimes, the criminal Jews must be willing to sacrifice a certain number of Jews. Therefore, Bollyn's kidnappers, and most of the truth seekers, such as the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, Alex Jones, and Henry Makow, are trying to shift the blame away from Israel and Zionism and onto the smaller group of Jews that we refer to as "Neocons", bankers, and Republicans.

Bollyn has been producing a lot of useful information since he disappeared in June 2007, but ever since then he has been pretending that I don't exist, and he has switched from working with me to promoting people who protect Israel. His articles should be considered as edited and approved by the Mossad.
Doctor A. True Ott exposes himself
His website promotes nutritional supplements, so he appears to be an honest doctor who is interested in maintaining good health rather than simply selling drugs to suppress symptoms, but if he was honest, why would he be working with the Republic Broadcasting Network, Barbara Jean, and Jane Burgermeister? And why would he pretend that a kidnap victim is free?

It doesn't take long to discover that this doctor is involved with promoting swine flu hysteria. In one of Doctor Bill Deagle's propaganda radio shows, which has been posted on YouTube here, we find:

Vital information from Dr. Bill Deagle's internet radio show "The Nutrimedical Report". The second wave of the so called swine flu is coming and will devastate all in its path, avoid mandatory injections. Guests include: Dr. A True Ott, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Alexander S. Jones (NIH whistleblower) and Jane Bergermeister ...
Once you discover somebody in the Zionist crime network, you can follow them and identify thousands of others.
By the way, I have a video exposing Doctor Deagle at this page (it is video #5) and I posted it on YouTube here

I also have evidence that Dr. Deagle has some mysterious connection to the Columbine school murders: Columbine-DonnaTaylor.html.