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Why is there a war in Georgia?

For oil? 
For freedom or independence?
Or are the Jews trying again to start a world war?

11 August 2008

This site claims the photo above was staged. However, they claim it was staged by the "Western" media. Unless you are new to my website, then you probably know that the Western media is controlled by Zionist Jews. Therefore, we have to ask, why would the Zionist Jews stage a photo that encourages anger towards Russia and pity for Georgia?
Did you know that the war is occurring in the area that the Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, says is near the original homeland of Ashkenazi Jews?

I have some information and links about Khazaria here:

Therefore, we ought to wonder how many of the people involved in starting this war are Zionist Jews.
Who is Mikheil Saakashvili working for?

"not for public use"? The photo is here
Saakashvili, the president of Georgia, has been getting favorable publicity by the "Western" media for years.

We are told that he is pro-American, and that Putin has been trying to get rid of him for years.

But is he really pro-America? Or is he pro-Zionist?

(Is it a coincidence that he belongs on my Neanderthal page?)

According to this person, Saakashvili spent 70% of the Georgian budget on the military, much of it on Israeli weapons and training.

Is it a coincidence that Georgia decided to start a war only days after the Israelis finished training the Georgian military and were safely back in Israel? Or is this is what we refer to as a "Jewincidence"?

Jewincidence: a suspicious coincidence in which Jews benefit and Goyim suffer.
A former Israeli ambassador to Georgia says "it's a shame war broke out during one of country's most prosperous periods".

Yes, indeed, it is a shame that Georgia was starting to improve, and then they decided to hurt themselves by starting a war. But if the Israelis are truly a peaceful, loving people who are saddened by war, why were they helping to expand the Georgian military? Why didn't they help Georgia improve its schools, pollution technology, economy, or cities?

The Georgian Reintegration Minister, Temur Yakobashvili, is a Jew, and he proudly boasted that the Georgian soldiers wiped out an entire Russian military division thanks to the Israeli training. He also insisted that "we will not give up." Why would this Jew want Georgia to continue a war that they cannot possibly win? And why, on the following day, would president Saakashvili also insist that "Georgia will never surrender"?

What is the purpose of this war? Why would the leaders of Georgia refuse to surrender? Why is president Saakashvili begging for the United Nations to send peacekeepers to stop the war?

Judicial-inc says oil is the reason

According to judicial-inc, the fight is about oil, but Judicial-inc says oil is the reason Israel wants to attack Iran, and oil is the reason for the deaths in Darfur.

It's becoming rather obvious as to why judicial-inc defends the official story of the Apollo moon landing, and why they promote white supremacists, as I pointed out months ago in my disclaimer about them here.  

Years ago I trusted a lot of people in the so-called "truth movement", but I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only person who isn't working for the global, Zionist crime network.

The Zionists and their army of Useful Idiots are everywhere. They are trying to grab your attention and lure you away from people like me. Be like a smart fish who takes their information but avoids the hook.

People don't start wars for oil, but Jews start wars

I suspect that the Zionist Jews instigated this war and are refusing to stop the war because they're trying to trick Americans and Europeans into putting on our Superman outfits and rushing to the rescue of Georgia, thereby getting involved in a war with Russia.

“Don't worry Georgia, the Americans and NATO will protect you from the evil Russians! We are the World's Policemen. We protect the Underdogs, the Wretched Refuse, the Disadvantaged, the Huddled Masses, the Jews, and the Hopeless Losers!”

“I will never surrender, so the longer you Americans ignore the war, the more my people will suffer. How can you ignore their cries for help?”


The Jews are becoming desperate

As I mentioned in my status report for July, the Internet is allowing people around the world to discover that there really is a gigantic, global, Jewish crime network.  As of 2008 there must be millions of us worldwide who want the Jewish crime network to be completely and thoroughly destroyed.  

Sure, the majority of people are talking animals whose only interest in life is titillating their emotions, but don't let them bother you. Ignore them and join those of us who want to make the world a better place.
How are the criminal Jews going to remain in control when every day there are more people who become disgusted and angry with them? I think their only hope is to create worldwide violence and chaos, and then, in the confusion, they could quietly kill those of us who are willing to stand up to them.

The Jews know who many of us are because they know who has been a member of the "patriot", 9/11, and other organizations that they infiltrate, and they know who has been subscribing to the American Free Press (I complain about them here) and other Zionist publications, and they know which scientists have been resisting their demands for carbon taxes.

If the criminal Jews can kill those of us who are willing to resist them, then they could take over the world because the billions of sheeple have no desire or ability to think for themselves.  

The Jews have already trained millions of talking animals to be loyal servants of Israel.

Have you seen some of their training programs? They have training programs for policemen; lots of different Holocaust training programs for both teachers and students; and thousands of religious leaders, meetings, and groups, such as Christians United For Israel.

Jews are not the chosen people

As I've mentioned in some of my other files, if the Jews were truly the superior race of humans, then we would see evidence of their superiority in the areas where they dominate, such as Israel, New York City, and their homeland around the Caspian and Black seas.

However, the areas of the world that are dominated by Jews are no better than other areas. In fact, both Israel and their Ashkenazi homeland seem to have more problems with crime, ugly buildings, corruption, pornography, and violence.

The Ashkenazi homeland is not the world's best source of intelligent opinions, technology, science, or anything else. So, if the Jews are such brilliant people, why don't we see evidence of it?

Judge a person by his behavior and accomplishments, not by what he claims to be. The horrible behavior and lack of intelligent accomplishments from both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews is evidence of what they really are; namely, a more primitive race of humans.

Why are the Jews so successful?

The Jews have been very successful in instigating wars and taking control of the world's media, schools, governments, militaries, and police departments. A few years ago I was wondering if Jews really are more intelligent than the rest of us, but after spending years trying to explain 9/11 to people, I can see that their success is because most Goyim are best described as primitive savages who can't cope with this modern world, and the Jews are exploiting their inability to deal with modern life.

You should be able to see this in your own relatives. I'm sure your relatives are just like mine. They want to live just as people did thousands of years ago; namely, with no regard to society, reality, or any of the problems of the modern world. They have a mind that is well suited for the simple life of 10,000 B.C., but they can't cope with life today. Many of them are also easily bribed with offers of money, sex, or fame.

It doesn't take much intelligence to take advantage of a person, or to intimidate, lie, kill, or bribe. Even teenagers are capable of this behavior. It only requires a certain type of personality, as I discussed in this article:

How are a small number of Jews controlling a large number of Goyim?

Zionist Bullies

If the majority of people in the world today were better suited to this modern world, crime networks would not be able to survive.

Is Russia trying to stop the Zionist Jews?

If Russia is attacking Georgia because they want to put an end to their Zionist government, then we should be thanking them for having the courage to stand up to the Zionist Jews. It's about time some nation found the courage to do this.

Unfortunately, it's also possible that this war is nothing more than a dispute between the Jews of Russia and the Jews of Georgia.

Furthermore, it's possible that Russia is refusing to stop the war because they are working with the Zionist Jews and trying to lure America and NATO into coming to the rescue of Georgia. Who can we trust? Can we trust the Russian government?

Ignore Georgia and deal with Zionism

Rather than get involved in foreign wars, America and Europe should start dealing with their domestic problems, and our most significant problem is the Jewish crime network. We must destroy it as soon as possible! So help us find the few modern humans who are scattered among the primitive savages and talking monkeys.