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Status report for July 2008
Are we making progress?

July 20, 2008

A lot of people ask me if we're making progress in stopping the crime network behind 9/11.

I have this timeline of the early part of the 9/11 "truth movement", and this page is a status report of what I see as of today.

Background information; attitudes have changed since 2001

In 2001 there was tremendous anger towards Arabs and sympathy for Israel. However, the Internet allowed ordinary citizens to analyze the 9/11 attack rather than depend on television or newspapers for information.

We discovered the Jewish involvement in 9/11, and we used the Internet to expose this Jewish crime network to the world.

Unfortunately, the few of us in 2002 who mentioned that Israel was involved in the 9/11 attack were insulted as anti-Semites and Nazis. Most Americans couldn't believe that it was possible for the peaceful, loving Jews to commit such horrendous crimes.

Most of us grew up believing that the Jews were innocent victims of thousands of years of anti-Semitism, and that they become victims over and over because of jealousy and because Jews are too peaceful to fight.

“We didn't fight the Nazis because we Jews are too peaceful and loving to kill anybody.

We couldn't even kill Jesus. We had to get the Romans to do it for us! That's proof of how peaceful we are!”

The Jews use their control of the media and schools to give Goyim children the impression that Jews are sweet, adorable people who need our protection.

However, in the years since 2001, people  around the world looked at the evidence, and today there are millions of people who know that a global Jewish crime network is responsible for the 9/11 attack.
Once we discovered that the Jews were lying to us about 9/11, the Jews became the Emperor in the story of the Emperor And His New Clothes.

The wonderful image that the Jews created for themselves has been permanently destroyed.

Some of us wondered what else the Jews were lying about, and so we looked into other issues, such as Zionism, the banking system, the Holocaust, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the Apollo moon landing. Soon we were spreading information about how the Jews are lying to us about those issues, also.
Millions of us now know what many Jews really are; namely, selfish, diabolical, dishonest, sexually disturbed, neurotic, violent, criminals who take advantage of our tendency to trust and help other people.

The Jews refer to us as gullible fools, but it is the Jews who are disgusting, not us. And every day thousands more people discover this information about the Jews. Anger of Israel and Zionism is increasing around the world, and there's nothing the Jews can do to stop the information about them from spreading to more people. Their technique of killing us, threatening us, crying about anti-Semitism, and pouring out propaganda will only fuel our anger.
Their kidnapping of the Bollyn family didn't do them any good; actually, it helped a lot of people realize how diabolical and disgusting the Jews really are.

It's been more than one year since Christopher Bollyn has been "hiding". How can anybody continue to believe that the Bollyn family is merely hiding? It's becoming obvious that they have been kidnapped by the Jews.
If you don't know who Bollyn is, I have this page

Learn their techniques!

One of their successful tricks is to stimulate our emotions to trick us into feeling sorry for them. The Jews have perfected the art of imitating helpless children.  

“We've been victims of anti-Semitism for 6000 years.

Please help us! Be our hero!

P.S., I wuv you!”

This technique is effective on women because it stimulates their mothering emotions. It's effective on men because it stimulates our emotions to be a father who protects his family.

Example: Dr. Henry Makow, Ph.D
In this article for 17 July 2008, Makow claims that Zionism is a conspiracy against Jews!

Guess who he claims is involved in the conspiracy to destroy the Jews.... No, it's not the Nazis, or the Islam-o-fascists, or the Neocons... He blames the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers!

Is anybody dumb enough to believe his idiotic theory? Probably not, but he's not trying to appeal to your intellect. He's trying to stimulate your emotions. This is the typical Jewish trick of imitating an innocent, helpless child in order to stimulate your mothering or fathering emotions.

“I'm an innocent little Jew! The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers tricked us into becoming Zionists because they hate Jews! They're bad people! Will the brave, courageous Americans protect us innocent Zionists from those anti-Semitic monsters?”

Henry Makow is a columnist for, and that should be enough to make you suspicious of him.
Makow's website:

The Jews praise us and encourage patriotism

Our natural tendency is to assume that a person who admires us is our friend. The Jews use this trick all the time to discourage the soldiers and their families from asking questions about the war. The Jews referred to the soldiers as heroes. Here is a Canadian newspaper that published an opinion with the title "He died for a good cause":

Most people never wonder, "Why is the media promoting these idiotic articles rather than providing us with serious analyses of the war, the 9/11 attack, and other issues?"

Most people assume that people in the media are simply naive, but since their job is investigating events, they should know more than the rest of us. You should assume everybody in the media is a member of the crime network until proven innocent.

Remember the wedding of Ty Ziegel? Did you ever wonder who the photographer was? Did you ever wonder why so many Jews promoted his wedding?

Ziegel got a lot of publicity, and he met lots of famous people, such as John McCain.

The Jews used him as a prop to encourage patriotism and fool the Americans into believing that they were dying and suffering because we are heroes. After the Jews were finished using Ty Ziegel, they ignored him. He has since been divorced, but only a few articles were written about it because he no longer serves a useful purpose to the Jews.

The photographer who made Ty Ziegel famous is Nina Berman. She works with National Geographic, another publication that lies to us about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, and lots of other Jewish crimes.

Get into the habit of asking yourself, "Who are these people in the media? Why should we trust them? And why are so many of them Jews?"

On my page of previous headlines here I have a link to an article in which the British media promoted the wedding of a British soldier just like the American media promoted the wedding of Ty Ziegel.

Exact same trick; different nations. Will the Goyim ever learn?

Don't let the media get away!

The evidence is overwhelming that the media companies are dominated by Jewish criminals and Goyim who are willing to work for the Jews. Don't let the media fool you into thinking that they are innocent victims of the Bush administration, or the corporations, or the CIA. They are lying to us in order to protect the Jewish crime network.

Everybody in the media must be investigated and dealt with like every other criminal. Don't allow them to get away with their crimes. You shouldn't even purchase the Jewish publications. We should drive them to bankruptcy.

Don't fall for the patriotism trick

The type of patriotism that the Jewish criminals encourage is actually blind obedience. The Jews don't want us to look critically at our leaders or their policies.

It's acceptable for ordinary people – who can't think very well – to give blind obedience to their leaders, but people who claim to be intelligent should realize that the only way to improve a nation – or improve an airplane, a refrigerator, or computer software – is to look critically at it!

So, are we making any progress?

To determine if we're making progress in exposing and destroying the Jewish crime network, just look at the Jews. We can't see anything in improving with the world, but we can see that we're making progress in defeating the Jewish crime network by noticing how they've changed their behavior since 2001. Specifically, they are now struggling to maintain control of us.

One of their techniques for controlling us is to have thousands of agents around the world, each appearing to be an independent investigator. Each agent has a slightly different opinion. The Jews don't care which of their agents we follow, as long as we follow one of their agents.  

“9/11 was an inside job. Follow me to my website and I'll tell you stories about George Bush, who is a member of a secret society, and his family helped the Nazis!”
As people discover the Jewish involvement in 9/11, the Holocaust, the attack on the USS Liberty, etc., the Jewish agents become under pressure to discuss the Jewish involvement in these crimes.

The Jews are in a very difficult situation right now. If they openly talk about the Jewish involvement in these crimes, they will help us expose the Jews, but if they ignore the Jewish involvement, they will make it obvious that they are members of the Jewish crime network.

Alex Jones is a good example of how the situation has changed dramatically since 2001. He is now under so much pressure to admit that Israel was involved in 9/11 that his supporters recently posted the following video to convince us that he is indeed admitting Israel's involvement. Notice the description of the video:

Many people claim Alex Jones is a Zionist and never talks about Israel... This is for you.
People all over the world have noticed that Alex Jones is trying to protect Israel and Zionism, which is why they created the video, but that video only proves that the Zionist Jews are desperate to counteract the growing awareness that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent.

If you watch Jones over a span of many months, you'll notice that most of his time is spent blaming other people, such as the Rockefellers or the "Globalists".

One of his more amusing interviews was with Jordan Maxwell in which Maxwell tries to convince us that it is the "Teutonic Zionists" who are responsible, not the Jewish Zionists:

If nobody falls for that trick, perhaps he will try blaming the world's problems on the Celtic Zionists, or the Hillbilly Zionists.

Every month the pressure increases on the Zionist agents to talk about the Jewish involvement in crimes, but there's a limit on how far they can go before they start hurting themselves.

Furthermore, the people who promote Jewish agents are also under pressure. People are starting to become suspicious of the thousands of websites that promote Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, Daryl Bradford Smith, Michael Savage, Arriana Huffington, Daily KOS, and thousands of other suspicious people.

I promoted Alex Jones and Dave von Kleist in my video about 9/11. But it is now 2008, and it's rather obvious today that almost everybody in this truth movement is a liar. I advise you to be suspicious of every website and person who continues to promote the "truth seekers" who have shown themselves to be liars. Don't assume those people are naive.

Which Jews are part of the crime network?

It's obvious that thousands – probably millions! – of Jews are involved to some extent with the international Jewish crime network, and  possibly millions of Goyim are also working with these Jewish criminals, but many of us know of at least one person with some Jewish ancestry who doesn't seem to be involved with Judaism or Zionism. So which Jews are part of the crime network? Which Jews should be arrested?

I think some of the smarter Jews realize that now that the Internet has allowed us to expose them, some Jews must be blamed for 9/11, the Holocaust, and their thousands of other crimes. And I think there is a fight occurring right now between the Jews in regards to who is going to take the blame.

There seems to be a tremendous attempt today by the Zionist Jews to put all the blame on the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the "bankers", the monarchies of Europe, the Freemasons, and the "Corporations".
“Jew-Fight” !
Zionist Jews
Banking Jews

Don't let them fool you!
Every Jew must be investigated!
Consider every Jew guilty until proven innocent.

Earlier I mentioned that Henry Makow is claiming that the Zionist Jews are innocent victims of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, and below are some other recent examples. Please try to understand their tricks so that you are not fooled by them. Don't allow any Jewish criminal to get away!

Dr. Harrell Rhome
In this article for 17 July 2008, Rhome shows another technique that the Jews use; namely, confusion. He tries to confuse the issue of whether the Zionists helped the Nazis during World War 2, or whether Nazis helped the Jews.

Perhaps his next article will be whether the Zionists helped Al Qaeda do 9/11, or whether Al Qaeda helped the Zionists do it.

Notice also that his article is difficult to read. This is not because he's a bad writer. It's because the article wasn't written to inform us of an intelligent concept; rather, it was written to confuse us and spread propaganda. Whenever you find an article that's difficult to read, you have to consider the possibility that it's propaganda.

Jeff Rense is one of the people who promotes his articles, and Rense also interviewed him again on 21 July 2008. That should be enough to make you suspicious of Rhome.

If you need more reasons to be suspicious, Rhome is a member of the "Corpus Christi Wicca Witches Druids, etc... Meetup Group". Here is a screen image:
Note: I had to provide a screen image of that website because as I was writing this article and verifying that the links were correct, I discovered that the page had vanished. Rhome either quit that organization of Witches and Druids, or they moved his page. A copy of the page is still in the Google cache here. Fortunately, I saved a screen image because I suspected that the criminal Jews were going to delete it now that they are increasing his publicity.

If you need more reasons to be suspicious of Rhome, he is one of the editors of The Barnes Review (I have their list here). They are part of the American Free Press, which I complain about here.
Rhome's website:

Alex Jones and Bob Chapman
Bob Chapman is a very frequent guest now with Alex Jones and other radio shows. This is not because he enjoys doing radio shows! Rather, it is a sign that the Zionist Jews realize that they are being exposed, and so they're calling out their troops to pump out more propaganda.
His website is:
I have this page to help you understand Alex Jones, but here is a recent attempt in which he and Bob Chapman try to blame the world's problems on the Illuminati and the bankers. Can you see the deception in their conversation?
Jones-Chapman-15July2008.mp3  only 262 kb

Also, notice in that audio excerpt that Jones is promoting Dr. Stanley Monteith, a radio host. I was a guest on Monteith's show a couple times, but the last time (perhaps a year ago), some of the people calling in to the show brought up the Zionist involvement in 9/11. Monteith defended Israel for a while, but he soon became so frustrated that he announced that the show was over, and he disconnected me.

The Money Masters video
As I pointed out in my 9 July 2008 update for the Money Masters video, Bill Still and Pat Carmack, who created the video, are protecting crimes by Israel and Zionist Jews. They expose only the Rothschilds and other banking Jews.

Update November 2008: Pat Carmack separates himself from Bill Still.

The Money Masters has excellent information about the banking system and the Rothschilds. It's a clever trick to direct anger towards the Rothschilds. But is it clever enough to allow the Zionist Jews to go free? Not if you help us spread information about these criminal Jews.

Andy Hitchcock
Hitchcock created a nice timeline of the Rothschild family, but as I mentioned at this page, I've come to the conclusion that his reason for exposing the Rothschilds is to shift the blame away from the Zionist Jews.

This would explain why Hitchcock continues to be a good friend and supporter of Daryl Bradford Smith.
If you don't know about Smith, I have this.

Lets's drown the Jewish rats!
The Jewish crime network has been exposed, and there's no way for them to regain their secrecy or restore their wonderful image.

Their crime network is sinking, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

The only option the Jews have now is to trick us into thinking that only a few Jews are criminals. So, learn their tricks and don't let any of them get away! And tell other people about this trick.

Don't believe the nonsense from Jeff Rense, Daryl Smith, or the other "truth seekers" that "only a few Jews" are criminals. It takes more than a few Jews to manipulate the world's media, schools, police departments, militaries, and governments. I suspect that almost all Jews are involved in this crime network to some extent.

Our only protection against their tricks is to demand that everybody be investigated. No exceptions!

We are winning!

We don't see the world improving, but we can see that the Jewish crime network is failing. After we get rid of the Jewish crime network, then we have the opportunity to start making significant improvements to the world.

So don't give up hope. Don't become depressed when your mindless family members and relatives ignore or insult you.

Do we need the majority on our side?

The majority of people are not going to get involved in making the world a better place. Furthermore, most people probably believe the Jewish propaganda that they pick up from the television. However, most people are passive, not active.

If a fight breaks out between the Jews and the rest of us, the majority of people might hope the Jews win, but they're not going to do anything to help the Jews. Rather, they will behave exactly as they did when Christopher Bollyn was hauled away by the police for no sensible reason. Specifically, they will peek out of their window, and then they will go back to their television, beer, and ice cream.

This brings up another very important point. When the Jewish crime network is finally destroyed, we would be fools to let the majority of people tell us what to do with the world. The decisions of what to do should be made by those of us who helped make the world a better place.

“Hey! I didn't get involved in the fight against the Jews because your websites and videos were confusing. You did a terrible job of providing information. And your attitudes are bad. It's your fault. I have a right to get involved in the discussion of what to do with the world!”

The majority of people have proven themselves to be hopelessly incompetent, irresponsible, and selfish. We should not let them determine the future of the world. Don't feel sorry for them. We've been struggling for years to help them, and a lot of people have died, suffered permanent injuries, and been kidnapped in the process.

For more information on my views of the fight between the Zionist Jews and the banking Jews, watch Part 3 of my Masquerade Party videos.