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Peggy Brabender;
Why is her attraction to me so intense?

18 Jan 2010

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• Damsels in Distress
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I told Peggy to forget about us

On Saturday evening, January 16, 2010, I sent Peggy an e-mail message that we should stop communicating with each other, and that she should remain with her husband and son, and she should forget about marrying me. She called me after receiving that message and we spent almost 4 hours on the phone. And then a bit later she called again and talked some more! It got to the point at which I had to tell her good-bye, and I hung up, and I am no longer going to answer her phone calls.
Is it legal for me to post information about her?
Her primary demand is that I remove all information about her from my website on the grounds that she is not a public figure, and that it is technically illegal for me to post such personal information about her. My attitude is that I didn't provide any "personal information" about her at all. All I did was make a few vague remarks about how she wanted to marry me and have sex with me. Is that "personal information"? Is it legal for me to let people know that a woman is begging me for marriage and sex?
She makes accusations that she doesn't even try to support!
In Saturday night's phone conversation she accused me of agreeing about a year ago to meet her and later canceling the visit. I told her that I don't remember agreeing to a visit before. I asked her to send me the e-mail message that she insisted she had a paper copy of. However, instead of trying to provide evidence for her accusation, she would repeatedly tell me to forget about it. Why should I forget about such an accusation? Furthermore, this was not the first time she accused me of something without providing any evidence for it.

After we finished that ridiculously long conversation, I looked through my e-mail messages, but I couldn't find any message about the two of us arranging a visit. This brings up a very important issue. Did I overlook the e-mail messages about the visit? Did I accidentally erase them? Is she simply imagining that we had arranged for a visit, which is evidence of a mental disorder? Or is she deliberately lying, which would explain why she would tell me to forget about it when I asked for evidence?

She pursued me; I never initiated anything
Although I didn't find any e-mail messages about arranging a visit, looking through those old e-mail messages helped me to understand our strange "relationship". The first e-mail message that I received from her was almost exactly 2 years ago, on January 13, 2008. In that message she introduced herself as "a female lawyer heavily victimized by Zionists in Ohio beginning in law school in Cincinnati in 1983". It was a brief e-mail message, and she wanted me to contact her:
I KNOW A LOT, including about Alex Jones. You may be able to help me, too.
Please contact me in some manner.
During the following months she would occasionally ask me to help her, and I would repeatedly tell her that I can't help her.

Our e-mail messages are proof that she contacted me, and that I never initiated anything between us. She was aggressively pursuing me; I was not pursuing her. She brought up the issue of meeting me and being in love. I never made any indication that I had any romantic interest in her.

When do "ordinary" people cross the line?
Peggy's complaint that I have no legal right to disclose personal information about her brings up an interesting issue. If an "ordinary" citizen contacts somebody who is known to people around the world, and then begs that person to be able to visit them at their home, have sex with them, and marry them, has that ordinary person crossed the line from being "ordinary"?
“We are ordinary people, so we can behave in any abusive manner we please. You're not allowed to expose any of our horrible behavior. We have special privileges
If an "ordinary person" were to contact a famous Hollywood entertainer, or a government official, or Queen Elizabeth, and beg that person for a visit, sex, and marriage, would that famous person have to keep quiet about the pursuit? If so, why should "ordinary" people be allowed to behave like this in secret?
Peggy knew who she was pursuing!
Peggy knew about my website, and she had listened to my audio files. She knew that I was known by many people around the world for trying to expose 9/11, the Holocaust lies, etc. She cannot claim that she was an innocent little girl who was pursued by a man who deceived her. She knew what she was getting into. She knew who I was.

She also knew that I have already recorded phone conversations of people when I become suspicious of them, and she was already certain that the Jews have been listening to her conversations for years, and that they had installed a GPS device and a microphone in her car. Therefore, she was certain that some people, at least some Jews, were recording her conversations.

Peggy reminds me of that song from Al Wilson, The Snake, in which a nice but foolish woman helps a snake. In my case a suspicious woman (Peggy) is pursuing a snake (me), so the lyrics need to change a bit, such as:

"Oh shut up, mystery woman," said Eric Hufschmid with a grin,
You knew damn well how I treat freaks before you begged me to take you in."

I want a wife I can be proud of

I never explained what I want in a wife, so Peggy could point out that she didn't know what I wanted from a woman. However, I assume that it is "normal" for a man to want a wife that he can be proud of, not a woman that he has to hide. I don't want a secret affair with a married woman, and I don't want a secret marriage. Any woman who is interested in me should realize that I want other people to know who she is. I don't want to hide my wife. But Peggy wanted the relationship to be secretive! Why?

Conspiracy-Theorist Stalkers
As I wrote in this article about the people who pretended to be my friend but who turned out to be working with the Jewish crime network, we all occasionally feel an emotional attraction to a person we see on television, the Internet, or a retail store, but a "normal" person can keep his feelings under control. We don't follow the person around the city, and we don't call them on the telephone or beg them to marry us.
When I was a child I developed an attraction to the genie on the television program I Dream of Jeannie, and to Agent 99, on the television program Get Smart, and many other women! Of course, at that age I didn't have any sexual desires. When I became a teenager, the attractions were more sexual. However, even though fantasies would go to my mind, I never tried to contact any of those women, and if I had encountered them, I doubt if I would have even said "Hello" to them. I would have kept my fantasies to myself.

All humans have similar thoughts and fantasies, but we have different abilities to keep our fantasies within our mind. We have to pass judgment on a person as to whether he has crossed the line from being "normal" to being "psychotic" or "dangerous". There's nothing wrong with fantasizing about touching a woman in a train, but when you actually reach out and grab her, you've crossed the line.

There are so many people who can't control their attractions to famous people that they become a nuisance to the person that they are attracted to, and we have an expression for them: "celebrity stalker". Here are some articles about this issue:

• Celebrity stalkers pose real threat to famous

• The 15 Nuttiest Celebrity Stalkers Of All Time

• Could you become a celebrity stalker?

One of the many thoughts that occurred to me is that perhaps Peggy would be best described as a "Conspiracy-Theorist Stalker".

Manchurian Candidates
There have been two movies about the concept of "Manchurian Candidates", and Jesse Ventura recently produced a television show about the concept. This is the concept that torture or other techniques can turn certain people into a type of robot who mindlessly follows orders.

I suspect that the people most likely to believe in the concept of a Manchurian Candidate are those who think of humans as being like pieces of clay that can be molded to whatever we please, rather than believing that our personality and behavior is determined primarily by genetics. And so these people have been conducting bizarre and cruel experiments to convert people into robots.

Jesse Ventura's television show and a lot of websites promote the theory that Manchurian candidates have actually been created and used in assassinations. For example, they claim that Sirhan Sirhan was one of these creatures, and that he killed Robert Kennedy, and that Mark Chapman was the Manchurian candidate who killed John Lennon.

However, I think the Jews are giving us only the partial truth. I think they are telling us the truth when they claim that the government has wasted a lot of tax money on cruel experiments to create Manchurian candidates, and while there are certainly some people who respond well to hypnosis, drugs, and abuse, I don't think these experiments have been very successful. 

I suspect that the Jews are promoting the Manchurian Candidate theory in order to send us down the wrong path. For example, I think that Mark Chapman and Sirhan Sirhan were drugged or hypnotized and simply placed into the proper location while other people did the killings. By promoting the Manchurian candidate theory, the Jews are fooling us into assuming that Chapman, Sirhan, and the CIA did the killings, whereas if we realized that Chapman and Sirhan were simply on drugs, then we would investigate everybody in the vicinity to find the actual killers.

Peggy could be used as a "Manchurian Candidate"
One of the thoughts that passed through my mind is that Peggy could be used in a manner similar to Mark Chapman. Specifically, the Jews may be pushing for her to meet with me, and then the Jews would be able to kill both of us and make it appear as a murder and suicide by a mentally ill woman, as in the sample news article:
(A possible news article.)
Santa Barbara California, Feb 7, 2010.
Peggy Brabender, a woman with a history of psychological problems, abandoned her eight-year-old son and husband last week and traveled to Santa Barbara, California to meet an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist who she discovered on the Internet and fell in love with.

When the relationship with the conspiracy theorist didn't work out, she became distraught and shot him to death, and then killed herself.

Brabender was an attorney until 2002, when she was ordered to cease and desist from the practice of law.

Brabender has been paranoid for years that people were eavesdropping on her conversations, and had installed a GPS device in her car so that they could track her location. She recently applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in order to protect herself from her imaginary enemies. 

There is this and this PDF file on the Internet of a lawsuit Peggy filed in 2001 against her mother and other people, but I don't quite understand what it is all about. In 2002 there was a ruling that ordered Peggy to "cease and desist from the practice of law in any form". Most of us can't make sense of those documents, but they can be used to give Peggy a bad image. Other Jews could create confusion by promoting the theory that Peggy was a Manchurian Candidate that was created by the CIA.
If someone is abused by Jews, doesn't that prove they are honest?
Peggy claims that the Jews were responsible for that "cease and desist" ruling. Perhaps Peggy is telling the truth, and that the Jews were driving her out of the legal business because she was an honest Goy lawyer, and they didn't want her in the field. However, there are other ways to explain it. As I've mentioned in other documents, sometimes the Jews stage fights in order to give themselves credibility. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but at about the time she was being told to cease and desist as an attorney, she was having a child, and she homeschools her child. So it's possible that she, her husband, and their Zionist friends decided to have her disbarred so she would have credibility as a victim of Jews, when in reality she wanted to stay home with her child.

In regards to the fight with her mother, she never explained it to me very well, especially not in e-mail messages. One brief remark was:

Eric, there is no fight between me and my mother. It was artificially invented directly by the Jews who control her and feed her info about me.
As I've mentioned in other documents, I think the reason that people such as Alex Jones are so consistent with their lies is that they're actually telling us the truth, but they do a few word substitutions and leave out some details. For example, when Jones tells us that the New World Order plans to kill the policemen after they are finished using them to take over the world, what he really means is that his Jewish friends plan to kill only the Goy policemen! If Peggy is using this technique, then her message may be truthful, but a more accurate message would be:
Eric, there is no fight between me and my mother. It was artificially invented by me, my mother, and other criminal Jews who are trying to deceive Goyim such as yourself.
Did the Jews really put a GPS device and microphone in Peggy's car?
Peggy complained that the Jews had put a GPS device and microphones in her car, and that the car mechanics couldn't find them. However, this may be another case where she's telling me the truth, but not completely. What she may mean is that the Jews put GPS devices and hidden microphones in the cars of government officials, military officials, and other people they're trying to control, and that they hide these devices so well that the typical car mechanic cannot find them.

Damsels in Distress
Another of my thoughts was that perhaps Peggy is playing the role of a "Damsel in Distress". Ever since she first contacted me, in January 2008, she has been complaining that the Jews are pestering her and making her life miserable.

Before Peggy contacted me, I had been contacted by a couple of single women who complained to me that they were pestered by Jews, but I assumed that they were Jews who were playing the Damsel in Distress trick, so I didn't show any interest in them.

Peggy is married and has a son, but she has been begging me for years to help save her from the Jews, so perhaps she is using a variation of the Damsel in Distress trick.

Save me from the Jews!”
Don't assume you can identify Jews by their visual appearance
Peggy sent me her photo, and she doesn't look Jewish to me, but I don't think it's possible to identify every Jew simply by the way they look. Only some of them fit the stereotype. They have been interbreeding with Goyim for thousands of years. Here are four women in the Israeli military and police (Click the images):
Men are suckers for pretty women, but a female Jew is just as dangerous as a female shark. They're not our friends. Don't be fooled by their appearance. Control your stupid, animal-like emotions and look at the evidence! Look through history and notice how the Jews have been treating us for thousands of years! They have never been anybody's friend! They don't really even get along well with one another! Many of them would rather live with us, which is one of the reasons they have to create anti-Semitism.

Zionist Police
My latest speculation is that perhaps Peggy works for the "Zionist Security Police", and her primary purpose in contacting me is to identify the Jews who are turning on the network, and who are trying to escape the network. Of course, in addition she may be trying to get access to me for various reasons, such as to manipulate my opinions, or set me up for blackmail, cancer, or death.

She has a niece in the Air Force, and in one of her messages to me she described her relatives with this sentence: My closest relatives are in the hierarchy or elite of Ohio. 

As I looked through the old e-mail messages, I  noticed that one of the subjects she repeatedly asked me about is how to leave the country. She claimed that she was a victim of the Jews, and that she wanted to get out of America and find some safe place to live. She asked me to tell her where it would be safe for her to go, and to put her into contact with people who knew where there are safe places, and who could help her get out of the nation. She also complained a few times that Bob Chapman was no longer talking to her. She assumed that I have some type of relationship with Bob Chapman, or perhaps she was probing to see if I would admit to such a relationship. Here are some examples of her e-mail messages, oldest message first, with her phone number as x's:

4/17/2008 3:37:30 P.M.:

Please call. xxx-xxx-xxxx. I have very important info about Alex Jones and others.
I am a female lawyer victimized by Ohio neo-con Zionists since 1983 in a very serious manner.    Peggy Brabender 
You may also be able to help me. They are seriously threatening me. I am going to leave the country.

I told her I couldn't help her, but she would persist anyway:
4/19/2008 8:02:01 A.M.:
They are in full attack mode against me. They are using their loose network of neo-cons and stupid, gay cops around the country to harass me. Mine is the longest and most severe case outside of murder that I have ever heard of. Please call. This is not an ordinary case.
I want to LEAVE the country. I cannot get a lot of info. I cannot travel freely. xxx-xxx-xxxx
Peggy Brabender
4/19/2008 8:09:55 A.M.:
WHAT I really need is some referrrals. Please call. xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Everyone else such as Alex Jones and DBS is in a loose communications network. The Zionists have put out the word that, if one is gay, Jewish, or allied with same, then he should not help me in any way. They are using their typical tricks and some very ingenious ones on me.  The network consists of the gamut of VERY radical gay Jews to guys like Maslow the blogger.    Peggy Brabender
She was relentless! It didn't matter how many times I told her that I couldn't help her, and that I couldn't make anybody else help her, either. Here is the end of her brief message on April 20, 2008:
4/20/2008 11:24:25 A.M.:
I really want to leave the country.
Peggy Brabender xxx-xxx-xxxx.  I am not strong physically. I used to have seizures, until 1995. Are you sure you won't call me? The Jews directing this are very mean; I would not be surprised if it was Mossad or the like.
Months later she was still pleading for help:
7/3/2008 3:33:38 A.M.:
I am a lawyer. I am being directly attacked where I am by Zionists. I am not safe. I want to leave the country. Can you call me today? I need advice. xxx-xxx-xxxx
And months after that:
11/5/2008 8:28:13 A.M. Pacific Standard Time:
I called some time ago and was never able to reach you. Where can I go on the globe where I will be left alone by these people? They are insane.
After communicating with me for nearly 2 years, she assumed that I trusted her. On September 24, 2009, she sent me three messages. One message was:
9/24/2009 10:54:35 A.M.:
Eric, please set me up with somebody to give me some advice about Europe.
I know you avoid attempts of others to compromise you, but don't you trust me by now?
You are the only person who ever helped me.
She would also occasionally probe me for information about events, such as this brief message:
11/26/2009 1:20:59 P.M. Pacific Standard Time:
Eric, is there any hint that Jews or Jewish influence, or the Masons, is behind the molestations and cover-ups in the Irish Catholic church?
She would ask me about people, especially Bob Chapman, such as in this one sentence message:
9/4/2009 5:06:43 P.M.:
I sure wish I knew why Bob Chapman turned against me; that is, what the Jooz told him.
On September 11, 2009, she sent me two messages. One of them had a remark about Chapman in it:
9/11/2009 12:26:46 P.M.:
Eric, if you talk to anybody at Genesis or otherwise, please convey the message that I want to speak to Bob Chapman urgently. Thanks.
And here is the other complete message:
9/11/2009 7:53:08 P.M.
I know that the European Masons and Zionist Jews are working together to change white culture to a postmodern, unnatural, very radical gay vision of life, as a means of control of the sheeple. 
Is there any way I can get them off my back? I just want to be left alone. I know the harassment comes from top govt. What do you think I could do to get free? 
She would also make strange accusations about me, but refuse to explain them! For example, here is one of her complete messages:
6/28/2009 6:07:39 A.M.:
You have been a very naughty boy, and someone has narced on you, Eric. For shame.
I am going to tell on you.
            Peggy B
I responded with just one sentence: "What are you talking about now?" Her complete response was:
6/28/2009 11:13:06 A.M.:
Dear Eric,
     The problem with the Jews is their clannish and secretive, paranoid behavior, and their propensity to lie about everything. For example, David Icke adds reptile-men to his story. Jones covers up about Jews. This propensity is seen among the more aggressive of them. 
Thus their culture is warped. But it is also true for the more aggressive Indo-European people. Put them together and it produces The Culture Of Death. 
    You are behaving in exactly the same way, except you are passive-aggressive. 
That's partly what I meant.
Is that your idea of an explanation?

I wasn't paying much attention to her, and told her over and over that I couldn't help her, but she would not stop pleading for help and information. For example, she sent two messages on October 11. One complete message was:

10/11/2009 18:15:50:
Why wont you help? do you believe the propaganda?

Even if you wont help, you stil have done a lot of good.

Three days after that, on October 14, 2009, she sent me a couple messages, and in one of them she had these two sentences in bold: Please talk to me. I need info.

Then, yesterday, 17 January 2009, the day after I told her I told her good-bye and hung up on her, she sent me nine messages, and in four of them there were requests to help her get out of the country:

Here is what I want:
 I want a job or position in a new country where I can use my brains and be somebody. i hope to leave soon, but the Jew network is actively working against me.
My question was: I know there is an anti-Jew faction here who are helping me, which I truly appreciate. But how can I get OUT of the secret Jew network permanently instead of just being protected?
Please help me maybe by your connections just to get to a place I can be a human being again. In the meantime I am gonna see about my other very few contacts.
I frankly don't give a damn about that article you wrote about me, at least very much. I want to move on, Eric, to things that are really important, like my future.

Can you and will you talk to me seriously about my getting out?

Considering that I told her that I don't want to deal with her any longer, how do you explain her responding with four messages that beg for help to get out of the country?

Now that I've had a chance to review the e-mail messages between us, I doubt that she really had an interest in getting out of the nation. Today I wonder if she's working for some type of Zionist police squad that is trying to figure out which Jews are escaping or turning on the network! This could explain why she is so upset that I put her name on my website; i.e., maybe she's worried that both Jews and Goyim are going to become suspicious of her.

She demanded that I remove her name from my article, but I didn't think she would care that her name was in my article because she had already posted her name at Brother Nathaniel's message board, such as in this message in November 2008:

Zionist Stalkers
 November 26, 2008 @ 7:31 am 
I am being harassed by Zionist Jews. Google ADL to see what they are up to. 

The Ohio govt is completely corrupt and, like the Communist Soviet Union, tolerates no real dissent. 

I have received only one call, immediately after I POSTED FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY.

This site is regularly surveilled by Zionist Jews. I need the help from some group or influential person. 

717-299-4916  Peggy Brabender

Bro. Nathanael, I challenge your love of Jesus and say put it into action by helping one who needs a helping hand.

Note, the message in a box above is a comment about halfway down this page.
Is Peggy fishing for influential people?
She didn't have any problem posting her name and phone number in 2008. Her phone number has since changed, but why can't I post her name without her new phone number?

The answer might be found in that message above! Notice her remark that she is looking for "some group or influential person" who can help protect people from the Zionist Jews!

What does she do when she finds "some group or influential person"?

Perhaps she's working for the Zionist Security Department, and she is pretending to be a victim of Jews in order to identify both the people who are fighting the Jews, and the Jews who are turning against the network!

If you don't like your reflection, that's your problem!
Peggy complained during our phone conversation on Saturday night, Jan 16, 2010, that my article embarrassed her, and I responded that I had made only a few vague remarks, and that I was providing only a very small glimpse of how she was behaving towards me. I also pointed out to her that when she reads those remarks that I wrote about her, it was similar to looking into a mirror, and she was seeing how she had treated me. If she doesn't like my vague and brief description of her, that means she doesn't like the way she behaved towards me, and that is her problem, not mine.
If somebody's description of you is inaccurate, then you are justified in pointing out their mistakes, but if you simply don't like an accurate description of yourself, that's your problem. We are under no obligation to lie about you to help you to deceive people about what you really are. In fact, it would be wrong for other people to help you deceive us.

The primary reason that people are afraid that somebody might record them with a video camera, or record their phone conversations is because they frequently say and do things that are either embarrassing, or illegal. But if you behave in a disgusting or illegal manner, that's your problem and your responsibility. Why should the rest of us be required to keep your disgusting behavior a secret? Why should society protect disgusting people?

My attitude is that we have the right to know how other people behave. People who behave in a disgusting manner should not have the right to hide their horrible behavior from people who don't know them. There was no secrecy tens of thousands of years ago, and we are not making society better by allowing freaks to keep their horrible behavior a secret. Instead, by allowing the freaks to hide their disgusting behavior, they can move to other cities or get jobs in other businesses where nobody knows anything about them, and then they can continue abusing people!

Our societies are currently dominated by freaks who are ashamed of what they've done. A lot of our leaders in government, business, schools, and the media are blackmailed pedophiles, alcoholics, or crime gang members. They are constantly pushing the attitude that we should feel sorry for criminals, and that we should allow the freaks to hide their terrible history.

We don't have to live among freaks!
As I mentioned in other articles, there is no rule that requires us to live among people who are dangerous, psychotic, and untrustworthy. Nobody should have the right to deceive us, or hide who they really are. Instead, we should demand the right to know who we live with.

Why should you have to worry about whether you can trust the electrician that you let into your house? Why should you have to worry that your children might be molested at school? Why should you have to worry about whether some of the policemen in your city are alcoholics, drug addicts, or organized crime gang members? Why should parents have to teach their daughters how to fight a rapist?

Today, January 17, 2009, Alex Jones was boasting about how he taught his children how to use weapons at an early age. And he scolds fathers for not teaching their children how to use weapons. Listen to this:
Jones-teach-guns-17Jan2010.mp3  only 100 kbytes

As I mentioned in my article about Katie Piper, we should stop this "buyer beware" attitude. We should stop hiding from and defending ourselves against criminals and start getting rid of them so that we don't have any need to carry guns or teach girls how to fight rapists.

As I discussed 19_April 2008, Charlton Heston and the other men who propose we protect ourselves with guns are behaving like stupid animals who hide from criminals. We shouldn't teach girls how to use guns. Instead, we should make our cities so safe that children can walk anywhere, even at night, without any protection or fear.

All of us should be able to learn about the people we come in contact with, especially the people who want to become our friend or spouse. The attitude in America is to feel sorry for the loser; to give the freaks another chance, and then another, and then another. We don't have to continue practicing this idiotic policy! We can demand that everybody be put into an "acid bath" so that we can see what they really are. And we can remove the people who cause trouble. We don't have to tolerate their abuse!

We are assisting the freaks in their abuse of us!

How many of the people who are currently causing trouble in the world would have been able to cause trouble if nobody was allowed to keep their disgusting behavior a secret? For example, would Christopher Bollyn have been kidnapped if nobody in Chicago - including the police - could keep secrets about what they have done and who they associate with?

Peggy wants me to remove all information about her from my website. However, if I don't let the world know about how she treated me, then she could contact some other man and tell him that she's deeply in love with him and wants to marry him, and he wouldn't realize it's the same woman who wanted to marry me. In fact, it's possible that she is already in contact with other men, and that she's telling each of them that she wants to marry them. So, perhaps the reason she's upset that I put her name on my website is because she is worried that one of the other men will look at my website, see her name, and then realize that he's being deceived! Also, some of her previous victims may recognize her name, and talk about her.

By allowing people to be secretive about their disgusting behavior and their associations with other disgusting people, we are assisting in their abuse of us!

Stand up to the freaks!
Don't let them dominate the world!
We don't have to put up with - or assist in - their abuse!


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