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10 Jan 2010

1) Katie Piper and Lisa Harris
Don't take “emotional candy” from strangers!

2) David Irving
Watch out for Zionist whores and wolves in sheep's clothing!

“Such adorable children!
Here, have some candy.”

1) Katie Piper and Lisa Harris
     Don't take “emotional candy” from strangers
On 8 January 2010, the television program 20/20 provided a report about a British woman, Katie Piper, who got involved with a man who turned out to be extremely violent.

I suppose most people consider her story to be interesting, but of no significance to their own lives. However, all humans have the same mental and physical characteristics. There are only subtle differences between us. Therefore, when a person makes serious mistakes, as Katie Piper did, you should take a look at why the person made those mistakes, and you should notice that all of us make variations of the same mistake.

All dogs of a particular breed behave in a very similar manner as other dogs of that particular breed. Likewise, all humans of a particular race are very similar in physical and mental qualities to other people of that race. Furthermore, the different races are very similar to each other, also. Therefore, you will be able to understand yourself better by understanding the mistakes made by other people, even if they are a different race, sex, or age.

Katie, I love you.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!”
Daniel Lynch fell in love with Katie Piper, and she was titillated by the extreme level of attention that he gave her. As she described it,
‘He was attentive and showered me with affection. He rang me and emailed me constantly. <...> I was flattered ....

... I liked how devoted he was.”

He provided her with lots of "emotional candy" that she couldn't resist. However, after about a week it became “clear to me that he was unhinged and jealous of virtually any man I spoke to. I began to think how I could ease him out of my life.”
“Oh, Daniel,
my darling!

You make me feel so good!”

She had to make a trip to a different city. Details are missing, but they were in a hotel room, and when she refused to have sex with him, he lost his temper and raped and beat her for about eight hours throughout the night. He let her go the next day after threatening to kill her if she told anybody what he did.

Piper was afraid to tell the police about him, and she lied to the doctors about how she received serious wounds on her head. Lynch was free to continue his tantrum, and he convinced a friend to throw a cup of sulfuric acid in her face. Both men were arrested as a result of that attack.

On 8 January 2010, the television show 20/20 had a report about her.
An earlier British documentary is here.

A prison guard falls in love with Daniel Lynch!
Lisa Harris, a prison guard, knew what Daniel Lynch had been arrested for, but she couldn't resist his "kisses and cuddles". She also smuggled a cell phone into the jail for him so that they could communicate. Apparently, Daniel Lynch has whatever "emotional candy" that women cannot resist. Or were these women mentally ill?

Anyway, I'm not surprised that Harris soon decided to end the relationship, and I'm also not surprised that Lynch reacted with another temper tantrum, but since he was in jail, all he could do was threaten her.

I love you, Lisa!”
What can we learn from Katie Piper and Lisa Harris?
What could you possibly have in common with Katie Piper or Lisa Harris?
It's difficult to believe that we can learn something about ourselves by analyzing what appear to be crazy or stupid women. However, if you can control your arrogance and look seriously at yourself and other people, you will find that their relationships with Daniel Lynch is very similar to the relationships people have with entertainers, politicians, con artists, and ... Isreal and Jews!
Example: The attack on the USS Liberty 
What is the difference between:
• Daniel Lynch beating and raping Katie Piper for eight hours, and then frightening her so much that she's afraid to tell the police about the attack.

• The Israelis bombing the USS Liberty ship and slaughtering American sailors for three hours and then frightening the American military personnel so much that they are afraid to complain about the attack?

Need more examples? 
• The World Wars and the HoloHoax:
The Jews instigate world wars and extort money from Germany and other nations for the HoloHoax, but the victims are too frightened to complain about the abuse.
• The 9/11 attack
• The murdering of General George Patton
• The takeover of the banking system in Europe and America
• The slaughter of Armenians in 1915
This list could go on and on and on....
All of us are attracted to people who love us
Don't assume that you are a different species than Katie Piper or Lisa Harris. All humans have exactly the same physical and mental characteristics. There are only subtle variations in our mental and physical qualities. We all have the same desires, the same fears, the same emotions. All of us can be fooled by con artists.

Both Katie Piper and Lisa Harris were attracted to Daniel Lynch because he gave them attention and praise, and all of us react to attention and praise in the exact same manner. Specifically, we love people who praise us. Since there are subtle variations between us, some of us are less affected by praise than others, but all of us love it.

“We Jews are innocent victims of 6,000 years of abuse. Thank you for being our heroes and saving us from the anti-Semites. We love you!

Thank you, my dearest heroes!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!”

“Oh, my darling Jews! You are so innocent and lovable. My heart cries in anguish as visions of your suffering haunt my mind. However, I worry that your praise is excessive because we Goy will never truly know the depth of your pain and despair.

The least we can do is protect you from those awful anti-Semites who accuse you of starting wars, staging the 9/11 attack, and other horrible crimes.”


Why are entertainers referred to as "stars" and "celebrities"?

Have you ever wondered why the majority of people treat the entertainers, such as Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Howard Stern, and Jon Stewart, as gods and goddesses? None of the people in the media or entertainment business have anything intelligent to say about any issue (except when they plagiarize the material). They're doing nothing to make the world a better place. Quite the contrary! They lie to us on a routine basis about the 9/11 attack, the world wars, the HoloHoax, the Apollo moon landing, and lots of other crimes and historical events.

They also try to instigate fights between men and women, different races, and different nations. Have you listened to the excerpts of the radio host Howard Stern as he encourages people to react to the September 11 attack by attacking Arabs with nuclear bombs? (I posted them here.) Don't think he was naive! The evidence is overwhelming that an enormous number of Jews throughout the world knew that other Jews were going to conduct that attack. A lot of Jews were ready and prepared to help cover up the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack, and to direct anger towards the Arabs. And many other Jews were prepared to be "truth seekers" who would investigate 9/11 and expose the "truth" about it.

“And remember the mistake in Vietnam. We should have nuked those dudes. And we never did. And if we don't nuke some of these countries over there - I mean literally nuke them, fry them, fry their children, fry everything,...”
--Howard Stern, treating his audience like attack dogs and pushing them into supporting a nuclear attack on the Arabs.

“We love Howard Stern!
He makes us feel good!”
Most people love the celebrities rather than demand they be arrested
The entertainers, news reporters, and other people in the media are disgusting, diabolical, and dangerous criminals. However, very few people are hoping that the police will investigate the media companies and arrest the criminals. Instead, most of the world's population loves and admires the entertainers, and they trust the news reporters.

What is the difference between Katie Piper's attraction to Daniel Lynch, and a person's attraction to the radio host Howard Stern or the television host Mike Wallace? In both cases, people are attracted to a person they don't really know, and who they would be disgusted with if they knew the truth about him. In both cases the people are attracted to a criminal who has offered them emotional candy.

What is the difference between Daniel Lynch raping and beating Katie Piper for eight hours, and the Jews abusing us decade after decade? What is the difference between Katie Piper being too afraid to tell the police about the abuse by Lynch, and the ordinary people - some of whom are police and military personnel - who are too afraid to complain to the police and military about the abuse by Jews? In both situations, the people are behaving like frightened animals.

The Jews provide emotional candy that most people can't resist
Jon Stewart (real name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz), is described as a "comedian", but a more accurate description would be a "Jewish criminal in the propaganda division". He routinely directs attention away from Jews and onto Arabs and certain politicians. He lies about 9/11 and other crimes. He does nothing to make the world a better place. Actually, he encourages bad attitudes by encouraging arrogant and snide jokes rather than encouraging serious research and discussions. He doesn't offer any solutions to our problems, either. So why do millions of people react favorably to this dishonest, abusive, criminal Jew? Why aren't people demanding that the police investigate his crime network and arrest them?
“As it does every year, this State of the Union matches up two bitter rivals: the president of the United States and words.”
--a joke from Jon Stewart
“We love Jon Stewart!
He makes us feel good!”
The reason millions of people love the criminal Jews is the same reason that Katie Piper was attracted to Daniel Lynch. Specifically, they all provide us with emotional candy. They make us feel good. They titillate us; they stimulate us.
All of us are similar to Lisa Harris, also
Most people are probably appalled that Lisa Harris would start a relationship with Daniel Lynch after he had been arrested, but you can see this behavior all over the world, also. For example, after one person discovers that he was lied to by Jews about 9/11, the World Wars, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing, he might become disgusted with the Jews and warn other people, but all humans have a tendency to ignore information we don't like and see only what we want to see.

Therefore, after being warned that the Jews are committing crimes, most people will behave just like Lisa Harris. Specifically, they will ignore the evidence that Jews are committing horrendous crimes, and see only the aspects of the Jews that they want to see.

When most people watch Jon Stewart on television, they see an adorable and lovable comedian, just as Lisa Harris saw only the "kisses and cuddles" when she looked at Daniel Lynch. Most people can't see what Jon Stewart, Barbara Walters, Wolf Blitzer, Howard Stern, Steven Spielberg, and other Hollywood stars and celebrities really are.

Perhaps if we could provide everybody with those special glasses from the movie They Live. You can find some scenes from the movie by searching YouTube, such as this segment of when he first discovers the glasses.

 We hate criticism; we want to feel special
Jon Stewart stimulates our emotions of arrogance by encouraging us to imagine that we are better than our government officials. You might respond that we are indeed better than our government officials, but as I pointed out in other files, if a nation's government is terrible, it's because the voters are incompetent, stupid, easily manipulated, and/or irresponsible. The citizens who vote are solely responsible for their government. The voters will try to blame their disgusting government on people who don't vote, or on some tiny, mysterious minority that has magic control over the elections, but every nation's government is terrible because the majority of people are incompetent voters.

If every voter had my personality, then nobody would vote because we would all demand new candidates, and we would demand an end to political parties. I think all government officials should be individuals, not party members. I wouldn't tolerate this idiotic system of selecting government officials. Even as a teenager I thought the system was ridiculous.

If the voters were truly as responsible and intelligent as they think, then they would react to their disgusting government by studying the issue, discussing possible solutions, and then experimenting with some of those possible solutions. Instead, most voters react with sarcasm, insults, and arrogant remarks. The voters are behaving like spoiled, bratty children, not intelligent, responsible adults. The voters are not doing anything to improve the situation. Most voters are irresponsible, arrogant jerks who refuse to accept responsibility for the crummy government they've created.

Our emotions were designed for a very primitive world in which we could trust people. Our emotions assume that somebody who criticizes us is a potential enemy, whereas somebody who praises us is a friend. We are upset by criticism. We don't regard criticism as useful or helpful. Instead, we regard criticism as an attack on us.

Furthermore, another of our problems is that we are extremely arrogant. We think we know everything. We don't want to hear or discuss other people's opinions. We react favorably to insulting jokes because the insults make us feel special. When we insult politicians, other nations, other races, or even Tiger Woods, we can imagine that we're better than the people we are laughing at.

All animals, especially the males, have intense cravings to feel special, and one way to feel special is to criticize other people. As a result, we are attracted to comedians who criticize other people. I will admit that I find some of their jokes to be amusing (such as the Tiger Wood's Mistress Commemorative Plate Collection), but jokes don't solve any problem. All they do is stimulate our emotions.

Can you resist emotional candy from political candidates?
An example of how everybody behaves just like Katie Piper is the attraction people have to political candidates who routinely abuse them. Our emotions are not attracted to candidates who offer intelligent analyses of our problems, or who encourage serious discussions or research programs. Instead, we are attracted to the candidates who make us feel good. The candidates can titillate us in many different ways, such as by insulting other political groups, by promising to solve all of our problems, and by behaving in a submissive manner.
We are extremely arrogant creatures who want to be admired, loved, and pampered.

As a result, candidates can easily trick us into admiring them simply by praising us and behaving in a submissive manner.

The political candidates who attract the most voters are not the candidates who have the most intelligent opinions. Rather, they are the candidates who provide the most attractive emotional candy. They are the candidates who are best able to stimulate our emotions and make us feel good. (My video Silence of the Sheeple has more of this.)
“The Republicans ruined the nation, but I will bring changes to improve your life. I will serve the common people; the working class; the little people.

I love America! And I love the American people. Americans are the greatest people in the world..”

“Let's follow Obama!
He makes us feel good!”
Most voters behave exactly like Katie Piper; they follow whoever makes them feel good.
“America is the greatest nation in the world, but the liberals are ruining it! I will serve you, the business owners and the people who live on trust funds, investments, and inheritances.

I will protect you from the death tax. Americans are the greatest people in the world!”

“Let's follow Bush!
He makes us feel good!”
During every election the voters make the same mistakes; specifically, they elect candidates who make them feel good with praise and promises. And after a while the voters complain that the government officials are corrupt, incompetent, and breaking their campaign promises. But the voters never learn from their mistakes. They don't even try to understand why they're making mistakes. They don't want to even accept the possibility that they are making mistakes.
Ask yourself: Am I behaving like Katie Piper?
The difficulty we have resisting emotional candy makes it very easy for con artists and criminals to manipulate entire nations. Insurance salesmen, con artists, retail stores, and even television programs use these techniques to attract us and manipulate us. If you are not aware of these issues, you are more likely to become a victim. When a salesman or politician behaves in a submissive manner or praises you, don't get excited. Instead, you should wonder,
"Is this person behaving like Daniel Lynch? Am I behaving like Katie Piper? Is he trying to manipulate me?
Can you resist the emotional candy offered by the truth seekers?
There are thousands of people in the truth groups, peace groups, veterans groups, charities, think tanks, Holocaust revisionist groups, and other organizations. These people claim to be our saviors. Most of them are extremely mysterious and secretive. However, they make us feel good because they praise us, and they blame all of our problems on some small group of people. Some of them are even blaming Jews.
“I will protect you from the criminal Jews! I'm a professor with a PhD and lots of fancy credentials. You can trust me. I love you. I want to help you. I am your faithful, devoted servant.”

“Let's follow him!
He makes us feel good!”
I think nearly 100% of the people who are claiming to be our heroes are actually wolves in sheep's clothing. Can you resist their praise? Can you resist their adorable, charming personalities? Or will you make the same mistake that Katie Piper and Christopher Bollyn made? Will you trust somebody who should have been arrested and executed years ago?
If you think I'm wrong to claim the Bollyns are kidnapped, then find some evidence that they are free. You can contact the Bollyns here or by e-mail.

While you're at it, find evidence that Peter Kawaja is alive.

We tolerate abuse from sheeple
Our relatives, neighbors, and coworkers should be thankful that some of us are willing to spend our time and risk our lives trying to expose and destroy the Jewish crime network. Instead, many of them will ridicule us, or make snide comments. The sheeple don't treat us as badly as Lynch treated Piper, but they are not treating us with decency, either.
Since all they do is make stupid comments, we have a tendency to ignore them, but my point is that they are actually behaving like abusive jerks, but because we are in such a small minority, we have a tendency to ignore the abuse. Unfortunately, by ignoring the abuse, they continue doing it. Hopefully there will eventually be so many of us that we can start pointing out to them that it is they who have the problem, not us.
Other lessons to learn from Katie Piper
• Secrecy helps freaks - Nobody has a right to deceive us!
Daniel Lynch had been convicted for violent acts, and had spent time in jail for throwing boiling water into a man's face. Lisa Harris didn't care about his violent past, but it's possible that Katie Piper would have avoided him if she had known. However, a lot of information about people is either secretive, such as school and medical records, or difficult to access, such as police records.

As I described in my audio file for 19_April 2008, we should differentiate between privacy and secrecy. People deserve privacy in the bathroom or bedroom, but they should not be able to keep their "behavioral characteristics" a secret. We should be able to know how a person has treated other people, what he has accomplished during his life, what he has failed at, whom he associates with, and his mental or physical talents, limitations, and disorders.

As I described in my audio file for 21_November 2009, we should put people into the equivalent of an acid bath to determine what they really are. The only people who are afraid of a close inspection are those who are trying to hide something from us. Don't be fooled into thinking that these people are trying to "protect our rights".

My attitude is that we have a right to know a person's history. We have a right to know who we live with, work with, and are considering a relationship with. Nobody has a right to pretend that they are something they are not. Nobody should have the right to deceive us about who they are, or what they've done during their life, or how they treat other people. Instead, we have a right to know the truth about people.

• Our policies on crime are failing
Before Piper had met Lynch, he had already exhibited violent behavior, and he had already been arrested. He was put in jail for a brief period of time, but the jail didn't convert him into an honest person. Rather, he left the jail with the same personality, mental qualities, and physical qualities as when he entered the jail. His body and mind had aged a bit, but he was still the same person. Jail did not change him; jail did not improve him. Jail is not preventing crime.

Our policies for crime have been failing continuously all throughout history, but every society continues to defend these failed policies. We need a new group of people in control of society who will start experimenting with different policies.

Both Lynch and Sylvestre have been sentenced to life imprisonment. However, Sylvestre has to serve only a minimum of 12 years, and Lynch has a minimum of 16 years, and my interpretation of the 20/20 television report is that both of them will be released after they serve their minimum time. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of these men commit more crimes after they are released.

• Many people have no faith that our legal system will protect us from criminals
Piper was afraid to tell the police and doctors about the rape and beating because she had no faith that the British legal system would protect her from him. Some of her friends and family members apparently knew that she had been abused, but they said nothing, either. I suspect that this attitude is typical; namely, most people are afraid to expose crimes, especially those of crime networks, because we don't have much faith that our legal system will protect us from the criminals.

The police are often doing their job; namely, arresting the criminals, but the judges and juries either let them go free, or punish them for a brief period, and then let them go free.

• We should stop following the “buyer beware” policy
The attitude many people have in regards to Katie Piper is that women should be more careful about who they trust and who they get involved with. However, telling women to be suspicious and fearful is not solving any problem, and it's not improving society in any way. Rather, it's hiding from the problem like a stupid animal.

In Part 1 of my audio file for 2_July 2008 I pointed out that the buyer beware attitude is a crude attitude that we should not follow in our era. I also discussed some aspects of this issue in 2005 in my article Teddy Bears, one of the articles in my Sheeple and Underdog Psychology series.

Animals and primitive humans had to be suspicious of everything, but we should not be fearful or suspicious of one another. We should not have to carry guns to protect ourselves, and we should not have to worry that our children will be molested at schools, and we should not have to worry that somebody will attack us if we take a walk in our city at night. We should change our attitude; we should change society so that it becomes safe enough for us to trust one another.

• Humans tolerate abuse like a stupid animal
Katie Piper has a lot to say about her experiences with Daniel Lynch, and so do the television reporters and other people who comment on her case, but I would describe all of their analyses as worthless and idiotic. For example, Katie Piper has a “Christmas message” for 2009, with such idiotic remarks as:
“My life before was very selfabsorbed, self-obsessed.
It took a tragedy for me to reassess what I thought was important.

Don't wait 'til there is tragedy in your life. Don't wait 'til you lose somebody.”

Most people react to abuse like a dog that is beaten or abused by its owner. Specifically, they try to make themselves feel better by finding something that has improved in their life, and then claiming that the abuse has made them into a better person.

We have an expression for this behavior:
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Most people don't care that they were abused by Jews during 9/11, or that NASA lied to them about the Apollo moon landing. Most people just lick their wounds - like a stupid dog.
We need to improve society in addition to making lemonade.

It's wonderful that victims of abuse are making themselves feel better; it would be terrible if they spent the rest of their lives being miserable. However, we need people who do more than make lemonade. Women are beaten all the time, and so are men and children. There's also a lot of murders, robberies, rapes, wars, and corruption. We're not going to improve life for us by making lemonade from the abuse.

We need people who can study our problems, discuss them in a serious manner, and then experiment with changes in society in an attempt to reduce the problems. We have to stop acting like stupid animals who tolerate abuse and start behaving like modern, advanced humans who try to improve our situation and reduce the abuse.

• We follow our emotions, not our intellect

Both Katie Piper and Lisa Harris fell in love with Daniel Lynch because he made them feel good; he titillated their emotions. Neither woman was thinking seriously about the issue. Instead, they were doing whatever made them feel good.

Primitive animals, such as termites, don't think about issues. Rather, they react to stimuli in a very predictable manner, just like chemicals reacting in a test tube, or like industrial robots.

The more advanced animals have an ability to think, and so they're not as predictable as termites, but even a chimpanzee is dominated by its emotions. Monkeys don't received any emotional pleasure from information or from doing research. Rather, they receive emotional pleasure from food, sex, babies, and status. Therefore, if you want to attract a monkey, don't offer it information or a job opportunity in a research laboratory. Instead, offer it food, or something it has an emotional attraction to.

• Human emotions were designed for a simple life
It would be acceptable for us to follow our emotions if our emotions had been designed for modern society, but our emotions were designed for life in a small, primitive tribe. We assume other people can be trusted, for example. We were not designed to investigate people or wonder if they are lunatics who might hurt us. We were not designed to vote for government officials, either, or deal with people of other races, or deal with large amounts of material items, money, or food. Our emotions were not designed to handle drugs or alcohol, or packs of criminal Jews, either.
Humans can think much better than animals, but we don't receive emotional pleasure from thinking, or from learning, or from doing research, or by discussing complex problems. Instead, as with animals, we are emotionally titillated by food, sex, babies, material items, and praise. Therefore, when we follow our emotional cravings, we end up behaving like a stupid animal.

Since we tend to follow our emotions, businesses, political parties, websites, and crime networks can attract people by offering us food, gifts, pornography, sex, or praise and awards. We have to remind ourselves to think more often rather than do whatever makes us feel good. We have to control our emotional cravings.

Human leisure time activities

It might help you understand this concept when you look at how people spend their leisure time, and then compare what people actually do to what people would be doing if humans truly enjoyed thinking.

What do we actually do during our leisure time?

The subtle differences between us cause us to engage in different activities during our leisure time. The most popular leisure activity, at least in America, seems to be watching television. Other popular activities are playing with children or dogs, playing video games, and using alcohol or other drugs, gambling, shopping, or playing sports.

What would we do if we enjoyed thinking?

If we truly enjoyed thinking, doing research, and solving complex problems, then we would love to get together with our friends during our leisure time to study and discuss such issues as whether oxygen degrades wheat or other grains, in which case whole-grain bread should be made by grinding, mixing, and baking the bread in nitrogen.

People with abnormally strong cravings to think, and people who are so anti-social that they don't have any friends, might be tempted to pay an "intellectual prostitute" for discussions.

Which leisure time activities are "sensible"?

Humans are much more intelligent than animals, but we don't want to think. We want to enjoy ourselves, but we don't receive any emotional pleasure from thinking, so we avoid doing it. We regard thinking as "work". Our natural tendency is to "play", not "work". We regard an activity as "play", or as "leisure", or as "fun", when it stimulates our emotions, but we are not titillated by thinking. Rather, we consider it to be a boring chore.

A lot of our leisure time activities could be described as worthless or unproductive, and as technology gets more advanced, the human race will eventually have to pass judgment on which activities should be supported by society, and which should be discouraged. Technology allows us to develop products that enable us to stimulate our emotions directly, thereby avoiding normal human activities. This issue is especially important in regards to children.

Allowing children to stimulate themselves with television, video games, and other products is similar to allowing a rat to press a lever to stimulate its brain.

Our distant ancestors didn't have to worry about how children spent their time, but this issue is affecting us now, and it will become an even more significant issue for future generations. For example, some businesses are developing virtual reality computer games, but do we want children spending hours a day in a 3-D computer fantasy world?

An adult should have the sense to control his use of television, alcohol, pornography, drugs, video games, and virtual reality games, but we are fools to expect children to make wise decisions about this technology.

At some point in the future the human race is going to have to start passing judgment on which products and activities are sensible for both adults and children, and which should be prohibited, and which should be restricted to adults only.

By changing society, we could encourage better activities

In my description of a city of castles, I suggested that the castles be designed with lots of restaurants, enclosed gardens, lounges, and other social areas in order to encourage people to get out of their home and socialize. By experimenting with different types of cities, economic systems, government systems, and school systems, we might be able to create a society that we enjoy so much that we have little or no desire to sit by ourselves in our home with a television or video game.

Sitting in a lounge and socializing with other people, or taking a walk in a garden, or sitting in a recreational room and listening to people play music could be described as unproductive and useless. However, it's not the same as a person sitting by himself in his home. As I've described before, we have to decide what we want the human race to become. Do we want the human race to become a creature that spends its time alone and stimulating itself with pornography, drugs, television, and video games?

Nature used to determine which humans reproduce successfully, but now we have to make the decisions. What type of person do we want for the next generation of humans? Do we want people who prefer to spend their leisure time on drugs or connected to virtual reality games?

There are subtle differences between our emotional and intellectual characteristics. Some people prefer to spend their leisure time socializing, or playing sports, or helping their friends with their computers or home repairs. And some people enjoy doing things for society, such as joining the National Guard, or helping with some school related activity. And some people like to sing or play music for their friends. And some of us spend some of our leisure time on very serious work. For example, I created this website during my leisure time to provide you with a different view of life, and I also created some videos about food.

Incidentally, I never liked eggs, so I avoided eggs throughout my life, except when they were an ingredient in some other food, such as a pie or quiche. I especially don't like hard-boiled eggs because they remind me of sulfur.

However, after discovering this method of cooking eggs in their shells at a lower temperature, I love eggs, especially on toast, and I'm wondering if it's because my sense of taste has changed with age. If my mother made eggs like this when I was a child, would I have liked them?

Our eyes change with age, which is why people over 50 need reading glasses. And our body changes with age, also. What about our sense of taste and smell? Do I like these eggs only because I'm getting old? Have you tried my style of cooking eggs? Do you think they taste better than eggs cooked in a conventional manner?

• Humans are not wonderful creations of a loving God
Most people follow the philosophy that humans and animals are wonderful creatures of a loving God. These people are the most likely people to become victims of both animals and humans. They can be hurt by animals because they don't understand that animals are actually violent, selfish, stupid creatures. Some extreme examples are the woman whose face was ripped off by a pet chimpanzee, and the photographer whose arm was ripped off by a tiger at a zoo, and the man who got tarantula hairs in his eye.

Animals are stupid, biological robots. Their only goal is to survive long enough to reproduce. Animals will do anything to help themselves and their offspring. Animals don't appreciate other animals, and they don't work with other animals to make life better for all creatures.

Humans are just intelligent animals. However, we differ in how closely we resemble animals, and we differ in our mental health. If you assume that all humans are wonderful creatures, you won't watch out for the people who are more like an animal, or who are defective. As a result, you are more likely to become a victim of badly behaved people compared to those of us who are watching out for them. Daniel Lynch and his friend Stefan Sylvestre are two examples, and here are four more:

Trent Perault was arrested for raping his girlfriend's two-year-old baby.
Raymond Chapman, an employee of the Georgia Baptist Children's Home, was arrested for raping a child he was in the process of adopting.
Dr. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician, was arrested for sexually abusing the children he was providing medical services to.
Steven Hughes was arrested for sexual exploitation and child pornography.

He was a foster parent, a Santa Claus who specialized in making in-home visits, and had a photography studio that specialized in taking pictures of young children.

Incidentally, it seems like a lot of pedophiles have taken jobs that provide them with access to children. Ideally the police would look through their records and try to find patterns because if this observation is accurate, then we would realize that we have to do a much better investigation of the men who want these type of jobs, and we have to watch over them much more closely.
• Humans who are destructive should be removed
If Daniel Lynch had been removed from society permanently as soon as he showed signs of destructive behavior, then he never would have been able to cause much trouble. Many adult criminals were showing signs of mental disorders while they were children or teenagers. The warning signs were there; most people simply ignored them. Most people don't want to face the possibility that badly behaved children are very likely to become badly behaved adults.

Humans are not wonderful creations of God who become criminals or parasites after suffering abuse from their parents, or from poverty or ignorance. Rather, humans are intelligent monkeys. We all have exactly the same mental and physical qualities, but we are not identical  to one another. There are subtle differences in our abilities, and we also have slightly different types of defects and disorders. The end result is that some people are more like monkeys, and some people have more serious defects.

Some of us do a good job of controlling our cravings for sex, food, babies, attention, and material items, while other people have so little control over themselves that they cheat, steal, lie, plagiarize, and murder in order to satisfy their cravings. Some of us are capable of working together for the benefit of all, while others are too selfish or arrogant. We don't have the technology to fix people who are destructive. The only thing we can do is remove them from society.

• The human race is on a path to destruction
We are allowing parasites, criminals, lunatics, and freaks of all sorts to live among us and have as many babies as they please. Furthermore, many of these freaks are getting into top positions of our military, police departments, school system, businesses, and governments, and they are using their influence to suppress attempts to deal with crime and mentally ill people. These freaks also promote destructive attitudes and activities, such as the concept that state lotteries are a sensible way for society to raise money for schools, and the concept that work furloughs are a sensible way of solving government budget problems (I have a joke about that here).

We must find enough people who are willing to stand up to the freaks in leadership positions and change the course of the human race. We have to promote respectable, healthy people and suppress the destructive, parasitic, and affected people.

Our law enforcement agencies should look for and remove people who show destructive behavior. Furthermore, this concept applies to children, also. From my own personal observations, many of the adults who are destructive or parasitic were showing signs of emotional problems during their childhood. Therefore, they could have been identified and removed before they had become adults. We should stop referring to children as precious, adorable, or as "bundles of joy" and start treating them as young humans.

We can't expect children to behave as well as adults, but we must set standards of behavior for children, and we must deal with children who don't meet the standards. We have to stop feeling sorry for them simply because they're children. Furthermore, we must suppress our animal-like craving to protect our own children. Everybody who is destructive should be removed from society, even if they are closely related to us.

Nancy Broadhead, a divorced woman living with her daughter and two sons, was arrested for child neglect and driving under the influence of alcohol. The police also accused her of getting drunk and punching her seven-year-old daughter, but she was not arrested for that. The girl told police that her mother "repeatedly hits her," and that she was in fear of her.
Should Nancy Broadhead have been arrested for beating her seven-year-old daughter? Should the daughter had been put into a foster home? Most people would assume that the seven-year-old daughter was a sweet, adorable, innocent victim of a brutal mother, but if you follow my philosophy, the seven-year-old daughter was likely to be a defective child of defective parents.

It doesn't surprise me that on December 29, 2009, the daughter, then 11 years old, along with her 15-year-old boyfriend - who had already been arrested many times during his childhood - poured gasoline on her mother's bed while she was sleeping in order to burn her to death.

2) Zionist agent, David Irving
Watch out for Zionist whores and wolves in sheep's clothing!
Who could get access to David Irving's website and e-mail?
In November 2009, a group of mysterious "hackers" somehow gained access to David Irving's website and e-mail account. They posted the personal e-mail messages between Irving, age 71, and Jaenelle Antas, age 24, and they also posted lists of people who had ordered tickets to Irving's lectures.
According to the Zionist propaganda sites, such as this, Jaenelle Antas has posted thousands of messages at stormfront under the name "Tristania".

I think stormfront is operated by the Zionist Jews who are pretending to be white supremacists and anti-Semites. So I wonder, who is she really working for? And why was she in contact with David Irving? Is she one of the Zionist whores that I described here who help the Jews destroy the "Holocaust revisionist movement"?

The e-mail messages between Irving and Antas are not very embarrassing, but that didn't stop the Jews from trying to embarrass him, and at the same time, they used the situation to promote the HoloHoax. The Southern Poverty Law Center boasted that the e-mail messages show that David Irving is a "jerk". The Phoenix New Times insulted him as a "cowardly holocaust denier". And Wired Magazine tried to hurt his image by claiming that he was "once a popular historian", thereby implying that nobody cares about him today.
In this photo, David Irving's face is swollen because he was beaten, but beaten by who? And why?

As I've described in other files, such as this, I think that Irving is an expendable, blackmailed puppet who is working for some group of Zionist Jews. I think Irving is used as bait to attract people who want to learn about or expose the Holocaust lies.

I think the Jews regularly insult him in order to give the Holocaust revisionist movement a bad image. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews beat him because he was becoming rebellious. And the beating would also serve the Jews by frightening people into thinking that they will be beaten, also, if they dare expose the lies of the Holocaust.

 Don't assume that you can trust a person who has been abused by Jews
Don't assume that a person who has been attacked by Jews is an honest person who is fighting the Jews. As I pointed out in my 21_November 2009 audio file, Alex Jones proudly boasts that “the ADL’s hit piece” refers to him as a “Conspiracy King”.

David Irving is occasionally attacked by Jews, but that doesn't mean you can trust him. Sometimes the Jews will attack one of their own agents in order to fool us into thinking that the Jews hate him. And sometimes the Jews fight with one another simply because they have differences of opinion about what to do, how to do it, and who should be in control. The Jews in Israel fight with each other all the time, and so do the Jews in other nations.

Don't pity a Jew who gets hurt from their internal fights. If two mosquitoes were to fight over which one will bite you, would you feel sorry for the loser and try to help him? Of course not. You would want to kill both mosquitoes.

 Be careful of what you say and write.
An important lesson to learn from David Irving is the same lesson that you should learn from the recent climategate e-mail scandal. Specifically, a lot of people have access to your websites, e-mail messages, and phone calls. So be careful what you say in "private" conversations and e-mail messages.

As I've mentioned, I have been pursued by packs of Jewish hyenas for years. Suspicious and/or secretive people contact me by phone and e-mail on a regular basis. Some of them they try to control or influence the conversation rather than "have" a conversation, and I think they're trying to trick me into saying something that they can use to embarrass me, or start fights, or cause people to distrust me.

“Hey Eric, I love your website! You're the only person with the courage to fight the Jews publicly! You're totally awesome, dude! You are like, our Savior!

By the way, the Niggers and Chinks are really getting on my nerves. We should exterminate all of them, don't you think so? You don't like Niggers, do you? Tell me that you hate Nigers, Eric! Say the words, Eric, to reassure me that you really do want to help the white race.”


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