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2nd article on Peggy: 19 August 2010

New episode!
21 August 2010

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In our previous episode, Peggy failed in her seven month, 2nd attempt, to trick Hufschmid into marriage.

What will the Reptilians do now?

More laughs than The Danner Family!

Learn their tricks!
Don't become a victim!
More suspense and horror than The Bollyn Family!

I finally terminated our relationship... didn't I?
Peggy won't call me after she reads my 19 August article! 
At the end of that article I pointed out to Peggy that if she calls me again, I would post the phone conversation on the Internet, and if she continues to call, I'll also post some information about her relatives. My assumption was that she would never call me again.

Much to my surprise, the next morning, I answer the phone and it was Peggy! Since I wasn't expecting her to call me, I didn't have my recorder ready, so I missed the beginning of the conversation.

To my surprise, she wasn't upset by my article. Rather, she praised me, and she told me that she was happy with what I had done, and that everything I do is fine. So, I suppose she'll be happy with this newest update, also (ie, the document you're reading right now).

However, there was a peculiar quality to the phone call. Take a look at the following transcript, and listen to the audio file, and make your own decision before I tell you what I think.

“You know, how this ended up,
it was okay. It ended up fine...”
peggy-1-morning-20Aug2010.mp3  -  820kb audio file
Transcript of most of the phone call 
Peggy: I do want you to know several things, however.
Eric: What?
Peggy: I really did love you, and I think you are a very worthy person, and I understand more about it than you think. And if you - I would still like to meet you someday, Eric, because I do think you are a very fine person, and you... 
Eric: Well, like I said, I'd be happy to meet people too. I'm not denying it.
Peggy: OK, well, that will be fine. Just not now. This isn't the time. But the reason I'm even calling it all is because there is one thing I don't understand. I don't even know if I can say it, can I - can I talk freely? Not too freely, not too free, just a little bit free, [giggles]. It's a question I have about something you did. 
Eric: What?
Peggy: And I don't want you. I don't need an explanation, if you don't want to answer it, that's fine. You told me early on that... you told me some things that I did take seriously. Just tell me, did you ever,..
Eric: Like what?
Peggy: You know, all that stuff about you are interested in marrying me, and stuff like that.
Eric: What do you mean? You were the one who was asking me to marry you.
Peggy: No, I'm not asking anything about that. That's not what I'm talking about.
Is that your reply?
Eric: What? I don't understand. What do you mean I was interested - you wanted to marry me, I wasn't begging you.
Peggy: No, I didn't say you begged me for anything. But you said you were interested in marrying me.
Eric: I said, how can I be interested in marrying somebody I don't know? I mean, I have an interest in meeting people. That's always - I have no problem meeting...
Peggy: Let me rephrase the question, and you answer however you please. You told me earlier this year, and I remember the last time too, that, you know, the last time this happened, that you were interested in me and I said, why are you interested in me, and you said because you're a lot like me, and I said, yeah, I think I am a lot like you. Anyway, and you did mention things to me that I hadn't, you did mention that to me after I think I told you that I was in love with you, but I can't remember when it was, Eric, but you did do that.
Eric: Well, I don't remember! (laughing) If I said that I was interested in you because you're similar to me, I sure don't remember.
Peggy: OK
Eric: I may have made some remark about how we have some things in common because, after all, you're on the Internet and looking at my website, but that doesn't mean I want to marry you. I don't even know you!
Peggy: And the reason I called today is because this is just how my brain works. Since you did say those things to me, and that...
Eric: You're assuming I did, I don't know.
Peggy: What did you say?
Eric: I don't remember saying it
Peggy: OK, but since you did say those things to me...
Eric: Well, you're assuming I said them! I don't remember saying them!
(Garbled as we talk at the same time.)
Peggy: I know. I'm not asking you anything, I'm just telling you so that you can reply if you feel like you should. Anyway, so you said those things to me, at least I remember you saying those things to me, and you know, some things along those lines, and that's what kept me interested in you so long, that's what kept me latched to you.
Eric: Oh.
Peggy: Maybe that's what you meant to do, Eric. And maybe that's the best thing you could have done, because everything you do is right. It turned out perfectly this time. It did.
Eric: So...
Peggy: You know, how this ended up, it was okay. It ended up fine...
Eric: Oh.
Peggy: And I just wanted to make sure that you didn't really mean it, but that you couldn't, you know to save face or a something, maybe, because you're an important person, or whatever, you didn't just publish one thing on the Internet but then actually want me to come out and see you. You don't want me to come out and see you, do you?
Eric: No.
Peggy: Or do you?
Eric: I said... No!
Peggy: No?
Eric: (giggling) Noooo! I said that once, when this crime network is over, we'll see who's still around, and who's not, and then everybody can meet each other, safely. Right now, forget it!
A note about our phone conversations
First of all, keep in mind that our conversation on 20 August was typical for the two of us in that she does most of the talking, and I'm bored or uninterested, and sometimes irritated. I don't think we ever had "normal" conversations. I would describe her as the "aggressive" or "dominant" person in our "relationship". I wouldn't even describe what we had as a "relationship" because I was frequently telling her that she was either crazy or a criminal.

Second, keep in mind that she had read the article I posted about her, so she was fully aware that I was going to record her phone conversations. Also, she has been in contact with me for years, so she is aware of who I am, and that I'm suspicious of everybody. She's not a naive woman who discovered me on MySpace, Facebook, or an Internet dating site, and knows nothing about me.

One interpretation of that phone call on 20 August
One way to explain why Peggy would call me is that she is a member of the crime network, and that my 19 August article made the Reptilians realize that I'm never going to marry Peggy, and so a bunch of them got together discuss alternative plans.
I think they decided to make it appear as if I was the predator, and that I was deceiving her into thinking that I wanted to marry her. I think they told her to create the impression that she was a sweet, innocent woman who "latched" on to me because of what I said to her. Notice that she insisted several times that I did indeed "say those things" to her. The conversation is repeated below, but I removed most of the words to condense it, thereby making it easier to see this trick:
Peggy: I really did love you <...> you told me some things that I did take seriously <...> you know, all that stuff about you are interested in marrying me, and stuff like that. <...> You told me earlier this year, and I remember the last time too, <...> that you were interested in me and I said, why are you interested in me...
Eric: Well, I don't remember!
Peggy: ...Since you did say those things to me,
Eric: you're assuming I did, <..> I don't remember saying it.
Peggy: OK, but since you did say those things to me...
Eric: you're assuming I said them! I don't remember saying them!
Peggy: I'm just telling you so that you can reply if you feel like you should. Anyway, so you said those things to me, at least I remember you saying those things to me, <...> that's what kept me interested in you so long, that's what kept me latched to you. <...> and I just wanted to make sure that <...> you didn't just publish one thing on the Internet but then actually want me to come out and see you.
Notice her remark,  "...and I said, why are you interested in me?" In that remark, she is making herself sound like an innocent woman who is curious as to why I am pursuing her. Would a "crazy" woman make a remark like that? That sounds like something a woman would say when she is trying to trap a man into appearing as a predator, and trying make herself look like a victim.

I never initiated anything. In fact, my voice doesn't even show enjoyment in any of our conversations. If you don't know me you probably wouldn't realize it, but my voice shows boredom, lack of interest, and sometimes, irritation. A few times I giggle at what she says, but not because I find her amusing. Rather, I'm shocked and amazed at what she says and does.

Be very careful with verbal conversations! 
Fred, the homeless Russian Jew who has been calling me almost every day for the past four years, tries this trick on me occasionally. Specifically, he tries to get me to say something critical about a person or a race of people, or pressure me into agreeing with one of his nasty remarks, and then on another day he will say something like, "You said <whatever it was>", or "Remember when you said <whatever it was>?"

It's easy to manipulate people in verbal conversations because 1) we can't look back at the conversation to analyze what has already been said, 2) we don't have time to think carefully about the conversation, and 3) we sometimes agree with the person simply to move on to some other topic.

Con artists are much more successful when they can have verbal conversations with us compared to when they must provide us with written documents. They don't want us to think. The lesson to learn is to demand that important information be recorded in documents, and that everybody have a chance to analyze the documents before making decisions.

“You said ...”

“You said ...”
“You said ...”
“You said ...”
“You said ...”
At the end of the phone conversation, Peggy praised me. This is the easiest way to manipulate a man because men want to feel important. Then she tried to get me to admit that the articles I posted on my website were not exactly honest, which would make me a liar, or a con artist.

I wonder if their plan was to get me to admit to something deceptive, which would allow them to file a lawsuit against me, which would waste my time and money.

Peggy won't call any more, will she? 

After that phone call was over with, I assumed that Peggy would pass a copy of the audio file to the network of criminal lawyers and judges, and they came to the conclusion that it had no value to them.

I assumed they would all give up, and I would never hear from Peggy again.

To my surprise, a couple hours later, the phone rings, and it is Peggy! Since I wasn't expecting her to call me, I missed the beginning of the conversation. The phone call lasted only about one minute. She began by telling me that she wants a man-to-man talk, but all she did was thank me for "freeing" her. Here is the beginning of this weird conversation:
Peggy: No, I'm serious. Frankly, I want to thank you. You ...
Eric: For what?
Peggy: ...freed me. You freed me. Hold on a minute. (interrupted by her ex-husband.)
You freed me.
Eric: Freed you from what?
Peggy: I don't know, from whatever I was captive... held me captive. But I'm not... I'm free now.
Eric: So, you feel better now?
Peggy: I do.
Eric: Oh (giggles).
Peggy: I feel fine.
That brief phone call gave me the impression that Peggy was told that the situation was hopeless, and that she should terminate our relationship in a nice manner so that I'm not angry with her. I assumed that they were finally giving up. I was certain I would never hear from her again, but to my surprise, an hour or two later, the phone rings, and it's Peggy once again! And a couple hours after that, she called for the fourth and final time that day.
(Links to all of the audio files are at the bottom of this document.)
Peggy asks me for advice on leaving America 
The final two phone calls that day were similar to some of the phone calls she made about a year earlier in which she told me that she had to leave America because she couldn't tolerate the abuse by Jews any longer.

As I wrote in my January article about her, I think some of the criminals are escaping the network, and the other Jews are trying to figure out who is helping them escape, and where they're going.

Note: this photograph of Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton University is real; I didn't warp his photo to make him look like a Neanderthal. A video showing him from the side is here, but the quality is low.

Peggy asks hypothetical questions that always have YES for an answer
Another trick to learn from Peggy is that she would ask me hypothetical questions that have Yes for an answer, and then she would imply that I actually had a choice. For example, she would ask me something like, "If you fell in love with me, would you marry me?" A single man is likely to answer that type of vague, hypothetical question with, "Yes, of course!" Then, in a conversation on another day, Peggy would tell me that I said I would marry her.

If you have trouble understanding this trick, imagine a more extreme example. Imagine someone asking you, "If an investigation of 9/11 shows that Barack Obama was one of the primary people involved with arranging for the attack, and if the jury decides to execute him, would you support the execution of Obama for his role in the 9/11 attack?" If you make remarks about how you would support the execution of Obama, that person could extract those sections from the audio conversation and give it to the Secret Service as evidence that you are fantasizing about executing Obama because you believe that he was one of the primary people involved with the 9/11 attack. The Secret Service would eventually realize you were innocent, but it would waste some of your time, and possibly your money.

Likewise, if Peggy could manipulate me into saying certain things, she would be able to file lawsuits against me, and even if she couldn't get me into jail, she could waste a lot of my time and money.

Last January Peggy was pleading with me to fly her out to my city so that we could meet, fall in love, and get married. It had been so long since I had purchased airline tickets that I was curious as to what the ticket prices would be. Also, the economy was deteriorating, so I was wondering how that was affecting ticket prices. And I also faintly remembered all sorts of bizarre pricing policies, such as tickets are lower if a person stays over a weekend, or leaves on a certain day, or purchases the ticket a certain number of days in advance. So I agreed to look on the Internet to get an idea of the range of prices for different options. However, just because I was curious about ticket prices and travel options doesn't mean I was going to fly her to my city. I never signed any agreement that I was going to purchase tickets for her.

The people who push us into doing things and saying things should be considered as con artists or criminals. We should be able to trust the people we live with, not watch for these tricks.

Peggy asked if I would like to meet her
I've always enjoyed meeting different people, even people I don't like. You can learn about the human race and the human mind by meeting different people. So, when Peggy asked the hypothetical question about whether I would like to meet her, my answer is, "Yes, of course!" I'm also curious about her family members.
For example, I'd like to meet her niece, Christina Auberger, who is in the Air Force. I'd like to know if she is a respectable woman who is truly interested in protecting America, or if she is a member of the crime network and is infiltrating the Air Force.

If it turns out that Peggy is working for the crime network, will her niece do what taxpayers are giving her money to do; namely, help capture and/or execute Peggy and other dangerous enemies of the entire human race? 

I'm also curious about Peggy's sister, Jean McGrady. If Peggy is part of the crime network, shouldn't we consider the possibility that her sister is a member, also?
Peggy has a niece who has a PhD in psychology, but is Meghan McGrady truly interested in using her education to help people with mental problems? Or is she part of a network of Reptilian "social scientists" who try to understand human behavior in order to manipulate, deceive, and abuse us?
If you are a married man, you should seriously wonder how you would have reacted if your wife had been calling me over a period of several years for the type of conversations that I've had with Peggy. Would you tolerate that situation?

Why would Keith tolerate such behavior? Is he so easy-going that he doesn't care what his wife does with me? Or is he a member of the crime network and hoping that Peggy is successful in trapping me? And if he is a member of the network, what about his relatives?

Keith posts articles at americasright.com that I consider to be a Jewish propaganda site, but he uses the phony name "Ronald Glenn". Why would he do that if he is not part of the network?

Even though I told Peggy that I would like to meet her and other people, I also told her many times that I don't want to meet people for romantic relationships until the Jewish crime network has been destroyed because I don't know who to trust. I don't want to end up like Jimmy Walter or Christopher Bollyn.
 The next day the phone calls continue!
On Saturday morning, 21 August 2010, Peggy called me again (call #6). This conversation was more similar to the conversations of last year. Specifically, there were the typical idiotic accusations and vague remarks. But this time, instead of begging to marry me, she begged me to let her visit me. Parts of this phone call are interesting, and you might learn something from it. Also, you might enjoy her reaction to my accusations that she is either crazy or a member of the crime network.
Peggy can't read my "signals"!
She called briefly about noon (call #7) to tell me that she doesn't know how to "read my signals". How difficult is it to "read my signals"? Listen to phone call #6 and see if you can read my signals. For example, when she was begging to visit me, one of my remarks, at 21:53, was:
Eric: "I'd be willing to see you if you come out here, and you're in the street, and you're in handcuffs. And I'll take a look at you, and I'll talk to you. I don't want you in my house!
And at 22: 20 I tell her why I don't want her in my house, and look at her response:
Eric: I'm worried about ending up like Jimmy Walter and Christopher Bollyn, and...
Peggy: Okay, then, Eric! Why don't we go on a trip somewhere together?
Nothing I say has any effect on her. She ignores me and continues pursuing me!
Saturday afternoon, she has a plan to resolve the problem!
On Saturday afternoon she left the following message (call #8) on my answering machine:
Eric, this is Peggy. Don't put anything on your web... further on your website about me, if you're going to do that. I believe I have a way to resolve this to make all of us happy.

Do you understand me?

Again, don't put anything on your website right now. Just wait for me. I'm going to do something, see if it works.

It probably will, but I believe I have a way to resolve this to make us all happy. Including you. OK, bye.

So, she's going to "do something" and "see if it works", and if it does, it will "make all of us happy". Does that make any sense to you? I would interpret that remark to mean that she's going to discuss the situation between me and her with other people, which implies that she's not an individual woman interested in me. Rather, she's a member of an organization that is interested in me.

I suppose that a team of criminal lawyers and judges analyzed our phone calls and came to the conclusion that when I post them on my website, I will hurt their network, especially call #6, which I think makes Peggy look like one of their agents. And I suppose the Reptilians panicked, told Peggy to ask me to temporarily refrain from posting anything, and then they...  what? What were they going to do to make all of us happy? Or were they only trying to make themselves happy? Were they trying to find a way to set me up for something?

Apparently Peggy did not resolve the issue!
I waited for the phone call later that evening (call #9)  to find out what was resolved that will "make all of us happy", but the call was so boring that I wasn't going to bother posting it. She didn't say anything about whatever it was that she was resolving. All she did was praise me and tell me how much she loves me. Since I have suffered through hundreds of these type of conversations with her, I consider them to be boring, but it occurred to me that since some of you have never suffered from this bizarre style of harassment, you might find it useful as a learning tool. I think the conversation became interesting only near the end when she told me that she must call me "every now and then". She is not going to stop! 

Her unbelievable persistence is fascinating. It makes me wonder, what does her son think about her? What does her husband think? What kind of people are they? What kind of life do they live? And how many other men are being pursued by these type of women?

However, I'm getting tired of her phone calls. Maybe this article will convince some of her relatives to put pressure on her to stop. If she doesn't stop calling, I'll just have to hang up on her when she calls.

Here are the phone calls (mp3 files)
peggy-1-morning-20Aug2010  -  820kb  <--- this is interesting
peggy-2-early-afternoon-20Aug2010  - 190 kb
peggy-3-late-afternoon-20Aug2010  -  450 kb
peggy-4-evening-20Aug2010  -  3.1 mb
peggy-5-late-evening-20Aug2010 - 3.3 mb

peggy-6-morning-21Aug2010  -  5.2 mb  <--- the second half is interesting
peggy-7-noon-21Aug2010   -  860 kb
peggy-8-message-21Aug2010   100 kb  <-- the interesting phone message
peggy-9-evening-21Aug2010  4.4 mb  <--- she must call me every now and then!

Update 23 Aug 2010
After Peggy saw this article, she asked me to post her e-mail address, which I did, but then she started getting crazy e-mail messages, so she wanted it removed, and to be left alone.

Also, one of the e-mail messages that she sent me on 23 August is here. It's another example of how she'll make accusations, but when I ask for details, she changes the subject.

Update 26 Dec 2010
Peggy called me again this morning. It was another of her idiotic phone calls in which she struggles to convince me that she loves me, and that I should feel guilty. She abruptly ended one call, and then called back a few minutes later. She finally ended the second call when I told her that the only way these phone calls would end would be with a bullet in her head.

Peggy-26Dec2010-2  both audio files are 3.1 mb, 27 minutes

One of their techniques for manipulating us is to push us into saying something or doing something that we don't want to do or say, and then they later bring it up and exaggerate it by telling us, "You said <whatever> several weeks ago!" They also try to make us feel guilty that they are suffering, and that we should do something to make them feel better. A couple times she threatened to hang up, but when I didn't respond, she resumed her stupid remarks. This is the "I'm going to hold my breath until I turn blue" trick.

The question she wouldn't answer is how she rates as an agent. Is she one of their better agents? How does she compare to Monica Lewinsky or Anna Chapman? Are the Jews sending me their crummy agents? Do they send their best agents to trap the government and military officials and the Hollywood stars? Should I feel insulted that the Jews don't consider me important enough to get their more talented agents? Is that why they send me goofballs with no money or acting ability, such as Peggy and Sam Danner?

The audio quality is not too good because I was on my portable phone, so you might not understand all of my remarks, such as when I told her that she would never win an Academy award with her acting abilities, and that they should send someone with more talent, perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow (whose mother, Blythe Danner, is related to Sam Danner). I also asked her, if Mel Gibson had talked to Oksana Grigorieva the way I talk to her, would Grigorieva have ignored the insults and continued pursuing Gibson? I also told her that her behavior is not human. Do you think she is displaying human behavior? Keep in mind that there have been dozens of these phone calls during the past couple years!

Daryl Smith called me on 2 November 2010
I didn't get the beginning of the conversation but here is most of it. His main topic was farts! He hung up the phone when I asked,
"What do you think is going to happen to your kids? Think about this, Daryl. Do you think anybody is going to want your kids around?"
Daryl-Smith-2Nov2010.mp3  1.6 mb, 14 minutes
Perhaps he was going to hang up at that time, anyway, but it's possible that I made him realize that we are going to take a close look at his family members, including his two sons. Imagine having Daryl Smith as your father! If his kids aren't ashamed, something is seriously wrong with them.
More information about Smith is here, if you're not sure who he is.

Update 27 Dec 2010:
Peggy responded to the 26 Dec 2010 update with this e-mail:
-----Original Message-----
From: Peggy Borger
To: painfulquestions@aol.com
Sent: Mon, Dec 27, 2010 6:45 am
Subject: Peace

Eric, please post this on the Internet in your story about me.

Nobody needs to put a bullet through my head. I just need to understand things. The problem with understanding is that I am amnesiac at times. Your message is pretty clear. I do not mind that you posted those calls on the Internet. I understand the build-up to those calls. I accept it. Thank you, Eric. For all that you did.

The Zionists ruined my life and I just wanted to be happy. I just wanted to live in peace as a happy person. I am truly sorry I cannot seem to understand some things. I try ever so hard. There is room for all decent people on this planet, like you and like me.

Update 9 Jan 2011
Mysterious killings and two phone calls
Paul Ironshore (whose real name is supposedly Paul J. Ebanks), who blames everything on a mysterious "cult", and the goofball who calls himself both “Anubis” and “Teddy Sullivan”, called me 9 Jan 2011. They tried to convince me to let Peggy visit with me:
Paul and Teddy Sullivan 9Jan2011   2 mb, 17 minutes

Also, Peggy is still sending e-mail messages to me, and she called me on January 4 and again on January 5! Then, a few hours after Paul and Teddy called on January 9, Peggy called again. Listen to her attempt to trick me into being her knight in shining armor and save her from her sadness and fear:
  Peggy-9Jan2011   1.2 mb, 11 minutes

Incidentally, I don't believe she tried to buy a ticket to Sweden. I think she was once again bringing up the issue of leaving the country because she was hoping I will provide her with information about which nation is the best to go to, and whether I can put her in touch with people who will help her get out of the nation. The Jews realize that some Jews are abandoning their network, and they're wondering where they are escaping to, and who is helping them.

I think it's important to notice that these people have a personality that could be described as persistent, or aggressive, or in-your-face, or "unable to take no for an answer". Nothing I say will stop them! How many other people are being pursued by these creatures?

The mysterious killings in Arizona on 8 January 2011
Is it a coincidence that Paul, Teddy, and Peggy called me the day after some mysterious killings in Arizona by Jared Loughner? Possibly, but judging by some of the strange messages on the Internet, the Jews may be panicking as they fight with each other.

A few coincidences about Jared Loughner:

• He, and all the other mysterious terrorists and killers, never have specific, understandable complaints. They are never angry at the Jews for the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust hoax, or for the Apollo Moon Landing scam. Instead, some reports claim Loughner was "influenced by radical statements made by Tea Party members". Others point out that he was upset that our money is not backed by gold or silver.
• Sheriff Dupnik explains Loughner's anger as being due to "unbalanced people" responding to "the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government". Whose mouths is the sheriff referring to? It certainly isn't my mouth, even though I'm advocating the execution of criminal government officials, and criminal sheriffs, also. If the sheriff really knows what is making Loughner angry, why isn't he more specific about it?
• Loughner read some books, and he knew of lots of websites and YouTube videos. However, neither he nor any of the other angry or violent people are aware of me or my website.

Important: in case you think my complaint that the killers are unaware of me is a sign that I am an envious, arrogant jerk, take a look at history and notice that from 2002 to about 2005, many sites were talking about me, selling my book and video, interviewing me on their radio shows, inviting me to speak at their meetings, and promoting my website. So, did they all develop Amnesia during the past few years? I don't think so. The reason I am “Anti-Semite non grata” is because the smarter Jews have noticed that they are losing the battle. They are no longer laughing at us "stupid Goy". Now they are frightened, and they don't want to give publicity to any of their enemies. Try to learn their tricks - such as their trick of avoiding me and promoting their own people as anti-Semites - so that they don't outsmart you!

Some coincidences about the killings:

• They are not sure if there are accomplices, but the FBI knows that Judge Roll was not the target despite accusations that he and Napolitano were in a conspiracy.
•  Giffords is a Democrat Jew.
• John Wheeler is a Republican, and his death is still a mystery.
• A girl born on 9-11-2001 was killed.
Gwyneth Paltrow is related to Gabrielle  Giffords. Paltrow is also related to Sam Danner, who tried to set me up for blackmail or suicide or whatever, and Paltrow set Taylor Swift up with Jake Gyllenhaal! Perhaps a lot of the people in that family are part of the crime network. 

Also, I don't think it's a coincidence that some people believe Paltrow does her best acting in the movies in which she plays a “sullen”, depressed, or emotionless character. An actor is best in a role that is most similar to their real personality. She has suffered from depression, for example. Many people blame depression on outside influences, but I think it's coming from within a defective mind. I suspect that Paltrow inherited her drab, dreary, sullen, "logical" personality from her Reptilian relatives.



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