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What is stopping the
Japanese from exposing 9/11?

31 January 2007
Updated 24 Sep 2007 with video of Japanese Jews in Israel

A few interesting coincidences:

An airplane crashed into the Fuji Bank offices of the South Tower.
Molten iron poured out of the Fuji Bank offices in the seconds before the tower disintegrated:

Unless all of the thermite was on the airplane, tons of thermite were placed in the Fuji offices.

Christopher Bollyn was told that a large number of computers and backup batteries were in the Fuji Bank offices, but that the batteries were never turned on.

Was the thermite disguised as backup batteries?

Bollyn interviewed Stanley Praimnath, who worked on the 81st floor for Fuji Bank to learn more about the backup batteries and related issues.

That interview brings up a very important coincidence:

Almost all of Fuji Bank officials who worked in the South Tower stayed home that morning.
This is evidence that they knew the attack was coming.
In the years prior to the 9/11 attack, the Japanese banks were having serious financial problems, scandals, and trouble from Japanese crime gangs.

Two abstracts that are worth looking at are here and here.

Fuji Bank's affiliated securities firm, Yamaichi, was also involved in a scandal.

An abstract that is worth looking at is here.

A longer article:

There are numerous accusations that the Fuji Bank was involved in money laundering with the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority.

This was supposedly part of the drug dealing operation that was connected to Bill Clinton.
Examples are this and this.

These coincidences should make us wonder...

Is the Japanese crime gang,
referred to as Yakuza,
in control of Japan?

Photo: a Yakuza gang member cut off two of his fingers as a sign of his devotion to the gang.
The cutting of fingers started centuries ago as punishment. More here.

is Yakuza working with
the Zionist crime network?

What did Fuji Bank officials know?

Of the approximately 150 people who work on the 81st floor, only about 20 of them showed up for work that morning, and of those 20, only Stanley Praimnath survived.

Who warned the other 130 employees to stay home that day?

Were the officials given a vague warning to stay away? Or did they know that the towers would be destroyed? How deep was their involvement?

Why is the Japanese government covering up 9/11?

The Japanese government announced that it was going to investigate the suspicious stock trades that occurred in Japan prior to the September 11 attack.
Some news articles about this are:

However, some mysterious people stopped every investigation in every nation.

Obviously, some group has enough control over the Japanese government to stop a very important investigation.

Alex Jones claims the mysterious New World Order controls Japan and every other nation; Henry Makow blames the Illuminati; and other liars and idiots blame the Vatican.

However, it is not easy for a group of foreigners to have so much control over a nation, especially not Japan, which has resisted foreign influence.

Therefore, we should look inside Japan for the controlling group.

Who has control of Japan?

Japan has organized crime, just like every other nation, and their largest gang is called Yakuza.  

Besides cutting off finger tips, the Yakuza members have lots of tattoos.

More info and photos are at crimelibrary.

There are regular news reports about this gang blackmailing Japanese business and government officials, as well as dealing in sex slaves, drugs, guns, prostitution, and other illegal products and services.

They are so large that there yearly income is in the billions of dollars.

Examples of their activities:

1) Executives arrested for paying protection money

Those arrests bring up a very important issue. Specifically, what is a corporation supposed to do when an organized gang threatens it?

The police will not protect corporations from organized crime. Instead, police and government agencies in every nation are protecting organized crime or working with the criminals.

Therefore, corporate executives have no choice other than make the payoffs quietly.

Here is an article about the problem in Europe:,2144,2150308,00.html

Italy seems to lead the world in this type of crime. This article claims "Almost every business in the working-class suburbs of Palermo is thought to pay protection money":,,1766281,00.html

2) Yakuza and sex slaves  new links
Most people dismiss the sex slave issue as irrelevant on the grounds that it affects only the poor, stupid, and retarded people.

However, these sex slaves allow gangs to blackmail police, government, and military officials.

We must stop ignoring this issue.

If every nation had honest, moral government leaders, these gangs would be easily dealt with. Unfortunately, not many people can resist the offers of money, sex with children, and fame.

Would you be able to resist Monica Lewinsky?

Could you resist a little boy, such as Johnny Gosch? He is not so easy to resist, is he?

If offers of sex don't interest you, what about an offer of 20 million dollars? How about an offer to be a famous Hollywood star? How about this lamb?

What is your weakness? What is your price? What would an organized gang have to offer you?

3) The devastating effect Yakuza has on the economy

By doing nothing about this gang, the Japanese people have allowed it to grow so large that it now has a major detrimental effect on the Japanese economy, which in turn affects other nations.

The Europeans, Americans, and Russians are also doing nothing to stop the organized crime in their nations. As a result, they are growing larger and larger.

4) Sun Myung Moon and Yakuza

The Washington Times newspaper is supposedly subsidized by Sun Myung Moon, and he supposedly works with Yakuza, as well as gangs from other nations.

These gangs are taking control of our media!

5) The Yakuza influence in Japanese banks

6) Some scandals in Japan are listed at the bottom of this:

7) Some Japanese believe they are Jewish and should support Israel:

If those Japanese Jews get into their government, businesses, schools, or military, they might be happy to assist the Zionists. There are also Chinese Jews.

The Japanese and Chinese should discuss such issues as:
What is a Jew? Is it a race or a religion? Is a Jew required to support Israel or Zionism? What is the difference between a Jew and a Zionist?

If a Japanese or Chinese Jew cannot provide intelligent answers to these questions, they should stop being Jews.

Why would Japan assist with 9/11?

When planning for a crime of this magnitude, and when planning to start wars as a result of the crime, it is important to get the assistance of as many nations as possible.

But why would Fuji Bank officials agree to assist with the September 11 attack?

How does Japan, the Fuji Bank, or anybody in Japan, benefit from the 9/11 attack, or the resulting wars in the Middle East?

Some possible reasons that Japan may have become involved in 9/11 are:  

The Zionists are not likely to have told the Japanese exactly how devastating the September 11 attack would be, nor would they be likely to explain that they would fool the Americans into destroying Afghanistan and Iraq.

Rather, the Zionists would most likely tell the Japanese that the 9/11 attack would be trivial.

The Zionists may have fooled the Japanese into thinking that in return for assisting with the 9/11 attack, they would help Japan with their financial troubles.

The prior involvement with organized crime would make the Fuji Bank and other Japanese officials susceptible to offers to assist with yet another crime.

The Zionists may have fooled the Japanese crime gang into assisting with 9/11. They would be able to put pressure on Japanese government and business leaders.


Japan is under the control of organized crime

The point of this is that Japan suffers from a very serious organized crime problem, just like all other nations.

Why doesn't the Japanese government get rid of their organized crime gangs? Obviously for the same reason the American government doesn't do anything about organized crime.

Namely, most of our government, military, and the police officials are blackmailed puppets or members of organized crime.

Why should you care about Japanese gangs?

You probably assumed that Japanese criminals have no effect on your life. However, crimes as large as the September 11 attack could not succeed if there was even one honest government in the world.

The Japanese government could have exposed 9/11 long ago. The Japanese people have the technical skills and intelligence to quickly determine whether fire brought down those World Trade Center buildings, or whether explosives brought them down.

The Japanese people also have the ability to determine whether Tim McVeigh's truck bomb did the damage to the Oklahoma City building, whether hurricane Katrina broke open the levees, whether Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, and whether the Nazis exterminated millions of people in gas chambers.

When organized gangs are allowed to grow in one nation, it is like letting a cancer grow in our body. These large organized gangs are a threat to the entire world.

Are you afraid of organized crime?

Hollywood movies often glorify organized criminals as groups of courageous, brave, and physically tough men.  

Some video games also glorify organized crime.

The message we learn is that we should not try to stop these criminals.

In reality, the people who join organized crime gangs are not talented, brave, or tough.

Rather, they are the losers; the misfits. Just look at their childhoods. They were the mentally defective children who were failures in almost everything they did.

Their mental disorders are so serious that I doubt if any of them enjoy life.

It doesn't take talent to destroy

Gang members consider themselves to be tough and courageous because they can kill, frighten, and hurt. But it doesn't take talent to be violent. Even a child can kill.

It takes talent to create things. It takes talent to solve problems. If a person has talent, he could make a living in an honest manner.

A person  with talent can create music, art, computer software, or furniture. A person with talent can repair automobiles, design airplanes, or operate a farm.
A scene from the Godfather
Hollywood makes criminals appear almost respectable.

These movies stimulate gangster fantasies in misfits who want to imagine that they are important people.

These movies are "emotional pornography" for people with low self-esteem.

Nobody prefers to spend his life cheating, fighting, or hating. Criminals don't commit crimes because they enjoy it. Rather, they are criminals because they are outcasts; they are misfits; they are suffering; they are angry.

All throughout history the misfits have been insulted and pushed aside. They suffer from low self-esteem, and often end up making a living through crime. Their primary victims are other misfits, but when they form gangs, they can disrupt entire nations.

We don't have to be victims of gangs of misfits
Unfortunately, the gangs have control over so many government, police, and military officials that no nation has tried to stop them.

Also, many people like to feel sorry for criminals, and some people like to fantasize of becoming a gang leader.

We must change our attitude from feeling sorry for criminals -- and glorifying them! -- to treating them as misfits who need to be kept under control.

We must also replace most of our "leaders" before we can get these crime gangs out of our lives.

Replacing George Bush with a Democrat will not help us. Nor will replacing the President of Italy help the Italians.
Rather, every nation must do a major cleansing of criminals from its government, police, military, media, school, and economy.


Why would Japan assist with 9/11?

A couple years ago a Japanese film crew traveled around Canada and America to interview 9/11 researchers, such as Jim Hoffman, Kee Dewdney, and Eric Hufschmid.

The camera crew took their film back to Japan and turned it over to the studio for editing into a television show that was to be broadcast to the entire nation.

It appeared as if the Japanese media was completely independent of the criminal gang that did 9/11, and that Japan would expose 9/11.

However, somebody in the studio blocked out Hufschmid's face, and never identified who he was or his book or DVD. They also removed the more significant parts of Hufschmid's interview.

Why would a Japanese television company allow Hoffman, Dewdney, and other liars and Zionist Deniers to speak freely and be identified, but not Hufschmid? 

Why would 9/11 "researchers" in America and Europe also avoid the work of Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn? Obviously, Hufschmid and Bollyn are not under Zionist control.

The evidence suggests that the Zionists are exerting a tremendous influence over Japan. This is not a new concept. Many people have suspected that the Zionists are influencing Japan, Russia, and many other nations, including Iran.

However, it has not been easy to figure out how a group of Zionists can have so much influence over the Japanese.

How do Zionists control Japan?

The strange connection between the Fuji Bank and the September 11 attack may help us understand what is going on.

An analysis of the Japanese gangs might expose connections between them and the Zionist crime network. Perhaps they help each other in the slave trade, drugs, pornography, prostitution, and gambling.

An analysis of the Japanese banking system might uncover connections to the Rothschilds of Europe.

We have been suckers extraordinaire

Most of you probably already heard such accusations as:

President Roosevelt and his Zionist masters arranged for the Pearl Harbor attack in order to trick the American people into getting involved in the war.

Two pages about this are:

The Zionists justify this deception as a method of saving Europe from the Nazis. For example, see this (new link) Encyclopedia Britannica article.

In Germany, at the end of the war, cities such as Dresden were bombed for no reason other than to kill German civilians and destroy German cities.
Eisenhower is reported to have deliberately starved to death more than a million German prisoners at the end of the war simply to kill more Germans.

Many Russian soldiers were encouraged at the end of World War 2 to rape Germans -- up to 2 million German women, according to many reports, such as this. A slightly different view of the rapes is here, and here is another view.
Japan wanted to give up World War 2 early in 1945, but some Americans wanted to use nuclear bombs simply to kill more Japanese.
Information is here and here.
There were phenomenal slaughters of the Russians under the communists, and of the Armenians. The evidence is that Zionists were behind those killings, also.

There is even evidence that the "Russian" mafia is actually an Askenazi Jewish mafia. The link to a PDF file on this issues is at the top of my Dresden slaughter page:

Kay Griggs says the Vietnam war was the result of Henry Kissinger and Walt Whitman Rostow.

Please watch the excerpts of Kay Griggs. They are the videos referred to as "Desperate Wives":

In 2001 the Americans were fooled by Zionists into destroying Afghanistan and Iraq.


The more we investigate the World Wars and the slaughters of the 20th century, the more it appears as if the people -- including Jews! -- of Europe, America, Russia, and Japan were suckers who were fooled into fighting one another so that the Zionists could take over.

Will enough of us Goyim ever wise up? Will enough of us decide that we've had enough of the organized crime, the corruption, the false flag operations, and the insane fantasy of Zionists to re-create Israel and take over the world?

The Israeli cartoon contest from 2006 has lots of jokes about how stupid the Goyim are, such as the cartoon below, and this one about the HoloHoax, which is at this page (update: they apparently deleted all images, but copies still exist here.)

Will you help us locate the few Goyim who are smart enough to see what is going on, and brave enough to do something about it?