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Bryan Anderson
A Hero?

Or another victim of Zionist deception?

The Zionist media desperately tries to make the US Soldiers feel happy about losing their lives and destroying their nation
by Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn
22 November 2006

The editor in chief of the Chicago Sun-Times has dedicated the 22 November 2006 edition to a 25-year-old Army sergeant, Bryan Anderson.,CST-EDT-edits22b.article
Bryan was a gymnast in high school.

He joined the Army a few months before the September 11 attack.

After 9/11, he and thousands of other soldiers were sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to protect the world from from evil Arabs.

One of those mysterious roadside bombs exploded, and now he is missing both legs and his left arm.

What is a hero?

People who defend us from enemies can certainly be described as heroes, but the American military is not defending us from enemies.

Rather, they have all been duped into becoming Zionist attack dogs.

They are victims of Zionist deception; they are fools; they are suckers; they are Useful Idiots for Israel.

The US military could stop Zionism

If the US military were to realize that they have been tricked, the Zionists would be in serious trouble because the US military could put an end to Zionism.

So how do the Zionists prevent the military from realizing that they have been duped?

One method is to select certain soldiers for extravagant propaganda events. They praise the soldier for helping to defend America.

They fool the Americans into believing that these soldiers lost their lives -- or their legs, eyes, or arms -- for a noble cause.

The Chicago Sun-Times found an amazing number of "important" people who are willing to go along with this Zionist scam, such as:
"Sgt. Anderson is a hero, plain and simple." -- Senator Barack Obama 

"You're a true hero, welcome home." -- John Contreras, American Airlines executive 

"Your courage and valor inspire all of Chicago." -- Charlie Carey, chairman, Chicago Board of Trade,CST-NWS-bryanquotes22.article

The US military is attacking people who have never done them any harm, and have no desire to hurt them.

The US police arrested and harassed Christopher Bollyn -- who tries to help the nation -- and the police protect the Zionists who are trying to take over this country!

The European police have gone even farther; they have arrested professors for investigating Nazi prison camps. How does that protect the European people?

The European police are suckers; fools; Useful Idiots. And the European citizens are suckers for allowing it.

Have you seen the photos of the mass slaughter of Germans that Eisenhower did very quietly after the war was over? If not, please look at the scanned images of the rarely seen article from a magazine in 1989:

The US military is spraying uranium on themselves and the rest of the world, and now many American soldiers have cancer and retarded babies.

The uranium is spreading, so other nations will be affected. But not many people care because the Zionists have fooled people into thinking the uranium is safe because it has been depleted.

The American police have been fooled into thinking tasers are a safe device. There are reports of police using the tasers on themselves during training, and some of them have been permanently incapacitated because of it.

The other police are kept ignorant of the paralyzed and ill policemen for the same reason the US military is kept ignorant of the dangers of uranium. Specifically, the Zionists are trying to take control of our nations, not help us.

The police and military are following the advice of their enemies. This is a tragedy that may cause all of Europe and America to be destroyed and then taken over by Zionists.

So help us explain to people that the Zionists are our enemy, not the Arabs.  Tell the police and military that 9/11 was a Zionist job, as we summarize here:

Hufschmid described it in his speech to the Italian 9/11 conference:


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

My response is here

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