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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Christopher Bollyn

18 May 2006

Bollyn investigates the billionaire Zionist family of Melvin Simon. The Zionists cannot hold back the 9-11 issues, such as evidence of explosives in the World Trade Center.

Their response is to promote the "truth seekers" who avoid the evidence of Israeli involvement in the attacks. They have the money to bribe people and promote their Useful Idiots, but will they fool you?

Bollyn, May 18, 2006   4.3 mb
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Bollyn's new article:

Bollyn decided to investigate Deborah Simon after noticing the fuss created by such articles as:


The Simon Property Group, Inc., owns shopping malls:

Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Phil Berg, Bob Bowman, and are protecting the Zionists. Have you listened to the excerpt of Alex Jones near the bottom of this page:

These people are not naive; they are deliberately avoiding the issue of Zionism. Have you looked into the issue of Crypto Jews:

These Zionist Deniers are part of the criminal network! They are Anti-Goyim; they are criminals. Remember their names!