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Interview with Christopher Bollyn

28 Feb 2007

Rahm Emanuel's father was a member of the team of the Zionist terrorists who murdered a Swedish and a French official in Palestine, according to this article is here:

Both the US and Europe governments have been infiltrated with Zionist terrorists and their offspring.

The Zionist terrorists are also getting control of the patriot groups, the anti-war groups, the liberals, and the peace groups. We must investigate everybody.

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Please do not dismiss the significance of Rahm Emanuel and his family. He and the Chertoff family are examples of how hard-core Zionist terrorist families are getting into the American government.

They sometimes pose as Republicans, and sometimes they pose as Democrats. Bollyn wrote about Emanuel here:

And Chertoff here:

These Zionist Jews are in control of our FBI, Homeland security, and many police departments. Bollyn received a copy of the police logs of his bizarre arrest, and it proves that somebody with authority over the local police (Homeland Security?) was setting him up.

In Germany, one of the patriot organizations is the "National Zeitung"

Gerhard Frey is one of the Zionists pretending to be a German patriot.

Bollyn points out that this organization is another Zionist organization. It is the German equivalent to the American Free Press and The Barnes Review.

If you know people in Germany, warn them about this.
These pages are in German:

WingTV and Chris Petherick of the American Free Press are still working together:

This is more evidence that the AFP, WingTV, The Barnes Review, Mark Lane, and all their associates are Zionist groups.

Please consider what we say about these groups:


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